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Due Sept '08: Bring on the babies!

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LittleConnie Mon 11-Aug-08 14:32:33

Well that was cutting it a bit fine... grin

Pitufina Mon 11-Aug-08 14:34:53

Helloooooooo! grin

jennylindinha Mon 11-Aug-08 14:48:55

Woo, hello new thread!

Am grin today as I've just been for yet another scan and all is well and they don't want to see me again! Yipee! This means that I should get my homebirth after all... Just got to see another doctor on Friday for the follow-up, but the scan people were happy that everything was normal so that's good enough for me.

7 weeks to go and hopefully I can just relax and try to prepare. (eek!)

Sassafrass Mon 11-Aug-08 14:57:20

Here's the list. Think it's the latest one.

28-May - Johnworf – Katherine, 1lb 8oz
30-June – KashaSarrasin – DS2, 1.39kg
26th? July - Jenbot - DD, 3lb 6oz

Counting down the days:
19 - Aug - Sassafrass - age 31 - east midlands - DD 3 - GIRL - Elective C-section
25-Aug - Excitable - age 31 - North Lancashire - first baby
26-Aug - Sunshinemummy - age 38 - SW London - DS 2.4m - GIRL - Elective CS at Chelsea & Westminster
27-Aug - Potxola - age 41 - ELECTIVE C-SECTION - Devon - DS 3.10 - GIRL
30-Aug - Gracie14 - age 26 - Berkshire - BOY
01-Sep - Talia1 - age 29 - Leeds/Buxton - 1st baby - GIRL
02-Sep - expatmom2be - age 28 - London - 1st baby - GIRL(?)
02-Sep - Fandango - age 31 - Cheshire - DD 11m
03-Sep - Debithescot - age 27 - North Hampshire - DS 25m - SURPRISE
03-Sep - Jenpet - Brittany, France - DS 6
04-Sep - Lollipopmother - age 26 - Oxford - 1st baby - GIRL
04 -Sep - Meglet - age 34 - North Hampshire - DS born Nov 06 - GIRL, planned c-section
06 Sep - Lilapple - age 37 - North London - first baby - surprise!
06-Sep - Kagey - age 30 - Kent - first baby - GIRL
07 - Sep - Leenie - age 36 - south london - 3rd baby
09-Sep - Hopefully - age 25 - West Sussex - first baby - Surprise!
09-Sep - Kirstygem - Norfolk - DD 19m
09 Sep - Starlight - age 32 - Herts - DS 19m - GIRL (Planning homebirth)
09-Sep - Ponymum - North Yorkshire - first baby - SURPRISE (planned c-s)
10-Sep - kiki21 - age 32 - Southeast London - first baby
10-Sep - Lollyheart - age26 - basingstoke - dd3,ds17 months - BOY
10-Sep - MrsElle28 - age 28 - Yorkshire - First baby - BOY
10-Sep - Workstostaysane - London - DD 17m
12-Sep - Mustsleep - age 27 - ds 6.8, dd 2.10 - yorkshire - BOY
12-Sep - Biglips - age 33 - Liverpool - DD3 - SURPRISE - girl???
13-Sep - Lulu15 - 1DC
13-Sep - mama2bee - age 34 - South London - first baby
13-Sep - mumiyumi-age 35- Warwickshire -DS 2.9 - suprise
13 Sep - notcitrus - first baby - South London - BOY
14-Se[ - Alaro - age 34 - Essex - DD 3 - Surprise (girl?) - MLU St Peters, Maldon
14-Sep - Crabby - first baby - Cambridge - GIRL
14-Sep - kel78 - age 29 - dd1 3, dd2 8 - Surprise- Royal Glamorgan South Wales
15-Sep - ellideb - age 24 - North Wales - 1st baby - BOY
15-Sep - Bogie - age 20 - DS2 - GIRL - Nottingham City Hospital
15-Sep - Goldiewithabump - age 26 - London - 1st baby - BOY
16-Sep - BikeRunSki - age 37 - W Yorks - First baby - BOY
16-Sep - Surelyyoucantbeserious - age 30 - s. London - first baby
17-Sep - LumpyBumpyThingy - age 23 - W.Sussex - 1st Baby - GIRL
18-Sep - MelT76 - age 31 - Staffs - 1st baby - BOY
18-Sep - Becaroo - age 35 - ds aged 5 - East Mids - BOY - Homebirth/QMC (Notts)
18-Sep - mamamufin - age 28 - Yorks - DS 3 - BOY
19-Sep - barnpot - age 27 - west yorks - 1st baby - BOY
19-Sep - kiskidee - dd 3 - Durham. - - GIRL
19-Sep - LeonieD - age 31 - Sutton Coldfield - DD 4.2
19-Sep - Naturalblonde - age 28 - N. Somerset - DD 1.4
19-Sep - Lilypink - age 31 - Suffold - DD 19m
20-Sep - eandz - age 24 - NW London - 1st baby - BOY; Chelsea & Westminster,(sw london)
20-Sep - imoscarsmum - age 35 - Cheshire/North Wales Boarder - first baby - Surprise!
20-Sep - izzybiz - age 31 - Winchester - DS 15, DD 3.8 - BOY
20-Sep - Treadmillmom - aged 37 - West Midlands - DS1 5, DS2 2 - GIRL
20-Sep - nellyonthetelly - age 35 - London 2nd baby - DD will be 2 on 21st Sept!
21-Sep - Charitygirl - age 30 - SW London - first baby
22-Sep - jearund - age 35 - Glos - DD 17 months - BOY - Hospital birth (prob VBAC)
22-Sep - Luboo - age 31 - Hants - DD 14m
22-Sep - MummyToOneForNow - dd 14mths
22-Sep - Slinkiemalinki - age 31 - West London - dd 2.1 - BOY
22-Sep - kgirl - age 25 - 1st baby - Herts
23-Sep - digitalgirl - age 30 - North London - first baby - SURPRISE - hospital birth
23-Sep - feelingpositive - age 31 - Edinburgh - DD 21m - GIRL
23-Sep - LouiseAnn - age 40 - Guildford - ds 8yo - BOY
23-Sep - Blimey - age 40 - South London - DS 5, DS 3 - BOY
24-Sep - Ninja - age 37 - Manchester - DD 4.5
26-Sep - MissusH - age 35 - S.Derbys - dd, 5.8
25-Sep - Pacita - BOY
26-Sep - Pitufina - age 29 - 2nd baby - ds, 3.5 - surprise! - South wales
27-Sep - Inquisitive - age 31 - Berks - 1st baby - BOY
27-Sep - pidge - age 37 - London - 2 dds age 6 and 3 - Surprise! Homebirth.
27-Sep - Jennylindinha - age 36 - London - first baby - Surprise! Planned homebirth (otherwise Kings)
28-Sep - Carrieon - age 28 - York - dd 12 months - Surprise!-Boy??
28-Sep - LittleConnie - age 33 - West London - 1st baby - Surprise! - St. Mary's birth centre
28-Sep - splishsplosh - age 37 - London - dd 2
29-Sep - WombFor1More - age 26 - Kent - DS 6, DS 4, DD 1yr - BOY - Homebirth
30-Sep - Ninja - age 37 - Manchester - DD 4.5

digitalgirl Mon 11-Aug-08 15:07:11

hello new thread grin

Have booked in with the hospital acupuncturist to sort out my SPD, couldn't get an appointment till 2nd September when I'll be 37 weeks shock - so hopefully I'll get some pins for the SPD and some pins for getting the baby out. They've booked me in for weekly sessions up till my due date. Scary!

Can't believe I'm 34 weeks tomorrow. My life is soon going to change forever! I'm going to be bringing a little person into the world!

biglips Mon 11-Aug-08 15:07:32

jenny - well thats excellent news grin.

ive got a apppointment on Friday to see the consultant again to discuss about the birth plan. i also wondered if i can allow a epidural this time as well? as i cannot cope with pain full stop! i had e c-section with my dd and i know that epidurals can slow down the labour or make the baby sleepy but i cannot go without it!!

potxola Mon 11-Aug-08 15:17:58

DebitheScott I am not the expert, but I went through reviews, magazines and talked to lots of mums and most of them compliained that the premax doesn't last long, gives you back pain and you donn't feel you can go free hands. The mums that decided to buy a sling type carrier after the premax were very pleased and really enjoyed baby wearing. I wanted sling that is confortable for me and the baby that feels safe and segure and that it last at leasrt 3 years.
The best ones in mi opinion, are Close baby carrier £50.00, Kari-me £40.00, Tricot slein £40.00, Moby wrap £30.00. I forgot, the Calin blue it is supposed to be good too.

Mamamuffin the Moby does not carry well heavy babies or toddlers.

There are always bargains or at least free delivery in some webs.
The Tricot they sell it in Jo Jo, only in brown, we can have 10% off from mumsnet and free P&P. The Close now is *free delivery* in Blooming marvellous (BEM2 is the code), but you might get it cheaper in other webs.
Hope it helps

slinkiemalinki Mon 11-Aug-08 15:27:22

Hello everyone, just got back from a week in Portugal, hope everyone is doing well. We really are getting close now, and there is an April 09 thread, can't believe it!
I really need to get ready and start thinking about a hospital bag and buying more than one pack of newborn babygros!

kel78 Mon 11-Aug-08 15:34:23

hello all, just adding myself to the new thread, I too am thinking I want this baby now. Deff no more room in my stomach to grow, I am huge and my stomach is solid. Please baby dont be too long, another 4 weeks seems like a lifetime. sorry 4 the moan.

Wish I lived closer to you all to join in with the meet up and coffee. smile

becaroo Mon 11-Aug-08 15:37:09

Hello all.

Still the same here...runs of strong bh every 2 mins again last night! And then pains this morning, but they have gone now (TMI ALERT: and pooing much more than normal!)

I got a Moby sling - havent had it out of the wrapper yet, but determined to give it a go.

I got a Silver Cross 3d pramette which is a true lie flat pram with removeable liner and then pushchair and travel system (with carseat) for when baby is older. The pushchair can face front or back. It was on offer at mothercare not long ago, not sure now.

Hope to get more than 2 hours sleep tonight sad

pacita Mon 11-Aug-08 15:40:41

Hello new thread:

can someone post a link to the thread for the meetup in London? It'd be lovely to meet you all, but can't find it!

DebitheScot Mon 11-Aug-08 15:42:08

Thanks for the sling help kiskidee and potxola, ds has decided to wake up from his nap just as I sat down here so I'll have a proper investigate of your links later.

I discovered earlier (while wrestling with the car seat after washing the covers of it) that according to the instructions it doesn't actually fit our car even though we used it with ds in the same car for about 6 months! Oops, not sure what to do now, don't know if Mothercare or halfords would take a look at it even though I didn't buy it from there.

LittleConnie Mon 11-Aug-08 15:43:56

London meet-up thread here

DebitheScot Mon 11-Aug-08 15:44:00

pacita meet up thread

pacita Mon 11-Aug-08 15:45:44

Thanks for the link littleconnie and Debithescot!

Pitufina Mon 11-Aug-08 16:15:25

becaroo - Don't worry about TMI. It all sounds promising.

kel78 - Where did you say you lived?

digitalgirl Mon 11-Aug-08 16:55:12

bec could be the slow start of something! are you expecting the baby to come early?

Sassafrass Mon 11-Aug-08 17:13:12

The elastic wrap slings are supposedly not as comfy with heavy babies but are meant to be fab with young babies. With dd1 I started using a wrap when she was about 4 months old and used a woven wrap which was great, it lasted until she was a proficient walker and refused to be carried anywhere. This time I've bought an elastic wrap for the first 6 months and will then switch to a woven wrap.

There is definately a learning curve to using a wrap but it's well worth it. It took me quite a few tries at home and the first couple of times I ventured out with dd1 in it I still brought the buggy as well. If you know someone nearby who can show you that is the best, but there are really good descriptions and I think even videos of how to tie it on, on the internet as well. It's well worth learning.

becaroo Mon 11-Aug-08 17:17:06

Hi DG smile

I have polyhydramnios (too much fluid) which can precipitate an early birth and my ds was born at 37 weeks so.....?

I think I just assumed that this birth would be like my last one, but it REALLY isnt turning out to be!

Been having very strong runs of bh for about 10 days now - sometimes every 2 mins for hours on end with irregular pains and lots of period type crampings (and pooing lots more than usual but not diahorrea) but nothing happening yet - which is probably for the best as I am only 35 weeks this week.

On the other hand, am desperate to get this baby out !!!! Fed up with no sleep and being so uncomfortable/unable to do stuff sad

I should be enjoying this last bit of time to myslef with ds but just feel in limbo as dont want to plan anything in case something happens and am too big/tired to do anything anyway!!

Anyone else getting these symptoms or am I alone? (sob!)

Sassafrass Mon 11-Aug-08 17:32:58

Becaroo, have you been in contact with your midwife about it? Might be worth going into the antenatal health unit and get checked up. That way you'll know if something is happening or not and be prepared.

You're not alone in being hugely uncomfortable. I've really had enough now and just want it done with and have my baby. I've also gotten a bit paranoid and I'm checking for blood every 5 minutes. I had a placental abruption last time and I'm really scared that it will happen again.

digitalgirl Mon 11-Aug-08 17:40:06

bec sounds like you're not too far away from seeing your lo. am also feeling incredibly uncomfortable. getting up in the night for wee is a slow, painful process that involves slowly easing myself into an upright sitting position whilst I wait for all my pelvis ligaments to crunch into position. then a slow waddle to the loo. Then another slow lowering myself down onto the loo with yet more pelvic crunching. Followed by a crampy BH when I've managed to get myself back to bed (always have BH after the loo). Am only 34 weeks myself, but would love for the baby to come at 37 (if that's when they're full term).

sassa what's a placental abruption?

Sassafrass Mon 11-Aug-08 17:45:57

Digitalgirl, it's where part or the whole of the placenta comes loose which causes bleeding and lack of oxygen to the baby. I had a partial abruption with lots and lots of bleeding. If you've had it once you're at higher risk of it happening again but there's no way to find out in advance if it might happen. You can even get concealed abruption where the bleeding is all internal and the only symptom is continuous pain. It's not terribly common though but it's always on my mind now in the last bit up to the birth. I even went in to hospital last week because I was really achy on the top of my bump. Was only from baby kicking me but it felt good to get it checked anyway.

mustsleep Mon 11-Aug-08 18:25:50

hi everyone am 36 weeks today!! yay which means only 4 weeks to go or less?

can't see me going over as i was a week early with dd and i would go insane if there was actually another 6 weeks to go grin

i am getting the same through out the day bh with a crampy back feeling and i find myself thinking come on waters just break and then i stop myself and think it would be better a bit later etc as i donlt think you can have a hb unless you are over so many weeks

have the midwife coming tomorrow afternoon to do my hb notes so can ask her any questions then which is uite exciting

i think that my bump has dropped as i am finding breathing easier, it seems lower etc which is a good sign!!

has anyone else started with really bad indigestion again it is literally shooting up the back of my throat and burning - nothing eases it and just having a crumpet for brekkie set it off today and it's been all day!!

mamamufin Mon 11-Aug-08 18:40:17

Found you all grin. Lovely new thread we are bound to have a few arrivals on this one.
sass you must have been really scared with all of that bleeding. sad
Well I am truly terrified of the whole delivery. I have booked myself into see a hypnotherapist on thurs to try and relax and learn some techniques that might help me achieve a hypno birth.
Getting alot of bh myself now and mustsleep I still have the heartburn too. (Sorry for moan). Keep us updated bec x

becaroo Mon 11-Aug-08 19:08:56

Will see how I feel later on this week - I really dont like my midwife, she is a bit rubbish. Am not booked in to see her again til week 37!

Oh, god, I forgot about the heartburn! Its back with a vengenace! sad

Sass..that must have been terrifying for you! One of my big worries is that polyhydramnios can cause cord prolapse if your waters go.

I have a scan and appointment with the consultant on monday so hopefully will have a better idea of what is going on in there then! smile

Mama...I seem to go from just wanting to "get on with it" to thinking "oh my god, cant belive I have got to go through all that again!" Hope the hypnotherpaist helps you x

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