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Thrush in pregnancy?

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leaky Mon 06-Oct-08 20:27:46

Hi, just wondered if anyone else has had thrush particularly in the early weeks of pregnancy?

I'm 5wks+4 & it was kind of the thrush that made me think I could be pregnant...because I felt so dry down there(sorry TMI).I'm using some canesten thrush cream because I have to clear it up,it's so uncomfortable.

I did get thrush at the very end of my last pregnancy & the dr gave me canesten then but just wondered about it for now.

If anyone has had the same I'd appreciate having my mind put at rest smile

angrypixie Mon 06-Oct-08 20:39:24

I had it very early on - only time in my life. I didn't use canesten because pharmacist was so anti it. But it took ages to clear and put such a downer on what should have been a really happy time. Sorry can' be any help on specifics of canesten but hope you can clear it quickly.

Jackstini Mon 06-Oct-08 20:44:43

I had it at about 5 months pg when I was on holiday in Italy - pharmacist there recommended the canesten cream that you put in a 'plunger' type thing and then push it up inside you. Worked wonders for me!

tutu100 Mon 06-Oct-08 20:46:27

I had a horrendous case of thrush in my first trimester due to antibiotics I had to take. Pharmacist wouldn't sell me anything as I said I was pregnant, so GP did me a prescription for a canestan pessary and the cream.

In the meantime I did one suggestion which someon on here reccomended which was salt baths which really seemed to help the soreness and itching.

I know how horrible and uncomfortable it is so you have my sympathies.

leaky Mon 06-Oct-08 21:25:21

Thanx everyone.Have appt at dr's tomorrow so hopefully get it sorted.You've all put my mind at rest anyway smile

hansnava Tue 07-Oct-08 12:45:43

hi leaky

im two weeks off my due date and im sorry to say ive had thrush nearly all the way through my pregnancy.
i think its finally gone now so hopefully the baby will come before it returnshmm

June2009 Tue 18-Nov-08 11:48:47


I'm due in June and had thrush too about at 5 weeks, went to see the doctor who gave some kind of pill to insert in (not too far) and leave overnight to dissolve, I think it worked but it took a few days so I also used canesteen which was recommended by the GP (practically had to beg the chemist though, they were anti it too.)

The midwife said it would probably show up again sometimes in the pregnancy

LovesTents Tue 18-Nov-08 11:52:23

Hi I had it in last trimester, the normal canestan wouldn't clear it up so the Gp prescribed the canestan with a steroid in it, I think. It worked straight away anyway.

MadMarg Tue 25-Nov-08 08:01:46

If you get some diluted tea tree oil (one of the prediluted ones is best, the 100% one could lead to irritation), add a drop to a small tampon and just pop it in (bet you didn't think you'd need tampons while pregnant! grin). I found it reduced my thrush by a huge amount quickly, and after awhile got rid if it.

ceedub Thu 27-Nov-08 15:27:49

Hi everyone,

Based on my unhappy experience, I'd definitely recommend pushing to get something to clear the thrush up if it's bothering you. I told my midwife about it a month ago, and she was completely blase - said if it wasn't causing me particular discomfort, it was better to leave it.

Two weeks later, I had to rush to the hospital with vaginal bleeding. Turned out to be outside the uterus (thank goodness), but when my swab results came back positive for thrush (surprise, surprise), the hospital was adamant I needed to get it sorted as it probably contributed to the bleeding by irritating the skin around my cervix. You can imagine how I feel about the midwife's advice now! angry

So, while I know it's really common in pregnancy and won't cause problems for most people, my advice would be to insist on treatment if it's causing you discomfort or dragging on. Bleeding at 25 weeks was not an experience I would want anyone to go through!

dinkyboysmum Mon 05-Jan-09 19:53:12

i'm 12 wks pg, and have had thrush for the last 6 wks...just cnat get rid of it. have done the pessaries, three times now. gp said its just treating the effects of thrush, not the cause, which is hormonal imbalance due to pg. think dh is about to run off with the nearest prostitute!!! need to get this sorted, might try more holistic approaches suggested on this thread...tea tree oil/salts etc. have done pessaries and been using cream twice a day, worried about overdoing it. also been on the probiotic yogurts and actimil drinks...anything else i can try??? (ps: have had swab done, and it defo is thrush)

shaz338 Sat 28-Jan-12 17:51:54

hi I am trying to conceive and I have thrush so I went to my local pharmacy and she said if you take the thrush tablet it fine and won't harm your baby if I am pregnant. I stupidly eat the tablet and then later realised by reading the leaflet that i shouldn't have took the tablet. If I am pregnant will it harm my baby?

bumpertobumper Thu 02-Feb-12 20:13:13

i had thrush pretty much the whole way through pregnancy with ds2. the midwives did give me canesten etc, advised that putting yoghurt on a tampon would help. One advised me that it was about managing it in my situation as sometimes it just does last the whole pregnancy (hormone thing). Sorry, not very encouraging, but there was something i found helpful about resiging myself to the situation.
The day i gave birth it went away, and my dandruff came back confused

TorE Sat 19-Oct-13 10:27:05

Hi I am 20 weeks and have had thrush for the past 2 weeks. I have tried 2 pessaries but they only help for a few days. I am prone to thrush and normally need a long course of itraconozole to clear it...... But I know I cannot do this whilst pregnant. Any tips on how to mange it? I suspect as it's hormonal it will always linger but I just need something to ease the discomfort... Help!

Cieved Fri 13-May-16 11:25:52

You probably know that thrush during pregnancy - a fairly common occurrence. The appearance of the symptoms of fungal infection during pregnancy is caused by various factors. But in addition to the reasons mentioned in the article often thrush during pregnancy is provoked by such mechanical factors, as the wearing of synthetic clothes and frequent rough sex acts that leads to traumatization of the vaginal walls. Here you can read more on Basic rules for the treatment of thrush during pregnancy: maximum frequent change of panty liners or even abandoning them; excluding long-term exercise and staying under the sun during the hottest time of the year; sexual rest (during treatment); the solution of internal conflict and the normalization of mental status. If you’d like to try some natural, or self-help remedies, there are some things to try. See more at

FifiRebel Sat 21-May-16 00:40:05

I had the most HORRIFIC outbreak of thrush at the earliest stage of my pregnancy. Literally about a week before I could even test! I get thrush fairly frequently and I've never had anything like this.

I'm now 30+1 and have had a number of outbreaks throughout pregnancy. I'd really recommend going to your local GUM clinic for advice, my consultant told me to go there. They are so experienced and can test for specific types of thrush. I see a consultant when I go there rather than the triage nurses. There can be a wait but I'm able to pre-book a consultant appointment rather than go through the usual drop in process.

smileybynature Sat 11-Mar-17 18:09:38

Don't know if this has been mentioned, but raw organic coconut oil ( the kind that you can get from Holland and Barrats but even supermarkets do it now) works wonders when applied onto the parts of your body that are affected and if you also take 2 teaspoons orally every day. Also completely safe and no side effects for pregnancy/ breastfeeding mums and babies. Cleared up my thrush in 2 days. Also works to kill all yucky fungus/ yeasts/ bacteria in general.( even works on those stubborn toe nail fungus infections). Make sure the coconut oil you're buying is labelled raw or cold pressed so retains its benefits and hasn't been over processed.

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