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August 2008: Ante-Natal/Post-Natal Club - 21 Babies & Counting

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TwilightSurfer Wed 13-Aug-08 17:05:40


GROUP TOTAL: 65 [BIRTHS: 21]grin

17JUL WhippyVoodoo formerly Voodoococonut delivered DC#2, a BOY named JJ (7lb 4.5oz), via CS [EDD 23JUL].
21JUL IlanaK delivered DC#3, a BOY named Saul, via CS [EDD 28JUL].
24JUL Alittlebitshy delivered DC#2, a BOY named Henry (8lb 11.5oz), via CS [EDD 03AUG].
29JUL Jennylee delivered DC#2 , a GIRL named ? (6lb 2oz), via VB+IN [EDD 17AUG]
30JUL Miamla delivered DC#1, a BOY named Theodore (8lb 4oz), via VB [EDD 29JUL].
31JUL Dizzydixies delivered DC#3, a GIRL named Cordelia Dylan Mae (9lb 14oz & 54cm), via CS [EDD 30JUL].
31JUL ChaCha delivered DC#3, a BOY named ?, via CS [EDD 10AUG].
01AUG Gigglegirl delivered DC#4, a GIRL named Imogen Louise (6lb 6oz), via CS [EDD 14AUG].
01AUG CaptainCaveman delivered DC#2, a BOY named Oliver Benjamin (6lbs 14oz), via CS [EDD 14AUG].
03AUG Buckets delivered DC#3, a BOY named Kurt Benedict (8lb 5oz), via VBAC [EDD 02AUG].
04AUG MrsMagooo delivered DC#2, a BOY named Elijah Jacob Patrick Aguda (7lb 10oz), via eCS [EDD 12AUG].
04AUG Vintagegardenia delivered DC#2, a BOY named Edward (10lb 12oz), via VB [EDD 04AUG].
04AUG Skytvaddict delivered DC#4, a BOY named Lewis David (8lb 3oz), via CS [EDD 08AUG].
06AUG Pregnancy1 delivered DC#1, a GIRL named Emmeline Greta (7lb 13oz), via VB [EDD 16AUG].
08AUG Expectant delivered DC#1, a BOY named Samuel Ashley (8lb 11oz & 51cm), via VB+IN [EDD 18AUG].
08AUG Pertelote delivered DC#1, a GIRL named Marianne Alice, via VB [EDD 01AUG].
08AUG Poppysocks delivered DC#2, a GIRL named Emily Alice Elizabeth (7lb 6oz), via CS [EDD 17AUG].
09AUG Babieseverywhere delivered DC#2, a BOY named Edward Luke (10lb 1oz), via CS [EDD 08AUG].
10AUG Bealcain delivered DC#3, a GIRL named Delilah (8lb 1.5oz), via VB+IN [EDD 08AUG].
12AUG* *SazzlesA delivered DC#2, a GIRL named Emma Louise (6lb 11oz), via CS [EDD 14AUG].
12AUG Sarahnh delivered DC#2, a GIRL named Tess Alexandra (6lb 10oz), via VB [EDD 11AUG].

>>>29JUL Bigboydiditandranaway is 36 and lives in Midlands. She has a DS, 26m. Expecting DC#2.
>>>31JUL SassyLou is 33 and lives in Cheshire. She has 2DDs, 7y & 5y. Expecting DC#3.
>>>01AUG PhilB is 31 and lives in SE London. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
>>>02AUG Mum2b1 is expecting DC#1.
>>>02AUG Shazza2002 is 28 and lives in West London. She has a DD, 5y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
>>>07AUG PunksNotDeadsmile has 2DDs, 13 & 9. Expecting DC#3 via CS [EDD 15AUG], a GIRL.
>>>07AUG BraveNewWorld is 31 and lives in London. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
>>>08AUG KnockOffNorbert aka LadyOfWaffle is 22 and lives in Berkshire. She has a DS, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
>>>08AUG Mummypud is 29 and lives in Wiltshire. She has a DD, 2.5y. Expecting DC#2.
>>>09AUG BirthdayBaby is expecting DC#1.
>>>10AUG Lcy is 30 and lives in Wales. Expecting DC#1, guesses it's a boy.
>>>11AUG Foghornleghorn is 23 and lives in Northampton. She has 2DDs, 3y & 1y. Expecting DC#3, guesses it's a girl.
>>>11AUG Sibh has 2DCs, DS 5y & DD 2y. She is expecting DC#3.
>>>13AUG Mal00 is 33 and lives in South London. She is expecting DC#1, a BOY to be name Leonardo or Lorenzo.
>>>13AUG Murf is expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
14AUG Hardygirl is 36 and lives in SW London. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
14AUG HazieDazieandBaby is 26 and lives in Aberdeen. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL to be named Gabriella.
15AUG SausageAndMashsmile is 37 and lives in London. She has a DD, 3y. Expecting DC#2 via CS [EDD 24AUG].
16AUG Longwayfromhome is 29 and lives in Argentina[London-4h]. Expecting DC#1, a BOY to named Tomas.
16AUG TwilightSurfer is 37 and lives in Chattanooga[London-5h]. She has a DD, 4y. Expecting DC#2 via VB, a GIRL to be named Reese Eleanor.
17AUG Iliketosleep is 24 and lives in Wolverhampton. She has 2DDs, 7y & 6y and a DS, 4y. Expecting DC#4, a GIRL to be named Brooke Olivia.
17AUG Warthog has a DD, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a GIRL.
17AUG Bohemianbint has DS, 23m. Expecting DC#2.
18AUG Kezza7779 is expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
18AUG Cheerfulvicky is 24 and lives in Cornwall. Expecting DC#1, a BOY.
19AUG Karney is 39 and lives in Glasgow.
19AUG Daisy26 is expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
19AUG Briwish lives in Solihull. She has a DD, 19m and is expecting DC#2, a GIRL.
20AUG Ejesmum is 38 and lives in Exeter. She has a DS, 4y. Expecting DC#2.
20AUG Stillhere is 36 and lives in Yorkshire. She has a DS, 2.5y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
20AUG Skybluebelle lives in Birmingham and is expecting DC#1.
21AUG Pinchypants is 34 and lives in Guildford. She has a DD, 20m. Expecting DC#2.
21AUG Musm2go is 35 and lives in B'ham Solihull. She has a DD, 6y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
23AUG Stickybean is 27 and lives in North London. Expecting DC#1, guesses it's a girl.
24AUG Libbyssister is 34 and lives in Oxfordshire. She has a DS, 2.11y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
24AUG Cyteen is 32 and lives in Leicester. Expecting DC#1, a BOY to be named Joseph Simon.
24AUG Oopsacoconut is 32 and lives in Wiltshire. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL to be named Poppaea Anna.
25AUG Petitfilou is 36 and lives in S Oxfordshire. She has a DS, 4.4y, & a DD, 2.10y. Expecting DC#3, a BOY.
26AUG Ellasmum1 is 30 and lives in North Staffs-Newcastle under Lyme. She has a DD, 5y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
26AUG Dancerandprancer is 31 and lives in Devon. She has a DD, 28m. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
27AUG Goodie2shoes is 38. She has a DS, 2y and is expecting DC#2, a BOY.
28AUG Ataraxis formerly Readyforbed has 2 DSs, 5y & 3y, and is expecting DC#3, a GIRL.
29AUG Waytoomuchchocolate is expecting DC#1, guesses it's a girl.
30AUG AnnVan lives in Kent and is expecting DC#1, guesses it's a boy.
30AUG No1putsbabyinthecorner is 30 and lives in South Yorkshire. She as a DD, 1y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.

FoghornLeghorn Wed 13-Aug-08 17:06:51

Just registering myself on the new thread. Well Done TS

TwilightSurfer Wed 13-Aug-08 17:07:05

Anything for Sazzleswink

cyteen Wed 13-Aug-08 17:09:05

Good work as always TS

TwilightSurfer Wed 13-Aug-08 17:10:37

NOTE: Please make sure everyone checks out ALBS last post on previous thread. She had some

Question from me: For those who went into labour naturally...did you feel crampy almost like you were getting a UTI at any point.hmm I was just at the doc on Monday and wouldn't think a UTI could develope in 24 hours. Am I crazy??

ataraxis Wed 13-Aug-08 17:17:20

just saying hi to new thread. ds2 with fab on one leg, typing one handed with trio magnum in the other...grin

oopsacoconut Wed 13-Aug-08 17:19:21

aaaaah new thread and I just typed huge amount on the last one - i might just cut and paste over .......

oopsacoconut Wed 13-Aug-08 17:22:19

Evenin all

Dizzy Pleased your dad has been sorted and you can, at least for now, remove your head from the sand and concentrate a little more on you and your girls ( and DH of course)

Ann sounds like your relexology lady speaks sense!! Hope you feeling better tonight and manage a bit more sleep.

ALBS yay for your outing and hopefully you, Henry and Dh will get a bit more sleep tonight.

VG loving your amazing list of positives.

FHLH Hope today's stirring around sets you off.

Sazzles hope DD's meeting with Emma went okay - If I remember correctly DH was going to bring her in today. hmm at my ability to remember things correctly!

All others with babies {{{{HUGS}}}} to you all hoping all is going well and LO's are growing big.

Had MW today for all of 3 minutes as she was running 30 mins late (we were second appointment of the day)angry She said all fine, but be prepared I 'm not having a 6pounder but unlikely to be 9 either. me:- 'So i'm having an average sized baby, yes?' Her:- 'Well you never can tell by just feeling, she will be as big as she's meant to be' WTF did you make the first stupid comment for then???? DH now confused - last time she was going to be a 'wee' one as I was measuring 3 weeks small, today measureing 3 weeks small and she is average?? He doesn't do average he's a perfectionist

alittlebitshy Wed 13-Aug-08 17:38:41

just getting this on my thread list

ds wants second boob

oopsacoconut Wed 13-Aug-08 17:41:49

ALBS I read that as DH want's a second boob blush

PetitFilou1 Wed 13-Aug-08 18:10:52

Hello all

I can't cope with the children at home in this rain (wails)

ataraxis Wed 13-Aug-08 18:18:20

pf - ME TOO! Can't believe it is only 6.15. I really need them in bed. Am walking around the house swearing to myself as they refuse to do anything i ask (even sit down and watch bloody TV without fighting). Bloody stupid bloody weather.

oopsacoconut Wed 13-Aug-08 18:21:19

PF and Ataraxis can't you put wellies adn raincoats on and put them out in the rain?? then whilst they are our there run them a nice warm bath? I have to say it was my savior at work a number of times - 20 minutes in the rain exhausted them suitably!

PetitFilou1 Wed 13-Aug-08 18:21:53

ataraxis Am glad it isn't just me grin It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't cold as well. Lets hope Winter is dry at least - then you can just bundle them up (last year I had dd in salopettes the whole time that dh bought in America) and go out....

no1putsbabyinthecorner Wed 13-Aug-08 18:22:56

congratulations to SazzlesA and Sarahn*

sorry to here your reflexology session made you feel sick sad
But hope you manage to sleep well tonight.

Dizzydixies Glad everything going ok for your dad.

Ts hope you have not got a UTI, like you need that to deal with.

PetitFilou1 Wed 13-Aug-08 18:23:56

oops 20 minutes wouldn't do it for my two. They need about 2 HOURS to get exhausted - by which time I am also wet cold and exhausted. If I wasn't this pregnant I would march them through puddles on a long walk as per my mother did to us grin

ataraxis Wed 13-Aug-08 18:24:55

oops - have already taken them for a loooong walk today in the rain and wind in an attempt to wear them out. They stayed worn out for about 1/2 hour. If i shove them out in the garden they just come back in wanting to play with me (tempting to lock the door on them though...wink.

DS2 wants to help with the gloss painting hmm

KnockOffNorbert Wed 13-Aug-08 18:25:21

Hello all New thread again ?

Hope all 21 babies and new mums are doing well, it's a nightmare trying to keep up but here's some {{hugs}} x

Quicky Q - does anyone remember from last time (or from this time ) if you felt your labour cramps down your legs? I have started to 'properly' cramp (rather than general 'sore tummy' or BHs), but it went right down my thighs (like period pains) - unsure whether it's starting or I am reading too much into it...

no1putsbabyinthecorner Wed 13-Aug-08 18:29:35

Interesting question KnockOffNorbert
I would be interested to know this as I have been having strange sensations down my legs also like a fuzzy feeling, not like pins and needles.
Thought maybe I had just been sat funny.

waytoomuchchocolate Wed 13-Aug-08 18:34:31

knockoffnorbert i've had a few of those today - funnily enough was wondering myself if it meant anything. but they go down my back, through bottom and down back of legs....

no idea what it means though as it's my first time. anyone else?

congrats all with new babies! well done.

TS i can't believe you're still here. you deserve the prize for longest trial

TwilightSurfer Wed 13-Aug-08 18:47:00

Knockoff, I had those all night long. Each contraction went around my belly out both my arms and down my legs. NEVER have I felt them like that before but it was very obvious the pain was related to the contraction. Just call my a CONTRACION GURU at this point.hmm

Sassylou Wed 13-Aug-08 18:48:07

Good afternoon, I have not been much of a poster, more of lurker sat on this thread whiling away the months! Anyway in case anyone was wondering whether there was someone with the gestation period of an elephant on the thread I can happily announce the arrival of Annie Louise at 14.10 on the 5th August 2008, weight 8lb 8oz. grin

After going ten days overdue with DD1 & DD2, this one felt almost early as I only went T+5 although did have some intervention to get things speeding up due to leaking waters.

As someone who was determined to have an epidural after a fab experience of the same with DD2 and two very long labours previously I have completely amazed myself with a total of three hours established labour and only the assistance of gas and air, did I say she was also back to back?!?!?!?

Suffice to say Annie Louise is absolutely gorgeous, DD1 and DD2 are entranced and we are all happily settled at home getting to know each other.

Good luck to all those still waiting patiently hmm

bohemianbint Wed 13-Aug-08 18:55:55

I don't think am pregnant. Am starting to think am just really fat.

KnockOffNorbert Wed 13-Aug-08 18:56:46

Congratulations Sassy! xxxx

Thanks guys, glad I sent DH onto work now... this is going to go on forever.

ataraxis Wed 13-Aug-08 19:00:41

congratulations sassylou, glad things went well.

bohemianbint grin - with weird stomach sensations from time to time?

just found DS2 trying to get the lid off the gloss paint - with an implement that might just do it shock.

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