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due sept 08-looking for friends

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milkbeard Sun 24-Aug-08 22:54:38

hello to all, been a member for a while but only just got computer up and running again. would love to hear from others due same time.
here's the gossip about me...currently pregnant with 2nd child, now 36+5. have DD who is 2 and has just decided to become a terrible 2! has decided that doesn't like babies, stamped on my friends 6 week olds head-luckily not hard, everytime see friends babies or 5 month old cousin shouts wake up to them when their sleeping. oh dear. with DD ended up having her at 36 weeks due to pre eclampsia. being closely monitored this time as she was small. Bp grand this time. feels weird still being pregnant as really thought would have problems this time, but so far so good. just got back from hospital as hadn't felt babe move today and moment they put me on heart monitor moved loads! would be lovely to hear from anyone. was going to try and make this thread witty and interesting but far too tired after entertaining DD all day.

ninja Sun 24-Aug-08 23:04:33


I'm due a week after you with my second (first dd now 5). I've been a member since pregnant with dd, buit don't post that much as I'm not very good at typing.

There's a really active Due Sept thread (well actually a series of them - there are LOTS of us, seems we were all bored in the Christmas Hols). I'm sure you'd be really welcome there although it can progress quite fast. There's a list of due dates and births on that which you can add yourself to.

Welcome back!

milkbeard Sun 24-Aug-08 23:07:26

hi ninja, thank you for responding. i'm same as you, tend to read threads but don't post as terrible at typing. will have a look at other threads x

ninja Mon 25-Aug-08 11:09:58

I have to say first time round I loved being pregnant and while I haven't had too many problems this time, I'm tired and uncomfortable now (although quite why I think that this is all going to change when it's born!!)

Are you all organised? I've just realised that my sister (hopefully) has all my stuff from first time round, so I'm hoping to catch up with her soon.

Where are you based?

milkbeard Mon 25-Aug-08 15:47:08

hi ninja, last time wasn't organised at all cos DD came 4 weeks early. Didn't even have a crib for her. this time am organised-didn't take much cos still have everything from DD. don't know what i'm having this time and didn't last time so have loads of neural clothes. last time enjoyed being preg but this time just finding it exhausting having to chase around after DD. 2 year olds just so demanding. i'm based newcastle-what bout you? x

ninja Tue 26-Aug-08 09:45:58

I'm near Manchester. I was unprepared last tinme when dd was 5 days early (was meant to be working the next day and spent the whole time in labour saying 'don't forget to tell them I won't be in work!').

4 weeks early must have been a shock.

I'm lucky that dd 5 is very excited about having a brother or sister (has been bugging me to provide one for a couple of years) and she THINKS she'll be really helpful - we'll see.

She's off camping with her cousins this week so I have some peace to get stuff done (although I just feel like I want peace to sit and read) I guess I haven't got that nesting instinct yet.

milkbeard Tue 26-Aug-08 15:49:29

very impressed you worked so late into last preg. very cute your dd thinks she's going to be a big help.

enjoy your week of rest, will probably be the last time you get chance to have any 'you' time for a fair while. have you finished work yet? i ended up finishing at 30 weeks cos started showing signs of prem labour, had steriods to mature babe's lungs etc and now feel bit of a fraud cos still preggers!

i've had nesting instinct for a while but think its mainly due to starting to get anxious bout birth so need to keep busy!

ninja Wed 27-Aug-08 10:40:23

Glad to see you on the Sept thread now - I told you it was very active!!

Yes DD said it'll be a lot easier than last time as last time there was jsut 2 of us to look after her and this time there'll be 3 of us! When I told her to expect that I'd be tired she said that if I didn't wake up she could help look after the baby in the night!!

Re work - I'm quite lucky as I'm in educcation and so the summer's been quite quiet, back for a couple of weeks and I finish a week before the baby's due - it better not come too early!

notsoslimnow Wed 27-Aug-08 17:33:36

hi there, im due 21 september,1st baby (boy) pretty clueless!!! more than happy to catch up here as the sept thread does move very very quickly x

milkbeard Wed 27-Aug-08 21:10:46

can't believe how fast sept thread moves, feel like i'm going to be on it most of day just to keep up!

had bh for ages but today bit more uncomfy and feeling pressure 'down below'. maybe sign babe getting ready, although I don't quite feel ready.

ninja did i read your having hwb?

hiya notsoslimnow have you decided on name yet? don't know what i'm having and no names yet, what bout you ninja?

notsoslimnow Wed 27-Aug-08 21:18:38

hi, im having a little boy.absolutely stuck for names!!!thinking maybe oscar...but everyone we think of has objections from family!!! i am having a hwb btwsmile very very scared about labour and dont think ive had any bh but dont know what they feel like!!!!!!! how about you milkbeard?

naturalblonde Wed 27-Aug-08 21:23:03

Hi I'm due 17th Sept, have dd who's 2 on 16th(!)

Ninja that is brave working that close to due date - I just finished today and thought that was pushing it!!

notsoslimnow Wed 27-Aug-08 21:24:50

wow we all have due dates really close dont we!

milkbeard Wed 27-Aug-08 21:46:14

have same problem as you notsoslim every name we've thought of someone objects or tells us about some awful person they know with same name! still clueless about what we'll call it but have a few ideas and decided not to tell family and friends cos sick of them putting us off. oscar cool, one of our possibles!

due dates all close-wonder who'll be first, how far were you when you had dd naturalblonde?

bh coming loads tonight, can feel whole stomach go really hard, dp just felt one and couldn't believe it, said it felt like rock hmm. do feel bit stronger tonight, when i was in labour last time i stated with discomfort at top of bump, but everyone else i spoke to said theirs was at bottom of bump like period cramps-trust me to be different!

notsoslimnow Wed 27-Aug-08 21:51:51

oh i see do these bh hurt? could i have been having them and not know? desperate to feel the way milkbeard i am very naughty on sept thread...i cant keep up so i end up reading last post and replying to that one!!! grin.are you planning hb?

milkbeard Wed 27-Aug-08 22:03:05

not allowed hb as was really ill with pre eclampsia last time, this time no signs but being scanned every 2 weeks cos blood flow in placenta bit abnormal so classed as a 'risk' sad cos would of liked one as would be so much easier for childcare. hoping for water birth in hospital though.

bh haven't been painful, have just been aware of stomach going hard, think more common when you've had a baby before. only today getting more uncomfy. starting to think is this it, but sure its probably down to doing to much today, dd needs alot of entertaining

ninja Wed 27-Aug-08 22:27:52

Yep a homebirth - I had an episiotomy and Ventouse with dd so was worried that they wouldn't let me have one, but they couldn't have been more pleased!

I've bought a pool and I'm really excited about labour this time (although I'm worried that might be mis-guided).

As for names, DH is Irish and wants an Irish name - probably my favourites are Fionn (Finn) or Aidan for a boy and Maebh (Maeve) for a girl, but I'll ahve to wait until I see it.

I've had loads of BH's. I did last time too. Sometimes I have them several times an hour. They certainly take my breathe away and can be quite achy, but are very different from the real thing. I knew the real thing when it came last time (the night after my friend's hen-do as I was driving back from my parents house 1 1/2 hours away! I always get more when I'm active. We've just got a wii fit and I was hula hooping, loads of BH's!!

notsoslimnow Wed 27-Aug-08 22:41:40

ninja, have you taken any meassures to help prevent episiotomy/tearing this time? im worried about this but cant reach to do this perinial massage etcblush ive got a birth pool in a box...havent had a trial yet though as i really dont want to get it all out then put it all back (sooo lazy)!!! im now having to look around for some sheets for sofas ... any thoughts on that ninja?

ninja Thu 28-Aug-08 09:28:01

I've got the midwife coming today so I'll let you know.

I did perinial massage last time - but I have to say I was never sure it was in the right place! I think dd moved to be back to back last time as I got a lot of bachache in labour and the ventouse just turned her a bit and she shot out. I'm hoping this time if I don't have pethidine again I'll be more alert and it'll be easier.

milkbeard Thu 28-Aug-08 14:57:48

i had forceps last time with an episiotomy cos dd was showing signs of being tired. hoping to avoid cut this time, read few bits on perineal massage but haven't tried it. friend did it but she got partner to do it! think i would be blush. friend had little tear and no stiches. had another friend who did it and just had a few grazes. think its probably just luck. know that if you deliver head slowly that its meant to reduce risk of tearing. remember last time pain after from stiches was worse cos constipated, have been all this preg so have started on fibregel now and planning to continue this after birth. drinking water but can't drink too much cos never off toilet. eating loads of fruit

milkbeard Thu 28-Aug-08 18:31:23

sorry if tmi in last post blush

naturalblonde Thu 28-Aug-08 19:44:42

Milkbeard dd was born at 39+5 so judging by that I still have a way to go yet! Although BH driving m crazy, have been getting really strong ones constantly for about 3 months now, ended up in delivery a few weeks ago as they came 5 mins apart for 2 hours, but obv stopped as soon as i got there.

Am way bigger now than i was with dd, and had period-like pains earlier, plus backache, but I think I'm probably trying to convince myself I'm in labour as I'm so sick of it all at the moment!!

You're all so brave having homebirths - I'm terrified of labour and so will be in hospital at the earliest opportunity begging for an epidural!

ninja Thu 28-Aug-08 21:51:04

Milky - definitely not TMI - I have lots of dried fruit in my bag this time and ate a lot last time in labour and had been to the tiolet before I left hospital so definitely worth it!

Naturalblonde - I was in during being monitored during my last pregnancy with BH's too - they stopped as soon as I got there, annoying isn't it!

I'm not brave, but possibly a bit deluded! The hospotal send DH home and left me alone in a room for hours only to find me moaning on the floor last time, so I think being at home will be a better experience!

milkbeard Thu 28-Aug-08 22:19:44

not really had any bh today. just had first go on birth ball (dp never stopped laughing hmm) having some now but not uncomfy like yesterday. only 37+1 now but cos dd was born at 36 had sort of expected to have babe now. glad i haven't as want this babe to be a nice healthy weight when born-but not too big wink

milkbeard Thu 28-Aug-08 22:22:09

ninja going to get some dried fruit for hospital bag tomorrow, horrible that you were left alone last time, no wonder you've opted for hwb

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