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Due in Fab Feb 2009

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Davidsmom Fri 23-May-08 08:13:59


Couldn't see a Feb thread so thought I would start one as am so excited to get a faint but definately positive HPT.grin

Fertility friend estimates a due date of 4th Feb.

Unfortunately (or fortunately)am off this afternoon for a hen weekend in Barcelona the first holiday in at least a year and a half and can't drink. Ohh well will have to be the responsible adult.....wink Hence checking to see if up the duff before I went drowning myself in Sangria.

Hope to see some others on here when I get back!!! If anyone cares to join me?

NoNickname Sat 24-May-08 19:58:22

Hello Davidsmom - I also got a BFP today. Very excited, but also very cautious about everything, as I am over 40, overweight and I miscarried my last pg two and a half years ago.

FF estimates my due date as 29th Jan, but most of them on the Jan thread are already 6, 7 or 8 weeks pg, so I thought I would join you on here grin

ChocolateEclair Mon 26-May-08 10:34:50

Hi ladies - Congartulations on your news!

I just got my BFP. Over the moon!!! Been ttc for 4 months now.

FF estimates my due date at 5th Feb...very excited! grin

Hope to chat more to you both soon xx

IHaveASecretLittleSmile Mon 26-May-08 12:31:51

Hi all, I got a really rather faint BFP on my HPT yesterday, and am going to re-test next week, but if I am pg then like NoNickname my (babycentre) EDD is in late Jan but thought it’d be nice to join a new thread at its start!

I am very cautious at this very early stage, and so have also changed my nickname as other people on MN know me, but I am not ready to share my news yet!

Hope all goes well from here on in ladies!!

And congratulations all.

NoNickname Mon 26-May-08 16:50:19

Welcome ChocolateEclair and congratulations.

IHASLS - a line's a line! So you're pg at the moment. Congratulations and fingers crossed for you that it sticks.

I'm hoping that things go better than last time. I swing from thinking every twinge is too much, or that because I haven't had a twinge for an hour, then something's wrong.

Babycentre has my due date as 2nd Feb, and FF as 29th Jan, so I'm not sure which one is right.

ChocolateEclair Mon 26-May-08 21:01:13

Thanks nonickname! grin

I have decided not to be too much of a worry-pot and adopt a kind of 'what will be will be' attitude!

The only symptoms I have so far are that I am unbelievably tired (have been all last week) and I just feel a little bit 'odd'. Not feeling sick or anything yet...I'm sure that's to come!

Welcome to IHASLS....oooo that's 4 of us already! I will start our list!!!! (Feel free to alter/add to!)

Ihaveasecretlittlesmile due late Jan 09
nonickname due 29/1/09 or 2/2/09
davidsmom due 4/2/09
chocolateeclair DC#1 due 5/2/09

Davidsmom Mon 26-May-08 21:29:11

Hi Guys


Great weekend despite no sangria- had a few sips of Cava to toast the Hen but otherwise was very restrained. Thankfully had the excitement of the pregnancy to keep me going. Was pretty knackered by the late nights and felt a bit old as the others were around 9 years younger than me blush

Nickname- sorry to hear about your prev MC that must have been awful. I really hope all goes well this time.

Hi Chocolate eclair and IHASLS.

My LMP due date would be around the 30th Jan but have been temping/charting etc and am pretty sure ovulated on the 14th May which would make the due date 4th Feb (Both Fertility friend)

I suppose we are all probably due around the same time whether late Jan or early Feb. My DS was due on the 4-6th June and ended up on the 21st May so wont hold my breath for this one arriving on either date! (Of course this is assuming I get that far......being such early days I do worry)

Anyone around tonight?

PS really nauseous on plane coming back as quite bumpy. thought i would be using the paper bag. Not sure if pg related

Davidsmom Mon 26-May-08 21:33:25

Hi ChocolateE,

Was about to do a list- you baet me to it! Took too long with my last post/essay!

keep saying what will be will be, relax then catch myself worrying 10 mins later blush Had a "bad feeling" all through my last pregnancy which never came to anything was in shock that he seemed perfect- kept counting toes etc!!!

IHaveASecretLittleSmile Mon 26-May-08 21:35:46

Hi all - my EDD is 25 Jan, and this will be DC2.

DH is cross with me for joining this thread, and we were going to wait until next test, next week, before saying anything to ANYONE!

IHaveASecretLittleSmile Mon 26-May-08 21:37:40

That should be "AS we were going to wait ..."

IHaveASecretLittleSmile Mon 26-May-08 21:50:32

Just re-done EDD to be sure, and now it's coming out at 21 Jan. Why are there such differences - ho hum!

Davidsmom Mon 26-May-08 22:04:03


I just went on Babycentre and they estimate 7th Feb so I have now got possible dates of 30th Jan and 4th/7th Feb??????

Well you have told us now so cant take it back wink I feel great discussing it here as am bursting to tell EVERYONE.

Its v frustrating isnt it.

Davidsmom Mon 26-May-08 22:05:03

Would you dare a sneaky test before next week??????!!!!

Florrieandme Mon 26-May-08 22:07:34

Hello Everyone. Can I join in too. I just found out on Saturday that I am expecting my second baby!! Been TTC since January and in that strange limbo stage where, apart from the tiredness, I don't feel pregnant. My EDD comes out as 26.1.09 but again, I thought it would be nice to join a new thread. I just have to keep my fingers crossed - and will have my bag packed by November as DD arrived 2 months early!

Davidsmom Mon 26-May-08 22:12:18

Congrats Florrieandme grin now added!!

Florrieandme DC2 due 26/1/09
Ihaveasecretlittlesmile due late Jan 09
nonickname due 29/1/09 or 2/2/09
davidsmom due 4/2/09
chocolateeclair DC#1 due 5/2/09

ChocolateEclair Tue 27-May-08 08:07:17

congrats florrie! and welcome! Wow 5 of us already!

I don't feel pg yet but very excited and lots of nervous butterflies in tummy! We have only told our close family so it is slowly sinking in!

It's our first pregnancy so we have very little idea what to expect so I might be asking you all for lots of advice!

When do you start to 'feel' pg??????

Davidsmom Tue 27-May-08 08:17:08

Hi ChocE,

I dont feel pg either although maybe a bit nauseous this morning. Almost want symptoms so it feels a bit more "real".

Last time I had heartburn and really bad "period pains" at around 5-6 weeks tested to make sure I wasnt pg so could take some Zantac and painkillers- bit of a shock. MS kicked in at around 7 weeks for me and ended around 15-16 just in time for Xmas! I just had generalised nausea no vomiting apart from a few retches...but had it morning noon and night- lost over 1/2 a stone in the st trimester. People thought I was dieting!!? I got a few compliments on my new shape blush but obv couldnt tell them the truth!!

I had an early scan as cramps/pains were right sided and ?ectopic- was only when i saw a little bean and a heartbeat that it finally sank in smile

Davidsmom Tue 27-May-08 08:18:57

Problem is if I do get symptoms will worry I wont cope at work- going back next week. If I dont I will worry something is wrong blush

jenandbean Tue 27-May-08 12:03:01

Hi can I join the club?!
I got a BFP yesterday grin. This will be my DC2. Have a DD who is 22 months. I have been lurking on the ttc threads for a while but this is my first offical post on MN and would be grateful if someone could add me to the list? I think I am due about the 2nd February
Thanks x

IHaveASecretLittleSmile Tue 27-May-08 13:02:04

Six of us now! So, our little list is so far ...

ihaveasecretlittlesmile DC2 due 21/2/09 or 21/2/09
florrieandme DC2 due 26/1/09
nonickname due 29/1/09 or 2/2/09
davidsmom due 30/1/09, 4/2/09 or 7/2/09
jenandbean DC2 due 2/2/09
chocolateeclair DC1 due 5/2/09

NoNickname Tue 27-May-08 13:02:11

Welcome to the thread and welcome to Mumsnet jenandbean. Congratulations!

Florrieandme DC2 due 26/1/09
IHaveaSecretLittleSmile due late Jan 09
NoNickname DC2 due 29/1/09 or 2/2/09
jenandbean DC2 due 2/2/09
Davidsmom due 4/2/09
ChocolateEclair DC1 due 5/2/09

NoNickname Tue 27-May-08 13:02:31

Oops - beaten to it!

IHaveASecretLittleSmile Tue 27-May-08 13:03:15

Six of us now! So, our little list is so far ...

ihaveasecretlittlesmile DC2 due 21/2/09 or 25/2/09 (previous typo - sorry)
florrieandme DC2 due 26/1/09
nonickname due 29/1/09 or 2/2/09
davidsmom due 30/1/09, 4/2/09 or 7/2/09
jenandbean DC2 due 2/2/09
chocolateeclair DC1 due 5/2/09

IHaveASecretLittleSmile Tue 27-May-08 13:03:45

Sorry - x posts!

IHaveASecretLittleSmile Tue 27-May-08 13:10:24

jenandbean I think you already joined the club, a few weeks ago! grin But welcome to this list!!

ChocE I have the nervous butterflies too. As for actually feeling pg, last time had nausea 24/7 from about now (like Davidsmom) until well after 12 week dating scan. Was exhausted too! If I remember, my routine was getting up, getting dressed, trying to eat something (mercifully I never vomited), drive to work, sit with head in hands pretty much all day, drive home, go to bed, DH would wake me up for dinner, eat dinner, 30 mins later, back to bed. I kept telling people I felt 'under the weather' but when I did tell people, they said they thought as much!

Davidsmom when did you have your early scan for ?ectopic?

Hello also Florrieandme and Nonickname!

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