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Due Sept 08: The one where we pack our bags and write our birth plan.

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mamamufin Sat 28-Jun-08 10:03:59

I thought I would be brave grin

mamamufin Sat 28-Jun-08 10:09:48

Ooooh dear!
How do I get you all here sad??

Ponymum Sat 28-Jun-08 12:20:54

I found you from the general list as the link from the last thread didn't work for me. Should we try posting on the old thread to beg a clever MNer to help us with the link?

Alaro Sat 28-Jun-08 13:41:53

Thanks for advice Meglet. I think thats what I'm gonna do. Still taking my preg. vits but will wash them down with some OJ in future. Thanks for the tip.

DebitheScot Sat 28-Jun-08 13:46:21

I'm here, I found you from ponymum's link on old thread.

went swimming this morn, ds as usual loved every minute of it even when he was shivering away as the pool is quite cold. No actually, it's freezing. And I enjoyed it too, it really does take away all feeling of the bump being uncomfortable. Only bad thing is I think we went too soon after my breakfast and my reflux is worse than ever now. Yuck yuck yuck.

MummyToOneForNow Sat 28-Jun-08 14:08:35

Hello - I haven't been around much but occasionally found time to lurk. My school is finished for the summer so I should be able to post more from now on grin. Dd will still be going to nursery for some sessions so I get a chance to put my feet up and do some housework over the summer - have been very slack about it the last few months as so knackered all the time blush.

mumiyumi Sat 28-Jun-08 14:12:36

nice new thread...i wonder how many more titles we'll get through before our babes start to arrive?

With regards to bf on the last thred sunshine i went through exactly the same thing as you complete strangers pulling and tugging and forcing ds face onto my breast...then being told i needed nipple shields also, and then feeling like a cow on a milking machine when expressing...god how that hurt and listening to my ds screaming and not being able to get him...what a nightmare sad My midwife has also written on my notes wishes to breastfeed so the pressure is on again....but this time i'll give it a go but i wont let them make me feel the failure i did last time!!

Anyway gorgeous day .....xx

DebitheScot Sat 28-Jun-08 14:25:25

the last thread lasted 23 days. I don't think I have any intention of packing my bag in the next 23 days and I'm one of the early due dates. Should I pack it sooner than that?

Sassafrass Sat 28-Jun-08 14:27:17

Hi everyone, I am now officially on maternity leave. DH is still unemployed though which is rather worrying. We'll have to apply for jobseekers and housing benefits which I'm really not very happy about. It's nice to get to put my feet up though. My work colleagues gave me a gift card for boots so I've treated myself to lots of goodies for a bit of a spa night at home.

mama2bee Sat 28-Jun-08 15:54:59

Hello all, I'm back after a weeks hol, v relaxing indeed. 6 weeks left at work now... Enjoy your spa night sassafrass sounds like just what you need. I'm chilling watching the tennis and eating strawberries...

eandz Sat 28-Jun-08 16:10:34

oooh you guys! my nesting has begun! i'm soo excited. i feel like i just might be a mom.

sorry about my link info, i cut and paste it from the bottom of the page.

good job mamamufin!

becaroo Sat 28-Jun-08 17:19:56

Hi everyone...

Been shopping all morning this morning so am suffering from sore legs and back and retail burnout grin Poor dh is looking at receipts and gnashing his teeth in disbelief at how much we have spent today shock

Ordered my new bedroom carpet and the new wood floor for ds room. Ordered the mattresses for cot and moses basket from mothercare - plus loads more maternity wear as my maternity jeans are now really uncomfortable. Then off to M&S for some food treats and school uniform for my ds for next term - *3 for 2 at the moment*! - Then to Ikea for bits and bobs <<<<shudder>>>> I loathe Ikea. It is truly a soul destroying experience.

Anyway, all I have to get now are bits for my bag and nappies etc for baby. Once new carpet is down we can put cot up and start getting a bit more organised.

My dh and ds are painting the loft as we speak so better go and see how much paint is on ds and how much on the actual wall smile

Have a good weekend, guys x

becaroo Sat 28-Jun-08 17:20:42

Meglet...that is just how I feel re: bf this time. I will try, but if it doesnt work I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

digitalgirl Sat 28-Jun-08 17:55:23

I will definitely not have packed a bag by the time this thread is full...I've still got another 12 (or more) weeks to go.

eandz We made a pretend version of heuvos rancheros today to satiate that mexican craving you planted. The best bit was my homemade guacamole with a very overripe avocado, craftily disguised with lots of chili, lemon, coriander and creme fraiche. oh, now i'm hungry again.

Hooray hooray, today I drove our new grown up family car home. We now have an extra £4000 debt (boo). Hopefully we can flog our old car tomorrow which will help pay for the insurance on this new one. But hooray! It has power steering and eletric windows and air con and it doesn't stall when I'm waiting at traffic lights!

And someone wants to buy our old bed (no takers off freecycle)!

And sister moves out this week! I can finally get in there and steam clean the carpet she's inconsiderately muddied. We can repaint the walls, put cute pictures up, fill the wardrobe with baby blankets and things.

We are slowly ticking things off the list. Somewhere down the bottom of the list is 'write birth plan, pack hospital bag, think of baby names...'

mamamufin Sat 28-Jun-08 18:38:57

Thanks for sorting out the thread pickle ponymum grin.
Hope you have a relazing evening sass. I cant wait to finish work now. 2.5 shifts left and counting!
It really does sound as thought the nesting bug has kicked in now. Even u eandz shock.
Ive done a massive tesco shop with ds this morning. I was shocked by the amount of sweets and biscuit type things I brought blush. Also went to mothercare to get a bumbo seat tray (I have been given a bumbo) and went to toys r us for a changing mat to keep downstairs. I can tick a few boxes off my list now.
My folks are coming up on monday and ikea are deliveing the pax wardrobes. Then its all hands on deck for "operation EUIES Nursery" Border up, furtinure made and all the nice bits in place. I am so excited grin.

My bith plan:
To go with the flow of what my body is telling me.
Stay upright and mobile for as long as possible.
Gas and Air mainly.
If I need meptid or pethedine to have an anti sickness tablet at the same time.
Avoid epidural or medical invention unless baby or myself in danger.
Try to relax and enjoy the experience.
Push so hard when the time comes
Baby straight to my chest to feed.

Hospital Bag- nearly packed now
Baby s name. Euan Lewis Hugh ***

youve made me hungry. Your lunch sounded delicious.
Happy sat night x

carrieon Sat 28-Jun-08 19:50:50

Found you all!
Had one of those days which should have been loads of fun but wasn't...we went to town for the first time in ages, but had so much to get that dh and I had to split up to get through the list. He took dd and I took the buggy! Spent a fortune on birthday cards and present for people, so never got to the bit where we go shoe shopping for me
Will feel less sorry for myself when I've had some dinner, which dh is now cooking
Dd had her first poo-in-the-bath experience tonight!

MummyToOneForNow Sat 28-Jun-08 20:03:38

I am almost getting the nesting bug - very unlike me (dh has much higher standards). I've been reading the flylady emails and trying to at least clear my sink before I go to bed! Now my term has finished (so I'm effectively on maternity leave although I do have some school stuff to finish) I have realised how much sorting out I have to do.. My personal mission for tonight is to tidy my desk which has piles of paper all over it. A bit daunting at the moment so I'm procrastinating and reading stuff on mumsnet blush

mumiyumi Sat 28-Jun-08 20:08:41

my next plan is to wash all baby's bits and start to think about packing the bags, as you never know whats gonna happen and the lo might make an earlier than planned appearance....hopefully not but you never know.

I've had a very un exciting couple of days, have felt totally washed out and slept lots, luckily it's the wkend and dh here to deal with ds....also felt a bit dizzy and faint at times, i'm sure i didn't have any of this with ds! sad

ninja Sat 28-Jun-08 20:15:31

You're all so organised - I still have 11 weeks of work so I haven't even thought about ost of these things - ooops. I guess though I reckon that the lo will be with us for 6 months so plenty of time to sort out the room, yes?

Plus (d)h being an arse (sorry) today, threatened to leave me while at the school fair. I know from experience he won't do it, but I wish he wasn't so volatile.

I'm starting to get the 'when are you due' comments - that's not good is it? It means I'm big doesn't it?

MummyToOneForNow Sat 28-Jun-08 20:21:22

Ninja - I'm so huge that when people ask when the baby is due and I say Sept they always ask if there are two in there or three!!! Can't believe I have 12 more weeks of growing to do - will look and feel like a beached whale by September.

carrieon Sat 28-Jun-08 20:30:12

Great news - dh's cousin (who 'stole' our boys name last time) has had a baby girl, Emily Ruth, which is a lovely name but not one that's on our list, so we're happy for them without any bitterness this time!!!

eandz Sat 28-Jun-08 20:53:31

our cleaning lady found a box of our sex stuff today...and now i feel like the biggest pervert in the world.

bogie Sun 29-Jun-08 07:56:28

Hi Everyone i'm off to center parcs tommorow for a little break hope you all have a good week

ninja Sun 29-Jun-08 09:13:16

We went to centre parks a couple of weeks ago - it was fab. Managed to do a lot of the slides as well! Have a great time.

MTOFN - people around here (in general) are more polite although the odd one squeaks you're big, I normally say it first though

mamamufin Sun 29-Jun-08 09:46:13

Have fun bogie smile.
Cant believe I have lost the bumbo seat tray I brought yesterday. hmm. I think I must have left it in toys r us. Will phone them when they open.
A lazy day this end. Dh has been away in spain for a works pissup, conference. He is due back tonight. Have a good Sunday x

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