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Due in Dec 07 - Feel them kick!!

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buzzybee Sat 18-Aug-07 04:14:00

Hi, thought I'd start a new thread. Hope ou find this OK!

Just been shopping downtown and bought a fab paid of maternity pants for work.

Also bought "The Baby Name Wizard" as Borders were having 20% off everything. Feel free anyone to ask me a question about names now!! The book categorises them into the following "style families" (chances are if you like one name in the family, you'll like a number of others - e.g. I tend to go for "Antique Charm" names for girls which include Abigail, Adeline, AMelia, Anna. Annabel, Annalise, Ava, Bella, Clara, Daisy, Eleanor, Emma, Eva, Georgia, Grace, Hannah and Isabel):
African, Androgynous, Antique Charm, Bell tones, Biblical, Brisk and Breezy, Celtic, Charms and Graces, Country and Western, English, The -ens, Exotic Traditionals, Fanciful, French, German, Greek, Guys and Dolls, Italian, Jewish, Lacy and Lissome, Ladies and Gentlemen, Last Names First, Latino, Little Darlings, Long Gone, Mid-Century, Modern Meanings, Muslim, Mythological, Namesakes, New Classics, Nickname-Proof, Place-Names, Porch-Sitters, Saints, Scandanavian, '70s and '80s, Shakespearean, Slavic, Solid Citizens, Surfer Sixties, Timeless and Why Not?

buzzybee Sat 18-Aug-07 04:19:59

Dundeemarmalade I think in your shoes I'd probably decide based on whether I could afford it. I suspect a double buggy would be better in a Scottish winter but you'd probably only use it for a few months. My SIL did this for her 2 boys who are 26 months apart and swore it was great until the elder got to be about 3. She then sold it on Ebay and got quite a decent price for it.

buzzybee Sat 18-Aug-07 04:21:46

Oops sorry that should have been Loucee!

thelady Sat 18-Aug-07 10:31:41

I wouoldn't use chemical paint stripper. The fumes are broken down in your body to form carbon monoxide - which is why you are advised never to sleep in a room that's been treated - and that will definitely not be good for a LO.


kerioke Sat 18-Aug-07 11:53:16

ooo i like it when they load quicker!

how is everyone? i must admit i lay in wait still undecided about double buggy's and painting cots! we really want to paint our cot white... but dont know what paint is safe.

and reguarding buggies... well phoenix is due to be 2 6 days after due date.. am thinking as its winter i should invest in double buggy, but it is so impractical so then think buggy board, however then i feel like i'm forcing phoenix to grow up quicker than he may want to!! grr!!

another option i guess is buying the newborn a pram, phoenix a buggy board and sometimes using that combination, but for longer outings perhaps use phoenix's stroller and put baby in a sling?? ooo the mind boggles!!

we are still unsure about names too... still calling him twiglet lol

Imawurzel Sat 18-Aug-07 13:22:46

We've chosen 3 of each.
Harry, Ryan & Luke.
But 2 of the boys names will be odd. H.Edge. L.Edge.
And Sophie, Rachel & Imogen.

It's hard to think of boys names we like .

claraq Sat 18-Aug-07 14:23:43

Buzzy Bee - thanks for new thread. I laughed at the categories of names your book has. I agree with you on the "antique charms" being nice (esp as both mine and dd's names are in the list ) - but please give me some examples from Porch-Sitters (what the hell???), surfer sixties and brisk and breezy - they could all be interesting...Actually what on earth is Lacy and Lissome while we're at it??

So far we are undecided on girls and boy names; well for a boy we like William Thomas as that is our father's names combined. For a girl I like Megan but I change my mind constantly. It's so hard finding names which are classic, modern but not-too-popular at the moment, attractive for both babies/children and adults and that my DH likes!

Mixed Mama - sorry by the time I saw your message yesterday I had gone; I agree about double buggies - a single is enough hassle but trying to negotiate tight bends in the local Co-op in a double would just do my head in (especially as there are a lot of elder folks around here who give me enough of a hard time about having one - it's like a stand-off every day between the pensioners and the mums with buggies in our local shopping street!) .

claraq Sat 18-Aug-07 14:24:51

Imawurzel - just don't go for William - W.Edge would be even worse!!

Imawurzel Sat 18-Aug-07 14:32:27

Did think about william as fil is one. But he gets called by his middle name instead.
Baby will probably look like a name when it turns up anyways.

Caz10 Sat 18-Aug-07 15:28:34

Hi all! Hope everyone is well, I am back at work and hating it... ...missing mumsnet!

Anyway just to quickly say that I just ordered that name book from amazon, from a marketplace seller, for £6.50 inc postage which I thought wasn't bad, not sure how that compares to the shops, but I'm miles away from Borders etc. Imagine it will be re-sellable too!

Glad everyone is well. My wee bump is certainly kicking, we went to the cinema last night and it went crazy, don't think he/she liked the loud noises!

mad4girls Sat 18-Aug-07 20:09:28

hello ladies sorry not been on for abit, cant keep up with the kids, with the holidays and that

little one certainly moving at regular times of the daynow and dp felt a bigkick the other day, (i think he thought finally it can get through my flab )

weve had a few days out but weather turned miserable again this week so been stuck in and kids getting grumpy, think we going to plan a family day out next week, although got midwife on tuesday(hoping she can finda heartbeat through my fat so kids can here) and then the girls having their hair cut on wednesday, ready for school. cant beleive dd1 going to juniors and dd2 going to be in yr1, my babies are grwing up.

on a better note the best friend i fell out with in early pregnancy, we made friends again about 3 wks ago and she gave birth to a baby daughter on 7th august after 2 boys the same age as my girls(7 and 5) im so pleased for her and her and family seem chuffed and well.

anyway hope you ladies are all well cant beleive a new thread already think i only posted twice on the last one doesnt help dp off work so he hogging the puta.

whats the topic of converstaion as im out of touch ?

Loucee Sat 18-Aug-07 20:22:04

Thanks for new thread Buzzybee

I saw a buggy board in Boots today and it was £49.99! It was just the step one, I hope others are cheaper?
I need to do some serious thinking regarding a double buggy. The Maclaren twin is only 76cm wide and know it can be easily manoevered around our town as my friend has one at the moment BUT the Maclaren is crap for the walk from my house into town! I did use a sling for DD a lot so am happy to have DD1 in pram and swap with baby as and when but it's just the howling winter weather I'm concerned at lack of protection in a sling. Kerioke my DD will be 2 six wks after baby's due date so similar age to yours, let me know what you decide!

Hi Mad4girls - these threads move so quickly don't they, I too lose track.

Imawurzel I really like Luke and think it'll be on our shortlist for boys.

Caz10 - hope the term goes quickly for everyone, is your next break w/c 15th October?

mad4girls Sat 18-Aug-07 21:05:23

hi loucee
that sounds about average for a new buggy board,i sold mine on ebay today (sorry i needed cash asap and lady said she could pay cash on collection) but i got £25 and i think most go for about that, plus postage which would be about £8 as hefty things,but keep an eye an out at car boots market ect i got mine from a flea market £10 and it didnt have scratch on it, so i cant complain as made £15

but try ebay i havent tried those sit on boards though i never liked those as they came out further and higher than buggy board and im quite tall so you keep getting shinned which really hurts


MamaMaiasaura Sat 18-Aug-07 21:07:39

hi ladies Baby is certainly been letting himself be felt last 24 hours. Was awake in the night (started a worried thread in preg section) and he was busy dancing around then and has been for ages this evening. Lovely to feel him tho

MamaMaiasaura Sat 18-Aug-07 21:09:14

Imawurzel - Harry is on our shortlist.. surname with eiterh start with H (dp's) or P. Middle name is very likely to be Owen.

Got other rfirst name possibilities.. mainly traditional although some a little less common.

mad4girls Sat 18-Aug-07 21:15:40

i love loads of names but dp hates them all with a passion, yet comes up with no suggestions of his own, i just dont know what to do

he says his ex chose both their sons names, as he didnt like any either, just i dont want to just make a decision unless he likes it at least a little bit as i already made the decision that lo will have my surname, due to the fact i am now using maiden name and so my dd's so want us all to have same name, plus he is still married to his wife and dont wish to be called mrs .... dc surname if it has dp name, if that makes any sense.

macdoodle Sat 18-Aug-07 21:51:41

my new LO will be Lily - my beloved cherished grandmother died in March (just before this baby was conceived) - she was always always there for me and adored me , she knew I always wanted another child and I feel that this was her final gift to me (strange for the hard old cynic I usually am)..she was Lillian Catherine but Lily to all who knew her so no question for me this LO will be a much cherished Lily [sad smile] just to decide on middle name ....Lily Rose?? Lily Joe ?? not sure

buzzybee Sat 18-Aug-07 23:37:15

Hi Claraq - here are the definitions.
Porch-Sitters "with due apologies to Gladys and Elmer this group of names has settled in for a long snooze on the front porch and isn't waking up any time soon" Includes Agnes, Bertha, Edwina and Gertrude.
Surfer sixties "for the new wave of names that hit the beach in the '60s the sound was brisk, sunny and widswept. Welcome Gary and Todd, Lori and Tina"
Brisk and breezy are one syllable names. "many sound rich and preppy" apparently! Includes Bay, Blair, Bree, Britt, Brooke, Dale, Lynn, Paige, Blake and Lance.
Lacy and Lissome are very feminine names "age-old romantic style". Include Alexandra, Anastasia, Angelina, Carissa, Isabella, Sienna (they all seem the end in "a"!)

Megan is listed under the Celtic and New Classics styles. #30 started in Wales as a pet name for Margaret but is now hugely popular in the US. Sisters are Lauren, Caitlin, Jenna, Morgan, Allison. Brothers Ryan, brandon, Colin, Sean and Kyle.

Harry (would have been my name for a boy) is apparently in the style of "Guys and Dolls" (!!) which also includes Annie, Ella, Lucy, Minnie, Archie, Jack, Max, Ned and Otto (but this is an American book).

Luke (probably my second choice too!) is from a number of styles: Brisk, Country Western and Biblical. According to the book "This old testament name is bold and tough, and is now one of the most popular men's classics (#47). His brothers are supposed to be Cole, Gabriel, Jude, IZsaac and Jake.

Sophie ia an Antique Charm name - see my last post.

Rachel is #28 Biblical and Timeless. Apparently "this is one of the most flexible and risk-free names you could choose"! Sisters are Sarah, Leah, Emily, Megan and Rebecca.

Imogen is listed under Ladies and Gentlemen along with Ada, Alice, Estelle, Genevieve, Olive, Nola, Clarence and Henry.

Mad4Girls - so glad to hear you made up with your friend.

becklespeckle Sun 19-Aug-07 09:57:43

Awen, Harry is my favourite boys name (and in fact the name of my DS1!) - great choice!
I am really struggling for a girl's name, have loads of boys names that I love and think we are fairly settled on George if its a boy. But after being told it looks like a girl now need to put in some serious thought! Love Emily (which was my Gran's name) but DH doesn't. We both like Eleanor but don't LOVE it IYKWIM? Don't want anything modern really or it won't fit in with the boy's names.

buzzybee Sun 19-Aug-07 10:04:59

Becklespeckle - I love Emily too but a friend recently called her baby that (sigh).
Have also been thinking Eleanor too - like the various nickname options Ellie, Nell, Lana.
How about Amelia, Amalie, Amalia?
Am planning to sit down with my 5yo DD next weekend and go through some names from the book to see which we both like. I want to make this baby as much hers as mine.

claraq Sun 19-Aug-07 11:54:17

Buzzybee - thanks there are some great names there, you must be having lots of fun! I guessed it must be an American book pretty quickly - Todd, Brooke, Paige etc.
I don't think we will decide on a name until this little babby is born....

Imawurzel Sun 19-Aug-07 14:09:42

Buzzybee is Deanne in your list of names somewhere? I would like to know the meaning of it. IO looked in a few books and all i could find was Diane.

bambino1andbump Sun 19-Aug-07 16:32:34

Hi all. I haven't been on for absolutly ages so thought i would catch up with you all. I was 23 weeks yest and I already have a huge bump. People can't believe it when I say i'm due 15th Dec.
I went and got my buggy the other day. I got the black presto one from Babies r us. Its really light and quite funky!
I'm n two minds whether or not to get a buggy board fpr 3yr old. Any suggestions?

We have decided on names for both:
Girl: Libby
Boy: Charlie or Alfie.

We didn't find out at 21 week scan so very excited to meet little one and see what they are!

Ambi Sun 19-Aug-07 18:12:51

Ok, who feels like it's miles away and who feels like its getting close? I guess we're at that in-between stage, it feel ages away for me, but perhaps that's because I bloody hate work and cannot wait to leave, (11 weeks left there, and counting..)

thelady Sun 19-Aug-07 21:00:47

In my case, it's a weird combination of both.

I'm really struggling with sore, swollen feet and very tired, and am horrified at the thought of (potentially) 17 weeks more of worse - that would take me to 42 weeks btw.

At the same time, we worked out last year that it would cost us £30K to pay several someones at minimum wage to do the hours I currently put in here unpaid - and I'm terrified by the looming crisis which will result when I can no longer work. Fortunately tadpole has seen fit to arrive at a quieter time of year, so Jan/Feb should be just about survivable. Right now, deciding how we're going to arrange staffing etc. with the minimum wage going up again and income static, on top of the need to get at least a cot/nappies/clothes/carseat is a bit overwhelming.

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