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Due Nov 2008 - PMA - our tums & bums are growing but we get an excuse to wear big knickers - now that's a stroke of luck!!! x x x

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ChocOrange05 Sat 16-Aug-08 11:49:00

Hope you like the thread - minds not working so well at the moment!

LackaDAISYcal Sat 16-Aug-08 12:03:26

lol chocorange grin. comfort wins the day.

DH has just come home with a support belt thingy that looks like a six legged octopus. I'm trying to see the positives in wearing it!

and the title has reminded me of a conversation I had with DS when pregnant with DD. He wanted to know what would happen to my tummy after I'd had the baby; so i tried the balloon analogy, explaining that like a balloon that has been blown up and let down, my tummy would be a bit saggy and baggy for a bit but would hopefully go back to something like normal eventually. He considered this, stared hard at my body then asked......."that's fine mum, but what'll happen to your bum then?"

LadyBuzz Sat 16-Aug-08 12:12:38

Choco love the thread title!
LOL at your DS Lacks ren't kids lovely. Hope you feel better soon and the ocyopus does the job for you!

MerryMarigold Sat 16-Aug-08 12:16:25

Ha ha ha. Lacks, I love it! Sadly, my bum stays the same size as normal, so instead of having a nice bum (which I'm quite proud of and dh's lurves), I have an ironing board bum and a HUUUUUUUGE stomach - and it stays like that after. I will be attempting to resurrect my bum after these babies (a couple of years after anyway).

Choc - great title. It's true! "I LOVE BIG NICKS AND I CANNOT LIE!".

MerryMarigold Sat 16-Aug-08 12:17:10

oops, i do only have one dh!

barbareebaa Sat 16-Aug-08 12:42:26

Fabulous title chocOrange grin

Can't wait to get mine!!

ceebee74 Sat 16-Aug-08 12:50:23

Choc - love the title! smile

Pinky - know you will have gone on holiday now but there is no rush for the blanket - baby not due for another 3 months anyway wink

Off to yet another birthday party this afternoon - honestly, DS has a far better social life then we do grin I was working it out and I think this is his 5th one in 2 months!! Need to go wrap the pressie now.

Been to aerobics this morning - it is definitely getting harder and I am not sure how long I can keep going - I just feel like an elephant throwing myself round the room blush

Hope you all have good weekends smile

Dozymare Sat 16-Aug-08 13:03:51

Morning all - love, love love the title!!

I also went to aerobics this morning, think it will be my last class though as my pelvis is very very sore and I was so out of breath....going to admit defeat and stop. Now I plan on enjoying the last few months and will worry about excercising again in the new year.......when I have about 4 stone of magnum and minstrels to lose....

I have also put on over 2 stone so far......

pinky I also want a blanket - can you please re link to your page as I couldn't decide between the garden and pink girlie one....might just have to get both! We need to sort out payment as well - can I paypal???

ceebee know what you mean about parties - DS1 seems to have one every other week and he is definately more popular than DH or I!

Off to the park now.......enjoy your days xxx

LackaDAISYcal Sat 16-Aug-08 13:13:45

Am in awe of you still doing aerobics at this stage though!

swimming is great from here on in if you want to keep your fitness up.

Heartmum2Jamie Sat 16-Aug-08 14:28:15

LOL at the new title, well done Choc!! I guess I best keep my mouth shut about my nice, normal knickers that sit nicely under my bump!

I am also in awe of anyone who is still working out or doing excersise of any description. Today I am feeling blah. I don't feel unwell, but I do feel weird and spaced out. I actually feel like I did the day before I gave birth to ds1, which has got me slightly nervous, but I am pretty sure baby will be staying put for the time being. I had confirmation on Thursday that I am indeed anaemic and I only started spatone today, took a dose an hour ago. Fingers crossed that my levels rise pretty quickly and I stop feeling so drained, tired and breathless. I am still thinking of making a trip to Ikea this weekend though, lol!

cricri Sat 16-Aug-08 16:11:52

Daisy Hope you managed to rest and that the soreness has eased. I ordered my blanket from PinkyMinky yesterday and can't wait for it to arrive grin
Pinkyminky Hope your DD is OK and the antibiotics are doing the job.
Heartmum Hope the spatone starts working soon and eases your symptoms. Not sure I could cope with going to Ikea so good luck with that!
I've been feeling a bit breathless today but it could just be from the gym this morning... One of the instructors put together a programme for me which should take me right up to the end hmm We'll see!
DH and I went to a shop out in the country near us which sells loads of baby stuff this afternoon and we've ordered our car seat grin I also ordered an Amby nest online when we got back so we're slowly getting organised smile Need to give cotbeds some thought now.

sparkletoes Sat 16-Aug-08 16:47:58

Haha love the new thread title ChocO!

In complete awe of the aerobics Dozy!! Couldn't possibly right now! May go back to swimming again tho as should do something...

May have better news tho for you and Ceebee, DS is back on naps!! Haha didn't last long did it?! Not my choice for an easier life I hasten to add, he just didn't seem to be able to cope after all. Last week had 2 days without and 2 days with nap. But on Fri pm we tried to take him out to shops and he went absolutely MENTAL and we couldn't even get him in the carseat!!

Gave up on whole shopping trip and immediately put him to bed for an hour. Again today he went mental at Morrisons so again straight to bed. Will just take it a day at a time but feeling now he is not ready for cold turkey on the naps <<<I am secretly doing cartwheels tho, well in my head!!>>>

Having nice juicy steaks again tonight and had a request for MonkeyMargot's mushroom ragu again so will be referring back to previous thread!!

Hope you are all having good weekend xx

chocolategal Sat 16-Aug-08 17:00:34

great thread title!!

well i had my 4D scan behaved very well and got some lovely pics of him, he looks rather comfy in there! at one point he managed to loop the cord round his neck and then untangle it with his foot!!! shock

the only downside to the scan was they checked babies kidneys again and the renal dilation looks slightly worse sad
he also mentioned cysts on one kidney?!
my question is do i wait until my NHS scan at 34 weeks or do i ask for an earlier one?
i would really like one sooner as i'd like to know what happens when baby is born if the kidneys dont improve, nobody at the hosp has explained this.
dozy gave me very helpful info but thats all ive been told really.

trying to stay positive as the sonographer says baby is completely unaware of this problem and growing away nicely!

sorry for long post, just a bit of mixed emotions with it all

sparkletoes Sat 16-Aug-08 17:40:54

He sounds very talented your little one Chocolategal with the cord aeorbics!

Can see why you are worried about kidney function tho, perhaps discuss it with MW or Doc? Know 34 weeks must seem a long time to wait...

chocolategal Sat 16-Aug-08 17:48:49

i have my 28week appt at MW in a week so might wait and see what she says sparkle, its for my piece of mind cos baby is happy and nothing can be done until birth anyway so they might just say to wait for the 34 week one.

its just always at the back of my mind...

and the front of my mind now is your steaks sparkle, mmmm series of X factor starts tonight!! hehehe

cricri Sat 16-Aug-08 18:03:08

chocolategal Glad your 4D scan was a success and you got some good pictures grin It's a lovely experience isn't it? Your little boy sounds as though he might make a good gymnast when he's older grinAre you going to put some photos on your profile? Sorry to hear the renal dilation has got worse though sad Perhaps you can mention it to your mw next week and see if she can refer you for an earlier scan? I was told at my 20w scan that if the dilation was above 10mm I would have been referred to a consultant so perhaps you could get referred sooner so that everything is in place for after the birth? Although waiting until 34 weeks probably won't make that much difference as they can't do anything now, it's just for your own peace of mind as you say and the fact that 34 weeks seems like such a long time to wait. I was told that after the birth the baby would be scanned again and antibiotics given if appropriate but I wasn't really given any details. Hopefully DM will be along soon and will have some words of wisdom... In the meantime I guess you need to keep focusing on the fact that your baby is growing away nicely and is quite happy smile I can understand how worrying it must be though.
Forgot to say earlier, love the new thread title smile

sparkletoes Sat 16-Aug-08 18:14:04

Yeah see what MW says, I just meant 34 weeks was a bit long to wait before discussing it with anyone but of course we will all be at the stage of seeing midwifes before then duh! blush

Haha me too!!! The smell is already making my mouth water and they aren't on yet!

Yeah I did LOL at the guy 'rapping' along to mysterious girl in the advert!

xxrubysmum08xx Sat 16-Aug-08 18:34:58


Finally found the nov 08 bumps oohh all these headings on mums net!! im so lost!

well im saying HELLLLOOOO !!

Im due 18th nov its a girl and my 4th child!

Hope to make some fabby friends!!


chocolategal Sat 16-Aug-08 18:36:44

thank you cricri and sparkle, feel a bit better about it now.
cricri it is still under 10mm, think the biggest was 9mm, but only 5mm at 20wks.
i will try to put some pics on tmw, it was a lovely experience and have watched the DVD already! hehe

enjoy your steaks sparkle....

sparkletoes Sat 16-Aug-08 19:13:37

Welcome Rubysmum!! Yes we are a chatty lot, it is hard to keep up sometimes! You'll need to add urself to our spin off threads (if u r interested!). There is a predictions thread and a secret stork somewhere... I'll look.

Am still secretly envy of your 4D scan Chocolategirl btw!! Must have been so amazing!

ceebee74 Sat 16-Aug-08 19:42:31

Rubysmum - welcome!! You will ceratinly make some fabby friends here as everyone is so lovely smile

Sparkle - yay for Ds's naps, no wonder you are pleased! Maybe he was just testing the water wink and found he didn't like it!!

Mmmm am drooling at your steaks! It is our wedding anniversary tonight (11 years shock) so I am doing steaks in a mushroom, cream and stilton sauce - v rich but v v delicious! Haven't had it since finding out I was pg but following Choc's revelation last week that it is ok as long as cooked properly, it is our anniversary treat smile

chocolategal - can't wait to see the photos of your scan - glad it was good. sad about the renal dilation but definitely ask the MW - that is what they are there for.

chocolategal Sat 16-Aug-08 19:51:03

happy anniversary ceebee, you too enjoy your steaks!

welcome rubysmum everyone is so supportive and friendly on here you will love it!

sparkle aww, i know i do feel lucky that we were able to have private scan done

now off to watch x factor, will post pics tmw, enjoy your evening ladies

Dozymare Sat 16-Aug-08 20:16:12

Chocolategal glad you had a chance to see your little man in 4d - would love to see the pictures as well!!! Now regarding the renal dilation and cysts..>Firstly, do NOT PANIC, I am sure everything will be fine. However, I would call the consultant who you saw at the 20 week scan to inform them that you have had a private 4d scan done and that the dilation had increased and cysts were also present. (Remind me, were they spotted at your 20 week scan?) I would then let the consultant decide wether or not to wait until the 34 week scan. At this stage with DS1, I was being scanned every 2 weeks to keep an eye on the amniotic fluid levels (remember, all was fine throughout). I would imagine that your wee man will need to go onto trimpethoprim as a preventative measure once he is born they will scan to make sure function is ok. Does that help?? I hope so....

Ceebee happy anniversary grin I must have missed MonkeyMargot's mushroom ragu - can someone please link - you know how I love my food!!!

Welcome Rubysmum how are you?! Do you know what you are having and how old are you other 3???

Have a top evening all!

dm X

hanaflower Sat 16-Aug-08 21:22:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sparkletoes Sat 16-Aug-08 21:24:00

Yes Ceebs I am more than a little bit relieved about it! Had resigned myself to fact it had happened so that was that but after the last couple of days there is just no way for it to continue indefinately... Will see what next week brings!!!

Happy anniversary too!!

Dozy, I will copy and paste Margot's Mushroom Ragu (although it does feel a bit like plagerism blush so will say now it is ALL Margot's work!!)

Quick mushroom sauce... Slice an onion into thin rings and saute. Remove. Saute sliced mushrooms and remove. Add half glass white wine to pan, degalze, then add small tub creme fraiche, half a squeezed lemon, teaspoon of wholegrain mustard to pan anad bubble up. Season with lots of salt + pepper, and put onions and mushrooms back in. Pour over (chewy) steak or cardboard.

She's right it is delish!

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