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Due Aug 2008 - "Babies Are Arriving Daily" or "Ready, Set, WAIT" or "Pick a Corner"

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TwilightSurfer Wed 30-Jul-08 16:37:06



17JUL WhippyVoodoo formerly Voodoococonut delivered DC#2, a BOY named JJ (7lb 4.5oz), via CS [EDD 23JUL].
21JUL IlanaK delivered DC#3, a BOY named Saul, via CS [EDD 28JUL].
24JUL Alittlebitshy delivered DC#2, a BOY named Henry (8lb 11.5oz), via CS [EDD 03AUG].
30JUL Miamla delivered DC#1, a BOY named Theodore (8lb 4oz), via VB [EDD 29JUL].

WAITING ROOM [BOYS (13) vs. GIRLS (19)] [(9) Scheduled C-Sections]
29JUL Bigboydiditandranaway is 36 and lives in Midlands. She has a DS, 26m. Expecting DC#2.
30JUL? Dizzydixiessmile is 32 and lives in Fife. She has 2DDs, 5y & 2y. Expecting DC#3 via CS [EDD 30JUL], guesses it's a girl.
31JUL ChaChasmile is 32 and lives in Oxford. She has 2DCs, 2y & 10m, Expecting DC#3 via CS [EDD 10AUG], guesses it's a boy.
31JUL Vintagegardeniasmile is 35 and lives in Ireland. She has a DS, 10y. Expecting DC#2 via IN [02AUG], a SURPRISE.
31JUL SassyLou is 33 and lives in Cheshire. She has 2DDs, 7y & 5y. Expecting DC#3.
01AUG Gigglegirlsmile is 32 and lives in Stockport. She has a DD, 4y, and 2DSs, 2y & 1y. Expecting DC#4 via CS [EDD 14AUG], a GIRL to be named Imogen.
01AUG PhilB is 31 and lives in SE London. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
01AUG Pertelote is 30 and lives in East London. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
02AUG Mum2b1 is expecting DC#1.
02AUG Shazza2002 is 27 and lives in West London. She has a DD, 5y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
02AUG MrsMagooo is 25. She has a DD, 2yr. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
04AUG SKYTVADDICTsmile is 40 and lives in Lincolnshire. She has a DS, 13m, and 2DDs, 8y & 12y. Expecting DC#4 via CS [EDD 08AUG], a SURPRISE.
05AUG Bucketssmile is 31 and lives in Southampton. She has a DD, 5y, & a DS, 3. Expecting DC#3 via CS [EDD 12AUG], a BOY to be named Kurt Benedict Barnes.
06AUG CaptainCavemansmile is 35 and lives in Nottingham. She has a DS, 4.2y. Expecting DC#2 via CS [EDD 14AUG], a BOY.
07AUG BraveNewWorld is 31 and lives in London. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
07AUG PunksNotDeadsmile has 2DDs, 13 & 9. Expecting DC#3 via CS [EDD 15AUG], a GIRL.
08AUG LadyOfWaffle is 22 and lives in Berkshire. She has a DS, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
08AUG Mummypud is 28 and lives in Wiltshire. She has a DD, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a GIRL.
08AUG Bealcain is 21 and lives in Kent, She has 2DSs 2y & 1y. Expecting DC#3, a GIRL to be named Delilah.
08AUG Babieseverywhere is 34 and lives in Lancashire. She has a DD, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
09AUG BirthdayBaby is expecting DC#1.
10AUG Lcy is 30 and lives in Wales. Expecting DC#1, guesses it's a boy.
11AUG Poppysockssmile is 30 and lives in St Andrews. She has a DD, 2.4y. Expecting DC#2 via CS [EDD 17AUG], a GIRL.
11AUG Sarahnh is 32 and lives in West Midlands. She has a DD, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a GIRL to maybe be named Tess Alexandra.
11AUG Foghornleghorn is 23 and lives in Northampton. She has 2DDs, 3y & 1y. Expecting DC#3, guesses it's a girl.
11AUG Sibh has 2DCs, DS 5y & DD 2y. She is expecting DC#3.
13AUG Mal00 is 33 and lives in South London. She is expecting DC#1, a BOY to be name Leonardo or Lorenzo.
13AUG Murf is expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
14AUG Hardygirl is 36 and lives in SW London. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
14AUG HazieDazieandBaby is 26 and lives in Aberdeen. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL to be named Gabriella.
16AUG Longwayfromhome is 29 and lives in Argentina[London-4h]. Expecting DC#1, a BOY to named Tomas.
16AUG Pregnancy1 is 31 and lives in London. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
17AUG Iliketosleep is 24 and lives in Wolverhampton. She has 2DDs, 7y & 6y and a DS, 4y. Expecting DC#4.
17AUG Warthog has a DD, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a GIRL.
17AUG Jennylee is 30 and lives in West Lothian. She has a DS, 9y. Expecting DC#2, a GIRL.
17AUG Bohemianbint has DS, 23m. Expecting DC#2.
18AUG Kezza7779 is expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
18AUG Expectant is 32 and lives in Singapore[London+7h]. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
18AUG Cheerfulvicky is 24 and lives in Cornwall. Expecting DC#1, a BOY.
19AUG SazzlesAsmile is 35 and lives in Cheltenham. She has a DD, 20m. Expecting DC#2 via CS [EDD 14AUG] or VBAC-maybe, a GIRL to maybe be named Emma.
19AUG Karney is 39 and lives in Glasgow.
19AUG TwilightSurfer is 37 and lives in Chattanooga[London-5h]. She has a DD, 4y. Expecting DC#2 via VB, a GIRL to be named Reese Eleanor.
19AUG Daisy26 is expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
19AUG Briwish lives in Solihull. She has a DD, 19m and is expecting DC#2, a GIRL.
20AUG Ejesmum is 38 and lives in Exeter. She has a DS, 4y. Expecting DC#2.
20AUG Stillhere is 36 and lives in Yorkshire. She has a DS, 2.5y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
21AUG Pinchypants is 34 and lives in Guildford. She has a DD, 20m. Expecting DC#2.
21AUG Musm2go is 35 and lives in B'ham Solihull. She has a DD, 6y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
23AUG Stickybean is 27 and lives in North London. Expecting DC#1, guesses it's a girl.
24AUG Libbyssister is 34 and lives in Oxfordshire. She has a DS, 2.11y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
24AUG Cyteen is 32 and lives in Leicester. Expecting DC#1, a BOY to be named Joseph Simon.
24AUG SausageAndMash is 37 and lives in London. She has a DD, 3y. Expecting DC#2.
25AUG Petitfilou is 36 and lives in S Oxfordshire. She has a DS, 4.4y, & a DD, 2.10y. Expecting DC#3, a BOY.
25AUG Oopsacoconut is 32 and lives in Wiltshire. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL to be named Poppaea Anna.
26AUG Ellasmum1 is 30 and lives in North Staffs-Newcastle under Lyme. She has a DD, 5y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
26AUG Dancerandprancer is 31 and lives in Devon. She has a DD, 28m. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
26AUG No1putsbabyinthecorner is 30 and lives in South Yorkshire. She as a DD, 1y. Expecting DC#2.
28AUG Ataraxis formerly Readyforbed has 2 DSs, 5y & 3y, and is expecting DC#3, a GIRL.
29AUG Waytoomuchchocolate is expecting DC#1, guesses it's a girl.
30AUG AnnVan lives in Kent and is expecting DC#1, guesses it's a boy.

oopsacoconut Wed 30-Jul-08 16:44:34

Nice new thread TS very much liking the name!!!!

Should have posted my naked garden story here - start as I mean to go on!

TwilightSurfer Wed 30-Jul-08 16:44:48

Welcome! Here's a cocktail. Please have a seat anywhere. The musical selection today is Bach. Would anyone care for a massage?

TwilightSurfer Wed 30-Jul-08 16:47:47

Oops your naked garden story would be lovely

MrsMagooo Wed 30-Jul-08 16:48:10

Oops PMSL re the naked garden story - I am belly laughing as I type grin

TS Loving the new thread name hun wink

TwilightSurfer Wed 30-Jul-08 16:48:32


PetitFilou1 Wed 30-Jul-08 16:51:03

Posted again as just missed TS's new thread alert!

oops ROFL at you naked in the garden- but not sure why neighbour ran off, what did he think you were going to do, jump on him!

TS Your mil needs to wind her neck in - 'early signs of a c section' indeed. Sounds like my mil, 'I know you haven't asked for advice, but...'

CC Sounds like ward sister was pissed off with being at work to me - I'd have ranted too.

ataraxis lol at radical birthing - we've had a lovely day today. Went to Oxford via park and ride (exciting bus journey for dcs), on the canal for 40 minutes round trip and to the pub for lunch. I'm very tired but have not shouted at dcs all day (hooray!) Helps that the humidity has gone and it is just a really beautiful sunny day here today.

VG Good news re you not having to be induced. Can't remember what you said about what happens next though - have to go and make dcs dinner but will re read again later!

Hope all is well with the rest of you.

alittlebitshy Wed 30-Jul-08 16:51:54

Love the thread name.

having a quick MN moment while Henry sleeps (sozzled baby with milk running down his face grin)

MrsMagooo Wed 30-Jul-08 16:53:56

Albs Bess, such a cute image grin


<<stamps feet & sulks in corner>>

alittlebitshy Wed 30-Jul-08 16:54:55

It IS a nice image -esp as earlier i thought i'd buggered my bobs up again - but less sore this time, so I think we're still ok and i fele a bit more positive.

VintageGardenia Wed 30-Jul-08 17:01:52

albs that's a lovely picture!

CC that was a marvellous rant and it's outrageous that they should a. say those things and b. allow the patient to hear. A few weeks ago I'd have been wailing at it, now I feel angry - and I don't often use ataraxis's DS's second favourite smiley!

TS Good God almighty - my script for your scene with MIL:

"Could be an early sign you need a C section?" - Yes, how medically perceptive you are, most of the books and doctors suggest that feeling emotional and having contractions usually lead to a C section hmm.

"I just had contractions and went in and had my babies" - Oh did you? OK maybe that's what I'll do, then. You wouldn't just look after dinner, would you, and I'll be back with the baby shortly.

"obsessive... controlling..." - Erm fuck off.


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I suppose a little conflict is bound to occur wherever MIL and DIL and family are gathered in one place ... just like a murder always occurs in Agatha Christie when the beautifully dressed cast gather at a seaside hotel. Dark & hollow laugh.

Gin & tonic please!

VintageGardenia Wed 30-Jul-08 17:03:11

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrofl at oops streaking down the garden. WTF was the guy's wife doing on the phone?

"Quick, ring Bill, his missus is giving me a show, he needs to know NOW. I'd do it only ... I'm glued to the spot..."

alittlebitshy Wed 30-Jul-08 17:06:06

bobs??? boobs obviously grin

VintageGardenia Wed 30-Jul-08 17:08:28

sorry, rather doltishly replied on old thread to you, pf

VintageGardenia Wed 30-Jul-08 17:09:13

albs feeding is settling in well obviously. Are you having soreness/discomfort?

MrsMagooo Wed 30-Jul-08 17:11:38

VG PMSL - that's my kind of come back wink

I have to say I am very lucky on the MIL stakes - she's a bloody lovely woman & I love her to bits......have told DH if were to ever split I get his mum in the divorce settlement wink

My mother on the other hand........

ataraxis Wed 30-Jul-08 17:18:49

sazzles - are you there?
Having lots of contraction type pains today but am only 35+6. I am sure it is nothing (BH or something, never had those with the others), and am telling LO to sit tight for 1 more week but just in case... how long did you have to stay in hospital for with your DD? When I spoke to MW last week (just before I had to go into London and just after she told me head was engaged), she said "well, if you gave birth in London it wouldn't be the worst thing... (hmm DH would definitely disagree)... and at this stage you would only be in for a couple of days". Just wondered what your experience was?

TwilightSurfer Wed 30-Jul-08 17:20:36

ALBS you sound like your in a lovely dream world now.

VG I love your remarks. May I channel you during my next conflict. And yes, things do feel a bit Agatha Christy at the moment. DONDON DON DOONNNNNNN {{{{SHRIEK}}}}

TwilightSurfer Wed 30-Jul-08 17:21:17

Going outside to rest and contract for a while. I'll check in again later......

MrsMagooo Wed 30-Jul-08 17:23:32

Ataraxis Sorry butting in here - this little one tried to evict himself at 33+0, I was given steroids & drugs to stop labour (which thankfully worked) but was told that as a general rule babies are allowed home when they 5lbs+ in weight & have reached a minimum of 35 weeks.

They also said to me if I got to 36 weeks the chances are he wouldn't need SCBU at all, perhaps just a little help with feeding.

Obviously each baby is different but that's what I was told by a SCBU nurse grin

MrsMagooo Wed 30-Jul-08 17:24:40

TS try & have a nice rest (easier said then done) perhaps see if you can find some tape to pop over MIL's trap!!

ataraxis Wed 30-Jul-08 17:53:43

Thanks MrsMagooo - that makes me feel much better as she was estimated at over 5lb on the scan at 34 weeks(will probably go to 42 now...).

angry to MIL, nurses, MW and anyone else who is unnecessarily upsetting everyone.

MrsMagooo Wed 30-Jul-08 17:57:10

No worries Ataraxis it put my mind at rest to know the different possabilities grin typically Little Man now seems to be very comfy & am starting to think I am going to overdue as I'm now 39+4 - little monkey lol!

SazzlesA Wed 30-Jul-08 17:57:51

Message withdrawn

Buckets Wed 30-Jul-08 17:59:45

MrsMagoo, that's exactly how I used to do formula and it was a doddle but in the last year 'they' have issued these incredibly restrictive guidelines about what is safe use of formulasad. Nothing to stop you doing it, just be discreet when there's a HV around to avoid a lecturegrin.

TS Am I right in thinking sterilising bottles isn't that big a deal in the US?

Mini-rant: DS's paediatrician phoned to say the hospital rejected his poo sample for being more than an hour old (funny that.) She then went on to basically repeat that she thinks his chronic diarrhoea is just toddler diarrhoea and try giving him less juice and more fat (oh, like the whole milk, real butter and very diluted drinks he already has?) Basically she's not going to refer him to a dietician/nutritionist for allergy testingangry. My mum has offered to pay for him to see a private one but it's so hard to tell who's actually medically qualified and who's got a correspondence course certificate. We've got a year before he starts school and I just want him to at least be able to feel the poo coming out before he goes to school in a nappy!
So, at some point after the baby comes, I'm going to have to try him dairy-free to see if that does anything (other than piss him off.)

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