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Due in December 3

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redshoedreindeer Fri 03-Dec-04 13:18:26

Here's the new thread then....

hana Fri 03-Dec-04 13:52:46

a new one for the new babies.........can't believe its the 3rd already and NO BABIES!!!!!

I know I know you're thinking, we want them out too......

hana Fri 03-Dec-04 13:54:34

is anyone massaging the perineal area at all? I am trying to but it will I ever do the labour thing again????

RonnieTinselBaby Fri 03-Dec-04 14:12:07

Thought I'd post the list.

Potpourri/Georginars 1/12
MiniB 2/12
Nimme 5/12
Fortnight 6/12
Ginger29 10/12
Scubamum2b 11/12
Mummumof2 16/12
Ronniebaby 17/12
Ggglimpopo/portly/bambiBe 18/12
Redshoes 21/12
Cloudberry 24/12
Hana/fionaJT/brightrider/Vimptohead 25/12
Lilymum 27/12
Beached whale 30/12
Jimjams 31/12

Pineapple I read on Baby centre is good for Heartburn, and it did work last night was the first night I didnt go to bed with Heartburn

Nimme, you still about waffling then I see , nah seriously good luck for the weekend {{hugs}}

fortnight Fri 03-Dec-04 15:23:23

Having been so patient all along,I am now organised and I want the baby out! But my GP visit on wed found the head down but not engaged ,with plenty of fluid and room to move,so it looks like I will be here for at least another week.From my past experience none of the methods to bring on labour worked for me,but I didn't try the newborn cuddling one.I don't know any at the moment anyway.I am going to try a reflexology session on Monday(my edd)to see if that will have any effect.My mum is on call to mind the kids evenings,nights and weekends,and various friends and neighbours for the rest of the time while she is at work.It would be great if it obliged us by coming at the weekend,but I won't hold my breath.

georginars Fri 03-Dec-04 15:45:42

I think pineapple is supposed to cause contractions - my sister in law gave birth in Singapore and there they are banned from eating it in early pregnancy because of that.
I can't be bothered trying anything now to be honest! I am quite resigned to the baby never coming now and being this size for ever. I just can't imagine it happening now really, it seems so unlikely.
I have been lazy about massaging perineal aea - and I don't think I could reach it now anyway!

redshoedreindeer Fri 03-Dec-04 17:30:53

I bought some Neal's yard almond oil but that's as far as Ive got - I certainly couldn't reach and dh is away a lot at the mo'.
My next-door-neighbour has conveniently given birth to twins 2days ago and is due home tomorrow - I will be loitering in the street for a sniff/cuddle when they get back, poor things!

Nimme Fri 03-Dec-04 18:06:09

Well I've bought the pineapple to be scoffed tonight - and DH will be sent out for curry as soon as he's home. Tentatively mentioned sex to him - definitely a no no, says it's like invading baby's home (perhaps when he gets desparate enough to go on his business trip).

Every time I wake up at night I think: is this it? - only to shuffle of for a pee.

Crossing fingers for everybody else

Jimjambells Sat 04-Dec-04 09:49:44

I've been advised to try homeopathic caullophyllum. Take 1 a day 10 days or so before the due date if you've had problems with dilation before. Since I spent 18 hours in labour with ds1 to not reach 2 cm I reckon I'm a good case study. Also been told some people use it to bring on labour- so guess who's starting it early

I keep thinking ok I'm ready for this now and free to drop only for another appointment to be made. Next week I now have a final meeting with everyone in school to say bye to everyone who has worked with ds1 (including all the outside team- so sure I'll be blubbing there- the senco almost set me off yesterday telling me about the meeting) and then on Thursday am ds1 is off to spend some time in his new school whilst I do paperwork etc with his new teacher, and his outreach support worker takes photos to make a book for him about his new school. After that I am clear of appointments so hope to make it through to next Thursday.

bunny2 Sat 04-Dec-04 13:43:39

Just popping in to wish you all luck especially Hana and ex-November member Potpourri. May you all get the most perfect Christmas present ever!

lilymum Sat 04-Dec-04 23:29:37

Just been reading the birth announcements thread, and getting all excited. Come on December ladies!

Had legs waxed today, so that's one more essential taken care of, and now just got to get through my sister-in-law's wedding next weekend, and then baby can come when it wants (but preferably before Christmas).

PotPourri Sun 05-Dec-04 12:28:00

Hi all. Aw thanks Bunny. Was very pleased to hear your news - big congrats - will post on your announcement thread in a mo.

well, I;m still here, still on the pineapple, but I have given up today as it is giving me a sore mouth (I think it has enzymes, and I am prone to mouth ulcers). The sex has waned a bit, I think DH is thinking he has done his bit now - surely. I have been watching lots of chick flick videos the last few days, which is quite nice actually. I WANT MY BABY NOW THOUGH!!

Georginars, I know how you feel. I am starting to think that I will never have a baby. It's such a sureal feeling waiting like this. I see the midwife tomorrow, and I think they are going to have a rumage around to see how things are going (maybe a sweep). And of course we will then need to talk about induction. I would prefer not to be induced, but will try to get booked in as soon as they can get me in. At least that way I will have a date to work to and if junior shows up before then, all the better.

bunny2 Sun 05-Dec-04 19:04:10

Pp the sweep worked wonders for me - had one on Sunday lunchtime and was in labour by next morning. Good luck.XX

Mosschops30 Sun 05-Dec-04 19:06:20

Message withdrawn

PotPourri Mon 06-Dec-04 09:08:27

Girls. I have been looking up about caullophyllum. I am going to get some, I think it is hard to get the 200 concentration, but I got Arnica from so will have a look there. However, thought I should draw your attention to this article (it's very comprehensive). Moral seems to be - DON'T OVERDOSE on this as it is very dangerous for your baby.

Sorry, don't know how to do links:

honeybunny Mon 06-Dec-04 10:21:10

Yes, we have a baby! Born on Dec3 at 10.39am. V civilised ECS, all went v well, and came home y'day with little (well, actually quite big at 8lbs2oz at 39weeks) Emilia. Now back in the family nest, getting on with mundane chores and trying to lavish attention on ds2 who seems to have his nose v out of joint!! ds1 has been an angel and v loving big bro. Good luck to the rest of you. Hope it all goes well.

BeachedWhale Mon 06-Dec-04 10:24:37

Well done Honeybunny and congratulations to you. Lovely name too. Hope you are recovering well.

RonnieTinselBaby Mon 06-Dec-04 10:46:02

congrats honeybunny

Any nes on Nimme

RonnieTinselBaby Mon 06-Dec-04 10:46:14

oops should have been News

fortnight Mon 06-Dec-04 11:44:23

Congrats HoneyBunny!You are home quite early after a caesarian-well done,and try to take it easy.
Well I found myself a newborn to cuddle on sat at dh's work kids xmas party.Unfortunately she was tiny (6lb2oz)so instead of making me broody I just felt a bit panicked at the size of her.So nothing happened as a result.I have a pineapple waiting for me in the kitchen,and I've tried everything else by now.I wasn't going to bother, but then my sister said that maybe it did hurry me on a bit the other times,and if I try nothing this time I might be even later than before.I am planning nice things to do now every day so I won't be too fed up this time next week...It really is surreal as you say pp.The cervical sweeps I had done before took 5 or 6 days to work,if indeed they worked at all.Anyway I shall probably be induced on the 16th,if I haven't gone by then,so I can aim for that I suppose

Nimme Mon 06-Dec-04 12:34:31

Hi girls,

Josephine arrived on Sunday at 3.40am. Very obedient little girl. We just managed to move in to new living room and have glass of wine on sofa when contractions started.

Weighing in at 8lb 5oz. Had the epidural but not the enema. Back home yesterday lunch time to sit in my new room with new cosy fireplace and new baby - bliss. Cannot fault staff and birth at Kingston. Oh and brought my mirror - was great!

Good luck to the rest of you. I recommend pineapple and hot curry

Honeybunny - congratulations. Emilia is a lovely name.

Who's next?
I recco

BeachedWhale Mon 06-Dec-04 15:27:21

It's all happening today! Congratulations Nimme, on the birth of baby Josephine. Again, what a lovely name. I really envy you and Honeybunny having your beautiful girls in time for Xmas. I think I will still be here in January. I'm SO organised for Xmas that it will be sods law nothing happens for ages.

redshoedreindeer Mon 06-Dec-04 19:25:16

Nimme and Honeybunny - congratulations! What gorgeous names. Nimme, you sound so calm and civilized and content - enjoy!

Jimjambells Mon 06-Dec-04 20:08:10

PotPourri- Ainsworths can provide any potency- would stick to 30c if self prescribing though. Tey're very good as well- delivery is always quick. The article by the way referred to the whole herb rather than the homeopathic remedy (so more likely to have side effects and problems etc). However some homeopaths do recommend caution if taking it before labour as it can produce powerful labours. Mine reckoned in my case it was ok as I'd spent 18 hours in labour first time round and was less than 2cm at the end of that- so I'm a bit of a classic candidate.

Congratulations Nimme and Honeybunny! AFter having loads of niggles last week its all settled down again and I reckon I'll be here in Jan as well BeachedWhale. Although I am not remotely organised for anything so it would be sods law for me to go into labour tonight Also am getting a cold and cough (cheers ds2) so would like to shake that off before entering the tropical temperatures of the delivery suite (just what I'd need labour a cold and an incredibly stuffy overheated room). As I have to have continual monitering I'm not even going to be able to escape the room!

Jimjambells Mon 06-Dec-04 21:49:18

Potpourri- just occured to me - my homeopath was seeing an INdian homeopath during one of her pregnancies ( they prescribe a bit differently) and he put her on 200C for about a month beforehand. She said she had a very quick, very powerful, very short (2 hour) labour!

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