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Due December 08 - time to start blooming and glowing.

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JamInMyWellies Wed 02-Jul-08 14:42:41

New thread lovely ladies

pixsix Wed 02-Jul-08 14:46:07

Thanks Jam. Lovely thread title

Jenduck - really strange! Maybe the 3 of us will meet at the London meet-up?

JollyBear Wed 02-Jul-08 14:54:50

Hurray, new thread! grin Nice title jam

I'm looking forward to the blooming and glowing after all the vomiting and sleeping smile.

jenduck Wed 02-Jul-08 15:01:05

Yay, onto the new thread! If only it were true...

Pixsix - unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to go the meet, me & DH have that week earmarked for a holiday. Hopefully will meet everybody some other time though smile

JollyBear Wed 02-Jul-08 15:02:25

This is an interesting thread for us first timers about what not to buy... here

I didn't even know there was such a thing as a wipe warmer! grin

rosmerta Wed 02-Jul-08 15:16:06

Thanks Jam!

On the last thread, a couple of people were talking about grumpy, sleep-deprived dcs (and mums!). Add my ds to that list, he's dropping his lunchtime nap so I have no idea from one day to the next what he's going to do!

On the list of not what to buy, add most toys, bath thermometer, any kind of bottle heating device (a flask of hot water and a cup is fine!) and any kind of fancy clothes grin

LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 02-Jul-08 15:17:39

Might I join you ladies here?
Due date is Nov 30th but experience tells me I will probably be 1st week of December instead. hmm

Am 18 (??) blush weeks with no.3. Don't have time really to keep track of it with a 2 and 3 year old to look after! lol

Both boys were big at birth so was advised I was to have consultant led care and GTT test done which I am not looking forward to but consultant has passed me back to MW thankfully.

Am worrying a bit at the mo as this bump is a lot smaller than the previous 2 and seems to be set back in my tummy iyswim though I can feel the baby thrashing about in there from time to time. Hope it just means this baby will be smaller as ithas been hinted they may decide to induce me dead on time 'in case' this baby is big too, though 'largeness' did not prove a problem with first 2.

Is anyone wearing maternity yet?

Beans33 Wed 02-Jul-08 15:53:48

I'm wearing maternity! Wish I'd discovered it years ago - so comfortable!

Just been for physio for half an hour and nodded off on the table. Loads of pain round my coccyx and lower back. An old injury, which has flared up. Now just waiting for past sciatica to kick in too, to complete the joy!

I promise I'm not normally this miserable!

Veggiemummy Wed 02-Jul-08 16:08:42

hello can i drop in here, i'm due 15th dec this will be no.2 have a nearly 3 y.o ds. i am def in maternity clothes i am about 2 kgs off the weight i was when i gave birth to ds doesn't help that i started off 10kg heavier and very unfit.

not sure if this has been mentioned for not to buys but def do not buy any bottles and teats, even if you def plan to bottle feed. who knew that a)babies could be so picky about which teats they like and b) will practically go on a hunger strike rather than drink from a bottle. people thought i was being very earth mothery because i exclusively breast fed my son until he would take a beaker and solids, but he flattely refused to take anything but boob.

Veggiemummy Wed 02-Jul-08 16:19:14

oh beans you poor thing is the physio helping? apart from helping you catch up on some much needed sleep.

zoejeanne Wed 02-Jul-08 16:43:14

Hi everyone - like the new thread! This week I just bought my first maternity clothes - a swimming cossie - and it makes me look far more pregnant on than my old cossie, bizarre!! Otherwise I'm buying stretchy and bigger sizes for now.

Beans - I hope the physio is helping (and if, the sleep must have been pretty good anyway!)


Beans33 Wed 02-Jul-08 16:44:54

Physio is starting to help and actually feel a bit better now straight after. Fingers crossed the effects last. One of my best mates has a 4 month old baby, plus her husband has pancreatitis and has been in hospital for 5 weeks. He's just had an operation to remove the damaged tissue, with a 25% fatalities rate. He's come out and is picking up, which is great, but at least another 8-10 weeks in hospital. My friend is at the end of her tether - wondering how to cheer him up, as he now has depression. Does anyone have any ideas? I feel so sorry for both of them - and their 4 month old baby!

Beans33 Wed 02-Jul-08 16:45:29

It puts my complaining about my back into perspective as well, which is good! sad

Olipop Wed 02-Jul-08 16:46:29

Hello ladies - welcome to any new members. Back now from sunny Spain...had a wonderful break and most exciting of all ...*I'VE STOPPED PUKING!!!!!!*
Just going to go and try to catch up on the old news.....speak soon x

Flumpybumpy Wed 02-Jul-08 16:46:34

I have been in maternity for about 3 weeks already. I am huge, but then I was with the first two too.

At least I look pregnant and not just fat, thanks to Davina McCall!!!

Veggiemummy Wed 02-Jul-08 16:57:25

Davina McCall?? does she do maternity clothes?

oh that poor family, has the hospital got a psychiatrist involved, or at least a counselor. that is so much for both of them to deal with, the possibility of loosing your husband with a young baby and now he's ok, having to face such a long time in hospital man i'm feel a bit stupid about being grumpy if my DH has to work away a lot. Does your friend have much family lving close to help out with the baby.

Flumpybumpy Wed 02-Jul-08 17:03:40

veggie sorry, I can see what you mean, no she has a fab during and post pregnancy workouot DVD that I have been doing for 6 weeks now and have toned up and just have a nice little bump without the flab both my GP and MW recommended it.

It is really easy and you can do right up tp the birth and the post preg workoout is cool too. I did it after DC no2 and lost the baby weight quickly. I then moved on to ther high energy one and lost over 3 stone.

Beans33 Wed 02-Jul-08 17:09:23

they do have a counsellor, but not sure he's listening. It's hard work because he is inclined towards (dare I say it) hypochondria anyway, so he's kind of wallowing a bit.

Luckily, her family are helping out, so she can go and visit him and I'm trying to pop round in the evenings, but she's north London, I'm south and I'm so spaced out and knackered at the mo, I don't think I'm much help anyway!

And gosh, don't feel stupid about being grumpy - everyone has their own worries and I'm constantly grumpy with my husband at the moment!!! Even when he's not working late etc. Probably WHY he's working late! blush

Veggiemummy Wed 02-Jul-08 17:20:50

oh i see, well she should do maternity clothes. right i'm going straight to to get that DVD. I was a bit of a fitness head before DS did a few triathlons a year, a marathon and several short road races, but after my DS was born only managed a couple of Tri's and road races, i was quite unfit before i got pregnant this time and am really feelin it, last pregnancy was lovely felt like a proper yummy mummy to be, now i just feel like a very large pregnant cow. i need something to get me off the couch that doesn't depend on the weather.

your friend at north london, is he at the Free, i used to work there (have moved to Derby now), it's not a very inspiring place if your stuck there, or have to visit on a regular basis and a nightmare to park.

Olipop Wed 02-Jul-08 18:15:35

Wow - I have just read through all the posts since I went on's taken me hours but hey ho, I'm only at work anyway!!! Going out for dinner with some girlfriends and waiting for them to finish their stuff so we can just GO!!!
It's so nice to actually feel like eating....quick question.....whats the consensus on eating prawns...going to a fishy restaurant and really fancy some prawns.....

katie3677 Wed 02-Jul-08 18:17:29

I've just found out that my SIL is due in March - makes me feel like an old hat! Will be nice my LO to have a cousin of similar age though.

Turniphead1 Wed 02-Jul-08 18:33:49

Hi Olipop, if it were me and I would eat prawns in a seafood restaurant given that its Wednesday (never eat seafood on a monday apparently!) and if they are cooked.

Wow - our fourth thread.

Welcome lady - for a second there I read that you were 18 yrs old and pg with no.3 and I thought - wow! someone has been busy.

I seem to be having a run of bad luck - fell down the stairs this afternoon and landed badly on my back. Was really quite shocky and sore but am sure lo will be fine. My lovely DH did drop everything and come home - he normally never gets home before 8.30 so I am sitting back. Am going to be so bruised tomorrow!

On the upside we are going to watch Murray together after HE puts my DC to bed.

Veggiemummy Wed 02-Jul-08 19:06:17

just looked at the advice sheet my MW gave me and it said cooked shelfish is fine, preferably hot, i.e. recently cooked or in a curry.

ouch Turnip you poor thing,put your feet up.

oh gosh i am suddenly ravenously hungry must go feed.

JamInMyWellies Wed 02-Jul-08 19:14:27

ollipop I say go for the shellfish have to say have been rather slack on what you can and cannot eat. I like my steaks a bit red and my eggs a bit runny and when I was preg with DS I ate alot of pate and had fois gras. blush

JamInMyWellies Wed 02-Jul-08 19:15:46

ooh Turnip feet up take advantage of DP being home early.

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