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due in jan 2009

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charmed24 Sun 27-Apr-08 11:46:23

anyone here yet?

TheSlightestTeuch Sun 27-Apr-08 11:52:54

ooohhhh, I was waiting on someone doing this?

I have a tentative due date of 2nd January.


charmed24 Sun 27-Apr-08 12:05:26

ive got 2nd jan as well! is this your first?

TheSlightestTeuch Sun 27-Apr-08 12:18:38

grin I'm double-posting with the other thread and getting confused...

charmed24 Sun 27-Apr-08 12:21:13

so looks like it might be us then dd was 6 days late and ds was 6 days early so could go either way but when i went for my scan they put my date back 6 days

kidsfromfame Sun 27-Apr-08 20:05:08

Hi, well, looks like I'm the third to have a (tentative) due date of 2nd January! I've name-changed as it's so early on in the pregnancy and I know a couple of girls on MN. This will (all being well) be my second dc.

TheSlightestTeuch Sun 27-Apr-08 20:08:42

congrats and welcome grin

laughalot Sun 27-Apr-08 20:45:32

Good luck ladies I had my dd jan 2007 its fab over christmas everyone runs round after you xxxxxxxx

TheSlightestTeuch Mon 28-Apr-08 09:10:45

How are you both feeling? I have nausea coming and going but when it is gone, it feels like it was in my head hmm.

Very achey and stretchy around pelvis, gassy blush and did have viscious heartburn but it has passed...

kidsfromfame Mon 28-Apr-08 09:21:44

Thanks, TST, congrats to you too.

No real symptoms yet, maybe some stretching in the pelvis, but I might be imagining that. Nausea didn't kick in last time until about 7th week, so that's something to look forward to! Viscious heartburn sounds nasty.

charmed24 Mon 28-Apr-08 13:47:43

hi ive had no nausea really only bits but boy am i teird feel like i could go to sleep forever i know i shouldnt moan about not having many systoms (i didnt with dd but did with ds) but i dont feel pregnant i have to keep reminding myself i am!

HeathersMummy Mon 28-Apr-08 18:56:31

Hi, after 9 months of trying and a very irregular cycle I'm joining you lovely ladies. Did a hpt yesterday and had a BFP - woo hoo!! By my calculations my due date will be 4th Jan 2009. No symptoms yet, looking forward to the sickness and sciatica again wink

TheSlightestTeuch Mon 28-Apr-08 21:06:58

Congrats HM!!

I get 2nd January on BBC Preg Calendar but 4th January on Cow&Gate (or Pampers or something...)

Off to check Babycentre...since we all know that babies check these too grin

HeathersMummy Tue 29-Apr-08 20:05:02

Thanks TST, congrats to you too!

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 30-Apr-08 08:47:20

Teuch! Congratulations . Do pop over to post-natal and say hello.

MsSparkle Wed 30-Apr-08 19:11:41

Hello everyone,

I got a BFP this morning and so as i concieved in April i will be due in January, not sure of the date yet?

I have booked a doctors appointment for a couple of weeks time. This is my second.

How is everyone doing? I have a strong metallic taste in my mouth, gasblush and i have had a bit of tummy ache today.

HeathersMummy Thu 01-May-08 08:59:54

Congratulation MsS smile.

This is my second too. Feeling pretty good, but I've lost my appetite over the last couple of days - I'm sure I'll make up for it later.

MsSparkle Thu 01-May-08 11:05:15

HeathersMummy, were you like me when you found out; not very suprised, shocked or scared like the first time round?

I actually feel quite happy and excited, even though i know what i'm in for (no sleep etc)smile Maybe it's because i know what a joy my dd is?

okaythen Thu 01-May-08 14:36:48

Great someone finally got brave enough to start this thread! I reckon I'm due on the 2nd Jan too but will prob end up with elective section as have already had two so had been tentatively posting on the due dec thread. Feeling very sick here although not too much chucking yet thank goodness. Got docs appt on Monday and hoping to sort dates out a bit further - last period March but pretty sure I'm not more than 4/5 weeks despite missing one already - still bf ds so things a bit all over the place. Looking fwd to having seen someone medical, always feels a bit more official then. Still a bit shell shocked as usually takes us a while and this time it's all happened first time trying. Have a dd who's 2.7 years and ds has just turned 10 months.

Massive congrats all round look fwd to chatting - will prob flit between here and dec if that's ok?!

HeathersMummy Thu 01-May-08 16:28:02

Hi MsS, feel quite different this time around. First time was excited but terrified of what was to come. This time, we've been ttc for so long, that it was relief and much much excitement. DD was a bit of an angel child as a newborn - I was really lucky - here's hoping for the same this time!

Congratulations okaythen smile

MsSparkle Thu 01-May-08 20:07:40

okaythen, it does feel more official when you see the doctor and midwifesmile Can i ask what it's like with two dc as you already have two? I am abit nervous about how i will cope with a 2yr old and a newborn.

Heathersmummy it must be wonderful to be pregnant after ttc for so longsmile I concieved straight away so i have no idea what it must be like to be so frustrated.

MsSparkle Thu 01-May-08 20:19:36

As i bought a pack of 2 tests, i took the other test today even though i had already taken the first one and knew i was pregnant. I thought, i won't need this test again so instead of throwing it away i took itgrin

I don't think you ever get bored of seeing 2 lines appear!grin

EyeballsintheSky Thu 01-May-08 20:33:59

Hi everyone. Just wanted to say congrats! I am a Jan 08 mummy - am stunned how time flies! Laughalot is right, it's fab to be on the last knockings over Christmas...except the alcohol of course grin

HeathersMummy Fri 02-May-08 13:47:14

Congrats eyeballs! Don't know how I'll feel waddling about over Christmas, my hubby thinks it's fantastic - he'll have his own taxi service (or so he thinks wink!)

lilyloo Fri 02-May-08 13:54:31

Congrats ladies smile I had dd in Jan 08 and i remember tentatively joining our thread, it's lovely to have the support off others who know how your feeling and afterwards on post natal too for somewhere to moan wink

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