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Due October 2008 - getting bigger by the day!

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accessorizequeen Sun 01-Jun-08 21:35:59

Can't sleep won't sleep's List copied here for usefulness grin

29th Sept perkypopsy first baby smile Surprise
29th Sept WombFor1More 2 ds's 1 dd Boy
30th Sept Aubergenie first baby smile Surprise
30th Sept sambrads 1 ds 28th May
30th Sept buttercupbabe 1 ds
1st CantSleepWontSleep 1 dd Boy
1st accessorizequeen 2 ds's Twins shock - one of each
1st loulou33 1 ds Surprise (or home testing kit!)
2nd MrsBish 1 dc
2nd snowymum first baby smile Boy
2nd 1sttimer80 first baby smile Surprise. Hydronephrosis discovered. Extra scan at 28 weeks planned.
2nd Jane7 first baby smile
3rd SydneyB 1 dd
4th minervaitalica first baby smile Surprise (unintentionally!)
4th hedgepig 1 ds Surprise
4th pistachio 1 dc
4th annwoo 2 dc Surprise
5th myjobismum 1 ds Surprise
5th rosebury 3 ds's 2 dd's Boy
6th Bethoo 1 ds Girl
6th fairydust2 1 dd
6th iuseantiageingstuff 2 ds's 1 dd Boy
6th ronshar 2 dd's Surprise (with dangly bits wink)
7th belgo 2 dd's
8th kookiegoddess first baby smile
8th Alexa808 first baby smile
8th Ksal first baby smile Surprise
8th f1nut 3 dc
10th Lozza70 first baby smile Surprise
10th emkay 1 dd
10th pepperrabbit 2 ds's 6th June
11th Sprogstersmum 1 dd
12th chicken78 1 dd
12th star6 first baby smile
12th milfakamonkeymonkeymoomoo 1 dd
12th immo first baby smile
13th Lesley21
14th tedmundo 1 ds 29th May
14th twinklytoes 2 dd's Boy
14th BubbaAndBump 1 dd
15th mum2jakeyroo 2 ds's 28th May
15th fanvampbooks 1 dd
15th toomuchtimeonline first baby smile
16th moodywren 1 dd 2 ds's Boy
16th bigmouthstrikesagain 1 ds 1 dd 9th June
19th MrsTittleMouse 1 dd
19th rach010 1 ds 3rd June
20th 07mumstheword 1 dc 10th June
20th AandMsmum 2 dd's 3rd June
20th KnickersOnMaHead 1 dd
20th jenwa 1 dd 5th June
20th firsttimer08 first baby smile 16th June
21st hansnava 1 dd
21st rowanmac 1 ds Surprise
21st caramelbunny 1 dd
21st jess1996 first baby smile
22nd SmudgeyDoodle 1 ds 16th June
22nd ellensmelons 1 dd
23rd Sallypuss first baby smile 17th June
23rd Emmsy1 3 ds's 1 dd 9th June
24th sparklesandnowinefor9months 3 ds's 1 dd 13th June
25th Flum 2 dd's
26th gem1981 1 ds
26th oliviaelanasmum/4andnotout 3 dd's 16th June
26th born2twinkle 1 ds
26th mariekg 3 dc 4th June
28th UmSami 1 ds
29th Ekka 1 dd 23rd June
29th BabyDubsEverywhere 1 ds
30th Jambers99 1 ds 10th June
30th ChilledBunny ?? 12th June
Nov coolkat 1 dd

accessorizequeen Sun 01-Jun-08 21:39:05

October ladies, we have exceeded the other thread, I can't post at all! Please join this one!!!

CantSleepWontSleep Sun 01-Jun-08 21:43:54

Hello - wonder how long it will take everyone to realise that we are over here grin.

Fuzzi bunz and Berry Plush are the other two kinds that I have.

AandMsmum Sun 01-Jun-08 21:47:30

Hey guys, I found you, have been busily reading about cloth nappies, all new terrertory (not sure if I spelt that correctly) for me but finding it an interesting read and may venture in to the reusable myself.. Will keep reading on and taking on any tips and advice.

accessorizequeen Sun 01-Jun-08 21:54:15

I've already lost track of what was being discussed.

Will def. look into moltext & composting, thanks bigmouth. nature babies are swedish aren't they so no better than germany! I'm sure there's a bamboo-based brand as well. Hmm

I have some berry plush too csws, unfortunately ds2 grew out of them in weeks grrrr. So soft & lovely but so expensive!

emmsy, when it comes to numbers to buy, best to start with a few, preferably part of a trial or money back (e.g. I think kittykins will buy back at 70%). There's little point putting wraps or anything made of microfibre in a drier as it will dry so quick anyway. Plus drying will eventually effect the nappy, so lots of people (inc me) just soften them up in the drier for half an hour and then line dry. Flamesparrow (aka will talk you through it all!

bethoo re: potty training - he'll let you know, not the other way round, believe me!!! Much quicker and easier if you let them lead. Part of the problem with ds1 is that I was too pushy with him, he got anxious and boys get constipated really easily so I've learnt!

sambrads Mon 02-Jun-08 09:35:50

hello ladies cant believe were on another new thread already !!

i was looking down the list and never realised just how many of us are due in october its crazy

im afraid to say that i will be sticking to the disposables as i am very lazy but i think its great if you can use reusables

going to book my 3d scan for end of june so excited will be 26 weeks !!

does anyone else think this pregnancy is going quick???

bethoo Mon 02-Jun-08 09:49:27

yes it is going quick
22 weeks today! 18 weeks to go!!! grin grin

snowymum Mon 02-Jun-08 10:41:42

Hooray for a new list! Another milestone.

Baby is kicking so low at the moment, right down in my pubic area. I didn't know the uterus went that low... DH can finally feel kicks from the outside but I think it freaked him out a bit!

Jambers99 Mon 02-Jun-08 12:23:34

Sambrads, phew - glad someone else is using disposables, I was starting to feel very guilty. My excuse is that DS was in nursery from 6 months old, and new baby will probably be too, so not really possible to ask nursery to use disposables. I know I could still use them at home, but seems less worth it when you need to use disposables half the time anyway.

Talking of nursery, they dropped a bit of a bombshell last week when I picked up DS - they're closing at the end of June. Aagghhh! How can I find another nursery and settle DS within 4 weeks?? Have been frantically phoning but hard to find somewhere that's local to home (DH needs to walk DS there in the morning because he gets the tube to work afterwards), that will take under-2s, and that has places available immediately. Luckily one of my friends is a childminder and would be able to look after DS for a few months if I can't find another nursery in time. Causing lots of stress that I could do without!

jenwa Mon 02-Jun-08 13:23:04

Yeh new thread. Could not post last night as too big so thought would wait until a new one came.

I am halfway today at 20 weeks (thats if i go full term hopefully).

Lots of talk on nappies. Have to admit to using disposables too, just easier and never liked the thought of leaving them soaking somewhere.

sambrads yes feels like I have got halfway quickly although been stressful, maybe other thoughts have made it go quicker.

Cant wait for scan on thurs. I know someone else has one thurs but cant remember who!

jenwa Mon 02-Jun-08 13:27:40

emkay just looked back and seen its also you who has scan thurs. What time is yours? Mine is 2:50, maybe be able to escape work early then grin

accessorizequeen Mon 02-Jun-08 13:27:41

I am 22 weeks, but know I will be induced at 38 so only 16 weeks or less, frightening!

snowy, i get that some times too, i don't know what's worse, down low or up high so I can't breathe! DP & ds1 both felt kicks for 1st time this weekend, ds1 insisted 'girl twin' was doing the kicking

jambers, that's not much notice is it? I would def. go with your friend as she'll know your ds whereas by the time you find nursery v.little time to settle him in.

I don't want to make anyone guilty about using sposies, god I did it with ds1 all the way! I didn't go full-time with ds2 inc nights until he was nearly 6 months. Just thought for those who might be interested and need some advice/a push etc. My nursery does take ds2 in cloth, but that is no additional pressure jambers, sounds like you're under enough right now!

SmudgeyDoodle Mon 02-Jun-08 13:31:14

Lovely new thread, well done accessorize. Talk of nappies is really interesting. I was really keen to use re-useables with DS and found out quite a lot about it etc etc. I got a totsbots and a bamboo one (can't remember the name right now) and an air wrap. The thing i found was that it made DS bum so big that he couldn't move around as much and his trousers were really tight. I wonder if we had used them from the start whether we'd have stuck with it? DH also didn't like that DS was a lot wetter than in disposables but it didn't seem to bother DS. Scan 2 weeks today and like someone else said, we weren't planning on finding out sex but now wondering if we might after reading all your stories....

accessorizequeen Mon 02-Jun-08 13:36:42

ooh, go on smudgey & jenwa, you know you want to know! hee hee

the big clothie bum took me by surprise although there are ones that are quite slimline by comparison - you just grow to love it and I do have to buy trousers a size up or with adjustable waist for ds2 (h&m is my saviour). You do have to change them more often than with sposies but I think with them I often do'nt change as often as I should anyway because it doesn't show (all the wee, I mean)>

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 02-Jun-08 14:46:25

Smudgey - there are some companies that make clothes larger round the bum especially for those in cloth nappies. I think 'cut4cloth' is one of them if you fancy a browse.

Reusables are more appealing since our bin collection went to fortnightly, especially with the amount that a newborn gets through!

I'm with aq - you know you want to find out the sex really girls! Still plenty of excitement when they are born, so don't think you really lose anything.

accessorize - you have scared me now with saying how close it is, as I may also be induced at 38 weeks - eek!

07mumstheword Mon 02-Jun-08 15:01:02

Here you all are grin

AandMsmum Another Bristol lady grin Looking at the list we are due on the same day too so who knows we might meet in Southmead come october.

mum2jakeyroo Mon 02-Jun-08 15:49:56

Has anybody else experienced a pain sort of in higher leg/bum area. I am struggling with it and don't remember anything like this with my previous 2. Can't get in to see midwife till Wednesday so thought I would ask if anyone had any ideas. Glad everyone is doing well. Wish now in a way that I had found out the sex but hey ho.

bigmouthstrikesagain Mon 02-Jun-08 16:01:09

Mum2jakey - I would speak to your Midwife - if your pain is in the joints it could be SPD - which is caused by loosening of the joints in readiness for the birth. I have had it to some degree in both prev pregnancies but not so far in this one.

Am not enjoying my 'real' nappy experience at the moment as dd is pooing for England - so full smelly bucket yum - still it all comes out in the wash!grin

1sttimer80 Mon 02-Jun-08 16:19:28

Hi All,

Finally managed to chase you guys down! lol

hmm the whole nappy thing I'm afraid I;m one of the disposable nappy crews... the whole process of washing etc with everything else that I've been told I'm going to have to cope with just sends me into shivers! blush

has anyone had their MATB1 form? work are beign a pain and won;t organsie my maternity leave til they see one and midwife says I'll get it at 28 weeks! angry

I think I'm being a bit too eager!

Snowymum: I felt the same recently.. little one has been kicking below the belly button/near pelvis, and I did wodner whether it should be higher up.

snowymum Mon 02-Jun-08 16:41:34

1sttimer - I've got a call in to the midwife (independent, so feel I can bother her for stupid small things as DH is paying!) so will let you know where they're meant to be kicking! Mine is right down low, right near my bits - like he's got his leg dangling out my cervix (I exaggerate, he hasn't, of course). Wish he'd do a backflip!

Mum2JR - yep, I have that too. SPD or PGP or something as BMSA said. All I know is - Ow.

It dawned on me over the weekend as I was being sick (major engineering works going on in my guts as Snowybaby grows, causing mayhem) that whilst pregnancy has gone quite quickly so far, it's a hell of a long time to October when I can't eat cos of my guts, can't sit cos of my pelvis, and can't sleep cos of him indoors kicking my bits! Of course, it's great and everything, but this isn't going to be comfortable!

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 02-Jun-08 16:52:34

I think midwives are supposed to issue MATB1 forms from 24 weeks. I obv won't be getting one, as I'm not working, so no maternity pay for me!

Pain in higher leg/bum sounds more like sciatica than SPD, but doesn't make it any less painful! I am fully expecting it to kick in here in a few weeks hmm.

Do people want me to add rough geographical locations to the stats, so that we can see who is near who? Obv you'll all have to tell me where you are if you do!

jess1996 Mon 02-Jun-08 16:57:21

Hi all,

Just had my 20 week scan. Everything is fine and the baby was moving around lotssmile. Apparently I have an anterior placenta which may be why I haven't felt any movements yethmm. I'm very relieved anyway - this scan was really making me nervous. They wouldn't tell us the sex though. She zoomed in between the legsgrin and I think we had quite a good view, but I wasn't sure.

Hope everyone else is well.

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 02-Jun-08 17:00:29

Great news Jess, and good to know why you've not felt movement yet.

mum2jakeyroo Mon 02-Jun-08 17:02:56

Is there anything I can do to help rectify before I see mw on Wednesday from those who have suffered or are suffering.
I felt babs move for first time today. Am so paranoid something will go wrond as ds2 was induced early as he had stopped feeding.

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 02-Jun-08 17:07:15

Err, do you want the bad news mum2jr? There's very little that can be done for either sciatica or SPD. You might get offered physio if it's bad enough SPD, or crutches or wheelchair if it warrants it, but pretty much the message is to just put up with it! You can get support belts (through purchase or sometimes NHS) which support the bump to take the strain off a little, but I'm not sure how good they are. I just suffered through it (SPD) last time. Harder when you already have dc to look after though. Fingers crossed it doesn't worsen for you.

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