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Due in September 2009 - Calling all the Christmas and New Year BFPs!

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lixanismapolium Mon 22-Dec-08 06:32:59

So excited to be starting my first thread!!!

Just had a BFP this morning a couple of days before AF is due and according to FF, my EDD is 1st September 09.

I have one DD (March 05) and had MMC in late September this year, so a little nervous but really ready for this.

Looking forward to a few more people joining me on here!


lixanismapolium Mon 22-Dec-08 06:35:27

A little tiny list to start us off .....

01/09/09 : Lix (37) - 1DD (March 05)


lixanismapolium Tue 23-Dec-08 20:32:39

Sometimes I really hate being such an early tester ..... it's getting lonely here all alone! hmm

Come on September Mummies! Join me! smile

Biglipsdrankallthexmasbaileys Tue 23-Dec-08 20:37:32

good luck as i had my dd2 on 21/09/08....

(this bring back memories)

diginglebells Tue 23-Dec-08 20:43:53

Another 'due in sep 08' mummy here! DS was a NYE conception but came three weeks early in aug. Good luck, makes me nostalgic for those exciting early days.

LittleCheese Fri 26-Dec-08 14:06:03

Hi Lixan I got my BFP yesterday (xmas day) such a lovely present for me and DH My EDD is 3rd sep[tember I think. We also have 1 DD (jan 07) Im so excited. Nice that I have someone to share it with now

olivo Fri 26-Dec-08 19:46:50

sorry, just jumping in to say congrats on your bfps - little cheese, had been wondering about you from the ttc thread.
what a fantastic present! smile.

Debs75goldrings Sat 27-Dec-08 16:11:54

Huge congrats to you both. sept o8 mum here. Wish i had known about mn when i got pregs it was such a help last summer.
Before you know it there will be dozens of expectant mums on here counting down the days

lixanismapolium Sat 27-Dec-08 16:54:25

Hi LittleCheese and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

Sorry I missed you yesterday - been away to parents for Christmas and wasn't brave enough to go on mn in case someone spotted me and started to suspect I had a little secret.

We can double the size of the list now and I'm sure there will be lots more ladies joining us in the alcohol-free New Year club very soon!

01/09/09 : Lix - 1DD (March 05)
03/09/09 : LittleCheese - 1DD (Jan 07)

kookykid Sat 27-Dec-08 17:34:26

Just got my BFP too! Due 02/09/09, so I fit nicely in the middle! Am feeling very cautious as had an early miscarriage in Novemeber. Fingers crossed all is OK with this one.

lixanismapolium Sat 27-Dec-08 18:23:37

Congrats kookykid and welcome.

Do you have any other children?

I too had a miscarriage a couple of months ago, so lots of finger-crossing going on here for both of us. wink

Another list ...

01/09/09 : Lix - 1DD (March 05)
02/09/09 : kookykid
03/09/09 : LittleCheese - 1DD (Jan 07)

kookykid Sat 27-Dec-08 20:18:38

Thanks Lix,

Am already worrying about every little tummy rumble. How am I going to keep sane??
Will add the relevant details....!

01/09/09 : Lix - 1DD (March 05)
02/09/09 : kookykid - 1DD (March 08)
03/09/09 : LittleCheese - 1DD (Jan 07)

lixanismapolium Sat 27-Dec-08 22:10:34

I know what you mean kookykid. But we somehow need to find a way to relax and get on with life. DH suggested that I simply put it out of my mind for the next 3 months or so!!!!! Easier said than done I fear ...

LittleCheese Sun 28-Dec-08 15:38:50

Congrats Kookykid, sorry to hear you have both have miscarriage's I am a nervous wreck about this happening to me. It never even crossed my mind with DD but this time every time I go to the loo im nervous about seeing blood. I really need to relax. Luckily I must already be 4/5 weeks and DD's birthday is towards the end of jan so i will be busy thinking about that for a couple of weeks then its DH's birthday and our anniversary so plenty to keep my mind occupied.

How are you both feeling? Sick? Tired?

lixanismapolium Sun 28-Dec-08 16:40:12

I think we all need to relax a bit and try not to be so nervous!

I'm not feeling sick at all just yet (although it is very early days and I don't think I felt sick this early the other twice), but am quite tired. Don't know whether it is pregnancy related though as DD was a shocker for the 3 nights we were away over Christmas and I ony got about 2 hours sleep each night. She goes back to nursery tomorrow and I've got another week before I go to work so I'm going to make the most of it and enjoy some 'me' time - at least that's the plan, I'll probably end up cleaning the house instead! wink

lixanismapolium Sun 28-Dec-08 16:41:56

Should also mention that I am in the middle of a huge cook-a-thon which I think may well be pregnancy related! Got 3 dishes on the go at once!

Kagey Mon 29-Dec-08 10:23:38

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to wish you all a very happy and healthy pregnancy (I'm from the Sept 08 thread). I got my BFP on this date last year and was soooooo excited - such happy memories.

Best of luck to you all grin xxx

kookykid Mon 29-Dec-08 11:48:54

Put the wrong date on for my DD, so will amend! Am probably in denial that she is nearly two!

I am like you, LC, everytime I go to the loo I have a heart-stopping moment. However, my boobs are incredibly tender (and I keep checking that they still are blush) and I am starting to feel slightly bleurgh. Very tired too, but my DD has been waking up around 3am for the last few nights wanting a chat! Am also eating bananas a lot, which is not like me.

Lix, my DH also said, "Try not to think about it!" Hmmmmm, wanna tell me HOW??

Currently at the in-laws for a few days and my MIL sussed me out within a few hours of our arrival when I turned down some wine and then went to bed at 8.30! Will probably tell my mum at some point, but otherwise will be keeping very quiet.

Hope you enjoyed your food, lix!

01/09/09 : Lix - 1DD (March 05)
02/09/09 : KookyKid - 1DD (March 07)
03/09/09 : LittleCheese - 1DD (Jan 07)

lixanismapolium Mon 29-Dec-08 15:36:46

lol lookykid ..... I thought you were really brave ttc when your DD was so young!! Makes much more sense with the changed date!

No-one has guessed my secret yet, but we're having a New Years party, so I think a few people will suspect me then - especially if I go to bed at 9!

LittleCheese Mon 29-Dec-08 18:59:16

I also thought you were brave(crazy)kooky the dates do make more sense now. I also feel very tired and my boobs are killing me. We had a party on 27th and i was asked 10 times if i was expecting as i wasnt drinking. People must think im an alcoholic or something. I wanted to keep it quiet but also most of my work colleagues have guessed as i work in quite a physical environment and everyone knew I was ttc so i have been put on light duties and everyone knows. I think thats why i feel so nervous cause if any thing happened I would have to tell all those people

kookykid Tue 30-Dec-08 19:11:15

Where is everyone??? Surely there must be some more BFPs for September by now???

Feeling decidedly rough today (Hooray!).

blinder Tue 30-Dec-08 20:27:38


Due: September 2009
Age: 35
Previous: 1 DS (11years)
Emotion: Anxious / reeeeally excited
Cramoing: Occasional
Nausea: Not yet
Other: Constipation resolved today

I think that sums me up! Glad to be on board. Hello everyone!

wigglesmum Tue 30-Dec-08 22:07:43

Hello there!
Got a BFP today- think due date is 4th Sept but not sure.
Already have a DS (born Sept 06)
Am feeling nauseous and have sore boobs but am really panicking about the pregnancy. Didn't really use Mumsnet etc last pregnancy, so am feeling paranoid about all sorts of things now. blush

lixanismapolium Wed 31-Dec-08 07:52:32

Welcome to blinder and wigglesmum. I have added you to the list below.

A few of us are feeling a bit nervous wigglesmum, so hopefully we can all help each other out.

I had an appt with Dr first thing this morning and he has referred me for a dating scan as my bleeding since miscarriage in Sept has been all over the place. That should come through in a couple of weeks, so looking forward to that.

??/09/09 : Blinder - 1DS (11 yrs)
01/09/09 : Lix - 1DD (March 05)
02/09/09 : kookykid
03/09/09 : LittleCheese - 1DD (Jan 07)
04/09/09 : Wigglesmum - 1DS (Sept 06)

evie2000 Wed 31-Dec-08 13:28:44

HI all, just popping by with a very excited BFP! After 6 months of concentrating and trying we took a month off as DH wasn't very well - one bd earlier than usual and the result is the great line on the test!!! Very excited! I'm due 8th September.
Good luck to you all.

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