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Due September 2005 - Thread 4

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PiccadillyCircus Fri 11-Mar-05 11:29:32

Here is a new thread

andif Fri 11-Mar-05 11:33:32

Oh you are so talented! I will work it out at some point in the next 6 months!

Is anyone still taking pg supplements? Not sure if things like Antenatal Forte and Pregnacare are intended for the whole 9 months or just 12 wks. I finished mine and hadn't bought more, but with this flu thing, feel I ought to take some vitamins or something.

PiccadillyCircus Fri 11-Mar-05 11:37:57

I think things like Pregnacare are meant for the whole 9 months. Have to admit I have been a bit bad recently. I will keep taking them, partly as I'm not sure how well small one will exist on a diet which still seems to mainly consist of potato and other such stodge (although DH has managed to get spinach into me occasionally).

moschops Fri 11-Mar-05 12:15:34

i had a craving yesterday for a certain food product from M&S and by the time i got there they had sold out (damn it i knew they wouldn't have any left) was really sulking too as it's the first thing i've actually looked forward to eating in months. and i'm stuck at home today so i'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to get some.

have looked in the cupboard and there is nothing i want for dinner although i have a curious hankering for ready salted crisp and grated cheese sandwiches. hmmmmm better go and buy some crisps!!

YOKEFLEET Fri 11-Mar-05 12:48:02

Kiwifruit - I took my mum to booking appointment as my dh was away on business. I wanted someone with me to take in all the info as my head was all over the place at that time!! (eg: locked my car keys in car with engine still running!!lol)

Sallie Fri 11-Mar-05 12:53:52

I took Pregnacare when I found out I was pg with ds back in Dec 2002 and have taken it ever since, pretty much as its supposed to be taken throughout pregnancy, whilst you are bf and also whilst trying to conceive - and that pretty much sums up my life for the past 2 and a half years!!!

franch Fri 11-Mar-05 13:23:36

Ditto Sallie!!

Kiwifruit - I took dh to booking appointment - yes I think it's very common

sarahhal Fri 11-Mar-05 13:37:10

Moschops - what a glorious sandwich combination of salted crisps and grated cheese - if it stops raining I may have to pop to the shops! It would have to be on very cheap and nasty white bread though- no wholegrains in sight! Think Comic Relief and Walkers crisps had pregnant women in mind with their one off mix of pickled onion/cheese and onion bags. Can't get any round here though and boy have I tried!!

Pregnacare say on the box that you should try and take even up to breastfeeding - think I manage one day on and one off with my memory at the mo!

diane77 Fri 11-Mar-05 15:15:18

hi all

hope everyone is well?
Icant seem to kick the tiredness and have been in bed by 8pm faithfully everynight! Right now i am have huge notions for cakes of every description and am currently munching my way through a box of jaffa cake mini rolls!! Looking forard till my next antenatal app on 23rd march when i will be 16+ weeks i cant wait to hear the heart beat through the doppler it will make this seem so real.

Sallie Fri 11-Mar-05 15:19:14

My booking appointment had to be postponed because the midwife got the date wrong. So its in two weeks time. Don't think I have any other appointments then until my 20 week scan.

Piccalilli Fri 11-Mar-05 16:47:47

diane77, I'm knackered too - had to work from home today because I just couldn't face another day in the office. I'm having constant headaches too. Remind me, when are we supposed to start blooming?!

I had my nuchal scan on Wednesday which was an incredible experience - it makes it all worth it

Sallie Fri 11-Mar-05 17:06:39

I'm another one with constant headaches although the nausea seems to be getting better. However, getting bad bloating after eating which I don't remember when pg with ds or dd.

LadyLazarus Fri 11-Mar-05 17:54:36

Diane - I too am going to bed v.early whenever I can. It's just work, Eastenders then bed for me hehe! Rock 'n' roll!

I have been getting a few headaches as well, but I'm too scared to take anything for them! Usually a lie down eases the pain.

I am taking Pregnacare as well... my HB was ok, but I am a bit off fruit + veg at the minute (I am having carb cravings as well!), so I figured it can;t hurt to top up my vitamin levels.

Whoever said they had been swimming and being very active.. I am so jealous! I had grand designs on doing tons of yoga and Pilates, and so far I have done 1 hour of each since becoming pregnant!. I AM on my feet all day at work mind, so I suppose that's better than nothing!

franch Sat 12-Mar-05 11:28:20

I'm with you all on the headaches, tiredness AND being off fruit & veg (very guilty about that one). At least the puking is MUCH less frequent now though and even on days when I vomit I can still pretty much get on with my day. Took DD to Gymboree yesterday and felt like I'd done a workout afterwards - I think I'll count that as my exercise for the week

YOKEFLEET Sun 13-Mar-05 18:44:50

I feel rotten today!! DH took me out for lunch which was lovely I decided to have a traditional roast dinner. Food was fantastic but am sorry if this is tmi but I had eaten about half of it and decided that I was full when I had to leave the table, walk (quickly!) to the toilets (that were at the opposite end of the pub and up 2 flights of stairs) and I brought it all back up. We came home and I've been asleep for the last few hours, we are all going to bloom soon aren't we????

franch Sun 13-Mar-05 18:52:05

Yes we are!!!

Sorry you had such a disappointing end to your date with your dh YF.

milward Sun 13-Mar-05 19:58:50

Have my big scan this tuesday to check the nuchal measurement as it was too big last time plus other aspects. My doc wants to have everything double checked by the ultrasound specialist. Not looking forward to this as went through V.stressful & difficult time last preg with antenatal tests & scans. Don't want to go - just want to walk away from it - but know I have to go. Just want to call tomorrow & cancel it. Really trying hard not to think about it. Have managed so far but today the thought of it just popped into my mind & I felt really worried.
Anyhow - Hope everyone else isn't stressed!! - hope feeling sick gets better for all of those suffering this. I just feel hungry most of the time - even wake up at night feeling peckish (but too tired to get up )

mummyhill Mon 14-Mar-05 08:47:01

I am still taking pregnacare, although i took it thriughout when pg with dd it did not contain folic acid then. Is it ok to still be taking folic acid or should we have stopped that at 12 weeks ish? Headaches are driving me insane. I seem to be the opposite to everyone else, i am off meat and stodgy stuff can't get enough fruit and veg though so will someone please explain why i keep geting constipated!!!!!!!!!!!Spent most of the weekend asleep think dh and dd had forgotten what i looked like by last night.

moschops Mon 14-Mar-05 08:47:34

milward> sorry to hear you are having a stressful time at the moment. hope everything works out just fine. i'll be thinking of you on tuesday.

has anyone else felt any movement from their little one yet. i did the other night in the bath and convinced myself i was imagining it........then the night after that when i was sat watching telly i felt the same thing again, and then last night i felt it again so i am now quite happy to believe it is indeed my baby. if i lie down flat and put my hand low down on my tummy i can definitely feel the bulge of my womb. dp loves to rest his hand on it at night

had a headache yesterday, but today i feel wonderful.........almost like my 'bloom' finally arrived. i do hope its here to stay!!

Yokefleet> we usually do a constant round of 'dinner at friends' and have had to turn down all invitations because i am just so off food at the moment. can't wait to get a proper appetite back and start eating again for ME instead of just for the baby!!

anyway i have plans for a big clean in my house we'll see how much i get done before i get distracted (damn you Mumsnet )

mummyhill Mon 14-Mar-05 08:53:26

I have been feeling movement too i think you recognise it earlier if you have had one before though. It is so reassuring though isn't it when they start doing cartwheels!!

YOKEFLEET Mon 14-Mar-05 11:54:32

Morning Ladies, well I am feeling better then yesterday but still soooo tired. This is my 1st pg does the tirdness continue all the way through or will that disappear when I start to get into the 2nd trimester? According to dr I should be 12w 2moro, but have 1st scan on Wednesday to confirm I am hoping that makes things seem more real!!! my cycles were anything from 30days to 42 days so I won't be suprised if they tell me I am only 10-11w pg.(oh I really hope that I aren't that far back)
Have a good day

mummyhill Mon 14-Mar-05 13:43:48

The sleepiness gets better in the seccond trimeter but comes back with a vengance in the third!!!

milward Mon 14-Mar-05 13:49:39

Thanks moschops . I got my blood test results today that were combined with the nuchal measurement. Bad news allround - risk of a prob is 1:20. So the scan tomorrow will be to check the nuchal measurement & to check for anything else. Based on tomorrow will have to make decision on amnio - have already said no to a cvs as had one last time & that time cvs said there was a problem when none existed (thank goodness but what a difficult time). Don't want to go to my scan but just have to be brave.

jofeb04 Mon 14-Mar-05 14:25:52

Hiya all
Havent been around recently, morning sickness been gettin me down a bit!!! Hopefully its going now though (touch wood). Im due on the 19th september, and having my booking appointment a week tomorrow! Cant wait

andif Mon 14-Mar-05 14:39:29

Milward - thinking of you and fingers crossed for tomorrow. Is the amnio more accurate than cvs, if you have to go down that route?
I think I'm over the flu now, and nausea going, but tiredness still there with a vengeance. Can't remember it being this bad last time. Have decided we will definitely find out the sex this time, as I'm convincing myself that it's a girl already and would really like time to get used to the idea if it isn't. Have already used up the few boys names we like on ds1, ds2 and the dog!! So will have to get thinking if it's another one!!
Off to Lanzarote for (hopefully) some sun on Thurs - can't wait!!

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