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When could your urerus be felt ???Did the sonographer press hard????

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broodymom Thu 04-Sep-08 14:07:25

Hi, i'm 10+4 weeks and at my Mw visit she tried to feel for the uterus and said she feels nothing! is that normal? when do they feel it? She says that at my scan on mon to expect the sonographer to press hard against the abdomen! Has anyone else experienced this? thanks.

broodymom Thu 04-Sep-08 14:08:29

I read that the uterus is the size of a grapefruit at this time surely that would be felt? I'm getting worried.

tiggerlovestobounce Thu 04-Sep-08 14:09:13

I think in a first pregnancy it is 12 weeks before it can be felt.

broodymom Thu 04-Sep-08 14:11:28

This is my third!! i dont remember what happened the last time its been 8 yrs! lol

TotalChaos Thu 04-Sep-08 14:11:37

yeah I always understood that the uterus would be below the pelvic brim (so still in your groin area) before 12 weeks, so you wouldn't expect to feel it that early. btw even when I was further along in PG, the sonographer pressed hard at times to get a good view.

broodymom Thu 04-Sep-08 14:14:59

Did they, that makes me feel better about it i'm so worried about going for the scan and them telling me i'm not pg or somethings wrong blush we have been desperatly trying for this baby for a long time and suffered 2 early mc along the way.

dinkystinky Fri 05-Sep-08 17:04:31

Sonographer pressed hard at 12 week scan for DS and again in this pregnancy with no2 so dont worry aobut it broodymom

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