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Graduates of super lucky thread!

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Gemzooks Mon 21-Jul-08 07:17:54

hi all,

Just thought I'd start our antenatal thread for those of us who got BFPs, hoping soon to welcome the rest of the ladies next month.

Please add your estimated due dates and info (only as much info as you want to)

Gemzooks: 32, has one DS 1.9, TTC 2 months, due date 29 March 2009

Hants Mon 21-Jul-08 20:24:04

Hi gemzooks
Lets hope the luck continues and we get lots of healthy happy babies (and mummies)!

I've got my mw appt on friday (as I had 2 mc's last year doctor suggested I get an early appt) so exciting!!

hants: 41.5 have one DS 3.5, TTC 1 mth, due date 22 March 2009

Gemzooks Mon 21-Jul-08 21:22:42

hi Hants!
Are you going for an early scan this time? Last winter I had 2 m/c and the last one was discovered at the 12 week scan.. So a bit nervous of waiting till 12 wks, but it could be worse seeing a heartbeat at 8 weeks and then worrying that it could go wrong before 12 weeks iyswim..

I'm in Holland so enforced natural birth etc, but midwives are nice, so will book in soon maybe...

Hants Wed 23-Jul-08 08:27:23

Hi gemzooks, I'm sorry, how sad to have gone that far and then find out. My 2 last year started with bleeding around the 5-6 weeks mark, had early EPU scans and saw hearts beating, then more bleeding and follow up scans with no heart beats! I too am scared, every time I go to the loo I check to make sure all is ok, so far so good. I have a good feeling this time (though I could be wrong of course). I don't know if they will get me in for an early scan, doctor just suggested I go to mw early, not sure what they can do to stop anything happening. I will let you know once I have seen her on friday.

Hants Tue 29-Jul-08 19:32:19

Hi gemzooks, how are you? Feeling fat yet, I am! I had visit with mw on friday, went well, just did the usual, complete the paperwork and chat about how I'm feeling. Everything seems fine so far. How about you? Nobody joining us??

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