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Due October 08 - The transitional thread.

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CantSleepWontSleep Mon 13-Oct-08 07:46:48

14th Sept (Due 14th Oct) - twinklytoes - Boy - Samuel - 7lbs 4.5oz - Em C-Sec due to grade 4 PP.
16th Sept (Due 8th Oct) - Ksal - Girl - Emma Rae - 6lbs - Just beat induction for PE!
20th Sept (Due 8th Oct) - kookiegoddess - Girl - Reya Marie - - Induction due to OC, epidural, 3rd degree tear.
21st Sept (Due 5th Oct) - myjobismum - Girl - Naomi Caitlin - 5lbs 10oz - Fast and furious hospital birth.
22nd Sept (Due 10th Oct) - Lozza70 - Boy - Sander Gene - 7lbs 5oz - Em C-Sec due to raised BP and high ALTs from liver.
27th Sept (Due 1st Oct) - accessorizequeen - Boy twin - Felix - 6lbs 8oz -
27th Sept (Due 1st Oct) - accessorizequeen - Girl twin - Bridget - 7lbs 7oz -
1st Oct (Due 29th Sept) - WombFor1More - Boy - Harvey James - 8lbs 13oz - Homebirth, no pain relief.
2nd Oct (Due 4th Oct) - annwoo - Boy - TBA - 8lbs 7oz - Amazing birth!
2nd Oct (Due 30th Sept) - sambrads - Girl - Brooke - 7lbs 9.5oz -
2nd Oct (Due 12th Oct) - star6 - Boy - Quinlan - 5lbs 15oz - 36hr labour, ventouse and stitches.
2nd Oct (Due 8th Oct) - Alexa808 - Girl - Tienette - - Planned c-sec
3rd Oct (Due 5th Oct) - rosebury - Boy - Austin - 9lbs 2oz - Delivered at home by dh!
3rd Oct (Due 6th Oct) - Bethoo - Girl - Maia - 7lbs -
3rd Oct (Due 6th Oct) - hoff - Boy - Oliver - -
3rd Oct (Due 19th Oct) - MrsTittleMouse - Girl - - -
4th Oct (Due 2nd Oct) - 1sttimer80 - Boy - - -
4th Oct (Due 30th Sept) - Aubergenie - Boy - Stanley - 7lbs 12oz -
5th Oct (Due 29th Sept) - plusonemore - Boy - Alfie Thomas - 8lbs - Induction, epidural
5th Oct (Due 2nd Oct) - MrsBish - Girl - Rachel - 8lbs 8oz -
5th Oct (Due 4th Oct) - hedgepig - Boy - Oliver - 6lbs 3oz -
7th Oct (Due 23rd Oct) - Emmsy1 - Girl - Amy Louise - 5lbs 12oz -
7th Oct (Due 2nd Oct) - snowymum - Boy - Rowan Michael - - Home water birth
8th Oct (Due 6th Oct) - ronshar - Boy - William Dexter - 7lbs 11oz -
8th Oct (Due 20th Oct) - 07mumstheword - Girl - Freya Mae - 7lbs 12oz -
8th Oct (Due 16th Oct) - moodywren - Boy - Hayden - 6lbs 9.5oz - Homebirth
9th Oct (Due 27th Sept) - Pidge - Boy - Arthur - 8lbs 14oz - Homebirth
10th Oct (Due 1st Oct) - CantSleepWontSleep - Boy - Duncan Elliot - 8lbs 4oz - 4 day induction with 1 hour established labour!
11th Oct (Due 3rd Oct) - usuallytooshytochat - Girl - Megan Leah - 8lbs 2oz - Homebirth with ambulance crew!
12th Oct (Due 4th Oct) - pistachio - Boy - Thomas Fraser - 10lbs 2oz - Homebirth.

29th Sept perkypopsy first baby smile Surprise North Herts (Ware)
2nd mishkamoo first baby smile Surprise
4th minervaitalica first baby smile Surprise (unintentionally!)
7th belgo 2 dd's
10th emkay 1 dd Surprise West London (Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea)
10th pepperrabbit 2 ds's Surprise
11th heather1980 1 dd
12th milfakamonkeymonkeymoomoo 1 dd Boy Salisbury
13th YumMum22 1 ds Boy
14th tedmundo 1 ds Surprise Bristol (Southmead)
15th mum2jakeyroo 2 ds's Surprise Near Lancaster
16th bigmouthstrikesagain 1 ds 1 dd Girl Mid-Beds
16th WheresTheAuPair 1 ds Boy
19th rach010 1 ds Surprise (but dp knows!) Lincolnshire
20th AandMsmum 2 dd's Surprise Bristol
20th KnickersOnMaHead 1 dd Boy
20th jenwa 1 dd Girl Worcestershire
20th firsttimer08 first baby smile Boy Greenwich
21st hansnava 1 dd Surprise Luton c-section 21st October
21st rowanmac 1 ds Surprise North Scotland
21st caramelbunny 1 dd Surprise Manchester
21st GirlWithTheMouseyHair first baby smile Surprise (but written down in case of moment of weakness!) SW London (St Thomas)
22nd SmudgeyDoodle 1 ds Surprise Newcastle (Gateshead)
22nd pingviner Probably boy Glasgow
23rd Sallypuss first baby smile Probably girl Herts/Essex border
23rd ajm200 1 ds Girl Camberley, Surrey
24th sparklesandnowineforxxweeks 3 ds's 1 dd Surprise
25th Flum 2 dd's 5th June Wiltshire
26th 4andnotout 3 dd's Girl
27th beaufies first baby smile Boy c-section 17th Oct
29th Ekka 1 dd Surprise
29th Honeymoonmummy Girl
30th Jambers99 1 ds Girl NW London (Hillingdon)

mum2jakeyroo Mon 13-Oct-08 07:51:17

Contractions every 9 mins, childcare is about 90 mins away. Do I ring or am I over reacting. By the way congrats csws and everyone else

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 08:04:22

Mum2JR if your childcare is family there's no harm in giving them a heads up that things might be starting again. They may offer to come straight over. Stay away from the bath this time smile. I hope it is the real thing and you are holding your little one soon.. good luck!

Congratulations to Pistachio and Tooshy So glad you both got your homebirths. Ouch to 10lb 2oz though! Tooshy, we need to know more about this unexpected homebirth, it sounds exciting, you can't get away with just saying 'ambulance crew in attendance'.

Nice of Star to be wishing labour vibes on me as I do want this little on out but she seems far to comfortable now. The whole of DHs family decended on us yesterday uninvited and expected us to entertain and cater for them. Really felt like cooking for 10 with just over a week til my due date NOT!

Been getting really strong period type cramps on and off all weekend but I think its just baby dropping down some more.. beginning to suspect that she'll go overdue now.

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 13-Oct-08 08:27:03

That's a long way for childcare m2jr. If a bath kills off the contractions then supposedly it's not proper labour, but if it is then the bath will ease the pain, so I'd be inclined to get in one and if the pains continue then call childcare.

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 13-Oct-08 08:33:46

Apols to loulou and antiageing - didn't copy the top two rows of my spreadsheet, so I've missed you off the list below blush.

Have started a post-natal thread as well ladies, so that we can talk about post-birth issues over there. Come and chat sibling jealousy over there with me twinkly.

nuclear Mon 13-Oct-08 08:54:02


I am a regluar but I have name changed. not been on this board for AGES but thought I needed an extra help to push me through the last little bit !!!

Due 23/10/08

already have a DS 2.4 and struggling a bit !!!

Been lurking around this thread for a bit nice to see lots of births.

*positive vibes MUM2JR*

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 09:07:55

Hi Nuclear, Welcome the group. We share the same due date so I wonder which baby will arrive first.

nuclear Mon 13-Oct-08 09:09:55

thanks ajm

race on !!!! grin

jenwa Mon 13-Oct-08 09:21:40

tooshy and pistachio congrats on your new babies. Glad all ok.

smudgy Yeh was my DH but after a sterm talk and me telling him I would rather be single he has been a great help grin. He is realising how much pain i am getting in, can hardly bend and when I do I cant get back up. baby appears to be trapping nerves as getting ligament pain in groin shooting down legs! Oh well, off to town today, it will either kill me or baby will appear!!! Have already done a load of washing, stripped bedding and hoovered up and now back hurts sad have the urge to clean the cupboard in the cellar and the shed outside shock!!! Something DH Should do hmm

Welcome nuclear hope you feeling ok. It is hard when you already have one to look after. Think scarier once this one out shock

mum2jakeyroo Hope you feeling ok and baby on its way for you.

AQ Sorry, yes I did find your bitrh story (hope you dont mind) wink Told CSWS and she updated list. Glad all well and you are getting a routine.

I am hoping baby does not come tomorrow as MIL and nepheews b'day so needs to stay in although I do actually want baby out too!!!! Either today is fine or weds, thurs would be good as MIL having DD all day grin

Rhian82 Mon 13-Oct-08 10:09:27

I'm still a lady in waiting - I was on the list but seem to have dropped off

I'm due on the 27th, first child, and he's a boy

Finished work a week ago, but have lots of freelance to get done before he arrives, so desperately hoping he won't be early!

star6 Mon 13-Oct-08 10:42:11

jenwa SLOW DOWN or you'll be exhausted when baby arrives!

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 10:51:50

Jenwa Sounds like you are nesting.. save some of that energy in case baby decides it's time.

I think someone swapped out my DS overnight. He's been happy to say hello to my bump but dead set against baby coming out to play. This am, he pointed to the crib and said baby's bed. He's just asked if 'baby play me now?* and has suddenly decided he can use the potty again.. I hope he's finally got his head around the idea that baby is coming soon! Part of the improvement is getting over the chicken pox I suspect. he's been really good and only scratched on on is ear lobe.

hansnava Mon 13-Oct-08 11:33:19

hi all
cant believe all the births there has been already and we r not even half way through october.
still no joy here was having alot of cramping yesterday but has since worn off. still at least i know one way or another i will have my baby by next tuesday.
ajm200 my daughter is a bit like that she loves hugging and kissing my belly but when u mention the baby coming soon she goes no its not baby in mummy's tum.hmm
i am starting to get worried about how she will react to baby being here as she is very cuddly and likes attention.

rowanmac Mon 13-Oct-08 11:37:39

Well we finally have a plan here.

Had a good day yesterday, went for a walk with my boys than out for lunch, pelvis promptly fell apart again so back on crutches.

Bad night as v worried about hospital appt that I would see unsympathetic MW/doc and they would say well you are 39 weeks what do you expect, but they were very sympathetic to the limping vomiting mess in front of them. Had a sweep and I'm 2cm! Yippee. I now feel sick and theres a constant grippy pain but I can live with that if I know its definitely action. Plan B is going in on Sunday for induction on Monday but they think i'll have either gone myself or they will be able to break waters directly and skip the pessary. Feel so much more positive now i know I'm not going to be at this for 3 more weeks.

Better get my act together and finish all those little jobs off. Its my birthday tomorrow, I wonder if we're going to have to share, I've suggested to bump she gets her skinny arse out now if she wants a day to herself!

blushDue date is actually friday 17th not 21st, 4 days didn't seem that important in April BUT IT DOES NOW!

rowanmac Mon 13-Oct-08 11:43:57

Oh, I think the reason they agreed to induction is that my BP was up again and theres now protein in my urine, not so much as they would have induced anyway but gives them an excuse.

i was also meaning to say (pregnancy mush for brains) that amazon are doing disney DVDs 2for1 at the mo, I've stocked up to occupy DS whilst attempting to feed the next one. If I have to sit through Toy Story one more time....

DS quite excited about bump but I agree reality will be different, he has expressed a strong view that he wants a boy so I'm waiting for him to peer in the cot and shout No!

star6 Mon 13-Oct-08 11:45:43

congrats rowanmac!!! Mine arrived on 2nd october and my bday was on 3rd! I was thinking he might comeon my bday too Fantastic present indeed!

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 12:01:31

Rowanmac Glad you've got a plan sorted out. I had really bad SPD last time and know how bad you must be feeling. Here's hoping baby comes soon or if you have an induction it is slightly shorter than CSWS's

I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and suddenly feel really great. Got load of sleep last night and have loads of energy today. I'm also constantly starving hungry and have an insatiable sugar craving. Odd for me as I don't have a sweet tooth and have not been interested in food thoughout this pregnancy.. is this normal or have I just turned into a greedy cow over the last few days. Don't know what is normal at this late atage as I only made it to 37 weeks last time.

Contemplating taking DS to the park but it is a 40 min waddle away, mobile has packed in and DH has the car.. should I risk it?

boolean Mon 13-Oct-08 12:12:58

Hi all

I'm a lady in waiting too - can't believe I've only just found this thread! Was due 6th Oct (with my first, gender is a surprise) and am getting very impatient...

Anyway, good luck to all!

star6 Mon 13-Oct-08 12:28:49

i wouldnt risk it ajm but that's just me are there shops/houses on your way to park or are you in the woods?

pingviner Mon 13-Oct-08 12:30:07

OMG thread changed again!
Congratulations to all the mums and good luck to the rest who are still waiting! So much sympathy rowanmac, hoping the sweep will have moved things along...

Off to another scan today (39wks)for this rather large first baby - is it reasonable to start sex/curry/pineapple diet now just to get things over with?

sparklesandnowinefor11days Mon 13-Oct-08 12:39:58

Congrats to all that have had their little ones smile

CSWS good to see you back on here grin will go and check out your b a now too

Sallypuss Mon 13-Oct-08 12:52:43

Hello all

Just checking in after significant amounts of lurking. Lovely to see all the babies appearing - more than half our October babies appeared already. Congratulations to all who now have babes in arms and sending good labour vibes for those still waiting. Welcome to nuclear 'fraid you'll have to get in line behind me and ajm as I've also got due date of 23rd - had thought this may be an early baby but LO aboviously far too snug in there to show any signs of making an exit just yet smile.

Right off to procrastinate a bit more about making the nursery curtains....

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 13:04:33

My body has made the decision for me. I won't be venturing out.. Getting some really strong BHs that last about 4.5 mins each. Definately don't fancy a long walk while these are going on..

pingviner Good luck with the scan. Don't let them scare you too much over the size of your baby, scans size estimates can be out by 20%. You can try all the natural induction methods, but they'll only work if baby is ready to come out.

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 13:09:14

mum2JR How are you getting on.. hope things are progressing nicely for you and we'll have another birth announcement soon

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 13-Oct-08 13:20:04

Welcome nuclear (who were you?) and boolean, and welcome back Rhian (we put a call out for you but non-response meant that you were one of around 50 shock ladies who were culled from the list).

You really don't do easy pregnancies do you ajm!

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