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Caesareans and shaving!!

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SnowmAngeliz Tue 07-Dec-04 20:26:45

Hello all, well i'm 29 weeks now and starting to get a wee bit nervous and just wanted to clarify something in my head! IF i had to have a ceaserean, do they shave you??

I know, lots of time, what the hell am i thinking of that for but it's been niggling away at me!

SnowmAngeliz Tue 07-Dec-04 20:27:20

I didn't have a ceaserean with dd, it's just so i know all possible outcomes!

MerryTissMas Tue 07-Dec-04 20:28:51

I was shaved a few minutes before I went to theatre. Mine was an elective section, and the midwife asked if I had shaved was ages since I'd seen my bits, how did she expect me to have shaved them?!

SnowmAngeliz Tue 07-Dec-04 20:29:36

Do they shave you completely or just the top bit ?

JanH Tue 07-Dec-04 20:30:29

They only shave the top part where the incision is going to be IIRC - not the whole shebang (if you'll pardon the expression).


Furball Tue 07-Dec-04 20:34:44

They just shaved a half inch or so off the top of mine.

MrsBigDrumsADrumming Tue 07-Dec-04 20:35:53

yep definitely only the incision area for both my c-sections. wasn't an issue for me though as dh makes sure I'm well groomed

Uwila Tue 07-Dec-04 20:38:19

Yes, they just shave enough down to may the incision on clean (hairless) skin. It's no big deal. Itches a bit when it grows back. But, it's far less of a nuisance than the pain of your you know what tearing and being stitched.

Uwila Tue 07-Dec-04 20:39:03

Oh, and yes why are you worrying about this? I think you should get out more.

SnowmAngeliz Tue 07-Dec-04 20:44:53

thanks al, don't know why i was worying about that really. I think it's more a case of i like to be fully informed about what 'may' happen and suddenly realised i have no idea should i need a ceaserean!

Get out??? You must be joking, look and feel like a baby hippo and am not feeling too sociable!
Good book and ned for me every night!

SnowmAngeliz Tue 07-Dec-04 20:45:28

Who the hell's he???

Moomin Tue 07-Dec-04 22:09:03

i had an elective section and was told the midwife would shave me the morning of the op. didn't like the look of the nasty bic she had so i got dh to bring my razor from home and do it himself in the ward bathroom! there's love for you - perhaps i should put this on the 'what is romance' thread?

Flumberrysauce Wed 08-Dec-04 09:30:30

Yes but only the top bit.

A friend of mine who had an elective caesarean second time round, booked in for a nice wax and body buff a week before her op. She had her nails and toes done too and a facial. Then she went to the hair dresser. She looked amazing in her 'just born baby picture'.

mrsflowerpot Wed 08-Dec-04 09:38:46

yes, second that about the nasty Bic! If there is anyway you can do it yourself or get it done before hand, then do, because they will come at you with a dry razor and the last thing you need afterwards is razor burn! (My friend warned me about this before my elective, and I was v glad she did.)

TwasTheNightBeforeXmasOwl Wed 08-Dec-04 09:41:49

a midwife bustled in and said "right love, im here to give you a short back and sides" i must admit although i was in serious pain i nearly (literally) peed myself laughing.

SantaFio2 Wed 08-Dec-04 09:45:55

they just trim your lady

Furball Wed 08-Dec-04 20:24:55

Flumberrysauce - I had an elective and decided like your friend to book myself up for hair, nails and any pampering beforehand, trouble was DS decided to come 3 weeks early, so had to ring up and cancel them all

SnowmAngeliz Wed 08-Dec-04 20:26:11

Went for check today with midwife and baby is breech!! Hope that this worrying wasn't a premonition!!!!

I'm 29 weeks so has lots of time but still worrying!!

MrsBigDrumsADrumming Thu 09-Dec-04 15:27:58

ds was breech in week 35 then turned week 36 then turned again week 37 and again week 38! Then he finally didn't have any more room left to move

Eshay Sun 12-Dec-04 10:18:44

Hi, I had an emergency C-section and they definitely only shaved the necessary bit. Believe me, shaving won't be on your mind at all, no matter what the situation. I had not read up about Caesarians and had no idea they would cut that low so was very surprised when the MW came out with the razor. Made me laugh as I had wanted to give birth in the birthing pool and had therefore taken care to shave my armpits.
Good luck!

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