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Due October 08 - The transitional thread.

(599 Posts)
CantSleepWontSleep Mon 13-Oct-08 07:46:48

14th Sept (Due 14th Oct) - twinklytoes - Boy - Samuel - 7lbs 4.5oz - Em C-Sec due to grade 4 PP.
16th Sept (Due 8th Oct) - Ksal - Girl - Emma Rae - 6lbs - Just beat induction for PE!
20th Sept (Due 8th Oct) - kookiegoddess - Girl - Reya Marie - - Induction due to OC, epidural, 3rd degree tear.
21st Sept (Due 5th Oct) - myjobismum - Girl - Naomi Caitlin - 5lbs 10oz - Fast and furious hospital birth.
22nd Sept (Due 10th Oct) - Lozza70 - Boy - Sander Gene - 7lbs 5oz - Em C-Sec due to raised BP and high ALTs from liver.
27th Sept (Due 1st Oct) - accessorizequeen - Boy twin - Felix - 6lbs 8oz -
27th Sept (Due 1st Oct) - accessorizequeen - Girl twin - Bridget - 7lbs 7oz -
1st Oct (Due 29th Sept) - WombFor1More - Boy - Harvey James - 8lbs 13oz - Homebirth, no pain relief.
2nd Oct (Due 4th Oct) - annwoo - Boy - TBA - 8lbs 7oz - Amazing birth!
2nd Oct (Due 30th Sept) - sambrads - Girl - Brooke - 7lbs 9.5oz -
2nd Oct (Due 12th Oct) - star6 - Boy - Quinlan - 5lbs 15oz - 36hr labour, ventouse and stitches.
2nd Oct (Due 8th Oct) - Alexa808 - Girl - Tienette - - Planned c-sec
3rd Oct (Due 5th Oct) - rosebury - Boy - Austin - 9lbs 2oz - Delivered at home by dh!
3rd Oct (Due 6th Oct) - Bethoo - Girl - Maia - 7lbs -
3rd Oct (Due 6th Oct) - hoff - Boy - Oliver - -
3rd Oct (Due 19th Oct) - MrsTittleMouse - Girl - - -
4th Oct (Due 2nd Oct) - 1sttimer80 - Boy - - -
4th Oct (Due 30th Sept) - Aubergenie - Boy - Stanley - 7lbs 12oz -
5th Oct (Due 29th Sept) - plusonemore - Boy - Alfie Thomas - 8lbs - Induction, epidural
5th Oct (Due 2nd Oct) - MrsBish - Girl - Rachel - 8lbs 8oz -
5th Oct (Due 4th Oct) - hedgepig - Boy - Oliver - 6lbs 3oz -
7th Oct (Due 23rd Oct) - Emmsy1 - Girl - Amy Louise - 5lbs 12oz -
7th Oct (Due 2nd Oct) - snowymum - Boy - Rowan Michael - - Home water birth
8th Oct (Due 6th Oct) - ronshar - Boy - William Dexter - 7lbs 11oz -
8th Oct (Due 20th Oct) - 07mumstheword - Girl - Freya Mae - 7lbs 12oz -
8th Oct (Due 16th Oct) - moodywren - Boy - Hayden - 6lbs 9.5oz - Homebirth
9th Oct (Due 27th Sept) - Pidge - Boy - Arthur - 8lbs 14oz - Homebirth
10th Oct (Due 1st Oct) - CantSleepWontSleep - Boy - Duncan Elliot - 8lbs 4oz - 4 day induction with 1 hour established labour!
11th Oct (Due 3rd Oct) - usuallytooshytochat - Girl - Megan Leah - 8lbs 2oz - Homebirth with ambulance crew!
12th Oct (Due 4th Oct) - pistachio - Boy - Thomas Fraser - 10lbs 2oz - Homebirth.

29th Sept perkypopsy first baby smile Surprise North Herts (Ware)
2nd mishkamoo first baby smile Surprise
4th minervaitalica first baby smile Surprise (unintentionally!)
7th belgo 2 dd's
10th emkay 1 dd Surprise West London (Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea)
10th pepperrabbit 2 ds's Surprise
11th heather1980 1 dd
12th milfakamonkeymonkeymoomoo 1 dd Boy Salisbury
13th YumMum22 1 ds Boy
14th tedmundo 1 ds Surprise Bristol (Southmead)
15th mum2jakeyroo 2 ds's Surprise Near Lancaster
16th bigmouthstrikesagain 1 ds 1 dd Girl Mid-Beds
16th WheresTheAuPair 1 ds Boy
19th rach010 1 ds Surprise (but dp knows!) Lincolnshire
20th AandMsmum 2 dd's Surprise Bristol
20th KnickersOnMaHead 1 dd Boy
20th jenwa 1 dd Girl Worcestershire
20th firsttimer08 first baby smile Boy Greenwich
21st hansnava 1 dd Surprise Luton c-section 21st October
21st rowanmac 1 ds Surprise North Scotland
21st caramelbunny 1 dd Surprise Manchester
21st GirlWithTheMouseyHair first baby smile Surprise (but written down in case of moment of weakness!) SW London (St Thomas)
22nd SmudgeyDoodle 1 ds Surprise Newcastle (Gateshead)
22nd pingviner Probably boy Glasgow
23rd Sallypuss first baby smile Probably girl Herts/Essex border
23rd ajm200 1 ds Girl Camberley, Surrey
24th sparklesandnowineforxxweeks 3 ds's 1 dd Surprise
25th Flum 2 dd's 5th June Wiltshire
26th 4andnotout 3 dd's Girl
27th beaufies first baby smile Boy c-section 17th Oct
29th Ekka 1 dd Surprise
29th Honeymoonmummy Girl
30th Jambers99 1 ds Girl NW London (Hillingdon)

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 13:24:24

I do! These are just braxton hicks.. lots of people get them... they'll go off soon smile

sparklesandnowinefor11days Mon 13-Oct-08 13:28:14

i had loads of BH last night, its exhausting isn't it...couldn't sleep then had to get up for school run

now holding my eyes open with matchsticks grin

emkay Mon 13-Oct-08 14:17:43

Just waiting for the midwife to arrive to do a sweep... don't quite know what to do with myself.

BH just incessant so I'm hoping that means I'm getting into training!

Glad to hear that you're having a better time with the BF star - well done! smile I'm sure all your kids were so excited for you at school - they'll be hanging out to meet the baby.

jenwa Mon 13-Oct-08 14:46:12

ajm yes, def dont go walking too far! I am shattered now after town but did achieve afew things so pleased.

rowan Will look at the amazon site, DD loves disney grin Your appt went well then. Thats good news.

sparklesandnowinefor11days Mon 13-Oct-08 14:55:25

i have soooooo much pressure 'down there' and BH's that i'm not sure how i'm going to make the walk to school

emkay Mon 13-Oct-08 15:37:46

Well, I've had my sweep now and apparently I'm 3cm dilated hmm. MW said I'd not gone into labour because my cervix was somehow wedged over to the right side of my pelvis and therefore not in proper contact with the baby's head. Apparently all sorted now so we'll see what happens!

How are you doing pepper?

pepperrabbit Mon 13-Oct-08 15:51:57

That was good timing emkay. Our computer died on Sat am so DH spent weekend rebuilding it (the solution turned out to be hoovering the dust out of the fan hmm) so technical! so been offline for 48 hours!!! was terrible, and now there's a new thread and everything!
No action here - looks like you'll beat me to it.
Congrats anyone who had a baby over the weekend! envy
Anyone else got to the stage they're relying almost exclusively on CBeebies for childcare blush?

nuclear Mon 13-Oct-08 15:52:46

I wasn't anyone very interesting or prominent but I felt my name gave a little too much personal info away and after what has been happening with trolls recently I thought it best to change to something very obscure!

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 16:09:20

Looking at the contraction timings on Mum2JR's thread, there will be another October baby soon..

Good luck Mum2JR Sending some good labour vibes your way grin

myjobismum Mon 13-Oct-08 16:39:48

congrats to ladies who got their homebirths (all be-it suprises!!) lovely names - enjoy your babies!

all is well here, going to venture over to the postnatal thread now - hope to see everyone there soon!

rosebury Mon 13-Oct-08 17:36:51

Congratulations ladies pistachio tooshy and csws sory if I have missed anyone but the deliveries are coming thick and fast now and it sounds as though there are more on the way I really feel for you all as those last few days are very hard I know that i could hardly move come the end.

Where do I put my birth story there is not a lot to tell as it was all so fast less than 30 mins from start to finish any suggestions welcome.

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 17:49:16

Rosebury - 30 mins from start to finish shock Wow.

You can put it here and link it back to this thread

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 17:54:18

Pregnancy brain has just struck again. Put a chocolate cake in the oven, closed the kitchen door and forgot about it. Thought I could smell something burning a minute ago, the cake is rock hard black biscuit... it's been in the oven about an hour blush

rowanmac Mon 13-Oct-08 18:25:32

pepperrabbit Yup thats me except he's a fussy little monster hence umpteen re runs of Toy Story.
No sign of any definite action here but I certainly know someone went for a rummage this morning! In-laws are to drive over when I head in so have checked over the house for any signs of housekeeping slovenliness before MIL stays over. Have filled tea caddy and put biscuits handy so thats FIL sorted!

emkay I'll race you! First one into labour gets a!

Honeymoonmummy Mon 13-Oct-08 18:39:00

Hi all! Congrats to all the new mums! I have what I think is a bum sticking out of the top RH side of my bump! Its kinda uncomfortable... I'm just hoping to God it's not the head! shock

I have packed just newborn stuff in my hospital bag but when we last went for a scan (fortnight ago) she was at the top of the percentile for leg length - her abdominal circumference was normal. Is newborn stuff likely to fit my little beanpole??? hmm

SmudgeyDoodle Mon 13-Oct-08 20:30:25

Evening ladies. Congrats to Tooshy and pistachio. I'm not reading any birth stories til I'm done but they sound quite exciting! We've had a nightmare today - car is broken. We only have one and potentially the engine is seized and beyond economic repair. I wouldn't mind so much but I went to the garage this morning saying it's just started making an awful noise and he said well there's no oil in there, put some in and said it should be fine. I drove off and it was still making strange noise so phoned hubby. He phoned garage and they said it might take all day to wear off. A couple of hours later, the whole thing seized and I had to call the AA. Wasn't planning on buying a new car just at this time. Anyone know whether you just call an ambulance to take you to hospital if you have no car? It's not our local hospital though hmm

heather1980 Mon 13-Oct-08 20:48:25

hello ladies, still here, 2 days over and still no sign. went for a sweep and mw said i was 1cm dilated but that i shouldn't get too excited as it was my 2nd baby and is quite common to dilate. booked in for a 2nd sweep next week and then will get appointment for induction. i hope it doesn't come to that as i wont get my home birth.
on a separate note i am refusing to answer the phone, the thing never stops, i have also turned off the answer machine coz i am sick of have you had that baby? messages. i may end up throwing the thing out of the window.

4andnotout Mon 13-Oct-08 21:13:54

Hi everyone, I still have 13 days till EDD, been getting a lot of pressure where she is pushing down into my pelvis so im hoping she may have started to get engaged as she was completely free when i last saw the mw. Will see MW on wednesday and then not again unless i go overdue or until she does the housecall after lo arrives. DD3 has started to walk from one side of the room to the other which is a bit easier as she isn't as low for me to pick up!

usuallytooshytochat Mon 13-Oct-08 23:00:13

So lovely to be home from hospital. We've really enjoyed a day with no visitors, just dh, ds, new dd and me. But just now getting a bit worried, as dd sleeps so much and hasn't had a wet nappy today. She did have several last night, but nothing since 3.30am. Unless pampers are just absorbing it too well? Is it normal to sleep all day? She has only woken up when I've fed her, which has been about every 2-3hours, and when we gave her a bath. But no crying at all. Should I be worried?

usuallytooshytochat Mon 13-Oct-08 23:24:46

The birth was really exciting though! Had contractions (I thought fairly mild, but obviously weren't grin ) every 10 mins between 2.30-3.30am. They started getting closer together, so woke up dh and called hospital who said come when you think you're ready! Called mum to collect us at 4.18 (dh non-driver), 2 mins later, I hit transition and dh called ambulance at 4.25. dh stayed pretty calm, apart from one sharp intake of breath when I asked him to take my knickers off for me shock wink Ambulance crew arrived a few minutes later and at 4.56, Megan was born. smile

Honeymoonmummy Tue 14-Oct-08 00:20:36

Holy shit Usually! That's brilliant! Is it your first?

pistachio Tue 14-Oct-08 00:49:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pepperrabbit Tue 14-Oct-08 04:54:24

I've given up on "sleeping", can't get comfy and just sat in bed snivelling and feeling sorry for myself since about 3am. So I'm up now, made some jelly, (as you do!)
DH said to wake him up if I have the baby...
Clearly I'm going to be an emotional wreck today so he's probably going to have to work from home anyway now, or he'll get home tonight and the boys will be begging NOT to watch anymore CBeebies.
Am I up earlier than ajm?

mybabysinthegarden Tue 14-Oct-08 05:33:20

Hi all, another one who got culled here--congratulations to all the new arrivals! I'm due the 27th but thought things were kicking off over the weekend when I had violent D&V followed by an afternoon of sore BHs. Then... nothing. This morning I'm in the same boat as pepperrabbit--knackered but really sore hips ensuring sleep's off the menu for now.

nuclear Tue 14-Oct-08 06:15:52

Hello - another early riser here - I too am finding t hard to stay in bed whatt with constant butterflies about the impending 'event' and aches and pains.

Well done usually - you have made it sound so easy !!!! DS slept loads for the first 24-36 hours as long as feeding is still regular you shoudl be ok. But call the ward if you are worried they are always happy to help.

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