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Any one been through this.. Blocked Fallopian tubes adivice needed

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primrose88 Mon 21-Jan-08 17:48:25

Hi ladies

I am currently ttc, under investigations at the mo, one of which is a lap to check that my tubes are ok!

I would like to no if anyone has been through this, and also what were your results and the action taken??
Also how soon did you conceive after treatment (if was needed).

Does anyone no what can cause this to happen, and does your body show any symptoms if your tubes are blocked

Sorry guys a load of questions i no!!!!!!

Thankyou so much for help ladies smile

buttercupbabe Mon 21-Jan-08 21:08:59

Hi Primrose. I've been ttc for a year. I have ds who is 2.5. I went to see my consultant for a suspected short luteal phase. After a couple of months of failed treatment for that, he suggested that I have a lap and dye and another procedure called a hysterocopy where they look at your womb. He said I might have adhesions or blocked tubes or adhesions caused by the c-section after having my son. I had the procedure in Nov. He found my right tube completely bent and my left ovary completely stuck down. He did surgery whilst there and managed to straigthen things and unstick things. The only symptoms I'd had were not getting pregnant. I was just about to start clomid on Saturday but af never arrived!!!! Yep bfp after what has been a v difficult year.
What's your history if you don't mind me asking? The lap is def worth having done. I felt rought for about 3/4 days after but at least I knew what had stopped me getting pregnant. Hope this helps

ruva Tue 22-Jan-08 13:31:41

Hi prim,
I had bad pms and was house during that time gp was useless finally screamed and said i was not leaving his surgery until he refered me to a gynae went private and had laproscopy done on 23rd march 07 was told i had blocked tubes, a scar and a cyststs. the gynae said my only option was ivf went to see the specialist straight away as i had most tests done paid for the ivf and was about to start the cycle found out i was pregnant on 23 may 07 , when all this was going on i had adult acne, became hairy for the first time i guess it was stress- could not quit smoking as i was told that i needed to quit before ivf.
You are lucky you have mnetres for support i did not have, and good luck-
Silly advice do drink loads of kombucha tea.

primrose88 Tue 22-Jan-08 17:05:37

Hi buttercupbabe and ruva

I have been ttc conceive sine my loss in March 07.

I was refered to a gynae, and I have been having 21day blood test. My first blood test showed I did not ovulate so I was perscribed clomid 100mg. My 2nd b.test showed clomid helped me ovulate, progesterone levels were a good 94.

AF arrived yesterday and I started my second cycle of clomid today.

The lap is just routine, and it is on 12 march, I am so scared as to what they might find

RUVA, your story frightens me blocked tubes?a cyststs and a scar?, Its fantastic you concevied, but I dont think I have the strength anymore. Did you have any symtoms that you had a cyststs, scar and blocked tubes??

Thaks guys smile

primrose88 Tue 22-Jan-08 17:07:10

Where do I get kombucha tea from (never heard of it) and what does it do hmm

ruva Tue 22-Jan-08 17:52:04

Hi prim,
as i said its silly advice , but worth a try
i will mail you on sat as iam out wed,thurs,frid so will be able to describe a bit, and hun its better to know what you are dealing with so what ever results say you know you can take each day a at a time.
I was basically pscho during my periods and had contractions so i knew something was wrong and at 34 the specialist told me i did not have time to dilly dally.

primrose88 Tue 22-Jan-08 19:44:11

Thanks Ruva

Your a star, I no its better to no what your chances are, how else can we improve em,sometimes I just feel like there is no hope. Speak soon smile

buttercupbabe Wed 23-Jan-08 09:04:15

Hi Primrose. I'm sorry for your loss last year. It's such a heart breaking business - I really thought I'd be looking at ivf. I was worried by what they might find during my lap, but once I know at least we could then take action to see what we could do. Lots of luck with the lap - it might show nothing and the clomid might just do the trick.

primrose88 Wed 23-Jan-08 18:07:46

Thankx buttercupbabe

Did they find anything with you lap?

hifi Wed 23-Jan-08 18:12:43

hi primrose, i had a lap years ago, all i can say is afterwards rest more than you think. i thaught i was ok day after and went out with my sister, came home and never felt pain like it. good luck

buttercupbabe Wed 23-Jan-08 18:31:02

Yes primrose. I had adhesions on one ovary meaning it probably wasn't ovulating effectively and on the other side my fallopian tube was bent up the wrong way. Both of these were caused by the c-section I had with ds. But they did manage to put things right and I've got my bfp only 2 months later
I also agree with hifi. Make sure you take it easy afterwards. Lots of luck - let us know how you get on.

primrose88 Wed 23-Jan-08 19:35:56

Thanks guys I will keep you all posted smile My appointment is March 12!

ruva Fri 25-Jan-08 15:07:41

Hi prim,
My email is
i will try and give you as much info as i can.

primrose88 Sat 26-Jan-08 13:14:52

Thankx ruva

Mine is I will defo be in touch smile

sophie2398 Sun 10-Feb-08 00:32:22

hello sorry to butt into this topic but im going through something very similar and i would like some more inrormation if anyone can help me.
i had lap nov 07 to find out my tube is blocked i hav only got the 1 as i had other removed 5 years ago syst got stuck with ovary the specialist told me i wud hav to hav ivf to consieve and as i have already had a son im not intitled to nhs my son was to big n i had to hav c-section i just dont understand why thy cant unblock them as i been reading that different stories online about unblocking without surgery is this possible or to good to be true i so desperatly want a baby with my husband as hes not the farther to first child can some one send me any info

primrose88 Wed 19-Mar-08 18:09:42

hi all lap and dye went well all normal no need for follow up.

Was given clomid as a boost 100mg again smile

tryingforababy Sun 28-Dec-08 12:26:33

Hi just wanted ask for your opininon? had a c-section 5 y ago and for the last year we been trying for a baby and nothing happening so i had lap about 5 month ago and dr said i had a very bad case of asherman syndrom so i had to have lap again to have that fix a week ago and now the dr is saying that i have NO asherman but blocked tubes so will have IVF but i have 2 kids and I always wanted more will i have to pay ? or NHS ? not sure..... But i think this is the fault of NHS so they should fix it!!!

Best of luck to all of you

Flowerma Sun 11-Jan-09 20:10:37

Hi all, had a dermoid cystin my right ovary then had lap and dye on monday, found endometrosis, they 'burnt' it. Dye didnt go that well, left ft blocked. I'm ttc 1st time, i tried for 1y & 10m. So far dr wants to take left ovary and tube out due risk of ectopic preg, have an appointment in 3 weeks. I want to know if any of you had fallopian tubes unblocked succesfuly?
Good luck

Kacey123 Wed 06-May-09 00:51:29

hi i was told 2 years ago both by tubes are blocked at the biggin and open at the ends.i was told ivf is my only option....i done ifv a year ago which failed and i was only given 1 chance....i am going to try again in july but i'm relly scared because of wot i went anyone going throught the same thing,,,,please give me advice and can i have my tubes open????

delphinedownunder Wed 06-May-09 02:21:22

Hi, This is a happy ending blocked tubes story. I was diagnosd with blocked tubes in mid 2004 when I was 36. I had a lap to clear them, although the consultant said that he felt that they wouldn't stay open for long. He also said that he felt that they had been in this condition for a significant number of years, probably since my late teens. They were checked six months later and after a second lap, it was confirmed that they had reclosed and were full of toxic fluid (his words!). So then I had another lap and one was completely removed and the other reopened and 'tidied up' (again his words). It was now mid 2005. At this point I was referred for IVF. This commenced in October 2005 and in July 2006 my twins were born. From despair to the luckiest girl in the world in the space of two years. I have been looked after superbly well by the NZ health service. My everyone have similar good fortune.

bookme Sun 30-Aug-09 16:41:26

hello to all please i need some help i have been ttc since 1998 i lost 1 son in 98 and 4 since i had the dye thing and it showed that i got cysts on 1 ovarie and the other tube is blocked im just wonder what can be done and after that how long will it take me to concieve i am only 28 years old and very worried any help od advice would help in any way

sabby2 Sun 20-Sep-09 15:10:11

can any1 help? im 23 have 1 girl age 6,had ectopic which resulted in tube removed, went on to have a boy age2 then had another ectopic in my remaining tube.doctors say it wil be damaged.i am desprate for another child! my doctor has said she will send me for fertility tests but am frightned of surgery and wot else could be found.

pocketmum Thu 01-Nov-12 13:30:32


I had no idea this even existed and it's so refreshing to hear other ladies going through similar problems. When you have the monthly disappointing news you're not pregnant you can't help but think you're the only one this is happening to. I have been ttc for a year now, my son will be 2.5 years at Christmas and I conceived with him within 2 months. I very naively thought my 2nd conception would take a similar length of time.

My husband has had checks (which are all fine) as have I (Hormone levels etc.) which again are all normal. However still no joy with a 2nd pregnancy. I have a preop appointment tomorrow to have a Laparoscopy & Dye Test complete next week and to have a Hysteroscopy done at the same time. I've already had a trans-vaginal scan which showed everything as being fine.

I had an extremely difficult birth first time which ended in an emergency c section. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind that having a c section could possibly prevent further pregnancies.

Has anyone got any positive stories or advice they could give on whether they have been successful in conceiving after scaring from a c section? Assuming they find this wrong with me!

Any advice appreciated x

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