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First-timers this year . . .

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TJuice Sat 26-Jan-08 10:04:28

I was just wondering how many are there of us . . .

I am due end of June and love my antenatal thread as there is so much good advice there but thought it may be nice to share a little with others who are new to this whole thing too.

Anyone interested?

pigleychez Sat 26-Jan-08 11:49:51

Me, Im going to be a new mummy in July.

Cant wait but it is like a whole new world to me!

Scared but exciting at the same time

dizzydixies Sat 26-Jan-08 18:37:17

Tjuice thank you for invite on due Aug board but seeing as this will be my 3rd I don't think am qualified to join in!!

I just wanted to wish you all the very best of luck for healthy pregnancies, easy labours and lovely happy contented babies!

If you need any advice from an old timer just ask!!

TJuice Sat 26-Jan-08 18:38:30

hi pigley!

it is exciting isn't it?
i am still can't quite imagine myself as a mum, but i have started to buy a few baby clothes, so i think that's a jolly good start.

i also waver between being hugely paranoid about what i eat, how i exercise etc, to trying to relax and just be chilled about the whole thing.

I mean, is salami really that bad?
How many times a day should one listen with the doppler?
Is it bad to admit that i am a person who needs to drink when i am out to have fun, and therefore i would rather stay in, then nurse a wine spritzer for three hours?

icklegem Sat 26-Jan-08 19:08:26

Awww I don't qualify either, no fair lol!! Just wanted to say enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and your bubbas whilst they are tiny. The time goes so fast and before you know it they will be at school sad (my eldest is 6 already)

So congratulations all you new Mummies. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is a breeze smile

Gem xx

ShellyS Sat 26-Jan-08 19:10:30

I'm a newbie........due beginning of August.

Didn't actually feel real until we had the first scan on!

hardygirl Sat 26-Jan-08 21:31:25

Hi everyone - I'm due mid august. I had a scan 3 weeks ago and all looked well, but my 12 week scan is next week. I'm not getting excited yet and won't really start to breathe easy until about 14 weeks. I don't really feel pregnant, although I don't know what you're supposed to feel like. My sister said she didn't think it was real until her first daughter was handed to her in the delivery room! Looking forward to scan, but still quite cautious. Hope everyone is feeling well!!

Mumblesmummy Sat 26-Jan-08 22:22:28

Hi, I'm a first time mummy to be too. I'm due May. I whinge alllllllll the time but toally loving this pregnant thing grin. I'm having a boy, name picked, nursery decorated, and he has more clothes than me and DP put together. He wriggles and kicks alllllllllllll the time, I think he's hyperactive and I love my bump like I never thought I could so can't even imagine how much I'll love the baby when he comes out grin. Got a fantastic DP and we're getting married next year- abroad. I'm a lecturer.

Congratulations to everyone, hope everyone is enjoying it as much as me smile

Kezza7779 Sat 26-Jan-08 22:57:43

Hi all, im afirst timer too, due mid august. Im so excited but VERY scared that i wont make it the whole way through. Have 12 week scan on the 6th Feb and cannt wait to check that everything is ok. had a scan at 8.3 and everything seemed normal tho!! congrats everyone xxxx

Carolbrad Sun 27-Jan-08 09:49:51


I'm a first timer due in august, thanks for the invite.

I'm alternating between excited and worried.

Im also obsessed by buying pregnancy magazines coz its the only thing I'll allow myself to buy yet (think its a bit early for buying booties)

frogger77 Sun 27-Jan-08 11:06:14

Hi, im a first timer too. Due in July but have just kind of been lurking up until now. x

TJuice Sun 27-Jan-08 13:30:23

hi everyone. so great that people have come on here. i think the antenatal clubs are really supportive and useful but i imagine being pregnant when you already have kids must be a whole different kettle of fish than the first time round.

i am still trying to adjust to the idea that will be a mum. i wonder what kind of mum i will be too. never been maternal and actually never that good (or if i'm honest interested) with kids either . . . eep! but its just so cool and although i am totally paranoid (had a miscarriage last year), i am also soooo happy about it.

but yesterday i wandered round the flat (while my dp was out at a party) and wondered "where am i going to put my shoe collection" (highheels on display on shelves) and i realised what a change of lifestyle this will be.

to be honest, though i am really ready for it. i am 32 and so is my bloke and we were starting to feel that there's more to life than going out all the time.

respect mumbles for being so organised. i have only bought a couple of items myself (a bill amberg papoose, few clothes, one pair of booties, blanket and knitted toy).
my mum did go mad in house of fraser yesterday so i expect the clothes thing is taken care of for a few months.

but what about all the other stuff. i figure that i need:

moses basket
baby changing table
storage thing for baby stuff
playpen thing for living room
swing or bouncy chair
breast pump (people say electic is better)
bottle steriliser
baby bath thing
top and tail bowl
those cloth things for burping and everything else . . .

god knows what else.
all this i have gleaned from baby magazines and mumsnet but really i have no clue. i have never even changed a nappy before . . .

HazieAndBaby Sun 27-Jan-08 15:34:37

Hi there! I'm 11+2, due mid-August with my first baby and I can't wait! My 12wk scan isn't until 4th Feb, but had a scan at 8+5 because of a some bleeding and everything was fine then. I couldn't believe how I felt when I saw it's little heart beating away! Totally amazing. Have managed some willpower and have told only close family and friends about the baby (waiting until after scan), DH has no such willpower however and half the world knows already! I haven't bought anything for the baby yet, but have invested in some maternity jeans thanks to my expanding waistline - a bit worrying so early on! What will I be like by the end?! x

mcchesers Sun 27-Jan-08 15:47:14

Hey Tjuice, this is great. I am pretty much in the same boat as you but here in Scotland. I'm 32 first baby, miscarriage in Aug. I'm sitting at just past 16 weeks and feeling pretty confident about everything. Sounds like your mum is on board with you guys..that's awesome!! DH is so excited. We're without much support with my family across the pond and DH being an only child. I'm not very close with many people here either, so that makes it all the more frightening.

I've not bought anything yet for the baby. No room for a nursery and going to be selling our flat ASAP, so no plans until June. MIL is forking out the cash for the travel system so that's half the expenses there. All I know is that you MUST have a car seat in order to take the baby home from the hospital here.

We'll get some baby grows, nappies, wipes , powder, lotion and a moses basket. Some blankets for the floor/rug and a few toys. You'll need burp pads (spit rags as we call em back home) and bottles and formula if you aren't going straight to the breast. Breast pump for expressing. Bouncy chair. I've got a chest of drawers for baby stuff for the first 4-6 months. It'll be in the basket in your room for the first wee while anyway. I'm getting a sling so I can leave the house quickly should I need to pop into the shops.

Nappies aren't so bad. I've got 12 nieces and nephews so had my share of cleaning. But they mostly sleep, eat and poop for the first few months. I'll get a changing pad, you can change them on the rug with that. You'll be an awesome mum don't worry The parent craft classes teach you a lot, and you'll be surprised what comes naturally. I'm not very maternal either, but expect to do a lot of reading between now and July. I'm good at hugging and kisses and cuddles.

Gracie14 Sun 27-Jan-08 15:52:19

Hi all,

Can I join please I'm due 1st Sept and I am 8+6 today. Scared and so excited all rolled into one I so can't wait to be a mummy

My scan isn't until 22nd Feb so still ages to go Had an early scan at 5+6 because of previous MC and we could see heartbeat and all in the right place So I'm holding onto that fact at the moment.

Its so hard not telling people in fact i'm pretty rubbish at it, planned to wait until after 12 week scan but nausea and generally feeling rubbish meant I told work and my family know. Not feeling too bad today although I can't stop eating. I'm gonna be huge!!!!

When did all your bumps start showing?

TJuice - Wow that list is impressive - scary though but can't wait to buy up the shops

TJuice Sun 27-Jan-08 16:09:05

welcome gracie and i should point out that the list is what i think i will need, not what i have bought! no way - that will come much later.

mchesers, i didn't realise that you are so my doppleganger (i should say doppler-ganger as i am obsessed by mine at the moment).

not only did we mc in the same month last year, i am also an alien in a strange country. me (british) and my american bf live here in copenhagen, denmark. its a really nice place to live and have kids although my danish is totally crap so there is a slight language issue. (but danes speak excellent english).

i'm 18 and 3 days and my bump isn't really really showing . . . i still look more podgy than anything else but its kind of hardening up. maybe its just the way i will carry - i feel broader and thicker right now. but its early days and i think i will be mahoosive at the end!

mcchesers Sun 27-Jan-08 16:23:59

You are a couple of weeks ahead of my Tjuice. Too funny that we're in the same boat. I'm really happy for you about your mum buying up the shops. It's a big deal when you get that kind of support.

I've got what my DH (Scottish) calls it the proto-bump. It's just about noticeable but yeah I just look fat.
Scotland doesn't seem so strange to me anymore it's been 5 years now. After living in Dallas for so long, it's nice not to have to dress up to buy groceries. You've done really well out there for yourself. You got the raise you deserved, you live in Copenhagen for starters.

Well, if you need any hobnobs or other UK goods, I'll send them to you no bother!

stickybean Sun 27-Jan-08 16:51:44

Hi There,

I'm a nervous / excited first timer too. 10+1 today, 12 week scan 2 weeks tomorrow, i can't wait. Already had 2 scans one at 6 weeks and one at 9 due to some pain, bean looked fine at those and the pain was caused by 2 large ovarian cysts which shouldn't pose any other problems

Am just dying for the next scan before i give myself permission to get properly excited, at the moment it doesnt feel like it will really happen.
I haven't told anyone and i think it will feel more real when we can share the (hopefully) good newa.

I think its a great idea to start a first times thread, looking forward to chatting to you all much more.

Stickybean xxx

HazieAndBaby Sun 27-Jan-08 17:41:11

mchesers - I'm from Scotland too, Aberdeen actually. What about you? I had heard that about the car seat too, that you need one before they let you leave the hospital and it's one of the first things on my list, but which one?? It's so confusing!
Has anyone else found it almost impossible to decide which type of travel system to get?
Gracie14 - I've got a bit of a bump already and I'm just past 11wks, I had a tiny little bump from about 8wks. I was dying to have a bump from the day that I found out I was preg, but didn't expect it this early! Be careful what you wish for I guess!!

gillythekid Sun 27-Jan-08 17:49:41

Hi all. I'm 16 weeks tomorrow with my first and still feeling REALLY sick! Going on a late honeymoon to NZ in Feb and really hoping to be feeling better. Sleeping lots as I'm not working and getting really excited as my waistline expands, wish I hadn't eaten so much crap in the first trimester, craved crisps and white bread, was hoping for celery. Just been out with hubby for a 40 minute brisk walk and feel rubbish! Midwife appointment at my GP on Friday, loads to ask. Hoping for home birth.

TJuice Sun 27-Jan-08 18:05:39

good luck with the midwife, gilly.
mine's a bit of an old bat, but still, very experienced so that's good.

have just rung my friend to ask about car seat - don't want to buy one as don't have a car but a few friends have them, so should be okay.

such a weird thing to be worried about now but i was wondering how i would get home and even asked if my dp could just come by with the pram since we live really close. but my friend told me that newborns shouldn't be exposed to the elements for the first few days and you want to walk with a sore fanny anyway!

god, how green am I???

(she has her first when she was 21 and apparently asked her mum "what do they eat?" !!!! my other friend asked someone "do babies wear trousers?")

so i am not the only naive one

ChampagneSupernova Sun 27-Jan-08 18:11:43

HI there
This is me too, though I've not been so good on the AN thread (must get over there)
I"m due end of March...and we've just decided to leave London as well.
2008 is definitely going to be an EXCITING year.

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Sun 27-Jan-08 18:23:20

hi girls - i am most definitely NOT a first timer and can barely remember being one. when i had db one dh was still a student - we never went to parent craft - barely any ante natal but you just learn on the job. bought pram second hand after he was born etc

dont worry - there is no right or wrong although..... the friend that said newborns should not be 'exposed to the elements' hmm these babies will be born in summer and i for one will be out as soon as poss in the sunshine. babies need natural light to prevent jaundice - and what better tonic for mum dad and baby then fresh air. do i sound like a real old timer ??? sorry!!

good luck all x

pigleychez Sun 27-Jan-08 18:23:37

Hi Guys,

Great to see so many first timers on here.
Bit about me- Im 26, live in West Sussex, been with my other half for 8 years and been married since June.

Im currently 16+1 weeks and my bump is pretty noticeable. I could see a difference at just 6 weeks and since then its just grown and grown.
Ive been taking photos of my bump every few weeks. Its funny to look back and see the progression.

Had my first scan on New years eve. For those of you waiting for yours, you'll love it! Its such an amazing thing to see your baby wriggling around inside you. My baby was laying on its back with both feet in the air with one arm behind its head. We joked that it thought it was on the beach, looking very relaxed.
Fingers crossed thats a sign it will be a chilled out baby!

I couldnt wait to start shopping and did with avengance once i had my scan.
I have various outfits for the first few months. We have decided not to find out babys sex so been buying neutural cream clothes etc but dont want to buy too much asa im sure once its born i will be buying blue or pink clothes.
Friends of the family and my mum are busy knitting. Between them they are knitting blankets and cardigans.. Bless.. so cute!

Im so impatient! the spare room was painted on our time off between xmas and new year and we have had a new carpet fitted, so that all ready.
The cot is being delivered soon and cant wait to buy the little bits.

My biggest buy has been the Pram. Taken ages researching the differences and talking to mummy friends to find opinions.
Best advice i got was,
1) Pram mode in a pram so that newborns can lay flat.
2) rearward facing seat so that you can see the baby

With theses in mind we finally went with the Cosatto Mobi 3 in 1 from Mothercare.
Lets hope baby likes it!

Its so strange seeing it in our from room.. makes everything feels so real!

We have also been taking advantage of buying nappies when the supermarkets have offers on ie Sainsburys had a 1/3 off nappies the other week so we stocked up.

Good bit of advice- Join all the baby clubs, tesco, huggies, boots etc They send you all sorts of money off vouchers and freebies.

Just realised the length of this post... sorry girls.. I do know how to waffle! blush

TJuice Sun 27-Jan-08 19:13:47

pigley - you are so on the ball! puts me to shame.

i am still trying to nail down my maternity deal with work and figure out how much i will have to live in and how long i will be off for.

is everyone working? i work in advertising and as a freelance writer on the side. its a very male agency and i am the first woman to be pg there so there is a lot of curiousity right now but i expect that will die down very soon.

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