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Homebirth & Waterbirth Evening in Sussex

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sunriseanja Mon 03-Nov-08 18:09:36

Are you starting to explore the options of where to birth your baby?
Consider coming to the Homebirth and Waterbirth evening:

Would you and your partner like to find out more about homebirth, waterbirth and how to have a positive birth experience?

Homebirth Coordinator & Independent Midwife Anja K-Metzner offers information and tips on the advantages and practicalities of home and waterbirth.
She gives valuable information on staying healthy in pregnancy, natural birthing techniques, natural encouragement of labour versus Induction and is happy to answer any questions.

Feedback from past sessions:
'Thank you so much for such a relaxed & information evening - by far the most worthwhile thinkg I have been to during pregnancy so far' - Zoe, 34 weeks pregnant

November 25th, 2008

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