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Due september thread 5

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mummyhill Mon 04-Apr-05 09:20:52

Thanks I thought it would be really difficult to start a new one and silly me it couldn't be simpler.

I am luckier this time round with dd i never saw the same midwife twice this time i have seen the same person at the gp's surgery every time.

moschops Mon 04-Apr-05 09:36:14

can't help you with the link on thread 4 sorry!! my computer skills are worse than a childs!!!

hmmmmmm i'm going to scrub my washing machine clean today......we redecorated the utility room yesterday and now the washing machine looks really grubby so i need to clean it. mind you i worked out yesterday i've had it nearly ten years which is pretty good, it wasn't even an expensive one when i bought it.

right i'm kicking myself off the computer or i'll never get any housework done!!

mummyhill Mon 04-Apr-05 10:31:05

Zubb has given it a go but when i clicked on it i got sorry this page is unavailable hope it is just my computer. I used to be a wizz at this kind of thing but since having dd my brain has gone soggy cause i changed from being an office administrator to working at the local asda doing something mindlessly boring so that i could spend my days with dd and work evenings and weekends!!!!! Once the kids are at school i am going to retrain to do something connected with education so that i can work whilst they are at school and spend the evenings/weekends and hoildays with them.

PiccadillyCircus Mon 04-Apr-05 11:59:36

Zubb's link didn't work for me either so I have had a go at doing one. It works for me so hopefully will for other people .

Haven't posted anything on here for what feels like AGES - not sure how long it's been.

House is feeling like a home which is very nice. It is so lovely to have more space than before and also to have a garden (old house had a postage stamp excuse of a lawn). DS is being particularly endearing at the moment - his personality is really coming through and he is generally such a happy little thing .

We had various sets of adoring relatives here over Easter - my mum and dad came and stayed (again nice to have a room and bed for them to stay in) and DH's parents and siblings and wives came on Good Friday.

I have generally stopped being sick (although was sick last night ) and am also glad to say that the anti-depressants really seem to be having an effect. I have been feeling much more upbeat for almost a week which feels wonderful .

On other health matters, I caught one of DS's colds over Easter and was very snotty, it spread to my sinuses (had forgotten how painful sinusitis was) and I have steamed my sinuses clear. It has now turned into an annoying chesty (complete with phlegm) cough which sometimes has me coughing without being able to stop . Went to see the nurse at the new doctors for my "welcome to the surgery" discussion and I don't have an infection , and need to continue steaming. I spoke to my mum last night and she seems to have the same thing. I definitely blame DS .

I am wearing maternity jeans. They feel so nice. I worked out when I was 16 weeks pg with DS I was wearing maternity clothes so feel that at 16 weeks in a second pregnancy it is OK . Dug out the clothes I had with DS - there don't seem to all that many and lots of them have long sleeves so I will need to do some more shopping .

Need to sort out all our clothes first though - at the moment there seem to be piles of them everywhere (in washing machine, hanging out to dry, in "ironing" basket and all over the bedroom).

zubb Mon 04-Apr-05 12:05:25

PC - I'm in maternity trousers now as well! They're great. I was still just about fitting into normal clothes, but these are so much more comfortable. Have bought a pair of black trousers (JMB sale) and a skirt, and should be OK with previous maternity clothes for the rest.

Sorry about the link!

Kiwifruit Mon 04-Apr-05 14:04:39

I'm feeling so hormonal - can't stop crying. This isn't a good look at the office!!!

Spoke to a good friend last night, and turns out she is due the day before me (we share a wedding anniversary - too many scary things in common!). We got talking about nuchal scan results, and I'm starting to wish that we hadn't. She's a year younger than me, and her result was 1:5500, she has a friend who is 5 years older than me who was 1:1600, and mine was 1:624. We were pretty happy with the result until I got this new information, now everytime I think about it I burst into tears (really for no good reason) - am doing it now . I called the Fetal Medicine Clinic this morning (where we all had scans done) to see if there was any particular reason for the discrepancy and got told that it was nothing to worry about and my results seem fine. Just seems weird that the difference is so big...

Anyway, off to a meeting now - hopefully that will distract me for a while (luckily in a darkened room so no one will see my red eyes and big red nose )

milward Mon 04-Apr-05 14:10:46

Hello All - hope all is going well for everyone. Been in maternity clothes since about week 10!!! Always gain loads of weight so the flab shows first Had the triple test on friday & will get the results in 10 days or so. Have a checkup on wednesday. Don't know if I'll have a scan then. Will have my three little ones with me. They are all thinking of names they like.

Sallie Mon 04-Apr-05 14:11:01

It could be that your friend's results were based on risk factor at birth rather than at the time of the scan. As you progress through pregnancy, your risk factors lessen. It also depends hugeley on how the measurement is taken by the sonographer/radiologist. Even a fraction of a milimetre can skew results. If the fetal medicine centre are happy with your results, you have nothing to worry about. Remember the test isn't foolproof - its just about risk factors at the end of the day.

milward Mon 04-Apr-05 14:17:10

Just read your post kiwi - results can be difficult. My nuchal tests where 1:20, then 1:210 a week later and after a second opinion 1:720. I wonder what equation the docs use - & how age, weight, nuchal & blood test info is combined. The problem zone for my docs is under 1:250. My last preg the risk was very high as nuchal neck was 5mm. This time the measurements have been 2.4, 1.9 & finally at 13 weeks 2.7cm. It's all risks not the actual situation - I had to have a cvs & amnio last time to actually confirm all was ok. This time I've decided not to have an amnio. Take care of yourself

franch Mon 04-Apr-05 14:25:47

Hugs to you Kiwifruit. It's so hard having all these numbers thrown at you and being expected to know what to do with them. Happened to me last time round and everything was fine in the end, but you do have my sympathy.

andif: no, I haven't tried osteopathy. Have seen a chiropractor about back pain in the past (pre-pregnancy) - didn't find it that helpful. I'm never quite sure of the difference between the two!

Tallbird Mon 04-Apr-05 14:25:55

Haven't posted in ages - nothing much to report...seem to be at that stage in pregnancy where not a lot happens (though am starting to feel movements).
Am feeling much better now, though still get really tired when I overdo things (which is most days...).
Am also getting into maternity clothes now, which I find really depressing, as they make me feel the size of an elephant, so am sticking to stretchy normal clothes as far as possible - what a wonderful invention lycra is !
Had a booking in appointment a few weeks ago, though as I am out of the area for the hospital I am going to, I think that all my further appointments, apart from scan on the 25th April, will be with the local community midwife at the GP's surgery. Seems like there isn't a lot you can do around here, short of going private which is too expensive, to guarantee having a midwife you know at the actual birth. Am very jealous of people living in areas where they run domino schemes.
Off on holiday at the end of the week to the new Mark Warner place in Egypt, so can't wait ! Will be very frustrated not to be able to go windsurfing there, but I suppose it's best not to risk it !
Kiwi, try not to worry too much about your result - I can only echo what others have said - if the Fetal Medical Centre say you shouldn't worry, I would believe them - after all, they are one of the best places in the country !

mummyhill Mon 04-Apr-05 14:54:43

Thanks for the link, how is done so that i know for next time? I have just arrived home from my community midwife appointment. Half my blood test results have gone awol!!! So need to have a load done all over again. Glucose levels came back ok though so i can relax about that for now. However they have now decided that i keep going dizzy and feel so knackered because my blood pressure keeps dropping apparently this is quite common and nothing to worry about what do you think? The other little bomb shell she decided to drop was that they want me to be tested for sickle cell and thalassaemia WHY? I am white and thought that this was only prevelant in black and assian families. I am well confused. Also they did not listen in for a heart beat, i know i can feel movement and that means everything must be ok but it is reassuring and really nice to hear the heart beat though.

Piccadillycircus - glad to hear you are feeling better and that the ad's are working for you.

I have been in my maternity trousers since about week 10 as everything else was getting tight i look much more than 18 weeks at the moment i have lost nearly 2 stone but my goodness what a bump at the front!!!

Well back to house work and maybe we will fit some finger painting in later.

zubb Mon 04-Apr-05 15:00:12

mummyhill, my blood pressure drops during pregnancy and I get dizzy spells. Usually on standing up etc. Thats how I knew I was pregnant before I even tested as I started to feel dizzy a lot!
Not sure why they want you to do the extra tests - phone up and ask them.

Piccalilli Mon 04-Apr-05 15:44:25

Kiwifruit - sorry you're feeling miserable. Can only second what everyone else has said though - and it's worth remembering that the risk factor they gave you still comes out at some ridiculously low percentage chance of there actually being a problem.

I'm only 15 weeks and have been in maternity trousers for a couple of weeks. I just seem to have put on so much weight and it's all on my tummy. I'm quite enjoying not having to decide what to wear in the mornings as I basically have two possible outfits - I give it about 2 weeks before that novelty wears off.

I had my booking in with the midwife yesterday, at which she told me all sorts of useful info about my next appointments and antenatal classes, which I instantly forgot as soon as she left. Also managed to embarass myself at the health centre this morning by nearly passing out when the nurse took my blood.

Mummyhill, I'm being tested for sickle cell etc as well - I asked why, as I didn't think it was necessary (I'm white) and the midwife said they recommend it anyway in case you have distant relatives of different ethnic origin. Seemed a bit bonkers to me but since they're testing for everything else I guess they may as well.

mummyhill Mon 04-Apr-05 16:08:08

They told me that apparently there is a 1 in 1000 chance that caucasian women carry the gene, i have a healthy little girl surely if i was a carrier she would have it? I think that they can take it all a bit too far it is such a small risk, they are also trying to bully me into having the HIV test and the tripple test, they would not let me opt out of having the hep B and syphilis test either, i am not nor have i ever worked in a profession where i am likely to be exposed to these and i have had only 1 partner my current husband, we have been together since we were 16 and 18 respectivley and he very thoughtfully got himself checked out before we slept together even though he had only had 1 partner before meeting me (how many men would do that without you asking them to?) I find having blood taken very traumatic as my veins are lousey so i cannot see the point in subjecting myself to the trauma if there is very little risk of there being a problem. Am i being daft?

zubb Mon 04-Apr-05 16:14:13

The tests that you have are up to you mummyhill. I hate having blood taken so had everything done in one go - the midwife took an armfull and put it into lots of different tubes! I wasn't asked about the sickle cell though - not reached our area yet.
I don't have the triple test or the nuchal fold etc, but they haven't put pressure on me.
They shouldn't bully you into anything, it is all your choice.

andif Mon 04-Apr-05 16:23:50

Mummyhill - I am also being tested for sickle cell etc. Apparently now we all travel so much more than 20 yrs ago, they are finding more of these diseases in white caucasians so do it as a matter of course. Luckily blood tests don't bother me at all - Mum was nurse and Dad GP so must be in my genes! Just as well, as they must have taken at least an armful!
Still managing to fit in my jeans, although they are low cut (and getting lower!) - a struggle today though after washing them! Topshop maternity combats are ok, but make me feel enormous, and keep falling down! Must buy some other stuff, but Kingston useless for maternity and reluctant to buy without trying on.
Franch - chiropractors are more brutal in my experience, apart from McTimony (?sp) If you can find a gentle osteopath that someone recommends, they're fantastic! Mine lectures in it, so may be able to recommend one in your area if you want me to ask?
Can't remember if I've asked on this thread - does anyone know any babyshops in New York? Does Macys have a good nursery dept? Want dh to bring me back a mountain buggy when he goes, but no useful websites as yet.

mummyhill Mon 04-Apr-05 16:26:53

Tell me about it, last time i was able to agree or decline anything i wanted this time round they are being bullies with regard to the blood tests. Even if they try to get all of them at once they struggle as my veins tend to collapse really easily I end up comming home looking as if i have been in a boxing ring, the bruising is that severe i cannot move my arms for a couple of days without crying. They know all about this as they had a nightmare getting my booking bloods so why do they want to traumatise me again when i should be being kept calm and serene? I am sure the stress it cuases me is not good for jnr!!

Sallie Mon 04-Apr-05 16:26:59

I had all the tests. Didn't have any reason to worry about HIV or syphilis etc but thought it best to have them all anyway. But I don't mind too much having blood taken. Am now pg with babe no 3 and you do get used to regular blood-letting!!! Completely sympathise with those who aren't happy about it though.
Am also now in maternity trousers and my normal tops are getting a bit tight around the bust area! Have found that Hennes is really good though you do have to pick and choose.

Kiwifruit Mon 04-Apr-05 16:49:08

Hi Ladies - thanks for all your messages. Am feeling much better now (although nearly fell asleep in my meeting - did that last week and it was most embarrassing!).

I'm still in normal work trousers, although put them on this morning and they were feeling tighter (commented to DH that I think my thighs got pregnant when we were in the States at Easter ). Am wearing maternity jeans though, and loving them - sooo comfortable!!

Off to St Marys this evening to do the labour ward tour - not sure if this is such a great idea, as it may make me head for the hills....

I have a great osteopath in Kentish Town if anyone is in London and looking for an osteo. He's lovely and very gentle. I actually used him in NZ, but he moved back to the UK, and I tracked him down over here when I came back.

franch Mon 04-Apr-05 18:28:26

andif, yes please if you could ask about an osteo in N1?

Boompi Mon 04-Apr-05 19:27:23

Havent posted for a while so lots of catching up. Glad you are feeling a bit more relaxed kiwifruit. Spotted a few of you on a thread re swinging hammocks - obviously not only one thinking ahead

I know its early but starting to think a lot about names now. Girls names especially difficult as my two favs, Edie (nothing to do with Desperate Housewives character!) and Ruby DH not to keen on. Want something pretty and not too common. Have lots of boys names we agree on so no prob if its a boy.

Had appt with midwife on fri - all well and heard heartbeat...ahh. Have definate regular kicks in evenings especially if i lie on my tummy!

Have been in maternity jeans since 13 weeks and trousers since 15. My arms are getting really fat though - real bingo wings.

Managed 2 preggie yoga classes on weekend so got to compare bumps with other women for the first time. I think I just look chubby while they all had cute beachballs! Doing yoga was good as I seem to have excess energy but cant handle real cardiovacular stuff. Wasnt too keen on the sat teacher though - some people can be really preachy about others bodies I feel.

franch Mon 04-Apr-05 19:28:43

Boompi - excess energy!!!! What on earth is that???

Boompi Mon 04-Apr-05 19:51:18

Have no idea - usually a lazy slob! Still drift off at work though

milward Tue 05-Apr-05 00:23:44

Doc rang me at home this evening from the hospital as the triple test results aren't good. Knew a call like this would be bad news. Still result is only a risk ratio. It's driving me crazy - all these different results. Still don't want an amnio. Couldn't go through a termination in any case (full respect to those who make different choices here). Have appointment on wednesday so will be discussing this. Anyhow just feel awful and sad Can't sleep & have full day of looking after little ones ahead.... (no family nearby to help or friends I can depend on)

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