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GFJ drinkers anonymous

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nelix2000 Fri 24-Oct-08 10:53:37

hey all, hope you all find the thread! we can niggles and worries! grin

nelix2000 Fri 24-Oct-08 10:54:24

*post niggles and worries...grr bloody computerblush

Jools1 Fri 24-Oct-08 11:13:23

Hehe - love the title Nelix grin

9 weeks today !!!! May have to come clean to one of my bosses, as she is making plans for next year and I feel mean deceiving her - also feel like I can't wait because, if I tell her in 3 weeks, she will know that I knew now ...

Am actually feeling it is real today though Have a firmer, rounded feeling to my flabby tum.

nelix2000 Fri 24-Oct-08 12:23:14

hey hey!....I am 9+4 today...its really exciting now!....still treading water carefully tho as I knwo things can happen. Oh i am sure your boss will understand if you tell her in 3 weeks after the scan, it makes sense to wait no? I think most people do wait. My belly too is feeling firmer, under my fat of coursewink from DS tho lol....tho 20 months later thats becoming a tired excuse!!blush

SparkyMalarky Fri 24-Oct-08 18:21:30


Am 11 wks today and terrified that when I go for my scan there'll be nothing there Which I know is reasonably unlikely as I had a good scan at 8+4 which is supposed to indiicate something like a 97% chance of a successful pregnancy but am driving myself mad.....

Sometimes I feel like I have a firmer tummy under the flab...sometimes not and I can still get into most of my clothes (although wouldn't want to sit down in them for long!) sigh...

Still enough moaning about not much, how are you all feeling?

nelix2000 Sat 25-Oct-08 09:34:03

hey sparky welcome!!! yay we have a clubwink when is your scan?

Jools1 Sat 25-Oct-08 11:31:23

Morning all grin

Just back from the gym - legs bums tums and dance aerobics [polishes halo] Don't think I'll be able to do LBT for much longer - too much abdominal work, but it is great for toning flabby legs !

Scan in 2 weeks and 3 days - can't wait !

I didn't tell my boss in the end - she was suggesting we treat my new assignment as a trial till Christmas, which suits me - gives me plenty of time to tell

Still no sickness here - vaguely nauseous when hungry or tired, a bit dizzy sometimes but that is it - I feel like a fraud sometimes !

SparkyMalarky Sat 25-Oct-08 18:13:48

My scan's the 6th Nov...seems like an age away but really only 11 days Keep everything crossed and think very sticky thoughts for me! Isn't yours the same day? (I'll be 12+6!)

Jools i need a lie down just thinking about doing that much exercise±±

Jools1 Sat 25-Oct-08 19:02:50

Scan is Nov 11th - 2 weeks on Tuesday, not that I'm counting grin

Have been quite active this afternoon aswell - weekly shop, then cleaned bathroom and downstairs as I have a friend coming round tomorrow who is allergic to cats and I needed to de-hair the place !!

Also had fun clearing out the cat toy box - why oh why do they decide to play with everything you are trying to throw out !! Hours of fun - and good training for looking after a toddler I think !

nelix2000 Sun 26-Oct-08 09:39:07

yeah sparky mine is in the afternoon on the 6th!...excited/nervous about it.

Can I ask who has kids already? I have one ds 20 monthssmile

Jools1 Sun 26-Oct-08 21:08:47

First baby for me

Jools1 Mon 27-Oct-08 20:03:33

Looks like they've started a continuation thread in conception but omitted to copy over the BFP's - I guess that means they don't want us being around as reminders of what they are trying to achieve Tis a shame, I enjoyed feeling part of a small community

nelix2000 Tue 28-Oct-08 10:19:23

I enjoyed it too jools I liked them as a group. I guess more new people are adding to that thread to so the original group has become a new one with us here...i just hope heeby and so on graduate over here....due dates dont really matter to me at all.

Jools1 Tue 28-Oct-08 10:34:20

I have a good feeling about Heeby this month - some promising symptoms I'm sure it won't be long grin (Jools using power of positive thinking !)

I'm starting to obsess over my first scan - 2 weeks today and I'm still not convinced there is anything there - no sickness, tiredness could be imagined and is certainly not obvious. Even weeing - I start questioning whether I really am needing to go more often.

The one really odd symptom I have - my hair is growing super fast - everywhere !! I was really embarrassed to notice very hairy armpits at my physio appt this morning blush but I'd definitely attacked them on Saturday ... Legs are permanently stubbly and I'm having to trim my fringe once a week !

nelix2000 Wed 29-Oct-08 10:28:56

I too am worried about my scan, its one week tomorrow. I am the opposite tho, so sick, tired, constipated, up to pee all the time! but my fears lie in that i never had any of this with DS so its all very odd, either there are two in there or something is up! lol its weird that I cant just accept that everything is ok!...I want to, but I can't help but prepare for the worst!

Oh the hair thing! yeah mine grew SO fast last time, no different this time tho lol!...its a pain but its part of the pregnancy glow! wink

SparkyMalarky Thu 30-Oct-08 20:24:54

oh the constipation is horrendous.....Actually that and the tiredness, and getting up to wee at least once a night (love that 2:30 wake up!), and the feeling full and sick and hungry all at once, and not really fancying anything to eat, and then suddenly needing a packet of plain crisps IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

I love being PG!!! Actually i really do have told my work this week and my parents so actually starting to feel a bit excited! I just hope I haven't jinxed it!

Jools1 Thu 30-Oct-08 20:33:13

Muesli seems to be sorting the constipation for me at the moment Now that problem has sorted itself out, I'm no longer bloated and don't feel PG in the slightest

Had a chat to my mum last night who is incredulous that I'm so worried about an MMC - I guess when she was doing all this, there were no scans or fancy blood tests - they just got on with it - gawd that makes me sound old !!

Lovely DP has booked a short break for us to Cornwall - we go next Thursday and get back the evening before the scan, so hopefully it will take my mind off obsessing grin

I've optimistically booked the day after the scan as annual leave aswell, in the hope I'll feel confident enough to go shopping, at least for a bigger bra !

nelix2000 Fri 31-Oct-08 11:43:45

I think my problem with constipation is I am not keeping any new food in long enough to force the old food out! lol its awful! although I am down to just being sick maybe 3-4 times a day so def easing up!.....

Happy halloween ladies!smile Any plans?

We are taking ds to his first halloween party bless him....he is going as a monster has a pumpkin carving to match his outfitgrin I am dressing up in some scrubs with latex gloves and covered in fake points for originality!

I know what you mean sparky hungry/sick at once...its awful!!

Aw jools thats sounds lovely!!!!

Jools1 Tue 04-Nov-08 10:05:11

hmmm - tum has had a growth spurt shock - I feel like a beached whale !! Boobs definitely need some more scaffolding aswell !

I'm suffering from insomnia at the moment - 2 nights of only around 3 hours sleep and I feel like a walking zombie - it is making my nausea come back aswell ..

Just checked the GFJ conception thread and I think we may have another graduate joining us very soon grin grin grin

nelix2000 Wed 05-Nov-08 09:54:14

I know how exciting for Heeby!...although it does feel a bit like this thread is dying a death lol!....seems a bit like once you get a BFP you are slightly excluded!......still scan tomorrow so excited!!!!!

Jools1 Wed 05-Nov-08 10:42:36

Gaaaah - typed a reply, posted it and my connection went down !

Good luck with the scan Please do come back and tell all - the thread isn't dying - we're just waiting for Heeby and Wanabe and Funtime to join us grin

When the new TTC thread started, I worried I'd maybe been posting too much on there / said the wrong thing as they didn't copy over the BFP list. I then decided that is probably just paranoid pregnancy hormones !! I was disppointed my existence wasn't even acknowledged when I posted congrats, but oh well - TTC is all encompassing and perhaps we are now intruding.

It is lovely to come in here and speak to the odd person who was TTC at the same time and there for me during that 2WW though - may this thread never die grin

nelix2000 Wed 05-Nov-08 11:15:10

aaaw jools bloody internet huh!!!! lol.....yeah the more who graduate the better!....since the people of the original thread have sort of mixed in with newcomers...which is the way it goes I guess anyway!....yeah must say I thought I would get a lil response when I psoted congrats too but maybe heeby is going to stick around the thread to see who else gets a BFP I am sure more will get good results!...the baby dust on the original thread is still flying!!!!grin

I havent joined any other ante natal threads, I was waiting until tomorrow to just put my mind at ease...its daft I know!....are you on one?

Jools1 Wed 05-Nov-08 11:21:18

I'm embarrassed to admit I'm on more than one !!

I started off with the first time mums one, but felt a bit of an outsider at first because mine was the latest due date on there, so joined the "due in May" ladies. I then popped over to the June thread to congratulate someone on there I'd been on a TTC thread with and somehow got added to that list aswell blush - well my EDD is May 29th so I've got a foot in both camps !!

So, I post on all three and get different things out of all three really - on the June thread, I can actually give advice based on experience and most of the May people are further on than me so I can see what to expect !!

I guess I really should do some work at some point aswell though !

nelix2000 Wed 05-Nov-08 12:10:33

LOL....a finger in all pies!wink I thought about the may thread but like you I am due late may (28th) and its such a big thread I would feel like an intruder! I may start a new thread after tomorrow for late may/early june mums lol!!

Jools1 Wed 05-Nov-08 12:13:19

What - another thread for me to join !!!!!

See what your scan tells you - it may be a June baby after all

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