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when did you feel your first kick?

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forevermore Thu 31-Mar-05 00:08:10

I am 19 weeks and yet to feel first kick. Cannot believe i'm am saying this but I'm desperate for a kick/reassurance .

when did you first feel movement? should i be worried?

JoolsToo Thu 31-Mar-05 00:09:47

its more of a flutter at first - you should be getting them any time now

forevermore Thu 31-Mar-05 00:12:24

think i had flutters from around 17 weeks but no definite movements

JoolsToo Thu 31-Mar-05 00:16:55

well there you are then 17 weeks is pretty standard - you're fine, can't actually remember which week I felt a definite kick - it was too long ago! You're fine!

Socci Thu 31-Mar-05 00:21:17

Message withdrawn

kama Thu 31-Mar-05 00:23:49

Message withdrawn

colditzmum Thu 31-Mar-05 00:56:17

I felt nothing until 22 weeks, but everything was fine.

KVG Thu 31-Mar-05 08:45:57

Message withdrawn

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 31-Mar-05 09:01:19

I felt bubbling sort of feelings from about 16/17 weeks but not a definate kick until later.
One thing that got my dd moving was to put headphones on my bump with nursery rhymes and baby songs playing!

Kiwicath Thu 31-Mar-05 13:32:34

I think the first time I put the flutters at 16 weeks down to wind and only felt definite baby kicks at about 19 weeks. I'm 16 weeks now and feeling those windy/baby kicks again. My girlfriend didn't feel any definite kicks until 25 weeks!!! Her wee man is now just as laid back as when he was a bump. Get a quick check up to put your mind at rest if it continues to bother you. Good luck.

franke Thu 31-Mar-05 13:35:05

20 weeks both times - and it was just a flutter at that point. Unmistakeable though

nably Fri 08-Apr-05 11:47:25

I went on holiday when I was 14 weeks and I definitely felt movements while I was laying in bed or on the sunbed (im now 17 weeks). My friend told me that it would feel similar to when the nerve in your eye twitches, and it did from about then.

Has anyone else felt anything so early? I feel a flutter every now and again so im sure it cant be wind or my imagination.

AnotherHelen Mon 11-Apr-05 15:06:02

I am 16+5 and i felt my first kick about 3 days ago! its fantastic!!

anchovies Mon 11-Apr-05 15:07:55

I was 20 weeks, was worried but as others have said it is unmistakable when it happens!

lunarx Mon 11-Apr-05 15:14:57

i was 20 weeks + a few days. i was driving. i got so excited i pulled over and cried. hard to believe the little kicker is now 9+ months old!

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