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Antenatal classes near Streatham

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sara75 Thu 06-Sep-07 13:02:12

Hi everyone, I am desperately trying to find some antenatal classes around Streatham; I am due in January and would like to get some classes with my partner. Had a look at the NCT ones but they look very pricy....
and the ones run by Bump2Bubba are a bit far for us(although not impossible so still considering them).
And if you also know of any actvities for mums to be in the area I would really appreciate the information !!!!

abuhamzamouse Thu 18-Apr-13 09:57:32

Hi Passie. If you are on Facebook there is a lovely group of Streatham Mums called the Streatham Mums network. Best of Luck!

Passie7 Sun 14-Apr-13 12:36:47


I realise this is a very old thread but though to ask around if there any pregnant ladies around streatham. Would be nice to meet as I don't have any pregnant friends and only 1 friend has a baby so pretty lonely on that front. My baby is due in September 2013 and I live in streatham very close to the high street smile

Melliesmummy Tue 17-May-11 21:02:43

Hi Vix,
I am also trying to find some groups and other mums to talk to in the area as i am quite new to streatham. I hope all is going well for you and your baby girl. My daughter is going to be five months old next weeksmile Let me know if you would like to meet up for a coffee.
All the best!

vix11 Fri 06-May-11 19:29:11

Hi all,

I am a new mum with a 6 weks old little lady and I was wonderig if anyone could recommend any baby/mother classes or'meet ups, in Stretham. I live near Morrisons and would love to meet other local mummies.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Lema1978 Sun 31-Oct-10 19:14:31

Hi Ladies, i'm new to this thread but wondered if there are any Streatham mums that fancy meeting for coffee or whether there's a group that's already meeting that i could join?

I've just had a baby boy called Zaac. He's 4 weeks old and i'm just starting to get out and about a bit more. I did the NCT classes in Clapahm but would like to meet some local mums. I live on Valley Road.

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Sardine29 Tue 14-Sep-10 19:39:07

hi mums and mums to be!I'm a first time mum due Mar next year and would love to meet others who are due around the same time. I have signed up to NCT classes but they're in Balham - from looking this thread there seem to be some closer, am I right? I live by the Odeon in Streatham so please get in touch if you fancy swapping pregnancy joys/nightmares!!

minimoonumbertwo Tue 10-Aug-10 10:20:15

Hiya, not sure if there is a group of mums but i have an 11 week old ds and would be up for a coffee!

londondee Mon 09-Aug-10 21:28:45

Hello, I've read through the posts here and wondered if there is still a group of mums meeting locally (I think at Perfect Blend)? If so could you please post the details again? Thanks.

kiwimum33 Mon 09-Aug-10 17:09:29

Hi Everyone,

I was on here briefly last year - my daughter was born in April 09. We're about to move overseas, but I just wanted to post a quick note on nurseries if you're nearly at the point of looking for one. We've been with Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery on Ritherdon Road (opp Tooting Bec Common) since it opened in January and it's absolutely brilliant. New facilities, huge rooms, clean, lots of activites and toys and a large garden area. My daughter loves it, and the staff are fantastic with her. Just thought I'd put in the recommendation before we go.. if you haven't seen it already, you should definitely check it out.

Good luck with all the new babies!

AliKatt Wed 21-Jul-10 10:15:59

Hi bellamysbride - apologies for not having checked back sooner... I'm afraid I have no idea about Ruby Rhymes, but I can recommend the Gracefield Gardens sessions on Friday afternoons - lots of friendly mums-to-be go along to them

bellamysbride Thu 15-Jul-10 19:30:24

Hi all. I was just wondering if any of you have been to Ruby Rhymes and if it is running at the moment?

AliKatt Mon 28-Jun-10 22:30:51

Yes, definitely! I spoke to one of the midwives who runs it and she sounds really nice. I'm looking forward to it

Hattieboomboom Mon 28-Jun-10 13:49:19

I was planning on joining that course when I finish work, but that isn't til the week after - last day is 9 July in fact (bring it on!) so I'll be there on the 16 July. See you there?

AliKatt Fri 25-Jun-10 22:34:12

Sounds good Hattie

By the way, just in case anyone turns up here looking for antenatal classes (I realise the original poster probably did hers a long time ago!!) there's an antenatal class at Gracefield Gardens clinic every Friday afternoon 2-4pm. The next course starts on 9th July. You don't need to register, just turn up.

Hattieboomboom Thu 24-Jun-10 17:20:33

Hi Alison - sorry only just seen you post...I'm doing really well thanks! Shall we sit tight and see if anybody else local shows an interest in reviving the Streatham meet up?

AliKatt Tue 22-Jun-10 19:43:11

Thanks Sonia I'll definitely check out that baby group - just round the corner from me!

soniaweir Tue 22-Jun-10 10:32:17


i did ante natal classes with sophie dekker (NCT) and thought they were very good although my only critisism is that they won't even discuss what to do when breastfeeding does not happen for you. that annoyed me as it happened to me. they make it out to be the easiest thing in the world when it's not.

my doctors is in gracefield gardens and i used the baby group after giving birth and the health visitors etc there are so lovely and really supportive so i would recommend that too!

I am moving down to tooting in the next few days and am looking for baby groups down there as i due my DC2 in a couple of weeks.

AliKatt Tue 22-Jun-10 10:14:42

Hi Hattie

I'm new to Mumsnet and just came across this thread by accident! My first baby is due at the end of September. I live on Sunnyhill Road (off to the east side of the high road, down towards St Leonards).

Hope everything's going well for you! Alison

Hattieboomboom Thu 17-Jun-10 20:41:39

Ok, got confused with the dates of posts I'd been looking at there... are there are any other Streatham ladies out there due in summer/Autumn?

Hattieboomboom Thu 17-Jun-10 20:36:08

SassJ and Jenny... did you meet up or are you still waiting for more interest?! I'm in Streatham Hill - first baby due in August. I'll try and keep an eye on this thread in case you check back...

MarquiseDeMerteuil Thu 18-Mar-10 18:53:17


Sorry, haven't checked this thread for a while, rather stupidly! Have sent you an e-mail Boobz.

minimoonumbertwo Wed 10-Mar-10 09:55:02

Very sorry not to see you - do let me know if you are planning another meet up

Boobz Tue 09-Mar-10 18:43:31

Hi everyone,

Was good to see people last week - although annoyingly I have lost my note book with the email addresses I took (Marquise) - so if you want me to take it again to start an email list - please email me at ali_bishop at hotmail dot com

Sorry not to see you there Mini!

minimoonumbertwo Mon 08-Mar-10 09:36:27

Hi all, sorry not to have made it on Thursday, ds fell asleep 5 mins up the road in his pram so i took the opportunity to go back home and have a nap myself!

How was the homebirthing lady? I would have been interested to hear about that...

Boobz Thu 04-Mar-10 09:39:17

Not sure if I will have Penpots with me now... probably not... but still in pink cardi!

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