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Due in June '05 - onwards and outwards

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welshmum Mon 14-Mar-05 09:40:20

Here we are - Happy Mondays all

welshmum Mon 14-Mar-05 09:41:30

Damn - that's why I shouldn't start new threads - forgot to say it was number 11. Does it matter do you think???

KVG Mon 14-Mar-05 09:42:26

Message withdrawn

KVG Mon 14-Mar-05 09:43:36

Message withdrawn

uwila Mon 14-Mar-05 09:54:58

It does mean that "visitors" may have a bit more trouble finding which one we are on...

Well, maybe not...

KVG Mon 14-Mar-05 09:58:40

Message withdrawn

MrsWednesday Mon 14-Mar-05 10:03:04

Good one Welshie. Onwards and outwards is right - I feel like my belly is taking over the world. People keep asking me when I'm due and when I say June they look shocked.

So many messages since last Thursday! Uwila, no words of advice or anything because I don't have any experience of your situation, but would agree that she sounds like a MIL rather than a nanny. A longer maternity leave sounds great though.

Lynny, congratulations on your little girl! Your DH sounds like a wonderful man, and your posts brought a tear to my eye (bloody hormones - couldn't even watch Comic Relief, too upsetting). Your DD sounds like an amazing person, and without wanting to sound patronising, so do you. Does your DD know about the baby?

Trib, positive thoughts for your brother.

Hope everyone else is recovered from illnesses, weepiness and general third-trimester-ness. And sorry if I've missed anything else important!

Scraggy - where the bloody hell are you? I really hope you are ok.

Berolina, have been wondering where you are. Glad you and baby are well.

No news from me at all. Just growing ever bigger. Got my new trousers from at the weekend, which made my day. Finally I have some comfortable black trousers I can wear for work . Ah little things....

Right, busy day so better go. Off to Birmingham for a meeting soon, oh what fun.

cornflakegirl Mon 14-Mar-05 10:07:11

morning everyone

i'm really happy today - while i was out on saturday my wonderful husband rearranged all our furniture so the baby's room now has only baby stuff in it - makes it all seem so much more real!

he also bought a mattress for the cot - so now i'm thinking about sheets - and getting confused as they seem to come in so many different types. i'm assuming fitted is best for the bottom sheet and flat for the top - any advice on materials?

welshmum Mon 14-Mar-05 10:11:21

Hi cornflake. It's not based on anything but memory of it working fine the first time round but I had a selection of those kind of cotton towelling fitted sheets for the bottom and a few cotton flat sheets for the top. I also used to fold one in quarters and put it under her head widthways. That way I didn't have to change the whole bed if there was a bit of dribble etc - and I thought it was cooler and smoother under her little face. Aaaah am smiling at the memory - how soft am I???

KVG Mon 14-Mar-05 10:15:11

Message withdrawn

KVG Mon 14-Mar-05 10:16:44

Message withdrawn

cornflakegirl Mon 14-Mar-05 10:26:28

KVG - that's odd - I'm on the M&S site at the moment (it was this that got me confused to start with) - and they've got jersey or terry fitted sheets and cotton or flannelette flat sheets...

Thanks for the tip on buying lots!

Welshmum - that is so cute Thanks for the tip too - I've heard about using a terry square under their head, but a folder sheet does sound nicer

welshmum Mon 14-Mar-05 10:29:17

Also means you don't have to wash it until they've dribbled on all the available sides!

cornflakegirl Mon 14-Mar-05 10:35:29

hehehe - sold!

the thing i liked most about the mothercare site was the way that it helpfully pointed out that the sheets were non-iron - like there was any chance of that happening

Lua Mon 14-Mar-05 10:38:33

Morning all!
Hope everybody had a nice weekend. I definetely feel recharged! Step in the scale this morning and was very happy to see that weight gain is a bit more under control. I am also feeling less like I am dragging a water baloon everyday. Maybe by fluids went down?! I really hope so!

Humm... about sheets. We never got any top sheets.... When DD was really small, she was swaddled (sp?) and when she got a bit older she would kick away anything we covered her in, so we got her into sleeping bags (grobags). She still sleeps on them today at 2.5 years! We got her a junior bed this weekend, so we might "free" her from the bag next week. We'll see how that goes....
BTW I just got some sheets for her new junior bed at John Lewis. They had a really nice variation in colors, and they were pretty cheap!

lynny70 Mon 14-Mar-05 10:49:15

Message deleted

KVG Mon 14-Mar-05 10:51:12

Message withdrawn

lynny70 Mon 14-Mar-05 10:53:46

Message deleted

katzguk Mon 14-Mar-05 10:56:04

hello again - thanks for starting the new thread!

got a busy day in the lab planned today so will be in and out lots today, so if i miss anything i apolgise in advance.

uwila Mon 14-Mar-05 11:06:49

Do you think that maybe DD evicted rag doll because new baby is coming along. Maybe she was trying to contribute and be part of the preparation for new baby? If so, poor rag doll.

Or maybe I'm totally wrong -- it's happened before.

lynny70 Mon 14-Mar-05 11:24:57

Message deleted

katzguk Mon 14-Mar-05 12:16:35

Lynny - i'm not sure of your DD level of comprehension and i'm probably way out here but we got two really good books for our DD with no words so would suit any age really, that have pictures showing what will happen during the PG and after the baby arrives. heres a link


someone on here recommended them to me and there great

LipstickMum Mon 14-Mar-05 12:41:57

Hi everyone, 'Happy Mondays'

Our Monday is usually far too exhausting for the beginning of the week, but it takes the pain of the day away.

Yeah Welshie, last time I had great tights from M&S, opaque ones. This time round my, fairly small M&S, only appears to have 10 and 15 dernier which don't suit me on a daily basis, they get snagged too easily, but they are good.

Hi Cornflake! We have fitted terry towelling type sheets for dd's cot. £10 (11?) for 2 from Mothercare. What I like about them is that they don't feel cold in the Winter time. Although dd has been in a grobag since she was 4 months or so.

Anyone know how you would pronounce the name Sorcha?? Dp hates it anyway, but I still want to know! Am beginning to hate this name thing it's too difficult!!

I see there is a due in November thread Brilliant!

LipstickMum Mon 14-Mar-05 12:45:21

I forgot to mention, Easter Sunday i.e. 13 days time the clocks go froward and it's daytime for much longer - hoo flipping ray!!! I am so sick of this winter which has gone on for aaaaaaaaaaaages. Dp is very depressed about it, and living where we live in general... another story

lynny70 Mon 14-Mar-05 12:49:30

Message deleted

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