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Anyone Trying Hypnobirthing?

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Seabird Thu 24-Feb-05 21:28:51

I've seen from a few threads that various people have done hypnobirthing courses and I thought it might be nice to start a thread to compare our experiences.

My midwife suggested hypnobirthing for me for my 2nd (due in April). I did a weekend course at 29 weeks and am really excited about the birth. I'm aiming for a waterbirth at home. I wanted this last time too but my waters broke and I ended up being induced with syntocinon/epidural/forceps/stitches etc etc - really hoping things work at home this time, but hopefully the techniques will help me deal with whatever happens.

Meantime the rainbow relaxation CD sends me to sleep every time dd naps, which is handy!

Would be interesting to hear from anyone who's already given birth using hypnobirthing, too.

bonym Fri 25-Feb-05 17:15:34

Hi Seabird - I have been listenting to CD's by Natal Hypnotherapy. I'm now 36weeks and although I obviously don't know what effect they will have when I go into labour, I must say that I am feeling much more positive and relaxed about everything than I was prior to starting the course. I'm also planning a home water birth after having an epidural/ventouse/epsiotomy in hospital last time. I do honestly feel that I am much more prepared mentally than last time and that I have got some good techniques for coping with the pain. The only downside (or could be an upside!) is that every time I listen to the CD I also fall asleep and although I do wake up at the end, I always feel really dopey and find it hard to wake up properly so usually end up just lying there for up to an hour afterwards! I suppose at this stage though the rest must be doing me good! I'll post after I've given birth to let you know how it went (not sure when in April you're due but hopefully I'll give birth before you!) and would be interested to hear your experience too.

franch Fri 25-Feb-05 17:52:33

Very interested in this thread - please do update - I'm planning a home waterbirth in Sept after horrible traumatic syntocinon/epidural + endless other problems last year, and am looking to do everything differently this time! Good luck and let me know how you get on

morningpaper Fri 25-Feb-05 17:54:53

I did this and I still had an horrendous time in labour. However, I think that it possibly did help relax me at home (I was at home for the first 17 hours).

And more importantly, the techniques I learnt can be applied to all sorts of situations, not just giving birth. (Useful when stressed with a newborn!)

Seabird Fri 25-Feb-05 21:17:54

Sorry you still had a bad time Morningpaper but thanks for being a bit positive anyway! Was it your first? Did you do a course?

bonym, your experience with the CD sounds v similar to mine (albeit different CD). Like you, I just figure I must need the sleep. I'm due 8 April and DD was early so hopefully I won't be too long after you.

franch - will definitely keep you posted

alibubbles Sat 26-Feb-05 10:53:45

There is an article in today's Times by a lady who went on to have a third baby after two awful births and said it was a fantastic and worthwhile experience.

franch Sat 26-Feb-05 11:22:58

Thanks ali. Times article here.

Seabird Sat 26-Feb-05 11:52:40

That's really interesting, thanks ali & franch. I do think it's funny the way the medical establishment are obsessed with "it's not proved. More research is needed" etc etc. I like the emphasis in the editorial on "active" birth rather than "natural". I'm certainly no earth mother and don't want natural just for the sake of it, but I would like the opportunity to avoid the cascade of intervention that last time ended up with me ill for weeks after dd's birth.

franch Sat 26-Feb-05 11:55:19

Ditto, Seabird

acnebride Sat 26-Feb-05 12:51:00

Would love to hear more about this. Heard good things from item on Richard and Judy (didn't see it myself but a midwife I was talking to was v impressed) and almost booked my sister onto a course as a birthday present. Not quite intrusive enough to do this.

Would definitely give it a go if I have another, as even a v basic relaxation technique was some help during ds's birth.

morningpaper Sat 26-Feb-05 13:51:31

I saw a private hypnotherapist for one-to-one sessions. I had several sessions with her and practised the techniques daily. They were similar to previous meditation techniques I had learnt. She had used hypnotherapy at her own births.

I really DO think it's valuable stuff to learn as 'life experience' and when you are pregnant is a good time to do it, because it's good to be in a relaxed state of mind, whether or not it helps during labour and birth.

Seabird Fri 01-Jul-05 21:20:28

I keep meaning to update this thread and not getting round to it, but in case anyone finds it on the archive - hypnobirthing worked brilliantly for me. DS was born at home in water exactly as I'd hoped and while it wasn't pain free, I never felt like I couldn't manage it. The only thing I would say is to make sure you call the midwife/go into hospital in plenty of time - I was so relaxed I left it really late and the midwife arrived 10 mins before DS was born . Apparently midwives are warned in hospitals to take hypnobirthing mothers-to-be seriously when they call to say they are in labour as they are probably about to pop!

Anyway if anyone wants to hear any more about this feel free to CAT me

Becky2you Mon 21-Aug-06 12:06:59

Does anyone have the Rainbow Relaxation CD - I can't seem to get a copy anywhere?
Please let me know if you have one you don't need anymore

MKG Thu 14-Sep-06 13:43:55

Hypnobirthing is great and will vary from person to person. During labor I still felt pain, but I was able to manage it very well. In fact, my husband said that I fell asleep between pushes. When my son was born I said, "That was like 15 minutes right?", my husband informed me that two hours had passed. Hypnobirthing classes taught me how to work with my body and not to be afraid of giving birth. Let's face it, it's very scary for first-timers.

Seabird Thu 14-Sep-06 21:40:07

Becky - CAT me if you are still after the Rainbow CD

Monkeychopsmummy Thu 14-Sep-06 21:56:04

I was always worried about how I would cope with pain in labour as I always thought I had a low pain threshold. Spines freak me out so an epidural would never be an option I would choose!I couldn't even look at the diagram they showed us of an epidural in my NCT class! Hypnobirthing really helped me and I managed to get through my 16 hour labour with just gas and air. I didn't need the gas and air until I was 5cm dilated. It was painful but managable and I felt confident that my body could do what it had to do. The midwives kept saying to me "you are so calm".

I found the breathing techniques I learnt at the hypnobirthing classes much more helpful than the NCT ones. Next time I will have a refresher session with my hypnobirthing instructor and listen to the CD's throughout the entire pregnancy.

babydriver Tue 19-Sep-06 12:55:22

Pleased to see good reports of hypnobirthing here. I'm almost 21wks and using the natal hypnotherapy CDs. At the moment, very good for relaxing but I'm really hoping they will help me have a better 2nd labour.

I did have a session or two with a hypnotherapist last time round but that was more about overcoming fears about birth before it happened than any specific pain mgt techniques.

Look forward to hearing how things work out with others who are further along in pg than me.

Ayisha Wed 06-Dec-06 21:02:51

Hi i've just got the hypnobirthing book and i'm finding it really interesting so far. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and it's my first so anything that will help with the pain i've heard so much about will be great. Does anyone know where i can get the cd's for the hypnobirthing? i'm especially interested in the rainbow technique and any kind of cd that can be used for the actual birth. I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks

babydriver Thu 07-Dec-06 12:57:45

Ayisha, there seem to be different types of hypnobirthing methods, so not sure which CD wd go with your book. The CDs I've got are the ones they sell through the NCT - try

Cyee Thu 07-Dec-06 13:15:26

CDs are also available directly from Natal: Good luck!

Ayisha Thu 07-Dec-06 21:53:22

Thanks for the info, the web sites are very useful. I'm actually reading the marie mongan method. I guess the cd's are all pretty similar anyway so i could still use them even if they aren't by her. Thanks again.

Galmum Fri 08-Dec-06 14:03:51

Hello ladies - may I join this thread? I'm 33 weeks - planning on going to a birth centre.

I've been reading the Mongan method book and listening to the CD, as well as going to pregnancy yoga once a week. I'm hopeful that I'll be more relaxed and able to work with my body this time. I decided against the course - too tight!! I'd be interested to know how you all get along.

PS only just realised that relaxation CD ends up talking through the birth of the baby - have always been dribbling by then and missed out on final part!

londonlou Fri 08-Dec-06 14:22:01

Hi, I'm only 6 weeks so veeeeery early days yet! But wondered if there were recommendations on which course is better than another. Gowri Motha's gentle birth method run classes, but wondered if others were better or equally as good.


corrina28 Fri 08-Dec-06 15:22:54

have never had hyponbirthing, but i have had hypnotherapy for panic attacks. That was 13 years ago (i was only 15 at the time) and i havent suffered with a panic attack since.

TheBlonde Fri 08-Dec-06 17:25:53

londonlou - I have just done the Mongan Hypnobirthing classes. Not convinced it was worth the $$$ as we didn't learn that much in the classes. If you go for that version you need to look for 12.5 hrs minimum tuition time (we got short changed)

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