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Due March 2005 part 2

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misdee Mon 29-Nov-04 09:59:34

here we go!!

bonym Mon 29-Nov-04 15:26:31

ooh hooo..2nd person to post on the new thread! Leogaela - I think lying on the left side is supposed to allow maximum blood flow to the placenta, also when I was pg with dd who was breech, I was told that lying on my left side would help encourage her to turn (although not sure how true this is). I also usually sleep on my back and am finding it hard not to although tbh, am not finding it as comfortable as usual any more. Have a cold at the moment so feeling a bit sorry for myself - what with bieng bunged up, having a sore shoulder and a bump, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to sleep - poor old dh is being disturbed several times a night. Apart from that - I feel fine! No cramps, indigestion or any of the other niggly symptoms (yet) n- can't walk as fast as I usually do though!

mirashark Thu 03-Mar-05 23:45:56

hello girls,
This is to the Rhesus negative amongst us. I am declining the 28 and 34 week Anti-D jabs. It's completely your right to do that, the guidelines express the need to 'respect the patients decision if she declines' presuming it is a very informed decision. The jab after birth if the baby is Rh positve already reduces the risks of HDN down to 1.12% or thereabouts. Getting them during pregnancy brings it to about 0.8% so to me that's not justifiable especially if your baby comes out negative and you didn't need Anti-D at all, it is a blood product and it's not always in the interests of medical corporations to inform us of any doubts regarding their products. its up to us little people to research alone. I have done so much reading online about this I know more than my midwife. I am Irish and there was a huge Anti-D scandal here years ago with contaminated products being used - anyway logn story but it prompted me to start questioning everything. The hospitals have our best interests at heart of course, but they give out uniform treatment because people generally don't make up their own minds. I have yet to find out how my hospital are going to receive my refusal, will find out next week!

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