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pregancy lollies

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myermay Wed 24-Nov-04 15:24:48

Message withdrawn

xoz Wed 24-Nov-04 15:38:07

Hi Myermay.
It was april meadow that posted about them on the first Due in April 2005 thread. They are called "Preggie Pops" but she said they didn't help and very very expensive. She didn't say where she got them from either.

myermay Wed 24-Nov-04 17:06:17

Message withdrawn

tex111 Wed 24-Nov-04 17:32:22

I used Preggie Pops and they were a lifesaver for me. Really worked. They are a bit expensive but were well worth it to keep me from vomiting on public transportation. I saved them and used them when I had to take a train or taxi and they always worked. If you type Preggie Pop into a search engine you should be able to find a UK supplier.

myermay Wed 24-Nov-04 17:55:37

Message withdrawn

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