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Anyone else due in August 2005 yet?

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wilbur Wed 24-Nov-04 16:14:12

Well, I can't believe I'm starting this thread, but very happy to be. I'm due August 1st (according to one of those online due date calculators) and ds and dd were both over a week late, so I reckon it will be an August babe. Here's hoping. Still very early days for me, and I have an early scan to get done as I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year.

Looking forward to someone joining me.

motherinferior Wed 24-Nov-04 16:22:17


Oh fabulous congratulations, you clever fertile thing you!

katzguk Wed 24-Nov-04 16:23:29


i now feel far more pregnant only be due in June!!

Yorkiegirl Wed 24-Nov-04 16:24:20

Message withdrawn

hana Wed 24-Nov-04 16:37:36

congratulations Wilbur, I always say this.....but can't believe August babies have started to grow!!
lots of luck

myermay Wed 24-Nov-04 19:02:07

Message withdrawn

Eulalia Wed 24-Nov-04 19:11:22

I should probably be on this thread as my previous two babes were late. I need to get re-tested as it is not confirmed yet but due date will be 30th July... will know more next week. How did you get such a definate result this early on wilbur?

Marina Wed 24-Nov-04 20:08:34

Congratulations to you both Eulalia and Wilbur! Wishing you all the very best

MINNIE1 Thu 25-Nov-04 12:50:04

Congrads wishing you all the best in your pg...

Tessiebear Thu 25-Nov-04 14:43:02

Congratulations Wilbur

wilbur Thu 25-Nov-04 15:32:08

Thanks for the congrats folks! Nice to be able to tell some people (all the sneaking around in RL is quite wearing).

Eulalia - cool, stay here and we can wait for some others to join us together. Congrats too! I tested on day 30 of my cycle (previous cycles have been about 26 days) as I seem to be ovulating earlier in the month. I assume that's why I got such a clear positive.

Gobbledigook Thu 25-Nov-04 16:01:56

Wow, can't believe there is an Aug thread already! My last LMP last year was 23rd Nov and I had an Aug baby this year! So you are v. quick in starting this thread!!!

Congratulations!! Hope you don't get boiling weather like this year - nightmare!!

MissChief Thu 25-Nov-04 18:12:41

dare i post? just had a BFP 1 day early (though line not as pronounced as other) using 1st response early so v v cautious as mo, esp as had m/c pre birth of 1st child. nervously, cautiously happy though!

MissChief Thu 25-Nov-04 18:20:49

oh and big congrats to Eualalia & wilbur!

Eulalia Fri 26-Nov-04 09:39:07

Thanks, I forgot to say congrats to you too wilbur and MissChief. This thread is obviously much less crowded than the July thread but maybe I'll just try and post on both... See how it goes. I have a feeling that I'd be the last one on there and then I'd end up not knowing anyone here.

My doctor told me that a faint positive didn't mean being pregnant necessarily - that it was possible to get this at the time of your period, ie I could have been having an early miscarriage when she tested me. Bit confused as I only bled for one day, surely I'd have had a lot more bleeding if I was miscarrying? Oh dear next Fri is a long time to test again but probably need to wait till it is more definate.

When is your scan wilbur?

wilbur Sat 27-Nov-04 16:16:26

Eulalia, I would have thought even an early miscarriage would be much more bleeding than one day - parhaps you had an implantation bleed? Do you have any pregnancy symptoms? Fingers majorly crossed for you anyway. Haven't got a date for the scan yet - they said it would be around 6 weeks, so in a week and a bit. It will be an internal one too, yuck .

Welcome MissChief (love the name!) and congrats. Know what you mean about being cautiously happy - it's hard at this stage, isn't it. I keep thinking I should do another test (although I did two) just in case I misread it.

oops Mon 29-Nov-04 14:39:13

Message withdrawn

oops Mon 29-Nov-04 14:40:47

Message withdrawn

oops Mon 29-Nov-04 14:41:41

Message withdrawn

wilbur Mon 29-Nov-04 15:10:53

Hi oops - congratulations! I saw your announcement on the ttc board and then rushed over here hoping you'd joined up. Brilliant news! Now we just need a few more of the ttc to appear here - wouldn't that be nice? My dd is a May 2003 baby (similar age to your ds) and ds is Jan 2001. I have a feeling I will have my hands full next Autumn...

MissChief Mon 29-Nov-04 17:54:29

Hi all and congratulations Oops! it's great relief to have this board, isn't it as haven't told anyone in RL yet except dh. already knackered, going to loo alot and of course avoiding alcohol (what tales to tell at xmas parties - on anitbiotics, wild night last night etc!) other than that, not feeling sick, not sure how pregnant i feel, how about you guys. also re 6 week scan - did you ask for it or yr gp put you forward. haven't yet been to mine.
think i'm due aug 4th based on lmp (no idea when oved)

Miaou Mon 29-Nov-04 20:54:14

Hello chaps, joining you for the Aug thread! Oooh I am soooo excited. Congrats to everyone here! My due date is: 4 Aug according to first date of LMP, 18 Aug according to conception date (which I guess was Friday but thinking about it could have been the week before). Anyway, somewhere between the two. So far, only 2 people in RL know - DH and Bensmum3 (I didn't want her to find out from mumsnet first! Mind you she guessed because I refused a glass of wine at her ds1's birthday party this evening- hope no-one else did).

Some stats (then I'll shut up ):
I have DD1 aged 7
And DD2 aged 6
Got pg on 3rd cycle (I know, I'm very lucky )
Live on a remote Scottish island and will have to go into hospital 2-3 weeks before due date as do not want a home birth and helicopters will not take a woman in labour

wilbur Tue 30-Nov-04 14:43:11

Congratulations miaou - how exciting! Your dd's are going to be thrilled too, I bet. Your trip to hospital sounds like it will be quite something - makes my 20 minute taxi journey in labour look a bit tame.

MissChief - my GP referred me for the early scan - the only reason I'm having it is because I had an ectopic pregnancy earlier this year and they want to check everything is in the right place this time. Otherwise, the first scan is usually at around 12 weeks.

Miaou Tue 30-Nov-04 16:41:32

I rang my GP today to let her know - she is also a friend and is sooo excited for me! Which is very nice. Because of our location she does all the midwifey stuff for me too - good to have someone I can trust.

Eulalia Tue 30-Nov-04 18:35:29

Congrats Miaou! Where do you live? I live about 20 miles south of Aberdeen.

wilbur - I had implantation bleeding with dd but didn't first time round so I am assuming it is that. No symptoms yet but didn't get them till about 7 weeks last time ... anyway find out for sure on Friday, only 3 days! It just doesn't feel real at all at the moment and am half expecting it to have all disappeared...

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