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Due April 2005, part deux

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DelGirl Mon 25-Oct-04 19:31:17

Xoz and I thought it was time to start a new thread so here it is. Will copy the list over from the old one:

Mose Girl - 27 March
Mother Peculiar - 1 April
Seabird - 8 April
bronniemuldoon - 10ish April
MunchK2n - 11 April
NellyK - 11 April
Strawberry - 11 April
006 - 15 April
tallbird - 25 april
Xoz - 16 April
Rydercup - 16 April
Mitzi - 18 April
jumpin - 20 april
DelGirl - 22 April
Azure - 23 April
fisil - end April-ish
miranda2 - 28 April

apologies fora any mistakes

Seabird Tue 26-Oct-04 08:29:09

this isn't totally up to date but I think has a few more of us on it:

Mose Girl - 27 March
Mazzymcg - 29 March
Mother Peculiar - 31 March
Seabird - 8 April
bronniemuldoon - 10ish April
MunchK2n - 11 April
NellyK - 11 April
Strawberry - 14 April
006 - 15 April
Lucy99 - 16 April
Xoz - 16 April
Rydercup - 16 April
Aprilmeadow - 18 April
Leander - 18 April
Merlin - approx 20 April?
jumpin - 20 april
DelGirl - 21 April
Roobie - 21 April
tallbird - 25 april
fisil - 27 April
miranda2 - 28 April

motherpeculiar Tue 26-Oct-04 09:39:51

Hi Everyone

good idea about moving over here.

Hope everyone doing ok. Lucy99 - thanks for the word on TS and DP, will try to get up there at lunchtime sometime this week. I bought some jeans in H&M at the weekend and a) they make my bum look huge (it's fairly sizeable anyway so doesn't need any help) and b) they keep falling down thus making my whopping bum look like it starts just above my knees. What with the spots, dry hair, bags under my eyes and all I just don't need anymore help in looking totally unattractive thanks v. much.
I did get some nice black 3/4 length trousers in Blooming Marvellous which look ok with black leather boots and a longish black top - I just didn't want to spend this entire pregnancy swathed in black from head to toe. Nevermind.

Had some bleeding at the weekend and assumed it was ok (having refered to my extensive library) but I went to the dr yesteday just to be sure and he said that 2nd trimester you shouldn't experience any of this and should do something about it on the day. Anyone else heard this? I was sure that as long as it wasn't much it was ok. I have an appointment with the obstetrician at 10.45 today to talk about options for labour (because of the back problem I've had since the last labour) so hopefully will get the all clear then.

Only other niggle at the moment is atrocious heartburn, which I also had last time round (although I could have sworn it started later) so I am with Lucy99 on the gaviscon. Yuck.

Delgirl, thinking of you. Hope you get a big kick real soon


orangina Tue 26-Oct-04 13:00:00

hello everyone... i have been lurking on MN for the past couple of months, and think it's about time I added myself to the April list... my 1st pg, and due April 12th I think. Is everyone blooming yet? I'm still waiting for that famous 2nd trimester glow and energy surge...!

bronniemuldoon Tue 26-Oct-04 14:21:07

Hello all, and welcome Orangina!

Delgirl, sounds like you had a lovely moment the other day - you're very brave! It makes me quite ashamed when I moan on.

My skin also looks like Kevin the teenagers - why oh why oh why??? Plus the massive bum seems to be getting worse daily - not helped by the huge flappy pockets on the back of my lush maternity trousers! But my nails seem to be growing at an alarming rate so something's obviously flourishing...

I've been getting lots of the achy, stabby pains in the pelvis/groin and MUST start doing my exercises to strengthen up my core muscles as don't want to end up in the sort of pain I was in last time with the SPD.

Here's the million dollar question - has anybody else gone off sex ? I just can't be bothered at the moment (poor DH). Feeling guilty as my friend said she was at it like a rabbit all through her pg cos her sex drive went into overdrive. Hmmmm....

DelGirl Tue 26-Oct-04 14:36:34

Hi all and thanks for the kind wishes

Welcome Orangina.

Hope all went well with your obs MotherPeculiar.

I've got my 1st appointment with the consultant next Monday. Does anyone know what I should expect? The m/w was a bit vague. I'm assuming it's just a more detailed check but i'd quite like to know what it entails.

Feel free to moan Bronnie, makes a change from me as that's all I seem to do at the moment. Next weeks worth coming right up I'm definitely not blooming, feeling quite grotty really. My hair is really dry too and looks awful and like Kevin, I'm plagued with spots as well. Never really suffered with either before. I have an almost permanent dull headache despite drinking loads of water. Oh, and a daily dose of heartburn. With regards to sex , well, being single, It's not an issue. However, if I wasn't, I'm sure the mind would be very willing but I don't think the body would be up to it really .

xoz Tue 26-Oct-04 15:58:23

Hi all. Good jop on starting the new thread, delgirl!!!

Welcome orangina, hope you have a happy pregnancy.

delgirl, I think it depends on where you are and who you see with consultants. IME I've found that unless there's an issue, consultants just have a chat, and then pass you back to the midwives! but I've heard different stories from different people, so I'm not much help am I.
the sex thing??? thankfully dh is not to demanding in this area, being our 3rd pg, some days I'm interested, some days I'm soooo not! I just try to do it enough to keep him happy now before the beached whale stage arrives and it's the last thing I want to think about!!! He gets a bit moany about it then.
I haven't hit the 2nd trimester glow yet either. I wonder if it's a myth invented by those who write pregnancy books because the 2nd is a little better than the first and last trimesters, so maybe it's just a relative thing!

bronniemuldoon Tue 26-Oct-04 16:25:47

Ha! You are so right xoz, I bet the glowy thing is just a ploy to make us feel there's something better than the first trimester to look forward to!!!

I'm getting headaches too Delgirl, right between the temples. Drinking water seems to help sometimes but I keep forgetting! Have found that chocolate now gives me wicked heartburn but I am making up for it by secretly demolishing a family bag of wine gums (hidden at the back of our cupboard) without letting on to the rest of the family . Let us know how your consultant appt goes - I'm interested as I've got one in about a months time as I had a 3rd degree tear last time around and they want to talk about possible alternative delivery methods (gulp).

fisil Tue 26-Oct-04 20:08:24

Wow - two threads! My due date is now back to 26th April - from having spent 7 weeks at 3rd May! But they still date the baby as beginning of May! Oh well. I know it will be born in May, anyway!

Isn't it wonderful to be beyond the sickness & tiredness - and into the land of neither normal or pg clothes quite fitting!

nellyk Wed 27-Oct-04 07:39:31

BronnieMuldoon and Delgirl - I'm with you on the spots - I'm more like spotty muldoon at the moment. Here's looking forward to the next stage and some kicking!! Still not dug out maternity gear from the attic, perhaps not wanting to restrict my wardrobe to the same 5 items as last time??..

bronniemuldoon Wed 27-Oct-04 11:34:57

Wow nellyk, I'm very impressed you're not in maternity clothes yet - you're the sort of person I long to be! Toyed with the idea of getting on the scales this morning but thought it might ruin my day so decided not to, but thinking I must soon. If only to give myself the short sharp shock that eating gooey caramel shortbread from the local deli is NOT the way forward to weight loss next April (sigh).

Merlin Wed 27-Oct-04 12:14:24

Hi everyone.

Congrats to Orangina, join the club in waiting for that 'glow' - mine is definitely nowhere to be seen at moment!!

Spent yesterday afternoon, building a bonfire ready for 5th (with the help of parents I hasten to add!), but still think I overdid it - absolutely knackered last night couldn't move from the sofa! Probably a waste of time anyway as very windy in the South today so it will no doubt all blow down!!!

Anyone felt any movement yet? Apart from those 'stretching' sensations, no definite kicks - can't wait!!

csa Wed 27-Oct-04 12:43:09

hello all,

adding myself to the list. due on the 20th of april - 2nd time around. saw a consultant (registrar) a couple of weeks ago. a total waste of time on our part. took 3 hours and it was more a questionaire exercise for them. can't wait for my appointment with the midwife so i can sit around and wait some more.....! anyone else experiencing all these dreadful waiting times?

motherpeculiar Wed 27-Oct-04 15:03:46

welcome CSA and Orangina

comisserations on the 3 hour wait. I was waiting for 1.5hrs yesterday for the consultant and thought that was bad!

anyway, everything is fine with the bleeding, although if it happens again I am to go straight to Labour ward. Gulp. They seem a bit worried because I am Rh Negative and DD is Rh Positive so apparently there is a risk of my immune system reacting to her positive antibodies from last time round. Which can result in internal haemorraging. I never knew about this. Anyway, all is fine, unless it happens again.

The moral of the story is - if you have any bleeding get in touch with your midwife straightaway. I'm probably just totally naive and/or stupid and/or hopelessly head in the sand about things but I thought s few spots of blood was nothing to worry about...

Have to go back in a couple of weeks to talk about the back issue, once I've seen the orthopaedic lot. Oh it does go on, and on...

Still, nearly half way there now

Must get round to telling DD one of these days - anyone else told their kids yet? DD is only 2y4m so unlikely to understand yet, but I'm not sure when to tell...

hope the "slightly better than trimester 1 & 3" stage is going well for you all


Merlin Wed 27-Oct-04 15:49:25

Motherpeculiar - we told our DS (nearly 4) after the 12 week scan, showed him the piccies (we had a really fab one that clearly showed a baby not a bean shape IFYKWIM!) His reaction? "Oh" and off he went to play with his trains!! Ocasionally, he says that the baby in mummy's tummy is HIS baby and not mine which is quite sweet, but he still trys to jump all over me despite trying to explain that he musn't jump on my tummy!!

Roobie Wed 27-Oct-04 16:49:32

Hiya all and congrats to the recent joiners.
Motherpeculiar, it's interesting what you say about your Rh-neg status. I am the same and dd is positive. I recall being a bit confused about the implications of this when she was born. I did receive an injection before I left hospital - antibodies I believe which I understood sorted things for any future pregnancies.
Oh well, I will have to ask the midwife tomorrow when she comes round for my booking-in appointment (eventually, at 16 weeks!).

csa Wed 27-Oct-04 17:21:21

it's the same with my ds merlin. it's difficult trying to discourage him from bouncing on my tummy without making it an issue for him to hold against "baby".

motherpeculiar, ds is currently 2.5y - have told him but not sure the level of understanding really. was hoping to get some good books about brothers and sisters, new babies and all that to read together. seems to have worked for all the key stages so far (nursery, potty, house move...) anyone know of any good ones to recommend?

bronniemuldoon Wed 27-Oct-04 17:22:36

Welcome csa!

Motherpeculiar - we told our DS (2 yrs 1 mth) a couple of weeks ago (I'm 16 1/2 wks now) as I had to take him with me to the midwives for my checkup and thought it would be a bit weird for him when he heard the heartbeat. We were really basic and just said there was a baby in mummy's tummy which he seemed to accept. If you ask him what's in there he says "a baby" but I'm not too sure how much he's taken on board. We don't really talk about it much as 9 months seems like forever to me but to him it's almost half a lifetime(!) so probably won't say too much more until after Christmas otherwise don't think he'll believe that a baby is ever going to make an appearance.

006 Wed 27-Oct-04 19:32:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

strawberry Thu 28-Oct-04 09:51:28

Mp - like Roobie says, it is my understanding that you need the injections if you are Rh-ve. Make sure your midwife sorts this out for you.

DS is 2.5 and knows that there is a baby in mummy's tummy. Like my HV said, you can't really prepare a toddler for the impact a baby will have when it arrives. Jus make sure all major changes happen before baby arrives!

motherpeculiar Thu 28-Oct-04 10:44:48

Hi all

Roobie - like you I had the anti-D injection after DD was born once they knew she was + so I thought that would have sorted everything out. But it appears there is still some risk. Just when I thought I had the Rhesus thing all figured out! I do find it very confusing...
anyway - hope the booking in goes well

Thanks to everyone for the info about telling the kids, think I'll wait another bit as I doubt she'll understand and as BronnieM says - 9mths is nearly half her lifetime so it'd be like me having to wait 17 years for something. Yikes. Will probbaly tell her after Christmas sometime, but make sure that all the major changes (cotbed moved, any bedroom changes) have been made well in advance.

Extremely tired today - nearly fell asleep in a meeting just there. Have a client meeting coming up now so wish me luck...


Roobie Thu 28-Oct-04 12:30:44

The midwife cancelled my booking-in appointment today (due to her colleague phoning in sick) and I am not rescheduled for another 2 weeks! I feel fine and have never suffered from high blood pressure etc so there is no need to worry but somehow I can't help feeling a bit miffed that it is taking so long. What about all the blood tests? Since Rh disease was mentioned I have done a bit of research and apparently Rhneg women should have a blood test between 12-14 weeks to check for antibodies - the way things are going I am going to be half way through this pregnancy before any test results come through.
Oh well, I suppose plenty of babies are born in Africa etc without any antenatal care at all, so whats another couple of weeks!

csa Thu 28-Oct-04 12:41:48

well robbie, i was supposed to have a booking in appointment at 12 weeks. got the afternoon off work and started my wait. three quarters into the appointment, a colleague of my midwife called to say she had been delayed and she (the colleague) would do the appointment instead in half an hours' time. an hour later, got another call from this colleague who said she had been delayed so cancelled my appointment! so, i am scheduled to see her at 16 weeks now! won't be holding my breath for that one to happen...

good luck with your appointment!

motherpeculiar Thu 28-Oct-04 13:29:55

Roobie - that's bloody annoying. CAn you have an antenatal checkup with your GP? I did this on Monday as the midwife at my practice had no last minute appointments available. (And the GP phoned up yesterday to find out how I'd got on at the hospital - you could have knocked me over with a feather). It's good you are feeling well etc. but as you say, there are blood tests etc which they should be getting on with. I'd be tempted to try and get someone to get the ball rolling as your midwife doesn't seem to be able to, you already seem to have been waiting ages...

orangina Thu 28-Oct-04 14:20:52

hello everybody..... regarding when we should be seeing the mw for what tests, i have found myself in a bit of a situation re: my referral to hospital. To cut a long story short(er!), I was referred to the hospital of my choice back in august, but advised that i wouldn't hear anything from the midwives there for a while. A few weeks ago (I'm now 16+4), I STILL hadn't heard anything, so chased it up myself, only to discover that the referral had been faxed to the wrong number (!!!!!), and that the hospital (which I had been round etc) wouldn't take me, they were FULLY BOOKED. It caught me at a particularly hormonal moment; not only could I not go to the hospital I wanted to (having done my research etc), but I was on no-one's records as needing ante natal care. Cue tears etc. Anyway, I have now been referred somewhere else that can take me, and having spoken to a midwife there a few days ago, she confirmed that the necessary blood tests etc should be done between 16-19 weeks (don't know anything about rh btw), and an anomoly scan at 20 weeks. This is my 1st pg, so will have to take their word for it, don't have previous experience to fall back on. Having said that, no-one has weighed me, taken my bp or bloods, though I did have a nuchal scan at 12 weeks, which seemed fine. Should I be calm (ref: the african babies that appear without too much trouble!), or getting stroppy? Any advice v. much appreciated!

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