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Due Nov 2008 - Explosion Risks, Names Dilemmas and Baby shopping Galore!

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LadyBuzz Wed 03-Sep-08 11:52:29

New thread ladies

ceebee74 Wed 03-Sep-08 12:00:37

Ladybuzz - thankyou for the thread. I was starting to think that everyone else had gone into hiding so they didn't have to start the new thread grin whilst I was sat here trying to think of a good title! Love it smile

ChocOrange05 Wed 03-Sep-08 12:07:47

Great title LadyBuzz - well done for keeping us going! grin

Tinkerisdead Wed 03-Sep-08 12:09:43

Hi all, just seen you started a new thread. ive been mega busy as friend had her baby and needed some support and had loads of in law "issues" not had chance to pop on here much and when you do its well hard trying to keep track. just wanted to check everyone is doing okay.

we had all our names picked out and then DH realised that a girl would have SMS or SAS or SES as initals as were a bit concerned. so i asked him to suggest alternative middle names and he has sent me and email with about 7 and i love love love them all. argghhhhhh.....

have i missed anything good?

Pinkali37 Wed 03-Sep-08 12:14:47

Well Done Lady buzz!

LackaDAISYcal Wed 03-Sep-08 12:31:47

just bookmarking this, will be back later smile

Love the title ladybuzz....I just couldn't think of anything at all.

ruthosaurus, Finlay is from the gaelic name Fionnlagh meaning fair warrior. There's also a norse connection as well where it translates as battle hero......I have researched that one well wink

Oblomov Wed 03-Sep-08 12:40:48

Thanks ladyBuzz.
Like ceebee, was starting to think that everyone was hiding, because their normally imaginative brains had gone into meltdown, re unable to come up with decent title.

Now I have a couple of warnings: Things to think about in the next month:

1) my MW told me that notes should be carried with us/easy accessible for dh's from NOW ON.

2) Start to pack/ atleast plan those hospital bags. You don't know which of us is going to be caught out early.

3) Consider taking off rings. Fingers can swell suddenly and it is very painful to get rings off. I took mine off quite late last time. And hated it becasue I felt naked. But my fingers are a tiny bit swollen already. So I have, this morning, taken off my wedding and engagement ring. I am left with my bigger, eternity ring, which I didn't have last time. Feels fine. Don't leave it TOO LATE.

Oblomov Wed 03-Sep-08 12:42:05

Nice to see DrsWife.
We were becoming a bit concerned re her abscence.

Tinkerisdead Wed 03-Sep-08 12:44:03

Dont be concerned oblomov Im still here hope your okay, saw a post about cutting pregnant people some slack and you had commented that you had rested after a hypo. hope your doing alright?

Pinkali37 Wed 03-Sep-08 12:59:07

Ob's Thank you for the warnings. I've been thinking about this recently. Going shopping on Saturday to get hospital bag things so will get that sorted.

I just can't wait to start getting the news about everyones safe arrivals. it will be such an exciting time. Didn't someone mention us having text buddies so we could text someone to say we've gone into labour? Or maybe as some people seem able to, we could just post on here and let everyone wait, maybe that is a more practical idea because who knows if our buddies end up going into labour too, YIKES what a comotion it would cause grin

thomasina1 Wed 03-Sep-08 13:14:10

Obs thanks for the tips. Aaaargh I am getting scared... it will be happening soon! Had my first "antenatal yoga" class yesterday and the teacher kindly enlightened us with a phase of the birth known as the "ring of fire"... hmmm.

Names... love Finlay, was that Ruthosaurus's? That was near the top of our list for boys. We know we're having a girl and have pretty much decided on Eleanor as a first name, but DH and I are not in agreement over middle names - he wants 2, I think 1 is enough! Anyway, at least we have the first name sorted out.

Am beginning to get into a bit of a panic about nurseries now... won't need one till Sep 09 but am thinking I need to start looking into this now. Am I right?

ceebee74 Wed 03-Sep-08 13:18:59

Thomasina - yes, you do really need to start now. With DS, I was about 7 months pg when we booked him in for a nursery place to start 10 months later and that was cutting it fine. I have booked this baby in already for starting in September 09.

Obs - thanks for the warnings. Have been thinking about my hospital bag but keep putting it off blush

Pink - yes, we did talk about text buddies and I guess we need to get something organised. I am thinking that we need to co-ordinate it so people who are due at the same time are not each other's text buddies as they could both be in labour at the same time grin. Any ideas how we can organise this?

Oblomov Wed 03-Sep-08 13:26:17

I think it was Daisy who suggested text buddies. She has done such a fab job of stork, I think if she is still happy to do it, we should leave it to her.

Thomasina, no harm in checking out nurseries. Depending on where live/how oversubscribed they are, waiting list coul d be very long. Yes, do it now. Or atleast start checking.

Thanks DrsWife. I am o.k. Did have hypo. But it was not a MAJOR one. Just hurt muscles, but now had massage, feeling bit better.

You know I started these anti sickness tablets yesterday. They are fab. BUT I now have terrible stomach pains and very bad diarrhea. It never rains but it pours, does it. Someone give me a PMA twist on thsi, please.

MerryMarigold Wed 03-Sep-08 13:32:59

Thanks for new thread, Ladybuzz. I have been having a scan today. Good news, babies are well, both on 50th centile (eeeeeeeek) and weighing in at 1.5kgs, which is about 3lbs each. They're BOTH transverse (no wonder I am uncomfortable) so at the moment there will be no option except a c-section, but apparently they can turn till about 34 weeks, which is my next scan, so I guess they will talk options then.

Pinky, 'M' names - Melissa? And of course Marigold (which would be Maggie for short - I love Maggie!).

Ladybuzz, like 'Jay' too, which would be nickname for our James (if we go James and not Elliot!). Thomasina, my name is Ellena - so a bit worried about having an Elliot and Ellena in the same family. Love my name though!

Dozymare Wed 03-Sep-08 13:40:41

found you all!!!!

Well I have to say what lovely names we are all coming up with........if this baby had been a boy would have been a Samuel (Sam) or a Finn!

I also love Leia whoever mentioned that - in fact, when Oblomov and I were shopping at Bluewater this was the name of a shop and as it is so similar to DH's favourite name of Layla it seemed like fate (well at least to Oblomov and I!)

Have had a v.v.v.v. stressful morning.....boys are really playing up and DS1 is currently in his room until he calms down, he had a real meltdown which is the firt time he has ever done thinks he is ready for school sooner rather than later!

Hope you all ahve good afternoons

DM x

ceebee74 Wed 03-Sep-08 13:45:00

Dozy - sorry you are having a hard time at the mo but it is nearly over and DS will be at school! Perhaps a good job you are having a girl otherwise we would be overrun with Sam's grin

suiledonn Wed 03-Sep-08 13:52:31

Hi everyone. Thanks for the new thread Ladybuzz. Good title once again.

We have no names decided. Completely in denial about it. Last time even though we didn't find out the sex I just knew we were having a girl so I didn't even consider boy's names at all. This time round I have no 'feeling' whether it is a boy or girl and I can't cope with choosing one of each name so I have just given up and will wait to be inspired at the last minute. If I let 2 year old dd pick she would choose Stephanie or Sportacus!

I'm sure this has been discussed already but my brain has lost the ability to retain or process information so I have to ask. Is there a date by which we should send our Secret Stork presents or can we go ahead as soon as we have found something? Also, is it to remain a secret our can we let the person know?

LackaDAISYcal Wed 03-Sep-08 14:00:10

Secret Stork Update

I thought if we all send at approximately the same time, think I said the 30th September for last posting date, so we have a few days of excitement as they come rolling in. I also think not telling when you send the gift, otherwise tis no secret wink. We can all have a guessing game later on (although I'm sure some will be obvious from the postmark) how our late pregnancies will fly by grin.

Pinkali37 Wed 03-Sep-08 14:22:20

OBS- the positive is *you're having a baby* grin and as people keep telling me, once the bundle is in your arms, you will forget all about the hassle during pregnancy! Although thinking about it, then the real hard work starts!

Ok so i must start looking for nice gift.. i like sending presents to people <me thinks I need to get out more>

p.s. hopefully I will have nursery pictures up tomorrow. Last night my mum came round to help with the curtains (sorry I sat on the floor and then proceeded to lie on the floor whilst watching), she tried to iron them but she said they needed washing really as it would help soften them and get the creases out, so she took them away!!! Oh joy! They should be back tonight.

misdee Wed 03-Sep-08 14:40:42

i forgot my anti-d appointment today blush

have rearrnaged for it to be done when i am clinic tomorrow, i can hang around most of the day as dd3 is due to see plastic surgeons again that day for a check up on her hand. first appointment is at 9.20 for me, then 10.50 for dd3 down in paed dept, then wil lgo back for my jab if its not been done by then.

LouiseSJ Wed 03-Sep-08 14:41:53

Hello Ladies.

I haven't been on here for absolutely ages so I haven't even attempted to try to catch up with all the millions of posts. However, I've seen some conversations about baby names. Ruthosaurus, I love the name Tallulah. My dh, like yours, completely hates it.

I have a little girl called Ffion (A welsh name. My dh is Welsh.). We are trying to find a Welsh name for our little boy, but at the moment can't agree on anything. And as I am English I find a lot of them difficult to pronounce. Has anybody got any suggestions for easy to pronounce Welsh boys names?

Pinkali - I remember you live somewhere in Lincolnshire. There is a thread for Lincolnshire mums if you're interested. We are trying to arrange a meet up in Lincoln for Friday at 1pm. By the way, you said you liked the name Amelia. If you wanted something similar, but a bit more unusual, how about Aurelia? That is my little girl's middle name. I won't bore you with the story about how we got the name. Maybe I'll tell you one day. It is Latin and means golden.

PS: I've just had my 28 week check with the midwife. My fundal height is 32! This little boy is going to be huge shock

tablefor3 Wed 03-Sep-08 14:49:30

Louise - don;t know whether this will help or not! But my 30 week appt measured fundal height as at 27cms and everyone was very concerned that I was small for dates etc. So, got sent for a scan the next day (who knew this even happened on the NHS wink) Anyway, scan shows that the baby is simply very low down, plus I am 5'10" and (well, pre-baby) fairly slim, so no extra fat. All in all, is plenty long enough and already 1.9kgs.

As you know fundal height is pretty unscientific (a tape measure LOL!), so hopefully your's will be a good size without being huge.

misdee Wed 03-Sep-08 14:50:26

i'm not at clinic tomorrow [blush. i meant monday lol.


Pinkali37 Wed 03-Sep-08 15:12:27

Hi Louise, Thank you for that. Can you do a link to the lincolnshire mums group?

barbareebaa Wed 03-Sep-08 15:14:23


lovely new thread! Thanks ladybuzz !

May I be really rude and tell you about my Sh**te day? I'll try and keep it short!
I went to a midwife appointment this morning which was all good - everything as it should be. I went home and dropped my notes off and went to catch the bus to work. I sat next to the aisle as there was a lady sat by the window. The bus driver was in a bit of a hurry and as we came to the lady's stop she stood up and moved towards me (she wanted me to get out of the way) I stepped out into the aisle to let her past and then the bus stopped really suddenly and I fell backwards onto the steps. blush sad
I was upset so I got off the bus there as my doctors was round the corner and they said to pop to the hospital. I had no money on my phone and only 40p on me so I had to phone dh at work on a public phone and get him to phone work. So I had to get the bus to Whipps cross. When I got there (upset, sore and shaken) the midwife told me as I didn't have my notes she would not check me over and I had to go home to get them shock I was very upset - about an hour each way (bus and feet) She was giving me a lecture about how I should carry my notes with me at all times and it was my own fault and she would be happy to check me over when I had been home to get them. I told her about the bus journey but she didn't seem to care. I wandered off crying and in a bit of a daze. NOONE SEEMED TO CARE!!!
It was only when I asked to phone dh and she saw how upset I was that she relented and grudgingly hooked me up to the monitor, all the while telling me off for not bringing my notes and making me feel like a naughty school girl.
sad sad sad
All was fine (thank goodness) but now I'm thinking these midwives are horrible and unsympathetic and I don't know if I want to have my baby at Whipps.
I'm probably completely over-reacting.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for going on.


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