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Anyone Trying Hypnobirthing?

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Seabird Thu 24-Feb-05 21:28:51

I've seen from a few threads that various people have done hypnobirthing courses and I thought it might be nice to start a thread to compare our experiences.

My midwife suggested hypnobirthing for me for my 2nd (due in April). I did a weekend course at 29 weeks and am really excited about the birth. I'm aiming for a waterbirth at home. I wanted this last time too but my waters broke and I ended up being induced with syntocinon/epidural/forceps/stitches etc etc - really hoping things work at home this time, but hopefully the techniques will help me deal with whatever happens.

Meantime the rainbow relaxation CD sends me to sleep every time dd naps, which is handy!

Would be interesting to hear from anyone who's already given birth using hypnobirthing, too.

kittyschristmascrackers Fri 08-Dec-06 17:42:12

Galmum I did what you are doing with the book and cd. it all made perfect sense in the calm light of day. Once i was in full blown labour, which was almost as soon as contractions began, the whole thing went out the window. I did remember her book once though and that was in a moment of cursing and not believing a word she said . I think you really, really need a birth partner who can talk you through the whole relaxation thing during labour. It's nigh on impossible to do it on your own.

marymillington Fri 08-Dec-06 17:45:01

I'm 31 or so weeks with my second and potentially planning a VBAC (still wavering though).

I bought the VBAC cd from Natal Hypnotherapy and have to say the first disc which focusses on "letting go" made me absolutely furious. It made all sorts of shocking generalisations and assumptions about how someone attempting a VBAC might feel about their first birth (negative, guilty, angry). I actually made a complaint to the company.

I'm seeing a private hypnotherapist for the first time next week and hoping for a more personalised approach....

MKGnearlyimmaculateconception Sat 09-Dec-06 02:11:43

I did hypnobirthing with my first delivery and am planning on doing it with my second. When I first took the class I didn't think it was worth much. But when I was in labor it was so useful. I just remembered to stay calm and breathe, and let my body do it's job. I was able to focus and relax. I did feel pain, but I was able to manage it.

I guess the main difference between hypnobirthing and other techniques is people that I know that leave lamaze classes come out saying the will get an epidural. People that come out of hypnobirthing come out saying, and I quote my instructor, "They don't call it labor because it's easy, it's hard work, but you can do it".

Galmum Sat 09-Dec-06 16:59:45

Kittychristmascracker - what a name & MKG! - I'm in two minds about the whole thing, but this is my second baby so I do know what I'm in for!!! Was it your first, as I do think the book and CD underplays the pain too much?

I gave birth to ds on syntocin but no epidural - the end of the first stage of labour was absolute mind bending agony - pushing out bit seemed small fry (although I was too exhausted and traumatised by that stage) and the so called ring of fire when you push the baby out - yes it was painful but only for a few seconds - was fine. Ended up giving birth in stirrups just as they were about to ventouse him with dh, mw, 2 doctors and a paedatrician present! Not a calm experience.

I'm hopeful the hpynotherapy approach will help -I've got nothing to lose by giving it my best shot. Its helping me feel positive about this labour and not too sh*t scared! It worked for you MKG and it sounds like the experience I'm looking for.

Are you in the USA MKG if you are taking about Lamaze classes?? I'm fasinated by the different systems - what sort of birth did you have - saying that I'm getting a lot of my info from Rachel giving birth in Friends!! Do they take babies away and put them in a nursery after birth?? Let me know if you can be bothered!

MKGnearlyimmaculateconception Sat 09-Dec-06 17:27:58

I did do hypnobirthing with my first.

I was induced with a pitocin drip, but also opted for no epidural (here it's epidural or nothing)

The birth was fine, both the midwife and the nurse were very pro hypnobirthing and let me push when I wanted, and left me alone to labor. We kept the mood very light when I felt like talking. I was surprised the birth was so positive because inductions are usually filled with intervention, but mine wasn't.

The books and Cd do underplay the pain of labor and birth, but I think that's positive. Our teacher always told us that it is real pain it isn't easy, but it is natural pain, and that to focus on the pain wouldn't help us be calm enough to focus on what we needed to do.

I am in the USA. I too am fascinated by the different systems. If you are following Rachel from friends you are being misled. Most hopitals have private labor, delivery, and postpartum rooms, meaning you stay in the whole room for the entire process (unless there's a C-section). And the chairs convert to beds so my dh could be their 24 hours a day. They can take the baby away after the delivery, but it depends on the parents choice. I chose to have my baby with me in the day and in the nursery at night. Even though the babies have monitors on their ankles so they can't be taken off the ward, I didn't feel safe falling asleep with the baby where anyone could walk into the room.

kittyschristmascrackers Sat 09-Dec-06 19:01:59

Galmum, it was my 5th and it was a very fast and so very painful labour. I think because the contractions started full on with no nice slow build up I didn't have time to get into that relaxed state. I have over my bierths learnt to breathe though, which is a great help in staying on the rails. I hate the pain though and have never been able to think of it in a positive way.

Galmum Sat 09-Dec-06 21:50:19

I am humbled - your 5th!! You are an expert!
Will get dh to read book and get up to speed. He was like a rabbit in headlights last time, but we have spent a lot of time in the last 2 years in and out of hospital with our son, so I think the whole environment is so much more familiar to us both and he will be much better able to handle it all.

Are you planning to try labour again???!!!!

Galmum Sat 09-Dec-06 21:58:31


Sounds wonderful to be able to have your partner stay in the same room. Some birth centres do have that facility here, but it is very unusual. Normally you're on the ward with your baby at all times and partners are kicked out at 8pm. I don't think nurseries exist anywhere in the UK anymore.

I was lucky to be in the same room last time from arriving at the hospital, delivery and for 8 hours afterwards (ward was too full!) - again very unusual. It was a new building of a National Health hospital that specialises in maternity - we had an ensuite and nice furniture - but a lot of our facilities here are a bit rough round the edges. Saying that I had a really grumpy midwife and no ensuite, nice furniture etc could make up for her attitude. I'm really hoping for a supportive positive midwife this time and not too bothered about the environment.

MKGnearlyimmaculateconception Sat 09-Dec-06 22:08:01

I don't know how women can have babies, which is the most important thing in the family, and than the father's get kicked out. My dh was the first to change ds' diapers. Fought me to hold ds all day long.

The more I read about UK hospitals the more I understand why so many peole on MN look into homebirths. Our rooms have telephones, tvs, mini refigerators, and bathrooms, not to mention an awesome menu (maternity doesn't get the normal hospital crap, and you order what you want off the menu).

I'm interested in how this birth will be different for me. My health insurance isn't taken by the midwife practice anymore, so I'm seeing an OB (here midwives aren't very popular, and OBs do both high risk, and normal pregnancies) I really like her, but it will be interesting to see how she is different during the delivery.

kittyschristmascrackers Sat 09-Dec-06 23:32:25

Galmum, I'm planning another home birth for March. This time i'm hoping to hire a pool, they are supposed to be very relaxing !

Galmum Sun 10-Dec-06 14:32:07

Let me know how both births go - too scared for home birth. Need to know we have full medical back up in case anything goes wrong which is why I'm planning on birth centre in a maternity unit.

A lot of people find being left solo on the first night in hospital a bit traumatic, especially after a c-section. I actually found it ok, but I had had my son at 4am in the morning so things had settled down by then. To be honest most stays are only for 24 hours and people are desperate to get home - no wonder why! I may even be able to stay for less time with baby no 2, if everything is ok.

It sounds much more civilised and lovely over there but then we all benefit here from health care for all. I can't knock our health system here, as we had the best care for my ds - all on the National Health. The only thing I can't get my head round in the USA is having your baby taken away at night!! No way - I'd want my bundle next to me ....saying that it used to happen here and my Mum loved it when she stayed in hospital!!!

chitchat07 Thu 18-Jan-07 09:37:05

I know this is an old thread, but I just thought I would bump it.

I am due to have my first baby in March, and a friend of mine who is a retired midwife used to run hypnosis for birth classes when she was working. She has offered and I gladly accepted some personal classes. I have had one, and I must say I felt very relaxed afterwards.

She basically told me that using this method would hopefully enable me to get some sleep during the earlier part of the birth, which would help keep the strength up for the later, more difficult part. Also, by remaining relaxed, any drugs you do take (I'm leaving gas as an option) will be more effective.

Interestingly enough, she has recently been asked to give a couple of lectures on it at some hospitals to the obstetrics units, so there may well be more of this coming into the London hospitals over the next few years.

justJAM Thu 18-Jan-07 09:47:22

chitchat - although I didn't have hypnobirthing I have had hypnotherapy before and did use self hypnosis during labour. I had my first baby (DD now 4 months) in september. I was a home till fully dialted waiting for DH to get home from work and DD was born in just over an hour after getting to hospital. I only had gas and air whilst pushing as at home while contracting I used my breathing and self hypnosis imagery - I would highly recommend as If you want a natural birth

KezzaG Mon 02-Apr-07 15:33:08

Im just bumping this as I have just been on the phone to a hypnobirthing practitioner and was wondering if there are more testimonials to its success. Or indeed, if anyone on this thread has had their babies now using it.

I am being encouraged to go for a VBAC this time round (2nd one) and just know that unless I do something different my fear of the whole process will mean I end up back in the theatre.

I know money isnt everything but I would feel bad for dh if I raved on about this, shelled out £400 and still ended up with a section, so any thoughts appreciated.

chocolateface Mon 02-Apr-07 15:49:10

Used Hypnobirthing (Mongon method) with DS2 and DD - had a horrible tim with DS1. My hynotherapist aslo gave me a "fear release" session, which I think was invaluable. I'm not sure if everyone gets this. The more midwives who come across Hypnobirthing the better, as I was laghed at with DS2. I can't reccomend Hypnobirthidng enough. DD was born at home with no pain. Yes, You're all going to hate me! But I did go through hell with DS1. It is very expensive, but totally worth it.

KezzaG Mon 02-Apr-07 16:40:43

Thanks chocolate. The one I found does a free session of emotional freedome therapy if she thinks you need it so I guess it will be worth it.

tokentotty Tue 03-Apr-07 10:44:30

Hi KezzaG, just seen this thread and have been really interested in trying hypnobirthing with this one, my first. Have popped on to your profile and see you live in posh Essex and wondered if you were local to me (South Woodford) and who you'd been contacting for classes/tuition ??

KezzaG Tue 03-Apr-07 10:54:30

Hi Token

yes my idea of posh essex is Epping so we are quite close. I have spoken to 2 in my area, and the one I liked and the one my MW has seen used and recommends is the Mulberry Clinic which is in South Woodford spookily enough.

the woman who does it has emailed me all her details and info so I can forward it all on if you like. I will CAT you and then give me your email and I will send it over.

I must say I am sold and the MW and practitioner where both very impressed with the results that could be obtained.

tokentotty Tue 03-Apr-07 11:25:32

Oh thanks Kezza that would be really kind of you to send me any stuff you have. How handy to have one just down the road as well? How far into your pg are you ?

KezzaG Tue 03-Apr-07 11:31:08

Only 14 weeks but I just feel that I need to get my head around what I am going to do so I dont stress about it. and apprently the more time you practice the techniques the better they work so I figure 6 months of pratice am I should be like Paul McKenna

I look on your profile, you look further on than me.

tokentotty Tue 03-Apr-07 12:05:40

Yes, am about 21+4 but dates have moved around a bit. Got my 20 week scan this afternoon at The Fetal Medicine Centre in Harley Street which we've found absolutely fantastic in comparison to the NHS ones. Very nervous about it so will be nibbling on fingernails until I can actually walk out of there smiling!
We've got someone coming into my office on 20th April to talk about hypnobirthing so was going to see what was said there and where classes were before looking elsewhere, but now I've seen your thread and message about the place local to me I'm very interested in reading anything you have from them and possibly just getting started as soon as.
How are you feeling ?

KezzaG Tue 03-Apr-07 13:09:16

Oh how exciting, good luck with the scan.

Did you get my email yet? If not you can email me at kj_nutley @ (without gaps obviously) and I will send it on.

tokentotty Tue 03-Apr-07 13:41:32

Oh that's odd - not received anything yet from either you or MN saying you've cat me. Will check again...

KezzaG Tue 03-Apr-07 13:58:05

hotmail me if you want. If you just want to give her a call the womans name is Jackie and these are the clinic details. Im sure she wont mind a bit of free publicity on here

Mulberry Clinic

Tel: 01992 561 236

Mob: 07950 441 041

she has sent me testimonials, info sheets, price list etc.

tokentotty Tue 03-Apr-07 14:04:22

Will probably mail you tomorrow love - dashing off to scan now !!!!

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