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anyone live in Maidenhead/Reading/Windsor?

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Moop Thu 04-Oct-07 17:22:04


I am new to this - anyone live in Maidenhead/Reading/Windsor and like to meet up?


Califright Thu 04-Oct-07 23:57:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Moop Fri 05-Oct-07 11:14:13

Thanks Califright - getting used to the forum so didn't see that bit - have now posted!

PinkElephant Sun 14-Oct-07 18:36:02

Hi Moop & Califright,
I live in Maidenhead. I moved down here from the north to be with my husband about 2years ago and still don't know that many people. We're expecting our first and I'm still at work so can't do many of the meet ups during the day from the Meet ups topic. I have joined the NCT for antenatal classes though, in a hope to meet new friends.
Are you both mums already? smile

muppetgirl Sun 14-Oct-07 18:42:59

I'm in swindon but went to uni in reading and know it well. I haven't found anyone in swindon but would love to chat and meet up if anyone's around. I have a ds 3.6 and are 37 weeks with ds 2.

PinkElephant Sun 14-Oct-07 18:53:35

Hi Muppetgirl,
Are you excited or a tad nervous being so close to the big day now? Hope all is well. I am expecting our first in january and am very excited but just a little apprehensive as I don't have family down here or have had the chance to meet many people. I have joined the NCT antenatal clases for November, so hopefully I'll make friends through the baby etc. Have you settled into Swindon well? smile

OverRated Sun 14-Oct-07 19:07:26

There are a few people in that area - I used to live round there too so I am nosey!

muppetgirl Sun 14-Oct-07 19:12:47

Very nervous as a thread I started last night showed!!

ds was 11 days late and I had to be induced and he was 9lb 1oz -I'm 5" 2. Apparently this ones big too but hey,

My body has done this before
My body has done this before

I keep saying this and hopefully it will sink in!

My dh id from the north too -he lived in glossop when I first met him and his parents in gately near manchester. We moved down south but I was from Newbury and family in Reading and went to uni in Reading so I knew more people.

How's your prgcy going?

PinkElephant Sun 14-Oct-07 21:46:17

Muppetgirl - how exciting!! All's well my end thanks. Am 27wks now and baby is moving so much now. Just a bit worried about my low lying placenta and hope it all moves out of the way so I can have a normal delivery. Yes I am one of the very few mums who does not want to have a cesarian at all sad must be the nurse in me!!! wink
I'm from leeds area and hubby's from down here, so moved down about 2yrs ago.

Hello overated!!

muppetgirl Sun 14-Oct-07 21:57:25

I have just got to that point where I'm wanting the baby out!! I was hoping to have an epidural at least as I did last time and coped better. I would have a c/section as a last resort as I still have ds 1 to get to nursery and couldn't not drive for 6 weeks.

PinkElephant Tue 16-Oct-07 09:45:14

Poor you puppetgirl!! How do you cope with a little one running around your ankles too. I'm finding I'm knackered and its only my first, second time round I'll have tiny tot and working and wonder how you ladies manage it. Ouch to the big babies, we're both tall so I'm sure our's will be a whopper shockGood luck with everything smile

macka79 Fri 18-Oct-13 20:29:18

Hello! I live in Windsor and just found out I'm pregnant. Would love to meet some people in the same situation locally! I'm going to do NCT too but not for a while yet. My sister really recommended it xx

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