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Informal clubs in Greenwich/Blackheath/Lewisham area?

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CanadianJen Thu 15-Nov-07 09:29:31

Hello all,
Very new here - due Feb 9/08. I've missed the deadline for most December classes - Bump2Bubba, etc and am just wondering if there are any groups out there that meet in the area informally? I am new to the country and would love to meet some other expectant mums (this is my first).

MingMingtheWonderPet Thu 15-Nov-07 19:15:23

NCT usually have a Bumps and Babies session in addition to their actual classes, have you been in touch with them?

A friend I am seeing on sat is due to have her first baby in March, and she lives in Blackheath. I will ask her if she knows of anything else if you would like me to?

littlepiggies Tue 20-Nov-07 12:05:39

hello - i think there is a drop in antenatal exercise class at arches leisure centre in greenwich

e14mum Tue 20-Nov-07 12:23:50

Jen, I'm cdn too and I live in Limehouse, due in March. Where have you come here from? Greenwich/Lewisham are easy to get to from here, so keep in touch!

CanadianJen Wed 21-Nov-07 07:31:56

Thanks ladies! I have found an NCT class that runs during business hours in December.

MingMingtheWonderPet - that would be great, and thank you.

e14mum - I lived in Toronto for 10 years before here, but I'm originally from Sault Ste Marie. How about you? I think you might be the first fellow Canadian I've heard of!

e14mum Wed 21-Nov-07 11:35:11

Peterborough. Small world, eh? There is another cdn on our due in March thread who lives in London too!
Glad you've found a class. E

CanadianJen Wed 21-Nov-07 13:09:23

My college roommate was from Peterborough; her name is Lisa Watson. She'd be 30-ish.

Have you been to any classes yet? I did a tour of the hospital labour ward yesterday. I'm getting a bit nervous already.

missria Mon 03-Dec-07 12:10:43

Hi there canadianjen. I am a first timer and am due end of jan and have only attended the 3 antenatal classes at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Woolwich where i will have my baby, just wondered which NCT class you found ?

cosima Wed 16-Jan-08 13:20:30

hi canadien Jen , i'm due on 9th Feb too and live in Greenwich. Which hospital you delivering at? I'm at QEH.

tyaca Wed 16-Jan-08 15:59:12

hi jen - come say hello on the

[ feb thread!]

Brazilianmum Thu 17-Jan-08 14:23:52

Hello Jen. I'm due on 27 Feb and live in Hither Green. I started the Lewisham Hospital classes last week, but I'm also doing Bump to Bumpa. I guess it's first time paranoia. Would be nice to arrange a meet up sometime in the local area.

E14 - are you on the March thread? I'm sure I've seen you there.

Sal22 Mon 21-Jan-08 22:18:23

hi. i'm from greenwich, due to give birth at QEH in april. just wondered - has anyone actually been to the antenatal exercise classes (or something similar) at the arches leisure centre (or similar)? i know i should do more exercise and would be nice to meet local mums-to-be, but am so unfit that i'm afraid i won't be able to do the one hour class (even though it is in water and therefore ok on the joints). thanks.

gateacre1 Wed 13-Feb-08 16:20:19

Hi im new to mumsnet, I Live in Blackheath and am due in April ( also at QEH)
are there any bumps and babies coffee mornings or any places to meet other mums to be?
I start my antenatal classes in march ( the midwife forgot to tell me the dates- so its a bit late)
Also is anyone in the area planning on joining the runninh mummies group in greenwich park afterwards? thanks

MrsFogi Fri 15-Feb-08 20:06:13

Hi - you could join the baby massage group at Rachel McMillan that's starting the next course in March (I met a few very good friends through this with dd1). I found running mummies a bit on the pricey side for what it is and didn't really find I got to know anyone well through it. I'm about to post to find some ladies to lunch/coffee over the coming months.......

Sal22 Sat 16-Feb-08 22:52:26

Hi - ooh, the baby massage group sounds perfect. My baby due on 3rd of April, so guess I'll have to start on the next course (after March).

MrsFogi - do you have the website link / tel no for the baby massage? Thanks.

MrsFogi Sat 16-Feb-08 23:27:30

Here goes Sal22 tel 020 8692 4041 - they won't have the date for the next course yet your best bet would be to ring in late march I guess.

Sal22 Sat 16-Feb-08 23:38:45

Thanks MrsFogi - will make a note of the number for later then. Much appreciated!

firsttimer08 Sun 18-May-08 19:58:46

Is there a weblink to the baby massage grp at Rachel Mcmillan? I cannot find any info on it online. Thanks.

superM Tue 10-Jun-08 19:50:30

I am a new mum who moved into Greenwich at the beginning of the year and then had a baby. So i really felt new to the area and motherhood. One thing that really helped me get out and meet other new mums was Running Mummies. It is a mummy and baby exercise class in Greenwich park. As i can bring Lou with me in her pushchair it is fantastic. I have made new friends, i am beginning to get my pre pregnancy body back, and my fitness level is increasing weekly. The class is held every thursday morning and we meet the trainers Michelle and Rebecca by the Bandstand in the park. It is such a fun hour and the coffee in the cafe afterwards is a much needed treat.

superM Tue 10-Jun-08 20:11:06

Does anyone want to join me at a Running Mummies class?

superM Tue 10-Jun-08 20:15:15

If you want to try a fantastic postnatal class then i suggest Running Mummies -
There are classes every thursday and tuesday and it is a great way to get exercise, meet new friends and enjoy Greenwich Park.

superM Thu 18-Jun-09 19:43:04

I have just joined the Running Mummies class and have it to be good value as you only pay when you go and so do not loose out on those classes you miss due to just having a baby. After the class there is usually a big group of mums who go to the cafe afterwards and i have found this social aspect great. You get to meet new people and hear all about baby stuff happening in the area. grin

CoonRapids Sun 21-Jun-09 17:48:40

Charlton Toy Library is good for when you've had the baby!

momfrombrooklyn Mon 22-Jun-09 08:56:27

HI SuperM,

Can you take a db with you to the Running Mummies class, or is it just for preggie mums?

It sounds like fun and I've gotta get my bum in gear!

superM Wed 24-Jun-09 20:40:58

Yes you can take a double buggy or a single buggy and there are a few mums who go with a buggy and are pregnant too so it seems to cover all options. Now the sun is out the park is just beautiful and the class worth going to. The first class is free!

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