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August 2008: Ante-Natal/Post-Natal Club THE UNITED FRONT

(838 Posts)
TwilightSurfer Wed 06-Aug-08 12:51:18

All for One and One for All because it Takes a Village!! smile


GROUP TOTAL: 65 [BIRTHS: 13]grin

17JUL WhippyVoodoo formerly Voodoococonut delivered DC#2, a BOY named JJ (7lb 4.5oz), via CS [EDD 23JUL].
21JUL IlanaK delivered DC#3, a BOY named Saul, via CS [EDD 28JUL].
24JUL Alittlebitshy delivered DC#2, a BOY named Henry (8lb 11.5oz), via CS [EDD 03AUG].
29JUL Jennylee delivered DC#2 , a GIRL named ? (6lb 2oz), via VB+IN [EDD 17AUG]
30JUL Miamla delivered DC#1, a BOY named Theodore (8lb 4oz), via VB [EDD 29JUL].
31JUL Dizzydixies delivered DC#3, a GIRL named Cordelia Dylan Mae (9lb 14oz & 54cm), via CS [EDD 30JUL].
31JUL ChaCha delivered DC#3, a BOY named ?, via CS [EDD 10AUG].
01AUG Gigglegirl delivered DC#4, a GIRL named Imogen Louise (6lb 6oz), via CS [EDD 14AUG].
01AUG CaptainCaveman delivered DC#2, a BOY named Oliver Benjamin (6lbs 14oz), via CS [EDD 14AUG].
03AUG Buckets delivered DC#3, a BOY named Kurt Benedict (8lb 5oz), via VBAC [EDD 02AUG].
04AUG MrsMagooo delivered DC#2, a BOY named Elijah Jacob Patrick Aguda (7lb 10oz), via eCS [EDD 12AUG].
04AUG Vintagegardenia delivered DC#2, a BOY named ? (10lb 12oz), via VB [EDD 04AUG].
04AUG Skytvaddict delivered DC#4, a BOY named ? (8lb 3oz), via CS [EDD 08AUG].

08AUG Bealcainsmile is 21 and lives in Kent, She has 2DSs 2y & 1y. Expecting DC#3 via IN [EDD 08AUG], a GIRL to be named Delilah.

>>>29JUL Bigboydiditandranaway is 36 and lives in Midlands. She has a DS, 26m. Expecting DC#2.
>>>31JUL SassyLou is 33 and lives in Cheshire. She has 2DDs, 7y & 5y. Expecting DC#3.
>>>01AUG PhilB is 31 and lives in SE London. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
>>>01AUG Pertelote is 30 and lives in East London. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
>>>02AUG Mum2b1 is expecting DC#1.
>>>02AUG Shazza2002 is 28 and lives in West London. She has a DD, 5y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
07AUG BraveNewWorld is 31 and lives in London. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
07AUG PunksNotDeadsmile has 2DDs, 13 & 9. Expecting DC#3 via CS [EDD 15AUG], a GIRL.
08AUG LadyOfWaffle is 22 and lives in Berkshire. She has a DS, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
08AUG Mummypud is 29 and lives in Wiltshire. She has a DD, 2.5y. Expecting DC#2.
08AUG Babieseverywhere is 34 and lives in Lancashire. She has a DD, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
09AUG BirthdayBaby is expecting DC#1.
10AUG Lcy is 30 and lives in Wales. Expecting DC#1, guesses it's a boy.
11AUG Poppysockssmile is 31 and lives in St Andrews. She has a DD, 2.4y. Expecting DC#2 via CS [EDD 17AUG], a GIRL.
11AUG Sarahnh is 32 and lives in West Midlands. She has a DD, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a GIRL to maybe be named Tess Alexandra.
11AUG Foghornleghorn is 23 and lives in Northampton. She has 2DDs, 3y & 1y. Expecting DC#3, guesses it's a girl.
11AUG Sibh has 2DCs, DS 5y & DD 2y. She is expecting DC#3.
12AUG SazzlesAsmile is 35 and lives in Cheltenham. She has a DD, 20m. Expecting DC#2 via CS [EDD 14AUG], a GIRL to maybe be named Emma.
13AUG Mal00 is 33 and lives in South London. She is expecting DC#1, a BOY to be name Leonardo or Lorenzo.
13AUG Murf is expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
14AUG Hardygirl is 36 and lives in SW London. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
14AUG HazieDazieandBaby is 26 and lives in Aberdeen. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL to be named Gabriella.
15AUG SausageAndMashsmile is 37 and lives in London. She has a DD, 3y. Expecting DC#2 via CS [EDD 24AUG].
16AUG Longwayfromhome is 29 and lives in Argentina[London-4h]. Expecting DC#1, a BOY to named Tomas.
16AUG Pregnancy1 is 31 and lives in London. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
16AUG TwilightSurfer is 37 and lives in Chattanooga[London-5h]. She has a DD, 4y. Expecting DC#2 via VB, a GIRL to be named Reese Eleanor.
17AUG Iliketosleep is 24 and lives in Wolverhampton. She has 2DDs, 7y & 6y and a DS, 4y. Expecting DC#4, a GIRL to be named Brooke Olivia.
17AUG Warthog has a DD, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a GIRL.
17AUG Bohemianbint has DS, 23m. Expecting DC#2.
18AUG Kezza7779 is expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
18AUG Expectant is 32 and lives in Singapore[London+7h]. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
18AUG Cheerfulvicky is 24 and lives in Cornwall. Expecting DC#1, a BOY.
19AUG Karney is 39 and lives in Glasgow.
19AUG Daisy26 is expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
19AUG Briwish lives in Solihull. She has a DD, 19m and is expecting DC#2, a GIRL.
20AUG Ejesmum is 38 and lives in Exeter. She has a DS, 4y. Expecting DC#2.
20AUG Stillhere is 36 and lives in Yorkshire. She has a DS, 2.5y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
20AUG Skybluebelle lives in Birmingham and is expecting DC#1.
21AUG Pinchypants is 34 and lives in Guildford. She has a DD, 20m. Expecting DC#2.
21AUG Musm2go is 35 and lives in B'ham Solihull. She has a DD, 6y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
23AUG Stickybean is 27 and lives in North London. Expecting DC#1, guesses it's a girl.
24AUG Libbyssister is 34 and lives in Oxfordshire. She has a DS, 2.11y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
24AUG Cyteen is 32 and lives in Leicester. Expecting DC#1, a BOY to be named Joseph Simon.
24AUG Oopsacoconut is 32 and lives in Wiltshire. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL to be named Poppaea Anna.
25AUG Petitfilou is 36 and lives in S Oxfordshire. She has a DS, 4.4y, & a DD, 2.10y. Expecting DC#3, a BOY.
26AUG Ellasmum1 is 30 and lives in North Staffs-Newcastle under Lyme. She has a DD, 5y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
26AUG Dancerandprancer is 31 and lives in Devon. She has a DD, 28m. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
27AUG Goodie2shoes is 38. She has a DS, 2y and is expecting DC#2, a BOY.
28AUG Ataraxis formerly Readyforbed has 2 DSs, 5y & 3y, and is expecting DC#3, a GIRL.
29AUG Waytoomuchchocolate is expecting DC#1, guesses it's a girl.
30AUG AnnVan lives in Kent and is expecting DC#1, guesses it's a boy.
30AUG No1putsbabyinthecorner is 30 and lives in South Yorkshire. She as a DD, 1y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.

TwilightSurfer Wed 06-Aug-08 12:57:22

I'm trying to cook breakfast, clean up the kitchen, calm DD, read MN and create the new thread....all at once. I AM MAD, I SAY!!!

TwilightSurfer Wed 06-Aug-08 12:58:51

....and it seems I've only slightly burnt our biscuits. shock

mummypud Wed 06-Aug-08 13:02:06

cograts on the new thread ts! expertly done as always .... not much happening at the moment here, niggly pains that dont turn int o anything , will some one tell this baby it has to arrive on a day when i have childcare covered and dont just have back ups!

LadyOfWaffle Wed 06-Aug-08 13:04:24

Wow, so many babies already! Congratulations everyone!!!!! I can't believe i'm only 2 days away for EDD, although the MW said I have (well, she asked if I was ok with it - but what can you say?!) to book in for a 'stretch and sweep' for the 15th Aug., maybe it's a sign she doesn't think baby will come? And discussed induction. Baby is still 4/5 (with an arrow pointing upwards next to it?) engaged, still the same painful twinges but nothing really consistent yet... I was so convinced I would have baby early! The MW I had on Monday confirmed I had severe SPD, but said there isn't much they can do now - she is trying to rush me a physio appointment but doubts i'll get it in time. I am glad I asked the new MW, so miffed the other one shrugged it off three times. That's about it for an update from me... all getting abit tedious now! x

ooooh, biscuits! Must jot that down for DH to get...mmmmmmm

LadyOfWaffle Wed 06-Aug-08 13:04:53

mummypud - you're due the same day as me

CaptainCaveman Wed 06-Aug-08 13:14:31

Ooooh it's a bit echoey in here <ahem> where Are you all?

miamla Wed 06-Aug-08 13:15:48

VG just had a closer look at the stats and noticed the size of your little one... blimey! well done girl! its making my eyes water just thinking about it! how's he doing today? has he managed another feed yet? hope you're managing to get a cuddle or two in

message to all who aren't first timers
come on then, why did none of you warn me about the explosive luminous orange poo?? Theo managed a corker earlier... over my trousers, himself, changing mat, the carpet. Just started cleaning up and he shot another one out! it was at this point that i shouted for DP to come and assist. Once he'd stopped laughing at us he helped admirably.

cyteen Wed 06-Aug-08 13:23:51

Oh dear grin at explosive poo.

miamla Wed 06-Aug-08 13:26:58

and yes, you're right, i had to take my ring off because it was a bit tight on my finger

so we weren't really not engaged but it is lovely being re-engaged

CC i'm here * waves

they booked me in for a date to be induced on my EDD. i imagine its just a general policy to make sure there's a plan B if plan A doesn't happen

TS loving the new thread! i'm going to try and keep better track of this one, i read about a page from the last one!

one of my "friends" keeps referring to my DS as "Leo". i have told her repeatedly (including in a text message as well in case she keeps mis-hearing) and this morning we've had a card for baby Leo. I suspect she's doing it to wind me up. I guess i should just ignore it and wait until she gets something engraved and then laugh at her! Hey, maybe one of you girls should have a baby called Leo and then I'll pass the cards and presents on to you! I wrote friend in "" because we've not really had much contact since i broke my back 2.5 yrs ago. she didnt really cope v well with the news and argued with me that i could have told her sooner. hmmm what when i was in the ambulance? would that have been better? oops, this has turned into a bit of a rant. she's just a bit of a strange woman, i know, i should just ignore her

miamla Wed 06-Aug-08 13:28:00

cyteen hmm, thanks for your support! i hope you noticed it was explosive poo times TWO!!

cyteen Wed 06-Aug-08 13:31:13

Yes, sorry mate - I'm just getting in the lulz while I still can wink

CaptainCaveman Wed 06-Aug-08 13:36:22

the thing is miamla you do forget! Oliver pooed all over the towel on his change mat yesterday. Peed all over it today! The brain tricks you into forgetting so that you go on to have more than one child!!

bealcain Wed 06-Aug-08 13:51:01

sorry miamla....i should have posted the pix of ds2 showering me from my thighs down in his nice yellow poo!i got covered!

SazzlesA Wed 06-Aug-08 13:52:17

Message withdrawn

dizzydixies Wed 06-Aug-08 14:06:36

TS lovely new thread as always smile

CC he is BEAUTIFUL bless him! hoping the toe curling moments becoming less frequent for you

we had a good night last night but not such a great feed today - never mind as long as the good ones start out weighing the bad ones will soldier on - sat there last night chanting what I'd read off those sites as a kind of mantra blush

VG great to hear from you and hoping that DS2 will be right at your side very soon - lots of love from minidixie to mini VG!

so when do we start organising the weddings then? I think we're on a bit of a winner here with the boys out numbering the girls - some bartering please grinwink

miamla envy re rings - tried mine this morning and needless to say didn't happen sad

good luck anyone with twinges today, Dylan has just had big explosive poop so time to shout on DH to have some 'quality' time with him miniest one grin

back later hopefully

miamla Wed 06-Aug-08 14:07:56

cyteen revenge will be sweet!

glad to hear i'm not the only one with a towel covered in wee and poo! his "fountains" are really impressive!

ataraxis Wed 06-Aug-08 14:20:28

maimla - lololol at that grin. And when Theo gets a bit older you can have all the fun of 'standing up weeing' and 'outside weeing' - just remember with the latter that you always make them wee with the wind...

TwilightSurfer Wed 06-Aug-08 14:28:06

ARRGGGHHH I keep trying to sit and read MN but keep getting interrupted.

Thanks for the reminder about the poo Miamla. I knew there was a reason I put all those cloth diapers by the changing table....not to wrap wee one but to put down on the table each time she's changed.....easier to toss in the laundry I think. I think I have about 50 cloth diapers for that reason (all handmedowns from friends).

Bealcain, have you considered your labour may be stalled BECAUSE your hospital bag isn't ready.hmm LOL

Cyteen, I think you need to do that yoga position I talked about two months ago to get that baby to engage. Prop yourself up at about 45 degrees (seated more or less), open you legs wide and put your feet together (making a diamond in front of you with them). Rest there for a while. The slant (pelvic tilt), gravity and opening of the hip area will allow the baby to slide down

I'm with everyone on the CAT front. My cats are all WAY TOO cuddley at the moment. That's sweet except I have two that are 20lbs each....not to comfy in the lap mind you.

Foghorn {{{hugs}}}
Sarah {{{hugs}}}
Sorry no babies yet ladies...
Hey, what about Sibh???

VG I'm so glad you can be with us right now. I'm sending you and LO positive vibes.<<<<<POSITIVE>>>>>>>>>smile

Sazzles {{{wave}}}}

TwilightSurfer Wed 06-Aug-08 14:34:42

Cyteen, this pose.

TwilightSurfer Wed 06-Aug-08 14:38:24

<<<<<<<<<OUT OUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<OUT OUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<OUT OUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<OUT OUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<OUT OUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<OUT OUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<OUT OUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<OUT OUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>smile

miamla Wed 06-Aug-08 14:40:20

dizz don't worry, you'll be able to wear it again soon. its taken a week for mine to fit again so still early days for you

changing cloths are a great idea, thanks for that one TS

libbyssister Wed 06-Aug-08 14:40:39

Hi everyone, lovely pics Captain, makes me look forward to mine! I forget sometimes that there's gonna be a baby hmm

Have been in quite a bit of pain since the ECV yesterday. Maybe it's just a shock to the system SUDDENLY having a head wedged down there. I'm walking very slowly on tippy toes. Mind you, my bad back seems to be better so maybe the breech position was contributing to that? I was told by the doc that there's only a 3% chance that the baby with move back to being breech now, so fingers crossed.

Better go and wake up DS1. He was having a hour's 'quiet time' in his room and dropped off to sleep. Good thing too, he's been a right grumpy little *&$% this morning grin

TwilightSurfer Wed 06-Aug-08 14:47:26

Libby NICE the ECV is working. The baby head in the crotch takes a bit to get use to so don't worry.

Your welcome, Miamla smile

dizzydixies Wed 06-Aug-08 15:06:18

TS whats the trick with the vaseline and witch hazel? I have still have one pesky pile which is not fun angrysad

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