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Has anyone got a nice pattern to when they delivered??

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minkersmum Sat 30-Aug-08 10:54:18

I had ds1 at 37 weeks and dd1 at 38, i'm now 37+5 with number 3 and i'm so much more uncomfortable, ribs are breaking , head has been engaged for past 3 weeks, now only 2/5 palpable, lots of mucousy stuff coming away from the fango (SORRY TMI), if it stays in there llike this til 42 weeks i may just be put off having another.

I know i should just be grateful that the first two were so great, didn't have the discomfort and had great quick labours, agony but quick (8 hours first time, 4 hours 40 mins the second) but i can't stop obsessing over it.

I'm worried it stays in for ages and my dp is 6 ft 8, what if it gets massive and its the hardest delivery yet (suppose fango will be able to cope with other two having paved the way but thats another story!!)

Anyone got a great story of how they 'always' went early, that a pattern does exsist in most women????


I am watching with interest as my DD arrived at 38.5 weeks and I am now 33 weeks pregnant grin

minkersmum Sat 30-Aug-08 10:59:25

Its so frustrating isn't it, its the not knowing, i wish my best friend was mystic meg!!

minkersmum Sat 30-Aug-08 11:03:03

Both of my previous labours came as such a surprise. Waters broke then labour started within a few hours. So no big warning just a quick gush both at roughly 9 at night and babies not so long after.

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