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Anyone Trying Hypnobirthing?

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Seabird Thu 24-Feb-05 21:28:51

I've seen from a few threads that various people have done hypnobirthing courses and I thought it might be nice to start a thread to compare our experiences.

My midwife suggested hypnobirthing for me for my 2nd (due in April). I did a weekend course at 29 weeks and am really excited about the birth. I'm aiming for a waterbirth at home. I wanted this last time too but my waters broke and I ended up being induced with syntocinon/epidural/forceps/stitches etc etc - really hoping things work at home this time, but hopefully the techniques will help me deal with whatever happens.

Meantime the rainbow relaxation CD sends me to sleep every time dd naps, which is handy!

Would be interesting to hear from anyone who's already given birth using hypnobirthing, too.

KezzaG Tue 03-Apr-07 14:05:21

good luck!

TheMaskedPoster Mon 15-Oct-07 17:22:02

just found this thread and am wondering if there are any others out there who have had a hypno-birth. I have found out information about my local centre and am very seriously considering doing a course (this will be my second child - my first birth was epidural/ventouse/epi-thingy).

It does seem very good and would love to see through the labour with as little intervention as possible this time.


jakabean Thu 06-Dec-07 14:52:11

does anyone know how to get hold of the rainbow relaxation CD they all recommend?

Pitchounette Thu 06-Dec-07 15:39:33

Message withdrawn

mumofk Sat 15-Dec-07 09:38:44

Hi, hadn't seen this thread. We (big gulp) shelled out for the course (Mongon method) and already feel its worthwhile- only 21 wks. DH has learned a technique that helps with his anger management and 'fixed' his back pain! Our intructor was lovely, had used it twice herself, and said its was fabulous if you could relax enough not to remember listening to the scripts. I had to read the rainbow relaxation as I didn't get past the first colour. It was the most pleasant, relaxing course I have EVER been on, and seeing as I quite resented NCT classes for making me think about birth when I wasn't ready, and making me miss my nap last time around, huge step forward!
I found it essential for me and DH to go to a class, as we wouldn't have been able to do the practices just from reading a book. Compared to the cost of one-on-one hypnotherapy (which I hadn't got DH to go for) the course is a bargain, but I reckon just like anything you need a good teacher. I know I haven't got a birth story yet, but the relaxation and self-evaluation (another way to fix things!) really are life skills that hopefully will help us with other challenges in our lives, not just birth. I just wish we hadn't needed a new back door when I was pregnant last time around, coz at that point I was thinking about it and think it might have helped (though last time wasn't a horror story at all). I did need a blood transfusion afterwards, and the teacher, though not medical, could give some suggestions as why that might be (more than drs and midwives can and I work in ANC), and one of the birth affirmations is about blood vessels closing appropriately. I've read about operations done under hypnosis, and how blood flow can be diverted so I think it'd be really cool if it did help! Fingers crossed...
Oh, the other thing is I know DH was a great support last time around, so worth investing in a technique that relies on him. Can't imagine doing it without him at all. The rainbow CD we have is in an (sorry to all americans, I don't find every accent annoying!) annoying american accent that really jars, so we've got it re-recorded in proper Yorkshire! Guess where we are?!
mumof k smile

stockings Thu 27-Dec-07 14:57:08

I used this and think it's fantastic - I just don't know why more women aren't aware of it. I never understood the application of hypnosis until I used it for childbirth purely by chance. In fact I think that it is so great that I left a highly paid job in the civil service and retrained as a hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing practitioner. Sadly I hear lots of women who can't find a HypnoBirthing (Mongan) practitioner and give up on it, but some hypnotherapists are also trained in hypnosis for childbirth so shop around, find someone you like and give it a go....

PanT Thu 10-Jan-08 11:39:12

I am a hypnobirthing Mum and can definately recommend it. My baby is 9 weeks old and I had a truly positive birthing experience. My husband and I choose to do a hypnobirthing course as we wanted a natural and drug free birth for our baby - which is what we got. We also had a homebirth and our midwives completely respected our decision to use hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing enabled my husband to play a vital role in the build upto and the birth itself as hypnobirthing relies on the birth partner being an integral part of the birth. Hypnobirthing allows you to get in a positive frame of mind and also teaches you about how your body works in the birthing process and how to work with your body during labour and gives you confidence in yourself. The relaxation techniques really do work and the support of an informed birth partner is invaluable to get you through your labour. I can't be more positive about hypnobirthing and would recommend it to every pregnant woman looking for a natual birth for her and her baby.

hypnosis Tue 15-Jan-08 13:27:41

Hi all you wonderful pregnant ladies! I am a qualified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and if i can help at all with any of your questions please feel free to ask. Look forward to hearing from you.

hypnosis Tue 15-Jan-08 13:30:43

Hi PanT,
What wonderful words you said about HypnoBirthing. You summed it up already, i'm so pleased you got the birth you wanted.

Yankunian Mon 28-Jan-08 13:15:35

Hi all, I am 25 weeks and just last weekend did a 2-day course with Natal Hypnotherapy (they do courses around the UK) and I would really reccommend it to anyone.

I was feeling v anxious before as a first time mum to be and I feel now that I have all the skills and tools I need to stay relaxed and cope with the birthing process. The wonderful women leading the course really boosted my confidence in my own body's ability to give birth naturally - and I am now planning to have a home birth, something I had been wavering about.

My partner, who went on the course as well, feels he has a better understanding of how he can most effectively help and support me.

lilhel Thu 31-Jan-08 09:21:59


Im 32 weeks pregnant and finally found a hypnobirthing midwife who will run one to one classess with me (but can't start until next week. Will I be able to complete the course on time, and if not, will my money be wasted? hmm and will I have time to practice the techniques, particularly since I am still at work and I have a job interview coming up! Please could someone advise me, thanks loads grin

mumofk Fri 01-Feb-08 14:08:08

lilhel- Depends how your course is done! I did a weekend course (I think about 14 hrs) which was 2 days, and I've heard of it done over a number of evenings too. Your teacher should be able to say how long the course will take. I felt some benefits immediately, and I think someone else here said they ideally started people off around 30 weeks, so 32 doesn't sound too bad.
I guess it'll also depend on if you are motivated to keep going with the practice!
Doing it anytime I'm sure will help you- I reckon it'd still make a difference if you did it a week before bump lands!! But then, I am a new convert and dead impressed with it all wink
Good luck!

Lawrene8 Fri 01-Feb-08 14:20:14

Hi I did hypnobirthign and it was well worth paying the money for the course. I really felt positive about having ds and while it wasn't pain free - it was relaxed and calm. The only trouble is the MW did not believe I was in labour - she said if I was she'd 'be able to tell from my voice' this was on the phone btw. I ended up arriving in hospital at 9cm where they all panicked. I would have had a homebirth but had GBS so that was out.

turtle23 Sun 03-Feb-08 20:52:22

hypnosis...Am trying to do it at home with my husband as we really can't afford the course. Using Mongan method and making up scripts. Any advice?

hypnosis Mon 04-Feb-08 13:25:17

Hi turtle23,
I'm sure if you find a practitioner in your area and ask if she would do a reduction in price, you might be able to come up with something between you i.e weekly payments maybe?
It's very hard for me to give you any ideas for scripts etc, but if there is anyway you could get to a class you would benift from it.

hypnosis Mon 04-Feb-08 13:29:00

I have taught a couple as late as 36 weeks and they went on to have a beautiful homebirth, and even if baby comes early a little HypnoBirthing is better than NO HypnoBirthing. Good luck in your course and your birth, keep us posted (grin)

ordinarymum Sun 10-Feb-08 08:43:21

Turtle 23 If you are stuck for cash find a hypnotherapist who may be able to give you a couple of sessions to just focus on the basis, letting go of any fears that you have around the birth and to teach you some self-hypnosis with breathing - my hypnotherapist gave me cds as well. Find one who is trained in birth and ask lots of questions about her experience in this area.

The whole lot cost me £150 and was great, it was really personal - I went back to see her again when I was late and she did some work on induction with a relexologist and acupuncturist which worked like a dream.

BellaHarry Tue 24-Feb-09 16:49:56

Hyonosis I am trying to find an affordable hypnobirthing course in the SW London/Surrey area; can you help??

Naat Tue 10-Mar-09 16:35:47

Hi Bella, hope it's not late.
Have you tried the hypnobirthing website for the UK?
There you will find a link to "find your nearest classes". Hope this helps smile

georgiemum Tue 10-Mar-09 16:41:24

I did the Mongan course and liked it so much I bought the company. No I didn't but I do now teach it!

Using Hypnosis is slightly different - there is a link here showing a c-section without anaesthetic, only hypnosis. Now, the chap doing the hypnosis seems to have watched too much Ali Bongo in his youth, but you get the idea!

Grendle Wed 11-Mar-09 22:56:14

I had a Hypnobirth with dd. The actual birth itself was pain free and totally exhilirating. The labour was a little uncomfy at times, but not painful. I also has trouble getting people to believe I was in labour, so ended up with my planned homebirth being an unassisted one. Twas still great though grin.

georgiemum Thu 12-Mar-09 13:47:34

That's what I mean! It is not painful - it may be a little uncomfortable in some parts -but far less so that a headache or toothache. I felt like I was bouncing over speed bumps at one point but never felt the need to any drugs. And I am a complete wuss when it comes to pain. I need gas at the dentist to get a jab.

Naat Thu 12-Mar-09 16:06:19

Oh, georgiemum, that is so good to know! smile

I'm pg with my first baby and I have an extremely low pain threshold, so Hypnobirthing is the way! grin

We've just had our first session but I found it great and the cd with the rainbow relaxation and the affirmations seems to be working...

It's great to hear from mums who have already tried it, thanks! grin

BellaHarry Wed 13-May-09 18:14:54

Hi guys, back again! decided to do a Natal Hypnotherapy class, completed it last weekned and I am so positive and excited about the birth!! It was brilliant and DH and I are so well prepared; I really hope we are able to use everything we learnt when our time comes this summer!??

blinder Fri 15-May-09 15:18:02

I'm watching this thread because I'm booked in for hypnobirthing in a couple of weeks. Due Sept.

After a previous traumatic birth I'm hoping for a completely different experience this time round.

Glad your course was so good BellaHarry! I'm booked in for the Marie Mongan method. Is that the same as the one you attended?

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