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Due in August - Stats Thread

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kate100 Tue 22-Mar-05 12:16:51

Thought that I'd add this so that we can keep track of ourselves and each other!!

Age: 27
Job: teacher P/T
Due date: 30/07/05 (was 02/08/05)
Baby: number 2, have 1 DS who will be just 2 when the baby is born, 90% sure that it's a boy
Birth Plans: 'Normal' delivery at local hospital or home birth, if I can face the mess, supported by DH

Azure Tue 22-Mar-05 12:28:30

Good idea.

Age: 38
Work: F/T director of finance
Due date: 25/08/05 - 2 days before DS's 4th birthday
Baby: looks like another boy, but 20 week scan will confirm
Birth plans: likely to be a CS as a result of third degree tear last time (ventouse / forceps delivery)

Twiga Tue 22-Mar-05 12:53:50

Thanks Kate !

Age: 27

Job: Residential Social Worker

Due date: 31/08/05

Baby: number 1, 2nd pg - mc in July 04, dh and I tempted to find out sex, but if we do it'll be our secret. No preference either way!

Birth plans: providing no complications in pg "normal" delivery in hospital midwife unit with minimal intervention if poss.

Dazie Tue 22-Mar-05 13:29:19

Age: 27

Work: Stay at home mum

Due date: 16/08/05

Baby: Number 3,DS 4,DD 1 will be 18 months when next one arrives.

Birth plans: At local hospital. Hopefully quick and pain free ( NOT LIKELY !!!)

MissChief Tue 22-Mar-05 14:08:08

Age: 30-something (feeling shy with all you young mums!)

Work: p/t manager in public sector organisation

Due date: early August

Baby: DS nrly 4, expecting another boy

Birth plans: possibly c-section after difficult assisted back-to-back last time, might try and go naturalish again though (but this time with epidural etc, anything to help the pain!)

Miaou Tue 22-Mar-05 15:10:37

Age: 33 (and proud )

Job: Run my own web-based business from home

Due date: 31/07/05 (was 04/08/05)

Baby: No. 3. Have dd aged 7 and dd aged 6.

Sex: Don't know (want it to be a surprise!)

Birth plans: Hopefully a waterbirth at my local midwife unit

beachyhead Tue 22-Mar-05 15:41:37

Age: 39
Work: P/T Financial analyst
Due date: 27/08/05 - 2 days after dh's 40th b'day and 3 days before mine!
Baby: At 13 weeks, looked like a girl but will find out on the 15th April.
Birth plans: CS probably in the middle of August... at St. Thomas' in London

colinsmommy Tue 22-Mar-05 18:07:09

Great idea

Age: 31 (coming up on 32 quickly, though)

Job: SAHM after far too many years working in pharmacy.

Due date: 8/31/05. Oh wait, in yours 31/8/05. 13 days after DS's 2nd birthday, and 12 before DH's 38th.

Baby: #2, not finding out if it is a girl or boy, but call it he because of the extremely high % of males in dh's family, and hate calling the baby it.

Birth plans: hope to have a quick all-natural birth in hospital like DS, but might have to have an early induction if the baby is too big, because DS was 9 lbs and had a really big head. Might go for the epidural then, because haven't heard positive induction stories. But am really afraid of epidurals, so not thinking about that possibility.

josey Tue 22-Mar-05 18:19:57

Job:Finance Assistant
Due dates: 27/8/05 or 30/8/05
Baby: Number 2 DS1 who is 5.
Birth Plans: C-section after 3rd degree tear with a ventouse delivery first time round.

MissChief Tue 22-Mar-05 18:27:11

well, ladies - have to announce my age if you're all out and proud - nrly 35

blossom2 Tue 22-Mar-05 18:44:56

Age: will be 32 yrs in may (really enjoying being in my 30's)

Job: SAHM, previously HR manager

Due date: 1 august (give & take 3 days)

Baby: DD is 3 yrs

Birth plans: want baby to be early and a similar experience to last time - nice hospital, only gas & air, straight forward birth but NO tearing this time please. hoping that some nurses/midwives speak english and looking forward to a glass of french wine after the birth.

BunInTum Tue 22-Mar-05 19:23:36

Age: 25
Job: Part-time Model
Due date: 11/08/05
Baby: This will be no. 2 - don't know sex! DD1- 7
Birth Plans: Hopefully normal delivery with mobile epidural at Watford hospital but dont wanna tear!!!

Nome Tue 22-Mar-05 22:25:25

Age: 31
Job: Teacher by profession, job is currently SAHM
EDD: 12 August
Baby: number 2, have ds who will be 31 months. 20 week scan tomorrow morning - feeling really nervous now!
Birth plans: Still dithering between spontaneous labour and elective cs, but don't have to make a decision until 36 weeks. At least they won't let me go over!

KMS Tue 22-Mar-05 22:31:32

Age: 30 (31 in may)
Job: SAHM & cloth nappy advisor (was veterinary nurse before children!)
Due Date: 7/8/05
Baby: number 4, have DS1 7, DS2 5, DD 1 will be 2 week before baby due!
Birth Plans: Water birth in Stoke Mandeville Hospital. (Although have wanted water birth with the other 3 and haven't even got a toe anywhere near water!)

Kiwibump Wed 23-Mar-05 10:16:00

Age: 27
Job: Unemployed at the mo having recently relocated.
Baby: First pregnancy
Due date: 3/8 based on lmp, 31/7 based on scans
Birth plans: Normal delivery in hospital. Keeping an open mind about pain relief etc at the mo.

jellybrain Thu 24-Mar-05 10:57:41

Age: 38
Job: Charity Coordinator until 31.3 then redundant so SAHM.
Due Date: 4.8.05
Baby: girl according to scan. Is this always definite? 3rd baby DS1 7(9'14oz), DS2 4(8'4oz) apparently number 3 is smaller and more girl like!
Birth Plans:Probably hospital if I get there as DS2 came vquickly so, maybe home, poss car, layby somewhere whatever. Organisation is not my strong point.

nic2004dave Sun 27-Mar-05 12:16:39

job:nursery nurse (not working at the moment on long term sick leave with anxiety attacks )
first baby
birth plans : as natural as possible i fancy needles in my back

Eulalia Tue 12-Apr-05 09:43:00

Age 39 and my baby is due 16 days before my 40th! If I am really late again I may be in hospital on the day... hope not though.

I have ds who is 5 3/4, born in July and dd who is 3 on Saturday (16 April) (our 'daffodil' baby ). Don't mind what we have this time and haven't found out the sex. Due on 30th July but due to two previous late pregnancies expecting it to be August.

Except for voluntary jobs haven't worked since before ds and was an educational researcher.

Live in a tiny village 25 miles south of Aberdeen.

Birth Plans: just see what comes ! But would like to try birthing pool.

leahbump Tue 12-Apr-05 09:47:38

Thought I'd better add myself

age:27 (though 28 on my due date)
Job: on a career break, SAHM
Due Date: 12/08/05
Baby: No2 (ds will be 18 mos in august) BOY
Birth Plans: Home birth with aid of gas and air and a birth pool!

beachyhead Tue 21-Jun-05 15:33:58

reposting dates as expecting soon......

Due date: 27th August
Expected due date: week of 15th August
Expecting: little girl
Where: St Thomas by c-section

robrawlings Mon 27-Jun-05 14:24:20

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Mon 27-Jun-05 14:25:10

Rob, You need to email to post media requests.

jantogan Mon 27-Jun-05 22:26:34

hello all,
Job:resigned teacher/beauty therapist
Due date:20/08/05
Baby:Firs baby,boy acording to scan
Birth plans:I haven't decided waterbirth or natural,I need some advise from experienced at The Wittington Hospital.

Em32 Sun 03-Jul-05 20:50:16

Hello Hope no-one minds me joining in.
Age: 33
Job: Project Manager for Department of Health
Due date: 31/08/05
Baby: girl, 1 DS who will be 18 months or thereabouts when DD is born
Birth plans: Birth centre like first labour, partly in water pool

Miaou Sun 03-Jul-05 20:52:12

Hi there em32, welcome, have you seen our antenatal group thread?

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