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Due March 2009?? Lets see those BFP!!!

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auntyspan Fri 27-Jun-08 22:12:49

Come on I can't be the ONLY one!!! I got my BFP this morning - I think I'm due around the 12th March...

No real symptoms yet other than slightly weary this afternoon, and quite bad backache.

Not too hopeful JUST yet as very early days and had a m/c last year. Already have a DD (2.5)

Don't leave me here on my own too long!! <sob>

dizzydixies Fri 27-Jun-08 23:07:57

oohh lovely, congrats - wishing you all the very best, I'm due in 4wks but just wanted to say all the luck in the world smile

supersteph Sat 28-Jun-08 13:08:32

Big congrats to auntyspan. I am sure your thead will start filling up quickly so dont worrie. There are over 600 mesages on the due fab feb site. That is what I am on as am due 2nd feb with number 2, which makes me 8 weeks 4 days.
I also had M/C last year so I know how you feel. Why dont you ask your gp for an early scan about 6 weeks to reasure you? That is what I did and after seeing the heart beat it has made me more relaxed. Good luck to you and I know you wont be alone for long. smile xx

c4it Sat 28-Jun-08 18:09:37

Congrats Auntyspan! I'm from the March 08antenatal group - currently bf ds (13 wks) and typimg 1 handed grin

goldmother2b Sun 29-Jun-08 12:31:21

Hi Auntyspan, I too got a BFP - on Thurs - est due date of 4th March. Had a MC in April, so really pleased to be pg so soon again. Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for the next 8 weeks. x

ceedub Sun 29-Jun-08 19:50:15

Congrats Auntyspan - I was wondering when we'd get our own thread!! I'm due on the 2nd, am so excited. Though had a mc in january so will also be hoping this one sticks. Am seeing dr on thursday and will definitely ask for an early scan, otherwise don't know how I'll get through the next 7 weeks!

munchiesmama Sun 29-Jun-08 19:56:47

Hi Auntyspan congratulations! I got a BFP too, I am due 1st March, also have DD who is one and a half. Still cant believe it xxxx

dinny Sun 29-Jun-08 20:48:58

hello Auntyspan, Goldmother (Dizzy - hello!!!), Ceedub, Munchies and C$it


I got a BFP very unexpectedly last Thursday! Have worked out am due on March 9th.... Was in shock last week but feeling Ok about it now, dh is delighted.

This will be my third child, I have a dd of 6 and a ds of 3. Eeek!

Feel OK physically, too early for sickness, mine usually starts at 6 weeks ish, dreading that too. Am wondering if there is any chance I may escape it this time!

BlueDragonfly Sun 29-Jun-08 20:52:03

nooooo this thread can't be here already shockshock

I am a march o8er

auntyspan Sun 29-Jun-08 20:53:34

Oooo hello everyone - I'm glad I'm not here all alone then!

Yes I don't have many symtoms at the moment, sickness kicked in about 6 weeks with DD. I'm hoping to have avery different pregancy with this one, as DD was huge and I was very uncomfortable, even had a heart mumur diagnosed as she was so big, she was compacting everything. Then I got pre-eclampsia - it's a miracle I agreed to have any more!!

But feeling LOADS more positive about this one... hopefully it'll be a 'sticker'

Going to the doc on friday to ask about early scan amongst other things - also want a nuchal scan & early bloods this time and I think I'll have to pay.

dinny Sun 29-Jun-08 21:07:06

Bluedragon - I know, it's mad, isn't it? Early early days though...

Auntyspan - oh, hope you have a smoother ride this time, let's think positive. I feel quite worried am "out" on MN so early on, but I just need to talk things over with other people in same boat! I have forgotten so much about early pg. Booked appointment with dr on Wed. Am going to attempt to not pile on too much weight as ds was big and got stuck!

Booboobedoo Sun 29-Jun-08 21:15:47

Just popping on to say congratulations! By coincidence, I started the Due March 2007 thread, and I, too got my BFP on June 27th (but 2006). So exactly two years before you, auntyspan!

March is a lovely month to have a baby. Wishing you all happy, healthy pregnancies.

nomorenappies Sun 29-Jun-08 21:17:52

I havn't ever posted before, have looked at threads though since i was pregnant with dd age 3. Have just got BFP & am due about 1st March 08 & have decided to use mumsnet more this time.

dinny Mon 30-Jun-08 07:27:16

thanks Boob and congratulations NoMorenappies!

It's really weird being pregnant yet not being sick or being massively huge - had forgotten this stage!

kayzisexpecting Mon 30-Jun-08 07:29:07

Just popping in to say hello and congratulations!!
<<Waves to Aunty>>

My DS was born 20th March 2007, feels so wierd that it was 2 years ago I got my BFP!!

Good luck everyone!!!

dinny Mon 30-Jun-08 07:54:23

congrats, Kay smile

ah, my dad is 20th March and he is the lovliest Pisces ever!

kayzisexpecting Mon 30-Jun-08 07:58:51

I'm due in December. Must say I would prefer to be due in March as I am too bloody hot!

spugs Mon 30-Jun-08 08:36:14

congratulations grin im another march 08 mam.

auntyspan Mon 30-Jun-08 09:15:50

<<Waves to Kayz>>

Feeling a bit poo this morning, don't want my morning coffee which is NOT like me. Def feeling sick but obv not too trying to ignore it....

But congrats to everyone!

dinny I'm not going to get fat this time either - piled on about 4 stone when preg with DD. Am off to a good start as I'm already a stone and a half lighter than when I fell prg last time. Going to try and stick to the Slimming World diet as a friend of mine did it (the only diet you're allowed to do when prg) and she only put a stone and a half on.

Craving sausage rolls at the moment.... not looking good is it??!!

munchiesmama Mon 30-Jun-08 09:41:38

Yeh I piled on a lot of weight the first time, really hope i dont this time! DD was 8lb 13oz afraid this new baby might be bigger -eeek!

Still cant believe i am pregnant again so exciting!

Congrats everyone xx

auntyspan Mon 30-Jun-08 11:05:07

Yes - DD was 10lb (and yes i had an emergency cs!) - due to the pre-eclampsia I got very bad water retention so swelled up to over 16 stone blush

dinny Mon 30-Jun-08 14:12:01

I'm feeling complacent, sort of, as don't feel sick yet - it would be so much easier if felt like this the whole way through, wouldn't put on half as much weight if not stuffing face to stop sick feelings...

fififlores Mon 30-Jun-08 14:23:43

I´m pregnant, due March 08. It´s my second and so far I feel OK, although it´s 40 degrees where I live (southern Spain) and my house has no air con, so I can´t wait to come back to England to see my family next week!

dinny Mon 30-Jun-08 14:26:12

Fifi - March 09?

auntyspan Mon 30-Jun-08 14:53:32

LOL fifi - brain already going mushy??? Maybe it's the heat.... grin

welcome anyway - how old is your DC1?

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