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Due April 2005 thread

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lockets Tue 18-Jan-05 12:52:26

Message withdrawn

lockets Tue 18-Jan-05 12:53:47

Message withdrawn

lockets Tue 18-Jan-05 14:29:43

Message withdrawn

aprilmeadow Tue 18-Jan-05 14:56:56

Hi Everyone - i am now starting to get very excited!! Only have 8.5 weeks left at work WOOHOO!!

Went shopping at the weekend and took advantage of the bonus points at Boots, and stocked up on nappies, wipes etc. Even got myself a nappy wrapper bin thingy - my friend just laughed at me and asked what was wrong with nappy sacks - i couldnt help myself it looked so cool!

Anyway, hope everyone is blooming.

Take care AM x

bronniemuldoon Tue 18-Jan-05 15:41:43

Oooo lockets we are going through the whole nightmare of moving into a big bed thing at the moment (see the Sleep thread "Move to a big bed - how to stop night time visitations??" for more info - sorry don't know how to do links). But it's definitely getting better in week 2 - touch wood. You may well be really lucky like 2 of my best friends whose kids have gone straight into a big bed with no problems whatsoever. Grrrrr.

Aprilmeadow I go on maternity leave in 6 weeks time (gulp). But can't wait. Am keeping up DS's childcare 3 days a week whilst I'm off so looking forward to 5 weeks of getting stuff ready for the baby and watching crappy daytime telly. Hooray!

csa Tue 18-Jan-05 16:14:46

we moved ds to a big bed over a week ago. twice i have woken up in the middle of the night with him standing next to me holding his bear and pillow saying he wanted to come into our bed for cuddles! otherwise, he has been fine and very excited about the fact that he is now a big boy and has his own bed. the thing that worries me at the moment are these night wanderings where he insists of lugging everything from his room to ours. our stairs are just in front of our room door and i have this vision of him tripping and falling down the stairs when he is half asleep. so now i think we need to re-erect the stair gate. only problem is that we need to ask it back from our neighbours whom we have just lent it to as we thought it would be another year before we need it again! ho hum.

alux Tue 18-Jan-05 18:13:19

Motherpeculiar: I am keen on reusables because I became adept at doing my little brother's nappies - with nappy pins when I was 8 yrs old. (I haven't changed many nappies in the ensuing 25 though) I also try to be environmentally sensitive so disposables never set well on my mind. And I hate seeing money down the pan. Hence, mother is now 6,000 miles away and I am on my own with a husband with no clue. I am determined to train him too.

Thenappylady has taught me so much! My mom & I only knew flat muslins out there in the Caribbean. Wait till she sees the gear out there now!

I was thinking of trial running 'Essentials Fitted Nappies Unbleached' found them on this website and Mother-ease Sandy's as I will also have to put my baby in nursery and hope to find as simple and effective system as possible.

Anyone familiar with either of these?

lockets Tue 18-Jan-05 18:58:01

Message withdrawn

strawberry Wed 19-Jan-05 10:46:06

Hello - hope everyone is well

Saw MW yesterday and baby is head down which I kind of knew from frequent visits to the loo plus I can't walk very far!

DS also needs to move to a big bed so I will be checking out that thread. He will be 3 (or nearly) when baby arrives so really is time to leave the cot.

We have bought a buggy board instead of double buggy as ds is a little older. However, he doesn't seem very keen. Luckily I bought a 2nd hand one so haven't wasted too much money if not used.

AprilM - we also have a nappy bin but a lot of people don't seem to like them. The one thing we had last time and never used was a baby bath as we used to all get in together - much more fun!

Bit jealous of all the shopping actually as need very little - just boring stuff to get like breast pads!

bronniemuldoon Wed 19-Jan-05 11:29:15

Ah yes, breast pads, had forgotten about those Strawberry. I'm going to have to get together a list of bits and pieces to pick up in the next few weeks. Think I'll get a second hand buggy board too and see how we go.

lockets & strawberry don't get freaked out by my rantings on the sleep thread. We've stuck with the big bed/new room and 10 days in to the change DS has gone to bed for the last 3 nights and only got up once! HOORAY. So definitely stick with it if you have a wanderer - someone said it takes 2 weeks to establish a sleep routine and he seems to be settling down already. Good luck.

Hanlou007 Wed 19-Jan-05 12:37:36

I am due 28th April....Got little bits and pieces but not much thou...just things we have picked up in the sale...

Anyone in Huddersfield area due the same time???

Hanlou007 Wed 19-Jan-05 12:42:36

Saw this on another thread and thought it was a good idea for the newcomers like me

Due: 28th April but hospital put me back a week which make it the beginning of May
Children: None, this is my 1st but was a quailified nanny before for 15 years
About me: I am 30 (just)and have gave up work
Live in Huddersfield with hubby, married 3 months.
I think it's a girl, everyone else thinks its a boy...wont find out til it pops out...
It's great to hear a bit about all of you.

Plus dont understand what DD Dh etc stands for

strawberry Wed 19-Jan-05 13:33:27

Welcome Hanlou007! The abbreviations can be found at the top of this page under 'acronym list'. The D stands for 'Darling' and the H for husband, p for partner, s for son, d duaghter etc

leggymamba Thu 20-Jan-05 12:16:56

Hello everyone, I'm due 30th with number 2. Am very scared of doing the big bed thing with 19 mnth dd. She's a really good sleeper (has been since 5 weeks) and worried about kicking her out of her room (have to try and clear space in the spare/junk room for her bed!). Begining to get tired and feeling a bit guilty for not wanting to roll around on the floor with dd when I get home from work! Motherhood = guilt!!!

Gem1355 Thu 20-Jan-05 18:25:04

Hope everyone is well.
Spoke to baby's daddy on tuesday and he said he's seriously thinking about being involved. i said he should be and it will also give me and DP a break every now and then to go away!!
although i did tell him not to mess around about it.

I've finished getting all my baby bit's and now just stocking up on milk and nappies etc.

Starting to get really tired now but only another 7 weeks left at work.

Merlin Thu 20-Jan-05 18:42:12

Hi Gem - glad it went OK with your ex. Sounds like he may face up to his responsibilities after all. I really hope for your sake he does - it would be great for the baby and as you say gives you and DP a bit of break as well. Is your DP Ok about him being involved?

motherpeculiar Thu 20-Jan-05 22:20:53

Hi everyone

was wondering where you'd all gone - obviously just not keeping up with developments here fast enough

welcome new people

Lockets - glad you're happy with the E3 - ours arrived today but I haven't unpacked it yet. DD will be 2 and 3/4 when babe arrives but she does still go in the buggy on occasion and what I love about the E3 is that it is a great single buggy too, when she does finally give up

our old mc claren techno was so much on its last legs - I can't wait to throw it out!!

Alux - that's a great website. I like the look of the essentials fitted - hadn't seen those before - great price too. I was recommended the TotsBots and the Bumble by my nappy lady woman. The bumble looks like a very clever nappy altogether and comes highly recommended. Only thing is it needs a nappy nippa so possibly not so good for nursery. I was thinking of getting some velcro ones for nursery, either tots bots or maybe now these essentials - other option would be an all in one but they are pricey. I guess it depends on how enthusiastic your nersery is. I still need to introduce the idea to mine (used disposables with DD so that's what they'll be expecting)

Gem - glad your ex is interested - hope he comes up with the goods now when babe arrives. He'll probably be totally smitten!

I'm finishing work on March 17th. Can't come soon enough now.

take care all

alux Fri 21-Jan-05 00:39:53

Mother Peculiar

I have gone ahead and ordered six of the essentials for the moment. I must say that the mother-ease sandy's are cute and I have seen so many brilliant reviews on them so I am talking myself into getting some of those too. the nappy quest will continue!!

I scoped out and registered with a nursery last Monday. they are new - a year and a half old but already had an ofsted inspection - and passed with flying colours.

I asked them 'the nappy question' as in: Have you had any children with reusable nappies?

The answer was 'no' but with their record so gleaming report so far, they seemed willing (but a little worried) to entertain the idea. They still wrote my name down for a spot though.

I want to be considerate to them so that I don't become a 'problem mum' in their eyes.

I still have a couple more nurseries to consider and ask the same question.

alux Fri 21-Jan-05 00:46:41

Motherpec: the ONE friend I have who has used reusables says that no all-in-one has been up to standard of the 2 part system of nappy and cover. She is with her second with re-usables and seems to have sampled quite a few nappies.

I think if you give a nursery an all-in-one and poo gets all over the place, they will be miffed to say the least. Better giving them a 2 system nappy as it only takes 15 secs longer to put on a nappy cover.

Oh, I go on maternity leave on 24th March. Ah, to not have to leave the house...

Raindog Fri 21-Jan-05 10:36:32

Hello everyone - just spied this new thread! I wish I was going on maternity leave soon - I'm working until 8 April (if all goes to plan) which seems AGES away. Still, I'm actually really enjoying things at the moment. How is everyone feeling? My bump is looking fairly compact and I feel really healthy (must be the lack of alcohol!). I'm sure that the third trimester will be horrid because I've managed to pass the first two without anything too unbearable. I'm praying that I won't get piles, varicose veins or any of the other things that my books are threatening!

I've bought some tots bots and pastel bots to try - they sent me a fleece wrap which is the cutest thing imaginable - sort of lilac with multi coloured polka dots! DH thinks I'm wanting to dress our baby as a clown though. I thought the fleece wraps were red so I was pleasantly surprised. Has anyone used the fleece wraps at night and do they actually work? I'm not sure I believe it yet.....

Crikey - I had forgotten all about looking at nurseries. I must write a list of things that I need to do - getting so forgetful!

Hope everyone has a good and blooming weekend! xx

Roobie Fri 21-Jan-05 11:34:41

I really admire all those planning to use reusable nappies. I love the idea in theory but, having used disposables last time around, can't get my head around how it would work in practice. For instance, I really hate the idea of having steaming buckets of soiled nappies lying around waiting to be washed! If someone could enlighten me that it really is OK I would be most interested. Also, what about when you are out and about all day - isn't it a real hassle carrying round bags full of dirty nappies?
Actually, having read back my concerns they sound pretty feeble really!

Emmalina Fri 21-Jan-05 13:57:07

This thread has taken a practical turn recently! Buggies, nappies, nurseries - we are getting organised. I too would like advice on re-usables. I have no garden, no tumble dryer and not much space indoors, so where are they all going to dry/wait to be washed? I care about the environmental aspect a lot but am concerned it is going to drive me dotty. Please convince me to do it someone.
Also there is the option of using a reusables laundery service - I have heard it can still be cheeper than disposables.
Nurseries - yikes . Given this no thought whatsoever. How soon do you have to get this sorted before returning to work?
I am stopping work on 24th March as well Alux. I have just written the advert for my maternity leave cover. Can't wait in some ways, although feels a bit strange too.

Roobie Fri 21-Jan-05 14:17:33

Emmalina, depending on your area you should really start putting your babies name for a nursery place now. When I was expecting dd I made tentative enquiries when I was 6 months pregnant thinking that I would be laughed at and told to go away and wait until later - how wrong was I! In fact there were hardly any nurseries with any vacancies! In the event my mum looked after dd when I went back to work part-time when she was 7 months old so it wasn't a problem. She is now 2.9 and started nursery in September 2004 (which was the earliest available date when I again made enquiries in Summer '02!!)

Gem1355 Fri 21-Jan-05 16:05:26

Hi all

Merlin, DP is fine with it and has said he wants to be at the birth, and i'd rather have him than jamie anyway.

But all is well can't wait till March 11th when i leave staring to count down the days!!!!

motherpeculiar Fri 21-Jan-05 23:15:43

Hi everyone

Alux - good on you for organising the nappies already. I had a message from my nappy lady advisor saying they are putting prices up soon so if I want to order through them better do it fast. Good, some motivation .

Had a chat with two friends today who have both used re-usables with theirs and still are very happy with them. One pal will lend me some motherease and imse vimse nappies to try out so I think I'll buy a selection of others and then I can increase stocks of any I particularly like later.

WRT nursery - sounds like my one should be ok about it as I found out someone else has had their son in re-usables there for two years now. Hurrah. Hope yours works out Alux. I think being considerate to them is a very good first step. NAppy lady advisors are happy to talk them through any issues they may have too.

Raindog, those tots bots are CUTE - I just can't get over how gooey those cute little nappies make me feel.

Roobie and Emmalina - found this thread that has some great arguments for re-usables if you want to be convinced: thread about disposable vs. real nappies

Roobie - like you I didn't do it with DD1 but always wish I had. I'm hoping to start straight away with this one though, so that the disposables don't become a habit. Watch this space.
BTW when I visited the nappy lady advisor to see some nappies she showed me around her set-up for baby changing. She does what you'll see called "dry-pailing" ie keeping the soiled nappiesin a lidded bucket, but with no water in there (the stinky water was my no. 1 dread). There was NO smell (and this is with my finely honed pregnancy nose on ) - she actually keeps it in the babies bedroom and can get two days worth of nappies in there between washes. It was a fairly convincing display. On the "out and about" front - I guessyou could alwasy use disposables for that if you wanted - I still haven't figured how ready I am to cart stinky nappies about on a day out myself

Emmalina, thinking about your drying situation - again the nappy lady advisor showed me where she dries all her nappies - amazingly on ONE radiator in her kitchen. She has bought some dinky thing from lakeland with loads of little arms that sits on the rad and accomodates two days worth of nappies and re-usable wipes. She doesn't have a tumble drier either. Also, for ease of drying certain nappies are recommended over others (generally ones with flaps you can pull out and dry flat I think - most of the sites are good on giving this info). I have to admit Nappy Lady Lady did seem very organised though. This is my main worry on the re-usable front - I'm a bit lazy around the house and generally prefer (when not pg of course ) collapsing with a glass of wine after a hard days work to sorting through loads of laundry. But I'll give it a go and aim for a more organised life. OMG what am I signing up for - a personality transplant???

I think I have now done my bit for the real nappy brigade. Just hope I do manage to use them myself now!

Gotta slope off to bed now and start praying DD doesn't do her usual trick of waking up numerous times between now and 7am. Yawn...


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