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Due Aug 08 - And the Signs of Labor ARE....

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TwilightSurfer Fri 04-Jul-08 15:47:12

This is it!!shock Some of us have already started the descent into new BABYDOM. Best to arm ourselves with the facts. Here you will find the Signs of Labor. Just don't panic. Remember women around the world have been giving birth for ages. You are not alone nor will you be alone throughout this entire process. We are all here for each other no matter what. So let us go forward with heads high and bellies low.

This little quiz might also be Remember we are in this TOGETHER!!



sample23JUL via VB SOMEBODY delivered Jenny Sue, 8lbs 3oz & 55cm [EDD 08AUG]
sample24JUL via CS SOMEBODYELSE delivered Timmy, 6lbs & 43cm [EDD 31JUL]

21JUL IlanaK is 35 and lives in Central London. She has 2DSs, 6y & 3y. Expecting DC#3 via CSec (EDD was 24JUL), a BOY to be named Saul.
23JUL Voodoococonut is 29 and lives in Manchester but moving to West Midlands asap. She has a DD, 19M. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
24JUL Alittlebitshy is 28 and lives in East London/Essex. She has a DD, 5y. Expecting DC#2 via CSec (EDD was 03AUG), a SURPRISE.
29JUL Miamla is 32 and lives in North London. Expecting DC#1, a BOY to maybe be named Theodore.
29JUL Bigboydiditandranaway is 36 and lives in Midlands. She has a DS, 26m. Expecting DC#2.
30JUL Dizzydixies is 32 and lives in Fife. She has 2DDs, 4y & 2y. Expecting DC#3 via VBac or CSec, guesses it's a girl.
31JUL SassyLou is 33 and lives in Cheshire. She has 2DDs, 7y & 5y. Expecting DC#3.
01AUG PhilB is 31 and lives in SE London. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
01AUG Pertelote is 30 and lives in East London. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
02AUG Vintagegardenia is 35 and lives in Ireland. She has a DS, 9y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
02AUG Mum2b1 is expecting DC#1.
02AUG Shazza2002 is 27 and lives in West London. She has a DD, 5y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
04AUG SKYTVADDICT is 40 and lives in Lincolnshire. She has a DS, 13m, and 2DDs, 8y & 12y. Expecting DC#4 via CSec (EDD was 08AUG), a SURPRISE.
05AUG ChaCha is 32 and lives in Oxford. She has 2DCs, 2y & 10m, Expecting DC#3 via CSEC, guesses it's a boy.
07AUG BraveNewWorld is 31 and lives in London. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
08AUG LadyOfWaffle is 22 and lives in Berkshire. She has a DS, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
08AUG Mummypud is 28 and lives in Wiltshire. She has a DD, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a GIRL.
08AUG Bealcain is 21 and lives in Kent, She has 2DSs 2y & 1y. Expecting DC#3, a GIRL to be named Delilah.
09AUG BirthdayBaby is expecting DC#1.
10AUG Lcy is 30 and lives in Wales. Expecting DC#1, guesses it's a boy.
11AUG Sarahnh is 32 and lives in West Midlands. She has a DD, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a GIRL to maybe be named Tess Alexandra.
11AUG Foghornleghorn is 23 and lives in Northampton. She has 2DDs, 3y & 1y. Expecting DC#3, guesses it's a girl.
11AUG Sibh has 2DCs, DS 5y & DD 2y. She is expecting DC#3.
12AUG Buckets is 31 and lives in Southampton. She has a DD, 4y, & a DS, 3. Expecting DC#3 via CSec (01-07AUG?), a BOY to maybe be named Kurt.
14AUG Hardygirl is 36 and lives in SW London. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
14AUG HazieDazieandBaby is 26 and lives in Aberdeen. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL to be named Gabriella.
14AUG Gigglegirl is 32 and lives in Stockport. She has a DD, 4y, and 2DSs, 2y & 1y. Expecting DC#4, a GIRL to be named Imogen.
16AUG Longwayfromhome is 29 and lives in Argentina. Expecting DC#1, a BOY to named Tomas.
16AUG Pregnancy1 is 31 and lives in London. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
17AUG CaptainCaveman is 35 and lives in Nottingham. She has a DS, 3.11y. Expecting DC#2 via VBac, a BOY.
17AUG Iliketosleep is 24 and lives in Wolverhampton. She has 2DDs, 7y & 6y and a DS, 4y. Expecting DC#4.
17AUG Poppysocks is 30 and lives in St Andrews. She has a DD, 2.4y. Expecting DC#2 via CSec or maybe VBAC, a GIRL.
17AUG Warthog has a DD, 2y. Expecting DC#2, a GIRL.
17AUG Jennylee is 30 and lives in West Lothian. She has a DS, 9y. Expecting DC#2, a GIRL.
18AUG Kezza7779 is expecting DC#1, guesses it's a boy.
18AUG Expectant is 32 and lives in Singapore. Expecting DC#1, a SURPRISE.
18AUG Cheerfulvicky is 24 and lives in Cornwall. Expecting DC#1, a BOY.
19AUG SazzlesA is 35 and lives in Cheltenham. She has a DD, 18m. Expecting DC#2 via VBAC or CSec, a GIRL to maybe be named Emma.
19AUG Karney is 39 and lives in Glasgow.
19AUG TwilightSurfer is 37 and lives in Tennessee, USA. She has a DD, 4y. Expecting DC#2 via VB, a GIRL to maybe be named Maggie Ethelyn.
19AUG Daisy26 is expecting DC#1, a GIRL.
20AUG Ejesmum is 38 and lives in Exeter. She has a DS, 4y. Expecting DC#2.
20AUG Stillhere is 36 and lives in Yorkshire. She has a DS, 2.5y. Expecting DC#2, a SURPRISE.
21AUG Pinchypants is 34 and lives in Guildford. She has a DD, 20m. Expecting DC#2.
21AUG Musm2go is 35 and lives in B'ham Solihull. She has a DD, 6y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
23AUG Stickybean is 27 and lives in North London. Expecting DC#1, guesses it's a girl.
24AUG Libbyssister is 34 and lives in Oxfordshire. She has a DS, 2.11y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
24AUG Cyteen is 32 and lives in Leicester. Expecting DC#1, a BOY.
24AUG SausageAndMash is 37 and lives in London. She has a DD, 3y. Expecting DC#2.
25AUG Petitfilou is 36 and lives in S Oxfordshire. She has a DS, 4.4y, & a DD, 2.10y. Expecting DC#3, a BOY.
25AUG Oopsacoconut is 32 and lives in Wiltshire. Expecting DC#1, a GIRL to be named Poppaea Anna.
26AUG Ellasmum1 is 30 and lives in North Staffs-Newcastle under Lyme. She has a DD, 5y. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
26AUG Dancerandprancer is 31 and lives in Devon. She has a DD, 28m. Expecting DC#2, a BOY.
26AUG No1putsbabyinthecorner is 30 and lives in South Yorkshire. She as a DD, 1y. Expecting DC#2.
28AUG Ataraxis formerly Readyforbed has 2 DSs, 5y & 3y, and is expecting DC#3, a GIRL.
29AUG Waytoomuchchocolate is expecting DC#1, guesses it's a girl.
30AUG AnnVan lives in Kent and is expecting DC#1, guesses it's a boy.

Buckets Fri 04-Jul-08 16:03:18

Chacha do you know anyone with a teenager? They're all at a loose end about now. Or you could contact the local vocational college that does childcare-ish courses and see if they can pass an advert on to their pupils or stick it up on a wall. Or put up your own up, either IRL or on

miamla Fri 04-Jul-08 16:07:56

lol TS! I've just done your quiz and I can confidently confirm that I am not in labour at the moment!

so so sleepy though

albs and pregnancy1, i really wish you'd have taken more cakes with you and not left me with so many... i've only had two but i feel really quite sick now! actually, might also have something to do with the box of biscuits i've also finished scoffing! i have NO self control! was good to see you both
and in case the pregnancy food police are reading this... i chose the cakes with fruit on the top so i'm well on my way to my five a day!

Buckets Fri 04-Jul-08 16:18:03

Out of interest is anyone NOT having their DP/DH as their birth partner? My DH will be mine assuming my planned caesarean goes ahead but if I go into labour naturally he will be sent to childcare duties so my sister can be my doula! He is fairly submissive when it comes to women LOL (esp those in uniform) and I really think things might have been different first time around if I'd had my sister there to protect me instead.
My antenatal class yesterday was all about getting in the zone during labour. She pointed out that men have a tendency to want to fix things and won't like seeing you handling the pain, are likely to collude with potentially interfering staff because it makes them feel better. She said you need to put in your birthplan 'Do not suggest pain relief, I will ask for it if I want it.'
Does anyone get the feeling I am trying to talk myself into a VBAC here?hmm

Buckets Fri 04-Jul-08 16:22:11

LOL that quiz is hilarious. I don't have scales in the house and my last vaginal exam was 2yrs ago!grin

gigglegirl Fri 04-Jul-08 16:23:36

afternoon ladies.

Have had a bit of a mad week so not posted much! Have tried to catch up on thread but it would take me forever so forgive me if I'm not up on what is going on with everyone!

Managed the BBQ for all 150 on Sunday - even though we had a typhoon and the poor DHs who were doing the cooking were drenched! Having never done facepainting before I managd to do most of the kids there and got a lot of wows so that was good too.

Work been mental this week and DH had loads of metings in evenings so I have been shattered.

Went down to London on Tuesday and met my new nephew - he woke for at least 90secs in the 2 hours I was there for!

After that been a bot downhill physically as my SPD has kicked in with a vengance so much so that I am waiting for the delivery of wheelchair and crutches from the Physio although they still haven't phoned me to tell me when! So I am now immensly itchy, in total agony amd exhausted - i am so pleasant to live with! Finish work in two weeks (it's our own business so all that means is I am at home every day rather than the office three days!!) but not sure if being at home iwih the kids might actually be harder!

Was much more assertive at my hospital appointment on Thusrday and I now know that I won't be allowed to go over 38 weeks - which is 31st July. Feel alot better as it is now documented in my notes and I also have found a way of seeing the same person each week. Had another growth scan and the baby is now 5lbs so I'm guessing in 4 weeks time it is likely to be about 7 - does that sound right?

Am looking forward to a Friday night of MN, shopping online and chocolate (am planning on going to bed at about 7!! Hope people will be around as will be nice to have a moan chat with people that understand.

Hugs to all of you

alittlebitshy Fri 04-Jul-08 16:31:24

OOh - new thread!

Miamla i thought it would look greedy to take 2 cakes - after all I had only just met you. Next time, next time ;)

Just had a power nap. Went to bed and read for a bit, had a doze, woke up, then dh phoned to say that the film him and dd are seeing is earlier than I thought (oops - i looked it up for them and got it wrong blush) so to meet them earlier for dinner. Thought I'd get up cos if i go back to sleep agin it could be bad.

Not sure how I feel about the weekend coming up. Dh is holding a bbq tomorrow - it's for his birthday. His birthday is early August but as we'll have a 2 week old baby then there is no way on this planet we're holding a party. For a start if it's anything like last time I'll still be bursting into tears as baby latches on to feed (ow) so...... Thing is, dh, bless him hmm, has made it an all day event basically - so people wil be coming and going between 11.30am and 9 fecking pm. Raaah. DD is going to a party in the middle (a friend's mum is taking her) but the worst thing is that dh was a little, er, trigger happy when it came to inviting people and managed to send an email or FB invite to his godfather (in the US so wouldn't be coming anyway) who has told dh's mother about it. SO Mil will be there. She'll moan cos dd won't want to have a story read (she loves stories, but isn't a child to be dictated to) by her; she won't approve of dd's trampoline (10ft - b'day pressie - i lol'ed when dh described it on the phone to mil as a little trampoline. I guess it is compared to 14 foot ones grin), she'll not like dh socialising and shock horror leaving her to talk to other people, and most of all she'll hate that he'll be addressed by some people by the shortened name/nickname that I use (he inro-ed himself to me with it when we met 10 years ago and) and that he likes to be called by friends, rather than his full given name - which he uses but likes to use both.

Then, on Sunday after church we have to schlepp up to school for a bbq (another one hmm). Somehow I managed to get roped into manning the raffle ticket stall at that .......

Ah well, I guess we'll do more socialising than we'll do for a while once baby is here.

annvan I've had the restless leg thing too.

sarahnh Fri 04-Jul-08 16:32:56

great new thread name TS and happy 4th of July...

I'm just waiting for dd to come home from childminder and the bil and sil with kids coming around later...

Well lo has definitely desended downards in fact i can feel her almost between my legs.. lovely... she is pressing on my bladder something awful.. god help me if she stays like this for the next 5 weeks!!!!

Managed to buy a white top from h&m for tomorrow night , only cost 9.99 but makes me look like a beached whale, lovely... my dh said well you are huge honey arghhhhhhhhhhhh

alittlebitshy Fri 04-Jul-08 16:35:22

gigglegirl you poor thing, all that pain and itching Good that you;re not being allowed to go over 38 weeks though. Yay.

Buckets how seriously are you thinking about VBAC? If I wasn't (less than shock)3 weeks away from my section date I think I'd be questioning myself - but I am not letting myself put thought into it cos I can't possibly (more for my own sanity as much as anything ) change things now!

gigglegirl Fri 04-Jul-08 16:39:54

alittlebitshy your weekend sounds like the one I had last weekend although it was a bit more of my doing! and LOL at your MIL description - sounds like mine. COmes to things she hasn't actually been invited to as it is for our friends and people w/ kids and then moans as she doesn't get 100% of attention and kids want to play with their friends - such hard work!

alittlebitshy Fri 04-Jul-08 16:45:08

Sounds about right. Argh mils!

I thought I'd got out of seeing her again until after baby is here, but nooooooooo. Thank goodness noone who is coming knows about the c-section date (Dh and I have each only told one person other than my mum and dad who will be our child care so needed to know) coa she would be awful a) checking and rechecking date, b) calling me lazy (as she did when I casually mentioned a few months ago that I may have a section again). And when I was in labour last time - had been induced and we'd told the parents it was happening -she KEPT calling the blinking hospital asking if any news and wanting to talk to dh. Not on your nelly is that happening this time. I want us to announce the birth and not be pressured by anyone!!!

SazzlesA Fri 04-Jul-08 16:45:37

Message withdrawn

gigglegirl Fri 04-Jul-08 16:50:08

sazzles so sorry to hear about your friend - my friend had a stillborn baby in Feb and I couldn't stop crying - it has def affected me this pregnancy. I hadn't told anyone I was pregnant at the time and so when I told her it was really hard but she was amazing!

i am trying to get the house sorted but getting so hard to move I'm not getting far and as hall stairs and landing and bathroom are being redone in next month I can't really get the energy together for anything else.

AnnVan Fri 04-Jul-08 17:16:44

Sazzles, so sorry to hear about your friend.I had M/C at 8 weeks last year, and that was bad enough, but to get to 12 weeks thinking things are ok sadsad

Lol about MILs - I am lucky, DP's mum is lovely it probably helps that she has a 2yr old DD herself. She is helpful but not interfering - we deliberately moved out of london to live closer to her!

AnnVan Fri 04-Jul-08 17:22:30

TS - I'm deinitely not in labour. Good thing too, as we don't even have a cot. or any baby clothes. We do have nappies though.
Question, what happens when you've all had your lo's and I'm still waiting... I'll have to post to myself wink

cyteen Fri 04-Jul-08 17:41:30

Sazz so sorry for your friend I'm sure she'll appreciate your support when the time is right. A friend of mine is pg for the third time, having lost both previous babies before 12 weeks, and I know she's struggling not to get too stressed out about this one. It's a real rollercoaster isn't it?

albs commiserations on your MIL. I can't believe she called you lazy for having a caesarian! Because having major surgery as well as producing a new baby to care for is so the easy option hmm Re. the BBQs though, it could be worse - I haven't been to a single BBQ this year [friendless emoticon]

Good to see you're celebrating Independence Day with a brand new shiny thread TS

cyteen Fri 04-Jul-08 17:42:53

AnnVan I'm on the tail end of the due date list as well, so I'll probably be here to keep you company!

Tbh though I think TS is being rather optimistic thinking this is the thread that will see the start of our babies the rate we're going, we'll have talked it up to 1000 posts by Sunday grin

AnnVan Fri 04-Jul-08 17:47:23

mmmm eating m&S turkish delight! mmmmm

AnnVan Fri 04-Jul-08 17:50:35

Ah thanks Cyteen!

ChaCha Fri 04-Jul-08 17:59:47

Yay...nice new thread! TS - Have been googling Chattanooga - very interesting place. Has been a life long dream to visit the States, have friends in Cali, Texas, NY and Idaho - that's it and met them all abroad when teaching.

Also a night of feet up, some MN and hopefully early bed. Still haven't managed to catch up on sleep but have come back from the physio with new exercise hmm and a pelvic support belt.

Buckets, thanks - good idea!

Talk and catch up later evening x

Buckets Fri 04-Jul-08 18:09:45

Albs, not too serious about VBAC I think, it's just the more I learn about birth the more exciting it sounds! Have finally got my head around it and I'm wondering if I might be a little disappointed if I don't go into labour before my section date. Would not rule it out if it happened, depending how I was coping eg couldn't handle back labour again.
However I've never been past 39wks - the idea fills me with horror! Plus I do like the childcare convenience, intact perineum and well, fairly pain/horror free bonuses of a section so will still be booking myself at 36wks.

VintageGardenia Fri 04-Jul-08 18:18:29

Hi everyone. I haaaaaate new threads because I always end up abandoning the catch-up on bits of chat at the end of the previous one... the new one is already pretty busy!

gigglegirl how do you manage to sound so upbeat? Sounds dreadful - will you be relieved to have wheelchair or will it be too awkward to use? I am finding crutches a bloody nightmare, so inconvenient. I ditch them whenever possible. Also used one for a while but was told that was worse than none. Hope you get a bit of relief anyway.

CC your bump looks lovely! Is your scorchmark gradually fading or has it gone, I can't really see it on latest pic.

TS happy 4th of July <<hums Yankee Doodle Dandy in trumpety sounding way>> great that things are still so good with you.

Sazzles so sorry to hear about your friend sad it's just dreadful. I know someone who miscarried at 13 weeks when I was about 10 weeks. Was one reason we put off publicising our news, as it seemed so heartless somehow. As someone else said, it's just when you get to what you think is the safe zone.

albs Christ on a bike, your mil sounds horrific!! I'd be stressed to the EYEBALLS if I had to deal with something like that tomorrow. Will you be all beatific and glowy and letting her wash over you? Or accidentally branding her with the barbecue tongs?

miamla hand over a few cakes there, if you have any left, go on, go on, go on. Hope you all had a nice meet up. You have seen one another IN THE FLESH!! Weird.

AnnVan I WISH you hadn't said turkish delight, now it's all I want. Is it quivery hot pink & choc covered like Fry's or scented with rosewater and dusted with icing sugar like Narnian deliciousness<<drools over both possibilities>>

Lurvely bouquet of flowers from work today even though not finishing till next Wednesday. DP gone overnight, to run half marathon in tham thar hills in the morning. Would rather pierce my own ears with a blunt fork, but tis his sort of thing.

SazzlesA Fri 04-Jul-08 18:24:00

Message withdrawn

AnnVan Fri 04-Jul-08 18:26:29

VG turkish delight in true sedutive Narnian style, havewhite marks down front of shirt from excess iing sugar blush
Agree with you about marathon running. Has he heard of the Comrades marathon, a 55mile marathon run in south Africa, toughest ultra marathon in the world shock

AnnVan Fri 04-Jul-08 18:30:34

Sazzles - Lol re vitoria. It could be worse though - my parents keep suggesting truly hideous Afrikaans names. Mind you tbh most Afrikaans names are truly hideous. Have already said that if babbee is a boy there is no way he'll be named after any men on my side of family. All the male names on my side are afrikaans.

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