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Due in June '05 - Spa Day

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katzguk Mon 13-Dec-04 10:30:46

Okay one seperate thread as promised!!

All welcome.

The Spa is in Sunny Sheffield, a short tram/bus ride from the Train and Bus stations.


Shall we start with when people are not free in Feb, March April (Sats or Sun)

JonahB Mon 13-Dec-04 21:04:12

Hi Katzguk,

I think I should be embarrassed to admit my lack of social life, but I'm free apart from 26-27/3. Oh god, I already have no life!!!!!!

feastofstevenmom Mon 13-Dec-04 21:05:59

at idea of Spa day

apologies for the random lurking!

Uwila Tue 14-Dec-04 09:19:32

Well then, Jonah, you won't have to adjust much when the baby arrives... apart from fantasising about when you used to sleep.

Scraggyaggy Tue 14-Dec-04 13:30:10

I am not free the weekends of:

19/20 Feb
26/27 March
16/17 April
23/24 April

I would suggest..... the 26/27 Feb or 5/6 March?

Can't wait!

MrsWednesday Tue 14-Dec-04 13:54:03

I'm not free the weekend of the 4th/5th Feb but apart from that, I don't have much going on.

Should be fab!

JonahB Thu 16-Dec-04 18:43:57

I can do 26/27th feb if that fits in with anyone else other than me and Scraggyyaggy....

Scraggyaggy Thu 30-Dec-04 09:03:59

26/27 Feb would be good for me. Any other takers?

katzguk Mon 03-Jan-05 13:30:21

26/27 fine by me too.

Once have approx numbers will ring sap and find out best way to book, and see how many bump massages they cna do in one go!!

MrsWednesday Mon 03-Jan-05 21:29:52

I think 26/27 Feb should be fine for me too.

Scraggyaggy Tue 11-Jan-05 21:23:12

So it is all on for the 26/27 Feb then?

rosies Wed 12-Jan-05 09:09:34

hi girls,

i certainly dont want to put a dampener on your day, which i know you are all in need of and looking forward to, but as you are all in different stages of pregnancy, make sure your therapists are aware and preferably experienced or even qualified in pregnancy treatments.

when booking, definitely tell them you are a group of pregnant women as some places wont even touch you!

aside from that... have a lovely time and let us know how it goes!

katzguk Wed 12-Jan-05 09:18:27

okay so lets say the 26/27th i will ring and ask them about how many at each time for a bump massage

Lua Wed 12-Jan-05 11:16:01

I am not exactly the world's most organized person in the world , so its hard to commit so far ahead... But I expect I would be able to go!

katzguk Wed 12-Jan-05 16:06:49


have spoken to the spa and they can do
2 of us at a time on the 26th or
3 of us at a time on the 27th. The massages on the 27th could start from 12.30. The lady is happy to take a group booking from me providing that you all then rang through with a credit card number to confirm your place.

Those waiting to be massaged can sit in the relaxation room sipping nice drinks (non-alcoholic). or go off and have something else done if they are feeling rich! anyone who would like to come and do something less expensive than the new life massage then feel free the relaxation room in central to all treatments.

If we now we will also get it at the 2004 price because the new prices haven't been released yet.

So final decisions and numbers please!

If you book and then need to cancel providing it is more than 48hrs in advance then there is no charge.

one more thing there is no deposit just a need to leave a credit card number in case you don;t turn up so they can charge you!!

JonahB Wed 12-Jan-05 17:37:16

Katzguk, thanks for finding out all this information!!

So far we seem to have potentials of:
Katzguk, JonahB, Scraggyaggy, Mrs Wednesday, Lua. Anyone else?

I am definitely up for the massage and I can do either the 26th or the 27th, so if any of the rest of you have a preference for a date, I'll fit in with you guys. Count me in

katzguk Wed 12-Jan-05 19:05:37

i think the 27th would be better just based on less waiting around

Scraggyaggy Thu 13-Jan-05 08:01:00

How long do the massages take again? I don't mind which day, but as you say the 27th means less "hanging about". We could meet up for an hour beforehand or sthg?

Scraggyaggy Tue 18-Jan-05 07:33:18

Katz - Can you let us know when to ring and give our card details? Am soooooooo excited! x

Scraggyaggy Sun 23-Jan-05 12:02:29

Hi, Am just bumping up this thread so we can get booking. x

JonahB Sun 23-Jan-05 15:32:27

27th is fine with me too. Just let me know when, and I'll get my credit card out.....

katzguk Sun 23-Jan-05 21:09:34

okay last call for numbers and what people want, massage or manicure ect please see the link to the spa, then post on here with what and then i will ring up on wednesday to book, and post here and people can then ring up with their card details. I think i now have most of your names because of the present for sweetheart so i will endevour to put one booking in each name if not i will just use mine!

Lua Mon 24-Jan-05 10:58:33

All right.... You guys will now know what a cave woman am I.... But, I never had a massage in my life! It is one of these things that sounds fabulous, but I am afraid that in practice I'll be weird out about having a total stranger see my body and touch me.
Do any of the "experienced" woman have some wise advice on whether I should try it out, or just go for a bath?

katzguk Mon 24-Jan-05 11:01:30

i'm not keen on the whole massage thing but i'm going to give it a go maybe might just have a pedicure or something!!

JonahB Mon 24-Jan-05 12:28:34


I've had a few massages in the past and they are HEAVEN!!!! A good massage is just too fantastic for words. I'll have a look on the website later (when I'm not drowning under e-mails from my manager) and make a choice.

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