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Inguenal hernia (spelling?) and childbirth... advice from Mears, anyone, please?

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orangina Wed 23-Mar-05 20:16:02

I was diagnosed with an inguenal hernia on my RHS at about 30 weeks, am 37+ now, which has got steadily bigger. It's visible at the front, and I think I can also feel a swelling underneath, where, to make matters worse, I have a varicose vein (sorry if TMI), all of which is pretty uncomfortable. I'm not too worried about the VV to be honest, but I am concerned about the hernia, as I really don't know how I am going to push a baby out without pushing the hernia out as well, if you see what I mean. Am seeing the doctor tomorrow and will try to get them to address my concerns; up until now I have felt a bit fobbed off, and I would just like to be reassured (or otherwise) that I don't have to be worried about pushing, otherwise my labour will be.... I don't know, very nervous. Any experience or advice VERY VERY gratefully received. Also, if I should be asking the doctor anything in particular that I might not think of myself. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

orangina Wed 23-Mar-05 21:19:03

sorry, just realised that I should post this under childbirth.... will do that now, please ignore this here...!

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