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Due October 2005 ... come on, ladies....

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morningpaper Fri 28-Jan-05 10:47:45

OK let's take a deep breath and begin...

morningpaper, expecting #2, due 8 October 2005, so currently 4 wks to the day...

Hoping that someone will invent a new form of pain relief in the next 8 months....

Raindog Fri 28-Jan-05 10:51:04

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! I can't believe that this thread has been started already! I'm due in April and all of a sudden it seems very close! Best wishes (and if that pain relief could be invented a little sooner...!)

jessicasmummy Fri 28-Jan-05 10:53:48

hope to join you here - just waiting to see! Congrat tho!!!!

DecafArabica Fri 28-Jan-05 11:06:20

Oh wow! We aren't the new girls any more! Congratulations from the September thread.

marinda Fri 28-Jan-05 11:32:18

Hi morningpaper recognise you fromTTC thread. ATM on september thread but not completely sure of dates - could be 28 Sept- Oct 3rd- will keep posting on both - till find out !!!

YOKEFLEET Fri 28-Jan-05 16:34:51

Congratulations MorningPaper, I am due 27th Sept so I will also keep an eye on this thread!!

cori Fri 28-Jan-05 20:11:41

Hi morningpaper.

I am happily joining this thread, am expecting # no 2 on Oct 10th. I wonder how many will join us and how soon.
I am buzzing with excitement. I havent told anyone else yet, not even DH- it is our wedding anniversary tomorow, so am going to tell him over a romantic dinner. I cant wait.

morningpaper Fri 28-Jan-05 21:02:51

Oooh hi Cori! Can't BELIEVE you've waited, what a fabbie present for your DH - let us know how he reacts!

The October due dates seem to be thin on the ground - hopefully there will be a few more soon! xx

bonym Fri 28-Jan-05 21:53:34

An October thread already! Big congrats moningpaper and Cori - can't believe how the time has flown by since our March thread started.

cori Fri 28-Jan-05 22:14:43

We are Due in early October, so others probably dont know there PG yet.
HAve you had any symptoms yet? In one week I have had breast pain , slight nausea, fatigue, and indigestion. God knows what the next 9 months is going to bring.

How old is your first?, my DS is 3 in two weeks.

beansprout Fri 28-Jan-05 22:25:17

Cori and MP - congratulations!!!!
Was a year ago this weekend that I found out I was preg - October is a fab month to have a db!!!

Very, very best wishes for your pregnancies!!

morningpaper Sat 29-Jan-05 09:46:00

Thanks Beansprout!

My dd will be 3 the week that No.2 is due! I will have to 'sell' the idea as a baby brother/sister for her birthday....

I have had a few bouts of nausea and vivid dreams but that's it. Definitely morning sickeness type nausea though - it's all coming back to me! Actually I don't mind though, it reassures me that my hormones are starting to kick in like they should.

jessicasmummy Sat 29-Jan-05 10:00:28

congrats... but im jealous now! Still got 2 weeks to wait to find out if i can oficially join your thread!

cori Sat 29-Jan-05 10:44:44

My DS will be starting nursery in September before the DB is due. Lots of changes in his little life all at once but good news for me as i will have mornings/afternoons to be alone with new DB.

marinda Sat 29-Jan-05 12:02:46

Hi I had nusea for a couple of days last weekend but have not had many symptoms since- even had to do another pg test to check I was still pg. Sore itchy Boobs however and mild crampy pains. Anyone has anything similar ?

morningpaper Sat 29-Jan-05 15:38:47

Oooh yes my boobs have been feeling a bit 'prickly' and I've got lots of sharp pains, especially at night. I got lots of pains for the first few weeks with my first pg, so I'm not worried about that. I could do with some more cleavage though .....

franch Sat 29-Jan-05 16:22:21

I'm on the Sept thread but just popped over to say a big CONGRATULATIONS! Makes our thread seem a bit more 'real' now that there's one following us!

bubbaloo Sat 29-Jan-05 17:26:52

hi,just come over from the june thread to say"congratulations"to all of you here-can't believe theres an october thread already

DecafArabica Sun 30-Jan-05 11:55:08

Cori! Fantastic news. Don't know if you remember me from our Chanukah thread before I was Decaf.

cori Sun 30-Jan-05 18:45:14

Thanks Decaf of course I remember you.
I finally told DH last night. The moment was priceless. We went to a romantic local restaurant, I ordered a half bottle of Champagne and proposed the toast. I said 'to our 9th wedding anniversary and our new baby, I am pregnant' I dont think he believed me at first. He asked me how sure, I was. I said that as I had taken two pregnancy tests and as I was a week overdue, I was pretty sure. He is thrilled, but was speechless at the time.
Then we spent the rest of the evening talking about the future, how DS will react and how long we can put off buying anew house.

morningpaper Sun 30-Jan-05 18:53:10

Ah Cori so lovely! I think my DH didn't believe the tests either.... Now I'm officially late it's starting to sink in...

maretta Sun 30-Jan-05 19:17:36

Congratulations to you both - I'm another September person.

cori Wed 02-Feb-05 17:29:26

How are you getting on Morningpaper.? Have you been to the GP yet? I havent, will probably go on Monday, will be six weeks by then. My symptoms seem to have gone away this week, just feelign a bit tired.

Lexie100 Wed 02-Feb-05 18:04:05

Cori told me about this thread.
Did a test this am and it was positive then did another one to make sure. I have been jumping round the house all day and checking test results! Phoned hubby at work and he is thrilled. Just got off the phone to my mum, so hard not to tell her. I have my first doctors appointment on 10th. Can i tell familiy after that or should i wait till i have a scan????

due 11th

cori Wed 02-Feb-05 18:11:40

Hi Lexie,
Is this your first.?
I am due on the 10th of October,
I have started to tell a few selected people.
I wouldnt announce it to the whole world just yet, but I think you can tell close friends and family.

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