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Anyone in the Croydon area due in May 2005?

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SamCattie Wed 29-Dec-04 15:04:27

I am a little new to this. I have posted a couple of discussions on this site today, and now I am hooked! It's really useful to speak to other pregnant woman. Just wondered if anyone lived in Croydon or surrounding area thats due May next year? I am due on 27th and really looking forward to being a Mum!

THEnorthstar Wed 29-Dec-04 15:36:45

Hi samcattie and welcome to mn. Congratulations on your forthcoming little one! Please join us in the ANTE NATAL CLUB section under DUEMAY05part3. It is very quiet at the moment due to the time of year, but you will find lots of support and laughs and plenty of others due in may to share the next few months with If you have time on your hands read back over the first two threads of duemay05 and get to know some of us! Hope to see you there.

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