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Due Fab Feb 2009 - here comes the easy peasy (?!) wee-wee sneezy third trimester (if you please, no baby arrivals on this thread)

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dinkystinky Fri 24-Oct-08 09:02:53

Here's our sparkling new thread and the latest list - have stuck Munteria at the end (Munteria, just put in your details)

TinkerbellesMum DC3 (3rd baby. Lily-Hope born 20 weeks 28-29/9/05, Tink born 31 weeks 17/7/06, age 27, Birmingham) Official due date 01/02/09 but expected from early December
florrieandme DC2 26/01/2009
laidback DC4 27/01/2009 (age 34, North Devon)
nkweto DC2 30/01/2009 (age 34, West London)
oooggs DC4 30/01/2009 (age 34, Cornwall)
MamaGoose DC3 30/01/2009 (age 32, Spain)
MissMitford 31/01/2009
Plethora 31/01/2009 (age 37, East London but moving soon)
Ethelredtheunready (age 40, 2nd Baby, Tilly born 19/2/06, DC2 01/02/2009- Currently Chichester, soon to be Epping)
AngelDoll DC1 01/02/2009 (age 31, Sheffield)
Supersteph DC2 01/02/2009 (age 24, Torbay)
jenandbean DC2 02/02/2009
ruthmollymummy 02/02/2009
plantsitter 02/02/2009
idontbelieveit DC2 02/02/2009 (age 31, Leeds)
Tummytrouble 03/02/2009
Questionkid DC1 3/2/09 (age 33, living in Wallington, Surrey)
jamescagney 03/02/2009 (aged 33,Clare, Rep of Ireland)
Pregnantpopcornprincess DC3 04/02/2009 (pregnant with twins)(age 31, West Sussex)
MsLucy Boy 04/02/2009 (age 38, North London)
PinkTulips DC3 04/02/2009 (age 24, Roscommon, Ireland)
Davidsmom DC2 04/02/2009 (age 39, Cheshire)
MissDelighted DC1 05/02/2009
m2alyssa DC2 05/02/2009 (age 30, Isle of Man)
Jelliebelly DC2 06/02/2009 (age 37)
Swampster (HasAWarmFuzzy) 06/02/09 (age 40, south London)
Gettingbigger 06/02/08
Guitargirl DC2 07/02/2009
Aila DC2 07/02/2009
Littlemissnorty DC2 08/02/09 (age 39, Kent)
Biscuitytrousers 08/02/2009 (age 31, Thames Ditton)
MarkStretch DC2 07/02/2009 (age 29, Norfolk)
KT1983 09/02/2009
Tinasan DC2 09/02/2009
Herbgarden 09-11/02/09 (age 38 Berkshire)
Ewemoo 07/02/2009
Singingintherain DC3 10/02/2009
KazzaL DC2 10/02/2009 approx (age 34, Ciren, Gloucs)
littleboyblue DC2 due early-mid Feb (age 27, Surrey)
Jenniferturkington DC2 11/02/2009
thehouseofmirth DC2 11/02/09 (age 38, Wimbledon)
Clarabumps DC2 12/02/2009 (age 27, Glasgow)
BumpVLump 12/02/09 (age 29, Surrey)
Louisebunny 13-15/02/09
Mapleleaf 13/02/2009 (age 38, Cambridge)
Nadssss 13/2/9 (age 29, living w. london)
Jelliebaby DC2 14/02/2009 (AGE 29, Cheshire)
Loopylula DC2 14/02/2009 (age 28, Sussex)
Dinkymum DC2 14/02/2009 (age 28, Notts)
Francesrivis 15/02/2009 (age 38, Devon)
onwardandupward DC2 second week of Feb (age 35, south west)
Americas 16/02/2009 (age 32, London)
MrsThreads DC1 16/02/2009 (age 36, Cheshire)
shubiedoo DC3 17/02/2009 (age 37, Canada)
Pluto DC2 18/02/09 (age 38, Kent)
CassandraB DC1 18/02/09 (age 35, Hampshire)
Catstar DC2 18/02/09 (age 35, Surrey)
Ugg first baby due 18/02/09 (32, Cheshire)
Fruitstick DC2 19/02/2009 (age 32, London)
Imaginewittynamehere DC2 19/02/2009 (age 32, Cambs)
McDreamy DC3 19/02/2009 (age 37, Cyprus but will give birth in Bucks)
Dinkystinky DS2 19/2/09 (age 31, London)
DizzyBrummie DC2 17/02/2009 (age 36, Berks)
Rachrox DC3 20/02/2009 (age 28, Glos also!)
Calico1 DC2 21/02/2009 (age 40, West Herts)
Mentalpup DC2 21/02/09 (age 30, Glos)
Rosieposey DC4 21/02/09 (age 36, Wilts)
mrsy first baby due 22/02/09 (24, Maidstone, Kent)
scubagroover 22/02/09 (31, London)
Winemakesmummyclever 23/0/09 (age 34, Lancs)
Neeerly3 DC3 23/02/09 (age 32, Mansfield)
Mirry71 DC1 23/02/09 (london)
LardyBump 24/02/09
Spottyshoes DC2 24/02/09 (aged 28)
Chilledmama DC2 25/02/2009 (age 31, Hampshire
dd1ofcolandgerry DC2 25/02/2009
Cocodrillo DC3 26/02/2009 (age 34, south london)
MrsBick DC2 26/02/2009 (Age 25, living in Surrey)
charlie7 DC2 28/02/2009 (Age 33, living in the Inner Hebrides)
Babyignoramus DC1 27/02/2009 (age 27, Brighton)
Mumoverseas DC4 28/2/2009 (age 40, Saudi Arabia/West Sussex)
Nellstar TBC
zikel DC2 TBC (23, Coventry)
theSuburbanDryad DC2 (age 26, living in South Bucks)
Munteria DC2 (38,London)

winemakesmummyclever Fri 24-Oct-08 09:09:46

Just bookmarking this one then. Fab title grin

KazzaL Fri 24-Oct-08 09:41:31

I'm hoping the mayan thing works as it was right for DS (only just as long as you take conception date rather than date of LMP as my birthday was in the middle) and that would mean this one is a girl.

Loving the new title - I also suffer from wee-wee sneezy - Have to stop and cross my legs if know I am going to sneeze blush

Who was it who jinxed things and said that hopefully mumoverseas would be the last car accident. Had my first ever my fault hitting another car and causing damage yesterday afternoon - nothing remotely on the same scale as mumoverseas, just misjudged pulling into a carparking space and scraped the car next to me. Only thing I could do was leave a note, so I;m awaiting a call now. Just absolutely annoyed at myself even though I know it was because I am so tired as DS still isn't sleeping very well.

Thanks for all the book recs and ideas for helping DS to understand he's soon going to be a big brother - ordered lots of books from amazon yesterday and will try to get him a buggy and doll (if DH agrees as he has very strong views on things like this) at the weekend.

Paed wasn't overly helpful on wed I dind't think, but DH seemed ok with the appt. wouldn't do the coeliac test cos DS had had the tummy bug for 10 days only a couple of weeks ago, but agreed to do it in 2 weeks - DS now on a weetabix diet... said soya milk was a good idea and agreed we should keep him on the stomach acid tabs for his reflux for now too. We've also got to video his morning cough & wheeze to try and get him diagnosed with childhood asthma.

Going to a primary school reunion tonight which I am looking forward to, but not looking forward to the 2hr drive down to sussex first as I am so tired...... will be purchsing lots of haribo & OJ at lunchtime

mrsy Fri 24-Oct-08 10:02:18

KazzaL - can you try him with Oatibix, just in case he is coeliac?

Love this title! Can't believe we're now pretty much 3rd trimesterers! grin

MarkStretch Fri 24-Oct-08 10:05:59

Just been to dd's harvest festival assembly. It may have been my hormones but I got a little tearful.

KazzaL Fri 24-Oct-08 10:22:58

mrsy would love to be able to cut gluten out of his diet as I am convinced most of his problems are caused by this, but we can't till he's been properly diagnosed otherwise he'll get negative test results and then won't be entitled to food on prescription. So because he's eating so little at the moment as he doesn't seem to have got his appetite back since the tummy bug and he's now full of cold too, it's weetabix and toast all the way.....

I remember the first time I gave him weetabix for breakfast and a little voice popped into my head saying "you're poisoning your child" but I knew he had to have it to be able to find out.

mumoverseas Fri 24-Oct-08 10:33:55

kazza, sorry, it was me that jinxed you! I said I hoped I was the last as these things usually happen in threes! Glad you are ok though. I'm a bit sore this morning but thankfully I have DH home today as its our Sunday so with a bit of luck I'll be pampered. Insha'allah! (god willing as they say here all the time!)

MarkStretch Fri 24-Oct-08 10:41:17

May I make a suggestion?

I don't know about anyone else but I have a xmas do, a wedding to go to and christmas lunch out this year.

Can we agree that when any of us are out shopping and see any nice maternity dresses we can post a link? Share some tips? Maybe on the facebook page?

I will probably only buy one dress to get me through the season but am already starting to panic! I don't want to look like a fat christmas pudding?!

dinkystinky Fri 24-Oct-08 10:45:05

Markstretch - go black and simple and then you can jazz it up with accessories for the various different do's you're going to. Blooming Marvellous and Jojomamanbebe are good internet bets (with MN discount of course) and for more expensive you've got Isabella Oliver (with MN discount) and Seraphine for pretty dresses.

MarkStretch Fri 24-Oct-08 10:53:00

Thanks Dinky. I already have loads of black clothes so I might try something a bit different but I will check out those websites.

oooggs Fri 24-Oct-08 10:56:48


hope everyone is well - I have had an asthma attack and feel like hell, on steriods etc

Builder came to see us last night and our conversion is starting on 3 Nov with a finish date of 30 Jan hmm that date rings a bell

good to see you back TBM

love the title

26 weeks today [hurray]

dinkystinky Fri 24-Oct-08 11:17:18

Oh no Ooggs, hope you're recuperating well from your asthma attack - sounds horrible. Congrats on officially starting the third trimester too.

Hmm, sounds like you might be cutting it fine with your conversion...

mrsy Fri 24-Oct-08 11:38:22

I had such a hideous time shopping last night, MS - so I second that idea. Any ideas for an outfit suitable for a 30th birthday in a pub - prob quite casual...

mumoverseas Fri 24-Oct-08 11:59:12

at least in Saudi I don't really have that 'what do I wear' problem! Its the little/big! black number as usual! Think I will need to get a bigger abaya (black tent we have to wear in public) though as when we had our accident a few days ago I was very mindful of the fact that whilst I was trying to hold my wriggling 2 year old at the side of the motorway my poppers were popping and I was exposing my rather large belly at passers by! A hanging offence here!
hope you feel better soon ooggs. Handy hint for when builders in, hide the tea and coffee to avoid too many tea breaks!
I'd wear jeans and a nice top to the 30th mrsy.
That reminds me, I'm back to the UK in 3 weeks (hurrah!) and haven't got any winter clothes that will fit! Can feel a Bluewater shop coming on!

thehouseofmirth Fri 24-Oct-08 12:32:05

Oogs sorry you're feeling so rubbish. There should be a law against being ill when you're pregnant (or a mummy)

MS I'd second Blooming Marvellous and jjmb and also Picchu. There is also a seller on Ebay who is doing some nice Picchu dresses. They are old stock but all brand new and some of them are really cheap. I've got a gorgeous dress I had when pg with DS1 I'd love to wear again but I have nowhere to go

herbgarden Fri 24-Oct-08 13:23:51

I'd love to have a reason to shop for a nice so not in the mood for socialising. Look like rubbish - I need an afternoon nap !.....Hello to everyone else this pm and love the new thread title.

I did just about manage to join facebook and sent an invite request - haven't managed to do much more than than though (ie add any photos or profile) - so will do later. Presumably someone has to accept invitation - I think I found the right link - started by Tink?

Byee for now back to watching Finley the Fire Engine !

thehouseofmirth Fri 24-Oct-08 13:37:12

herbgarden I hope you have a child with you. When I got back from taking DS to nursery yesterday afternoon I slumped on the sofa and it was only after about 15 minutes that I realised I'd turned on the TV but failed to change the channel and was watching Cbeebies by myself...

swampster Fri 24-Oct-08 13:44:20

Herb, we're on the FB group started by mrsy - Mumsnet Mums Due Feb 2009 - Tink didn't realise there already was one and started a new one. It is hidden now and you'd need to be sent an invitation.

If you change your mumsnet email settings to accept CAT messages, I could CAT you so you could email me back and then I could add you as a friend n FB. Once you accept I can send you and invitation.

Convoluted or what?

Anyone else on this list who hasn't already joined the FB group and wants to, wave your hands in the air!

swampster Fri 24-Oct-08 13:45:39

THOM, I've found myself watching Cbeebies all by myself on my own on numerous occasions blush.

Cocodrillo Fri 24-Oct-08 13:56:54

I have bought this dress, and I think it's fab


dinkystinky Fri 24-Oct-08 14:28:09

It looks lovely Cocodrillo. Really pretty colour.

MarkStretch Fri 24-Oct-08 14:33:53

Oooh that's very pretty. Are you wearing it with heels?


thehouseofmirth Fri 24-Oct-08 14:45:05

Those of you who already have maternity coats, do you in fact look like an elephant in them? I only ask as I'm normally a small size 8, have a ridiculously tiny bump but still managed to look utterly huge in the coat I tried on in New Look at the weekend. Just wondering if it was the style (yoke at the top with pleats) or if the combination of coat I and big round belly just looks silly regardless of style?

Cocodrillo Fri 24-Oct-08 14:56:12

not wearing with heels, as would fall over, sadly.

Today am wearing it with shiny black boots, but I think it prob looks better with ballet shoe-type styles. Is too soggy for them though today.

swampster Fri 24-Oct-08 15:01:09

Nice dress, Coco. Nice hat, MS.

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