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Due May 2009 - The 2nd thread... our pregnancy-addled brains can't think of anything wittier!!

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SpangleMaker Fri 26-Sep-08 14:22:35

Here you go smile

frazzledoldbag34 Fri 26-Sep-08 14:35:09

Well done spangle.
Most impressed smile

SpangleMaker Fri 26-Sep-08 14:43:14

Thought I'd bring the list over & update with all the newcomers since the last list. Oh and adjusted my EDD to 3 May - wahey, a day further than I thought!

JustgotBFP due 1 May (DS age 3.11)
Sahbear due 1 May (DS age 14 mo)
Brightsideoflife due 1 May
SlippersAndPipe due 1 May (DD age 19 months)
Aquababe due 1 May (DD age 2.9)
Evergrounded due 1 May
Momino due 1 May (DD age 2.5 and DD age 1)
Llareggub due 1 May (DS age 22 months)
Loulabela due 1 May
AAL due 1 May (DS age 4)
Olderbutnotwiser due 1 May (DD age 21, DS age 19, DS age 16 DS age 4, DD age 2)
MissyK due 1 May (DS age 3)
Heverhoney due 2 May
SpangleMaker due 3 May (first child)
Inni due 4 May (DS age 2.9 and DD age 1)
Ceeceeanne due 4 May (DD age 9)
Bantam73 due 5 May (2 DCs ages 2.5, 16.5)
Chicadee due 5 May (DD age 6.5)
Overtiredmum due 5 May (DS age 3)
Hopefullypregnant due 5 May (DD age 10.5m)
Gibsongirl due 6 May (DS1 age 5 and DS2 nearly 2)
BrownieBells due 6 May (DS age 2.9)
Frogthistle due 6 May (DD1 age?, DD2 age 1.4yr)
Minimenace due 7 May (DS age 11 mo)
Detsy due 8 May (DD 9 months)
Carol7 due 9 May (DS age 16 DD age 12)
Febes due 10 May (DD age 9 months)
Jennster due 10 May (DD age 2y7m, DS age 13m)
Missblythe due 10 May (DD age?)
Pinkcandyfloss due 11 May (DS1 age 5 and DS2 age 1.7)
Mootie due 11 May (DD age 2.4)
ClaudiaSchiffer due 11 May (DD age 3, DD2 age 1)
Flippineck due 12 May (DD age 17 months)
Ses due 12 May (first child)
Millionsaway due 13 May (DD 20 months)
Mammajamma due 13 May (DS1 age 4, DS2 age 22m)
Gateau due 14 May (DS 16 months)
Wobblypig due 14 May (DS 1.11)
Looneywoman due 14 May
Chubbymummy due 15 May (DS age 3)
Frazzledoldbag due 15 May (DD1 age 7, DD2 23mths)
Nauseous due 16 May
Daisydoo due 16 May (DS age 19m)
Bluebell82 due 16 May (dd age 7 months)
Bigtree due 17 May (first child)
Divediasy due 17 May (DS age 5 1/2 3rd preg)
Bekkaboo due 19 May (DS age 2)
Tigergem due 19 May (DD 18m)
GreenFingeredMummy due 20 May (DD age 15m)
Mags98 due 21 May (first child)
2beautifulgals due 22 May (2 dds?!)
halfmumhalfbiscuit due 23 May (DS age 2)
MrsMonkey due 23 May (DD age 4, DS age 2.5)
pulapula due 24 May (DD 3.9yr, DS 15 mths)
Swottybetty: Due 24/05/09. DD 6mths
Moonlit due 24 May (DD age 2.6)
Agooboo due 24 May (DS1 age 6 DS2 age 2)
Dandelioness due 25 May (DD age 3 1/2)
citybranch due 27 May (DS age 21m)
Imnotok due 27 May
Runningmonkey due 27 May (first child)
CoteDAzur due 28 May (DD age 3)
Jools1 due 29 May (first child)
Bluebutterfly due 31 May (DS age 3.5)

runningmonkey Fri 26-Sep-08 16:28:11

Hi All, just checking in - wow there are loads of us on that list arent' there!

I'm off to visit my Mum for the weekend, can't decide whether I should tell her or not... she will wonder why I'm not having a glass of wine!

Have a good weekend ladies xx

agooboo Fri 26-Sep-08 18:17:22

The nausea has hit. All day on and off. I feel sick if I don't eat and I feel sick if I do. Plus, I woke up in a really bad mood this morning for no reason. SO exhausted. Can't remember it being this bad with DS1 or DS2.
My DH hasn't asked me how I'm feeling once today and it has p**d me off. Although I suppose we have both been at work and he isn't home yet. Feeling sorry for myself. sad

Dandelioness Fri 26-Sep-08 18:38:38

I've been wondering if I'm going to be hit with nausea. Am not reassured by fact yours hit today agooboo, and you are due only one day before me ...

I'm hoping I can escape, but I remember it having definitely started by week6/7 last time, and I'll be in my 6th week shortly. When did everyone else's MS kick in this time?

frazzledoldbag34 Fri 26-Sep-08 19:29:18

6 wks for me this time.
Although at about 4 wks last time and 6wks the first time.
Hope it doesn't get you - it's horrid.

Dandelioness Fri 26-Sep-08 19:30:50

hmm, let's hope it doesn't get me (or anyone else who isn't yet suffering)

poor you

aquababe Fri 26-Sep-08 19:45:56

hey just signing in to the new thread.
On my dd ms didn't kick in till 7/8 weeks and was more tiredness. This time it kicked in around 5wks and with such vengeance. Feeling sick as a dog today. If your lucky enough not to be feeling rough and living on ginger make the most of it.

9wks tomorrow

detsy Fri 26-Sep-08 20:13:44

Hi all - not been on for a few days as too tired! And now taken the same amount of time to catch up on all the messages.

Glad you had a good scan spangle - hypnobirthing is brilliant, helped me so much last time and will def be going through the same thing again this time as a refresher. I saw the freebirthing lady in a pool with no noise - amazing. I was nowhere near that euphoria but def think it helped me.

Am going to book my nt scan this weekend - same place as my early scan. DH just gone out for chinese - i normally hate chinese but i can't get enough of it at the moment - oh and salt as well, yummy!!! Weird hey.

Still no bedroom action here and as far as I'm concerned it won't be happening until DD at least sleeps thru a night - teething is a nightmare, up 5 times again last night, aagghhhh

aquababe Fri 26-Sep-08 20:45:36

hey just signing in to the new thread.
On my dd ms didn't kick in till 7/8 weeks and was more tiredness. This time it kicked in around 5wks and with such vengeance. Feeling sick as a dog today. If your lucky enough not to be feeling rough and living on ginger make the most of it.

9wks tomorrow

aquababe Fri 26-Sep-08 20:50:04

oops sorry

Jools1 Fri 26-Sep-08 21:17:28

Evening all

5 wks today and I've been having low-level nausea on and off for a few days, but really thought I was going to decorate the pavement as I walked down Euston Rd this morning - smelt like a dead rat had been there for a week !

Funnily enough, I was going to ask ppl when the real sickness kicked in. I'm struggling to work out whether the tiredness is caused by the pregnancy or by the horrendous cold I've had this week.

divedaisy Fri 26-Sep-08 21:49:14

Hi Ladies - found you all!

Whoever is looking for something for her erect nipples Next directory do nipple shields that are supposed to help. I've never tried them - don't have the problem...though my DH would love me to have them!

Frazzled - let me know how the vibrating anti-MS device goes on. I can't take any more of feeling like this. I eat to take away the bad taste and nausea - the effects are OK (except I feel ill when eating!??) until I stop eating... My tummy too is swollen from under my boobs to belly button where there is the feeling of a ledge! I reckon it's all my organs squishing up - would explain why I feel so out of puff too!
Bluebell - I'm with you on this too - it has taken over my life at present - this nausea means I can hardly concentrate on anything.

DH is tryin ghis best to understand.. but wish I had a very understanding hubby like some of you have. At times he can be very selfish. he's up at the pub now, so I'm gonna go to bed and get to sleep b4 he comes home looking some manual relief - not interested in the least in that!! Sorry TMI!

See y'al 2morro. xxx

Welcome all the newbies.

To all those of you who are spotting - big hugsxxx

nauseous Fri 26-Sep-08 22:24:30

Not been able to drag myself to the PC for a while. Feeling RUBBISH, 7 weeks tomorrow. I now can't even open the fridge without feeling awful -my sense of smell is so strong. Hope all this is a good sign for a stickier bean this time. Certainly feel sicker, more bloated tireder and spottier and I'm being a bi*ch to live with. Poor DH.

Divedaisy Thanks for the nipple guard advice, mine have taken on their own personalities. I hope your tummy feels better soon and that you convinced your DH that you were asleep and therefore feeling far too delicate for any type of action right now!!

I've got my booking in appt on 21st October.

Night all.

Jools1 Fri 26-Sep-08 22:26:25

nauseous - I'm giggling away at the thought of nipples taking on their own personalities, but can see EXACTLY what you mean - teehee

nauseous Fri 26-Sep-08 22:33:21

If that's not bad enough Jools1 I dreamt last night that they (the er ..characterful nips that is) had grown to utterly comical lengths - I'm talking about 1/2 a meter here. Eeew! V distressing dream! Though funny now...!

Febes Sat 27-Sep-08 07:29:34

Hi checking in. I think MS has kicked in although I feel ok right at the moment. DD woke at 3, 5.30 and 6.30 this morning so we are now downstairs and up for the day. To make matters work I bought her into the bathroom with a bunch of toys so I could take a quick bath but there was no hot water.
Our antique heating system is out of sync thank goodness we are getting central heating next week. Not a mintue too late.
DH has worked until 3am for th past 2 nights so I feel I have to let him sleep in so have to whip DD away when she starts making noise. Tomorrow will be mine!!

CoteDAzur Sat 27-Sep-08 07:31:33

I had very stressful dreams last pregnancy and they have come back. Last night I dreamt DD wandered off into a busy street as I was in a pharmacy and I lost her sad

Meanwhile still no nausea here and I noticed yesterday that tiredness is not as bad if I eat light - fish, salad, veggies, etc

frazzledoldbag34 Sat 27-Sep-08 09:22:12

Well ladies, morniing to all of you.
DH has just left for a golf trip to Ireland and so I'm on my own with the 2DC's till Tuesday night. Am not very pleased and worried about how I'll manage to get us all up and out by 8.15 on mon and tues whilst battling nausea and having to lie on the floor every five minutes. Help!
divedaisy - having been up feeling vile since 4am I could have kissed the postman when he rang the door bell at 8am - he had my I-trans anti-sickness device for me! Have had it on for about an hour and I do feel better. Although I've also just had a cup of tea, piece of toast and 1/2 banana so maybe that has helped too.
Will try it out the rest of the weekend and report back. I don't even care that it's mint green and looks a bit stupid! My 7 yr old keeps wanting a go, but I'm not taking it off!

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Big hugs and sympathy to all who are feeling rough. Sticky bean glue all round too x

mootie Sat 27-Sep-08 09:55:54

My MS started at about 6/7 weeks last time, and about 5/6 weeks this time. Much rougher this time, no vomiting but constant, debilitating nausea and strong desire to puke my guts out in vain hope that it will make me feel better. But I remember from last time that vomiting does me no good. Am taking ginger pills and nausea has been milder since taking them, although it might have been tapering off a bit anyway, because it was so, so extreme.
MS disappeared completely by 14 weeks last time, but am only 7+6 now, so don't know how I am going to live through the next 6 weeks. Seem to need to eat every 2 hours to keep things under control, but then I feel bloated and horrid. Need to devise small snack that is good enough for keeping nausea down but not too much so that I feel constantly over-full.
Any suggestions? Don't really like sweet things. Want to avoid junk food. Had some dried-out vegetarian sushi rolls with cucumber yesterday, maybe I could make some to have with me at work.

Dandelioness Sat 27-Sep-08 10:56:37

mootie - Suggestions re snacks:

Hummous/smoke salmon/mashed avocado on an oat cake?
Fruit & Nut yoghurt bars?
Dried mango?
Home made flap jacks?

We make up a batch of home-cooked meals for DD and then freeze portions, so we always have some mini-meals in the freezer. I often have one of these as a small meal if hungry, so I'm getting some proper food.

Cote - I too get stressful dreams when pregnant. In fact, I've noticed it also happens when I'm pre-menstrual so is definitely down to hormonal changes. All my insecurities/fears come out in my dreams at these times. Last night I dreamt DH and I were in Thailand (?!) where we got separated on either side of a river during a flood. By the time I made my way back to him, he was living with a new woman and her grown-up son. Strangely, I didn't seem to mind. grin

SpangleMaker Sat 27-Sep-08 11:16:27

Morning all

I've definitely been getting the strange dreams, but can't remember any of them now. Fortunately nothing horrific yet though generally bizarre and in some I've been quite anxious and glad to wake up. nauseous grin at monster nipples!

Touch wood, I seem to've got away lightly on the nausea front. Wed/Thurs were the worst days but yesterday I kept nibbling every few hours and felt loads better. Am trying to stick to fruit or a slice of wholemeal toast for snacks. Dandelioness I love the idea of home made flapjack. I adore flapjack but have not allowed myself any for ages as years ago I developed a flapjack addiction and was eating quite large ones daily at work (not realising how much butter & sugar they have in) and put on half a stone in a matter of weeks shock Will have to cut them up small this time!

Jools1 Sat 27-Sep-08 11:18:54

Morning all Feeling very very virtuous today as I managed both my normal gym classes and they've made me feel full of energy and almost normal again - well temporarily at least !

I didn't work myself as hard as I would have done a few weeks ago, but at least I've done something !! Nips are chafing a bit though ...

DP is now grilling some lean bacon for an early lunch BLT

I'm also having more vivid dreams but can't remember last night's - only that I did dream, which is relatively unusual.

Hope the nausea keeps at bay for everyone and you can enjoy the Autumn sunshine grin

SpangleMaker Sat 27-Sep-08 11:27:10

Jools very impressed at your gym classes. Am embarrassed to admit I've got out of the exercise habit over the last year or so, and definitely feel worse for it. I've been too tired to contemplate going after work just lately, but I do intend to start going swimming & some gentle ante-natal exercise DVDs as soon as I perk up a bit. Anyone got any recommendations for DVDs? I hear the Davina McCall one is quite good.

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